Yoga Retreat Lisbon wants to inspire everyone by showing that it is absolutely possible to merge inner balance and calmness with a turbulent urban lifestyle.

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5 Day Private Yoga Retreat in Lisbon

February | March | April | May, 2022
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2-Hour Private Online Yoga Coaching

January | February | March | April, 2022
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5 Day Private Yoga Retreat for TWO in Lisbon

February | March | April | May, 2022
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    Hilke Hanke

    Reviews (3)

    Susanne Flor

    from Germany, January 2022

    "Absolutely fabulous"

    My vaccation at Hilkes cosy, Graça-central, beautiful designed and light apartment was wonderful. Hilke is a cordial host, a very good, inspiring, warm-hearted, attentive yoga teacher and after years of experience with vinyasa yoga I learned a lot about (more healthy) Forrest Yoga and again more about my body. I‘m happy that I had the chance to meet Hilke and enjoyed the Yoga classes and our different, interesting and often funny chats about life, healthy food and society. The breakfast was the most delicious and her Lisbon-tips were worth one‘s weight in gold.

    Karin Van Gils

    from Netherlands, July 2021

    "Lisbon's hidden gem!"

    After a challenging year I treated myself with a stay at Hilke's unique yoga retreat in Lisbon and I could not have wished for anything more healing!

    From the moment I walked into her beautiful and cozy apartment with a stunning and instantly calming view, Hilke made me feel so welcome and at home. She is such a pure, warm hearted, caring, lovely, inspiring and funny human being and it felt great just to be in her presence.

    I could really feel her energy which created a warm and loving bubble that even made me feel a bit homesick after I left Lisbon!

    Since teaching comes naturally to her, Hilke was able to introduce me into the world of Forrest Yoga in a very respectful and comfortable way. She constantly kept a close look at my capabilities and needs which made every practice challenging but enlightening at the same time. Every day I felt energetic, relaxed and more in touch with myself afterwards.

    And to top things of, Hilke made the most nutritious, healthy and yummy breakfast - with the best (bakkies) coffee and great talks - that gave me enough fuel to explore the beautiful streets of Lisbon for the rest of the day.

    I feel so much gratitude for the day's I've spent with Hilke in her unique yoga retreat. It gave me exactly the uplifting energy I needed so desperately, and I wish for everyone to experience the same someday!


    from Germany, January 2020

    "Hilke ist ein Engel mit u sichtbaren Flügeln"

    Die feine klare Art von Hilke an besondere Punkte zu gehen. Es ist ein Genuss exklusiven individuellen Yogaunterricht zu genießen.