YogaUnion offers affordable yoga classes, teacher training certifications, workshops, and provides an atmosphere of acceptance for their students to grow.

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Ourania Bouzouki

Ourania, once a successful architect working in Florence, decided to follow her passion and devote herself to yoga. She started practicing Ashtanga yoga with Giovanni Formisano in 1996 and she completed her first 4-year teacher training in Hatha yoga in 1999 and since then has accumulated countless hours following inspiring teachers in seminars, teacher training courses and workshops all over the world, including India where she still visits every year. Since 2010 she is running with success a teacher training studio, helping to spread the love for yoga to students all over the world

Spyros Kapitsinos

A track athlete in his youth Spyros love for the human body and movement lead him to a career as an ASCM certified personal trainer. It was clear to him that something was missing and after attending his first yoga class he fell in love immediately and started practicing daily close to senior teachers like Ourania Bouzouki and Savvas Giantsis. After becoming a 200 RYT he began teaching and incorporating his knowledge in anatomy and his passion for human movement in his teaching. Today he is teaching anatomy and yoga classes in YogaUnion and attending workshops and seminars all around the world

Sarah Abdelmoneim

After a decade in multinational corporate jobs, Sarah found an escape in yoga. She decided to follow her passion and found what she believes was her liberation. She pursued her calling and immediately turned it into a full-time focus; bringing her to Yoga Union’s teacher training. Sarah practiced and developed under Ourania’s supervision, while also traveling and attending seminars and workshops. Based in Cairo Egypt, Sarah has built her own community around her famous Vinyasa & Yin Yoga classes. Sarah will be teaching Philosophy and Pranayama/Meditation yoga, as well as Yin & Vinyasa yoga.

Savvas Giantsis

After many years of experience in fitness where he established his name as an trainer and coach, Savvas started his yoga career with John Tomayo at the Atmananta Yoga studio where he worked for 2 years, as well as several studios and gyms in New York. He practiced Vinyasa flow in LA close to Steve Ross and then with Dharma Mittra in NY, who was and still is an inspiration for his lessons. Savvas is the creator of "House of Yoga" studio and teaches his famous Vinyasa classes aswell as Dharma & Ashtanga yoga. He will join the team in August where he will be the head teacher for the course.

Vasso Kalabouka

Vasso studied Physical Education and Professional dancing in her early years. Her passion, skills and dedication led her into the Women’s Ensemble National team where she served as chief choreographer for the Olympic team for over a decade. At the peak of her career, in her search for something more spiritual, she started her journey into Yoga. She attended multiple training courses in Hatha & Yin yoga, Yoga therapy and Thai massage and incorporated her knowledge into her unique classes. Vasso teaches Hatha, Yin and Restorative classes and is also a teacher in Yoga philosophy and anatomy.

Reviews (42)

Martina Barabas

from Netherlands, October 2018

"Life-changing, empowering experience"

I loved everything about the training, but mostly the teachers and our group. The energy that we created and shared with each other was very unique and it was really hard to say goodbye.

All the teachers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love of yoga. The practice and the program is challenging but the environment very supportive so at the end of the training I felt more confident with myself and also with my ability to teach yoga to others.

All our classes were in a shala overlooking rice fields so the surrounding is perfect for practicing and learning.

Sonia Mascia

from Monaco, October 2018

"A magic journey"

It was a wonderful experience, one of the best in my life !

All the teachers are really professionals and nice persons, Ourania is a strong and inspiring woman. I enjoyed every part of this Yoga teacher training, i recommend it to everyone! I'm so happy about my choice that i will do it again other thousands times!

Ubud and especially the rice fields have something magic and a strong beautiful power. Is the perfect place to practice yoga and make a journey into your self.

Thanks again YogaUnion !!

Alejandra Melo

from Chile, October 2018

"Pure magic "

Amazing experience, I loved everything! :) to be yoga teachers we need to keep studying forever but this is a beautiful start, the content and teachers were perfect, I would always recommend!

Dana Oerlemans

from Netherlands, October 2018

"What an amazing experience"

I loved every single part of it. Ofcourse there are ups & downs but it was an amazing experience.

The course is really well put together. From the first week you start teaching small lessons which seems very scary but after 2,5 week you are really ready to teach your final 30 min class. You also learn about philosophy, anatomy and meditation and you will be tested on every single one of them. This seems like a lot but this really helps your to become a all round yoga teacher at the end. You are being introduced to a lot of different yoga styles in the afternoon, and every morning there is a Vinyasa Flow class. The yoga classes that you are getting are so well put together and they are making sure that you can practice the full class with every level. Your own yoga skills will definetely improve this weeks!

The teachers are amazing people and teachers, they are there to help you with whatever your need, if it's yoga oriënted or personally. You're never alone!

For the accommodation, please keep in mind that you're coming to Bali and besides meeting a lot of awesome yogi's, you will also meet a lot of bugs. The bungalows are really open, but you will get used to that :) Just take enough bug spray and long pants.

And for the food .. The food is great, healthy and tasty. You are eating at the same restaurants 3 times a day so it's not that weird that sometimes you are being served the same food. And you can always eat somewhere else if you like!

Carissa Cuellar

from United States, October 2018

"Most transformative 3 weeks of my life "

I could write a novel on how incredible my experience was! Truly exceeded my expectations. Work the course, participate & do your best and your yoga practice and life will change. Instructors are so organized in everything they do, the classes are informative & captivating, I loved the variety of classes and how well they took care of us. I was able to put all my energy into myself. 10/10 would recommend Ourania, Spyros, Sarah & Jac. They each have such unique gifts and pour into their students. Go, go, go!!!


from Great Britain, October 2018

"Amzing time"

I liked everything that I experienced with Yoga Union

Laura Anglada

from Morocco, October 2018

"Had an amazing time"

I loved how complete the course was. I feel very prepared to teach and to develop my yoga practice :)


from France, April 2018

"From a grateful student. . ."

I loved the atmosphere paired with the amazing instructors. I loved their valuable teachings. I loved the hospitable and comfortable accommodations, and I love that it was all fueled by a wonderfully clean and pure diet.

Angela York

from United States, March 2018

"Outstanding Experience "

Excellent instructors and wonderful group.


from Australia, March 2018

Very passionate teachers with lots of love for yoga and teaching students, learned a lot about alignment, the human body, philosophy and the asanas. The days were set up in a nice way by starting with meditation (techniques) in the morning followed by amazing yoga class of 1,5-2 hours by Ourania. The breakfast was the party of the day with fresh fruits and amazing porridge or black rice pudding. The asana class after breakfast were very insightful and I learned a lot by practicing the right postures and feeling the differences between right and wrong, but also learning how to correct myself and others. The philosophy lessons with Coralia were also very insightful and I learned a lot that I did not know yet about the background an theory of yoga. The anatomy classes were a bit scattered, also because the syllabus was missing pages but overall I learned more on how the human body functions in yoga. It was a great 3 weeks journey together with the 29 other students in which the first week was quite tough for the body, getting used to doing so much yoga asanas and sitting on the floor during the other classes but in week two and three that was totally fine. Overal good personal experience with some points for further improvement for next round of yoga teacher training.

Madi Smedley

from United States, March 2018

"Everything I could ask for and more!"

This experience was a dream come true. Ourania and Koralia are amazing teachers who have taught me so much, I am so grateful for them and all of the people in our class who I will be friends with forever. The food was amazing, the location was beautiful and the daily classes were amazing. I needed this experience to push me and it did exactly that.

Alex Engelbert

from United States, March 2018


The structure of the day was perfect. The food was excellent and of course Bali is paradise. What stands out the most is the incredible instruction. Koralia and Ourenia are both amazing beyond words

Eva Asszonyi

from Great Britain, March 2018

"I wish it never ended!"

Everything was perfect - the accommodation, the area, food, other people on the course and most of all, the teachers.

Our schedule was clear, well organized and thought of, our days were packed full of practice and lessons but never ever got boring. All requests from students were taken care of and we didn't have to worry about any details, we could just focus and enjoy our yoga practice.

I could've never imagined that I would learn so many new things and connect with all these wonderful people. It was incredible to see everyone evolve and in the end teach their own classes.

Such good value for money and a real life changing experience!

Definitely would recommend for everyone to do their teacher training with Yoga Union, you will not regret it!

Sarah Abdelwahab

from Egypt, March 2018

"Truly a life changing experience."

What I loved about this teacher training is that: a. It develops you as a person on both the practical level and spiritual level, it really opens your eyes to yourself and makes you look very deep inside. B. Has a big focus on teaching, you are practically teaching from week 1 and that helps you feel so confident by the end. C. Finally, the location, the people, the food and the teachers made it all seem like a magical experience that just makes you smile everyday.


from Japan, March 2018

The environment was incredible, walking past the rice fields each day was really beautiful. The actual yoga classes were amazing, both teachers are passionate and clear when directing their own Vinyassa lessons. Both teachers are capable of giving detailed and professional feedback as well as asana adjustments when asked.

The food was amazing, really great vegan selection. Would have been good for protein other than Soy products however.

Tanya Borja

from Mexico, October 2018

"Life changing! "

23 days, 36 beautiful souls of the 5 continents, my first 108 sun salutations, like one thousand chaturangas, boiled eggs and banana pancakes, a lot of tears but even more laughs, endless deep and emotional conversations.

The one and only Ourania! magic of yoga was all over that shala,

Now, I have a yogi family

This was life changing, my best 40 year old present I could possibly think of

Thanks YogaUnion 🙏🏼

Florentine Dreier

from Germany, October 2018

"I can just reccomend this training."

The teachers are super nice and helped us with everything we needed.

The location is just beautiful, in the rice fields of Ubud and the course was intense but amazing. I can totally recommend Yoga Union and will probably come back next year for the 300 hrs YTT.

Thanks to the Yoga Union family for an amazing time in Bali and all the knowledge you´ve shared with us!

Landy Yan

from Great Britain, October 2018


Absolutely transformative experience!!!!!!! I was blessed to have had the guidance of the best, the kindest and the most caring teachers. They supported me, laughed and cried with me, and enriched me in ways beyond my imagination. It was a great place to stay, I had the most wonderful host in the world, Anna! The most beautiful of all was the lovely humans I met, confided in and became friends for life with. We're currently running our wellness business together! Doing what I love with people I love is the best thing in the world. Thank you Yoga Union and all the lovely people and experiences. Much love. xx

Nefeli Kaltsouni

from Germany, July 2018

" Great experience! I full recommend the training!"

Super organization, I really liked it. I could learn a lot in the short time, practice and theory, it was all there. The people are very friendly and helpful. All questions will be answered during the training and after. Food was delicious and the accommodation was super nice.

Melania Crişan

from United States, July 2018

"A very rich and helpful experience"

I must say that I didn't know exactly what to expect from a yoga teacher training but I was positively surprised by the passion and the excellent skills of the teachers and their dedication. For me it was one of the best things I did for myself. I feel like I learned a lot, had a good time with the people I met, saw some beautiful places, and grew as a person. I would totally recommend the experience. The teachers were great, very competent and open. And I liked that we had several experienced yoga teachers whose practice was very advanced and we learned different things from each one of them. Anatomy and philosophy were great too, a very interactive way of teaching. Also, the surroundings were beautiful. With some of the people I met, I will probably still be friends over years. The house we stayed in was very nice too. Overall, it was a great experience.

Jennifer Bose

from United States, July 2018

"An amazing experience with friends and family made for life!"

I would highly recommend Yoga Union to aspiring yoga teachers or people interested in deepening their practise. Even before I arrived for the training I had already experienced the warmth of the teachers through the correspondence I had with them. I had been very unwell before attending, and wasn’t sure if I would be able to or would be fit enough for the training. Yoga Union gave me the space to decide in my own time, offering support and guidance. Their compassionate responses gave me the confidence to take a chance and attend the training which was the best decision I have ever made!

The training did not disappoint and from day one we began the challenging vinyasa classes and began to learn straight away. I loved the classes which were taught by a variety of teachers. Ourania’s vinyasa classes really are special and I loved Sarah’s yin, Spyros’ Hatha and Tony’s restorative classes! The yin was a perfect compliment to the vinyasa which our bodies really needed by the end of the first week. The days are long and practise challenging so make sure you step up your practise before you start the training.

The theory teaching was in depth and we began teaching straight away which was the best way to learn. This was the best way of getting us to develop our teaching style and it really helped me to grow in confidence. I’d recommend reading the course books before you get there as it will really give you a solid foundation and knowledge that will help you through the course.

Danai Siamou

from Finland, July 2018

"Amazing experience!"

The teachers were amazing, I learned so much stuff! Beautiful people, beautiful place and great team! The food was nice and the accommodation more than excellent.


from Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, March 2018

quality of teachers was amazing, both had deep knowleadge of all the subjects and yoga overall.

Ana Plešec

from Australia, March 2018

"So grateful for this exeprience."

I have a lot of new knowlage and my body is reborn.


from Great Britain, March 2018

"Perfect location, great teaching, but a little disorganised "

What I learnt was great and all came up in the exam. Our teachers had so much knowledge and shared lots of their personal experiences to help us understand how to adjust others in asanas, how to teach and to value what we will be doing professionally and many other things. They were open so we could ask questions at anytime and not feel like a burden. The nice thing about Ourania and Koralia is their personalities were opposites, so I felt I got a rounded view of whatever they were teaching. We started teaching and receiving feedback within days of starting which was daunting but great. I enjoyed having lessons in other styles of yoga along side Vinyasa.

The location, living and studying amongst the picturesque padi/rice fields of Ubud, was perfect. We used two locations for our classes, both had stunning views and equipment such as pillows and blocks.

I stayed at Gusti Garden, which was basic, but generally comfortable. The WiFi was better than the other location (Prashanti) and the owner was always really friendly and helpful if we needed anything. The complimentary umbrellas were much appreciated! Those on the course were put up at various guest houses along Sok Wayah.

The food I had at Prashanti for breakfast, lunch and dinner was delicious, but I don’t know if I’d call it fully macrobiotic as advertised. It was vegan, Indonesian style.

I had an amazing time with likeminded, supportive students many of whom I now have the honour of calling friends.


from Denmark, March 2018

I loved the location in the rice fields even though we were in Dragon fly for yoga and I was not living in Prashanti. Ubud is fantastic and I loved Bali!


from United States, March 2018

"Good Experience. "

The shala we practiced in was beautiful. I learned a lot. I liked that we were introduced to other forms of yoga, besides Vinyasa, but I would have liked more explanation of those types. The teachers were knowledgeable, but not always the most organized. I met some really incredible women.

Lara Li

from United States, March 2018

"yoga training "

the whole training was amazing, you can feel your body change day by day, it's getting stronger and stronger, and your minds get stronger and stronger too. the teachers are amazing, they has a lot knowledge about yoga.i learnt myself more during this course, i became more conscious about my mind and my emotion, the healing wisdom from mediation i can use in my daily life to peace myself. this training definitely changed my life.

Raquel Steinfeld

from United States, March 2018

Great instructions! Ourania is amazing.

Nikki Briddon

from Canada, March 2018

"Yoga Union Bali 2018 TTC"

-breakdown of poses

-food in prashanti

-morning meditation

-morning vinyasa flow class

-afternoon yin/hatha classes

-the instructors were very good and realy knowledgable

-i met a lot of new amazing people from all over the world

Alliyah-shanti Kenny

from Australia, February 2018

"Newfound muscles"

Both the teachers were amazing.. incredibly strong women, with both unique qualities, it was awesome to have them as mentors for the time.

Loved the long meditation .

Awesome personal experience.

Great feedback, and i felt it gave me good insight into yoga teaching and yoga as a lifestyle and life choice.

Esmee Jiskoot

from Netherlands, February 2018

"amazing yoga teacher training"

ourania teaches an amazing very strong vinyasa flow class and will push you to your limits in your own practise and in your teaching journey. the combination with corelia, works perfect. they are both very experienced and share those years of experiences in the training. i learned a lot and really appreciate those two teachers for sharing their knowledge.

Laura Karvelyte

from Luxembourg, February 2018

"Great life changing experience "

I loved the place, was like in paradise. So beautiful and green, Teachers were great and very helpful and understanding

Claudia Staub

from Switzerland, February 2018

"To improve presentation"

Philosophie of yoga and yoga practice breakfast and dinner beautiful surroundings


from Great Britain, February 2018

"Great location, wasn’t very organized though "

Vinyasa morning classes were super ! The location is beautiful, in the middle of the rice fields! Coralia’s adjustments were always on point !

Nicole Demarmels

from United States, July 2018

Der Yoga Unterricht war Top professionell - die Lehrer sind alle mit viel Leidenschaft und Engagement dabei und verfügen über exzellentes Knowhow. Ich habe sehr viel gelernt in relativ kurzer Zeit und bin wirklich sehr happy.

Vassia Le Moller

from United States, July 2018

"Amazing "

I had the best time ever, I learned from great, passionate, funny and beautiful teachers ;) It was life changeing, I miss this big family, the villa, village, view...and i can actually do yoga without harming myself now. Intensive weeks but soo worth it! I could do it all over again. Thanx <3

Estelle Amous

from France, July 2018

Super programme, super ambiance avec de super gens très sympathique.

Testimonials (3)

Jemma United Kingdom

YogaUnion website

Overall the 200hr teacher training with yoga Union has been an amazing experience, I have thoroughly enjoyed the structure of the course and also the beautiful location. I found that the opportunity to start teaching from week one was really beneficial and gave us chance to see our improvements and also what we need to work on over the following weeks. Maria and Jonas are great tutors, providing the knowledge but also making it an enjoyable experience and not overloading us with information all at once. I really enjoyed the contract between their methods of teaching and it was a good opportunity to observe their different styles and personalities

Alice United Kingdom

YogaUnion website

I really enjoyed my experience with yoga Union on the TTC, I felt I've grown as a person mentally and physically - and this is down to the teachers knowledge and passion, helping me to expand, develop and unleash my inner teacher.

Classes were made really interesting in different locations, and there were many variations of Asana class that we touched upon, I enjoyed the difference of the two teachers, it made for a good balance in their feedback to us and a good balance of classes.

I enjoyed the simplicity of the theoretical classes, always in an inspiring and fitting environment, with nothing but a few notes and ourselves.

On a whole the teachers inspired and lifted me, and gave really good feedback that will continue to help me in my practice.

Adina Romania

YogaUnion website

I find the course very well structured, just the information that I needed the most. I learned a lot of useful things for my own practice and also for teaching others. After this course I feel way more confident in my teaching and my daily practice improved a lot. I developed more strength and more accuracy in my practice. The theoretical classes were really useful for me, Maria and Jonas have very good teaching skills, they know how to make the information accessible and interesting. The asana classes gave me strength and also relaxation. The beautiful Vinyasa classes were a great source of inspiration for me.

The meditation and pranayama class in the morning was the best way to start the day, followed by the intense asana class after which I felt totally detoxified, purified and light.

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