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8 Days Yoga Holiday in Umbria, Italy

May 12-19, 2018 | October 13-20, 2018

Instruction language: English

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from US$1,240
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8 days / 7 nights

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  • Helen Europe


    I'm finally getting round to thanking you for the most wonderfully relaxing and beneficial week at your Italian Yoga Camp. I loved every aspect of the yoga which, having heard about your classes, I knew would be excellent. However it was the very relaxed atmosphere and the feeling that no-one minded if you slipped off to your room for the afternoon to sleep or read that surprised me. That very laid back environment interspersed with yoga at whatever level you felt capable of each day was the perfect mix.Beth's delicious food was unbelievable - so healthy and varied. I have many friends in New Zealand who would love to join one of your camps in this idyllic setting. And as I said, if you would like to bring a group to New Zealand anytime I could help with the venue etc- just tell me what I can do to help. It was really lovely meeting you Dee and I'm sure we'll meet again.The word precious means of great value. In life, when we find something precious, we guard it carefully and want to keep it to ourselves for fear it may become diluted if shared. In Sabina is precious, but it is meant to be shared. When it is shared, it becomes more precious, because so many of us can benefit from everything that it has to offer. The greatest gift to ourselves is to mind our physical and mental wellbeing. In Sabina offers care and nurturing for both, in the most stunning setting imaginable.My third year at In Sabina with Dee, my yoga teacher, was perfect, and there are not many trips or holidays deserve that word. Our morning meditation practice led to a delicious healthy breakfast. Time to prepare for yoga meant wandering through the gardens, and through a beautiful shady walk through tall bamboos, then happening upon the amazing platform. I do think this is the crme de la crme of yoga spaces. It is an elevation perched beautifully in the side of a hill, with views only of surrounding fields and mountains. The only sounds are distant cow bells and birdsong. Two and a half hours later, and we wander back to eagerly peruse the dishes for lunch, prepared from produce grown in the gardens of In Sabina, and presented beautifully on platters atop wooden barrels.The most magnificent table of one long piece of wood is soon laden with delicious goodies and provides the space to chat and get to know those travelling the same road. Afternoons can be spent reading, relaxing, sitting by the pool, wandering the property, ambling into the local village for coffee, or simply reading the glorious books you never get time to look at when home. Then it is time to meet in the yoga room which has a magnificent view of the everchanging sunsets. Here we can do some feline stretches or literally dance to the beat of our own drum with Dees wonderful selection of music.Thereafter, we have dinner, when you can have a glass of wine if you are so inclined, or our ritual of Green and Black chocolate to feast upon with Peppermint Tea. Candlelit surroundings create the most restful atmosphere, and our laughter and stories can probably entertain the local villages as the countryside settles into sleep. The magic of In Sabina for me is Dee, as she creates the space to share or meditate, to dance or to deepen the yoga experience. It is Precious in its truest form. And it does need to be shared."There is a glorious sense of peace that settles into your very core upon entering the world of Sabina. The peace of the olive trees, butterflies, climbing roses, gentle hillscapes and the wise old oak trees start to penetrate your soul like a balm. To treat your body to a stretch suspended out over the countryside to the sound of birds calling and frogs croaking, to enjoy delicious wholesome food in company from the incredible wooden table, to refresh yourself with a swim by the pool after a doze in the shade is to replenish yourself utterly.Dees unique approach which combines the inner private explorations of yoga practice combined with a joyous sociable dance element is the perfect tonic for any weary wanderer. I wish I was there!

  • Karen Europe


    The most magical retreat! We had a fabulous trip beautiful location, great weather, top of the range generating yoga, delicious food, lovely group of people, lots of laughs and deep moments. All in all a perfect trip.

  • Carol Europe


    I had an amazing week on the holiday. Everything was above and beyond my expectations yoga, location, company and food. I dont think the pictures do this place justice because it is beyond gorgeous, set in the most stunning Italian countryside and the energy in the place is amazing.Dee is an amazing teacher and mentor and lots of fun to hang out with, she combines yoga, meditation, dance and spiritual side of the practice perfectly. I meet some great people on this trip, we did laugh a lot and that's good for the soul. I came back to Ireland feeling like I was recharged.

  • Catherine Europe


    From the moment we drove through the beautiful gates, we were embraced and nurtured by our hosts there, and by our wonderful Dee. The ambiance, camaraderie, delicious organic food, early walks on the dewy grass to glorious yoga at the stunning sunsets, made for a pretty perfect week.There was no need to travel far from Sabina. We had everything there to nurture mind and body. Both came together as one whether on the mat or breaking bread. We mindfully made our way through the finely tuned variations that Dee can bring to morning and evening sessions. I smile when I think about returning.

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