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Yoganandham is one of the most prominent yoga training centers in the world, offering yoga retreat, training, and teaching course to people all over the world.

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29 Days 200-Hour Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

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    5 Days Detoxifying Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India

    December | January | February | March, 2018–2019
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    7 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India

    December | January | February | March, 2018–2019
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    3 Days Relaxing Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India

    Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Aug | More…
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    9 Days Self-Awareness Yoga Philosophy Retreat Rishikesh, India

    December | January | February | March, 2018–2019

    Instructors (6)

    Yogacharya Manish

    Yoga Acharya Manish was born in Rishikesh, and he studied at the oldest yoga schools and universities of India. He emphasizes on learning the basic concepts of yoga and to find the path or life style to reach the ultimate goal of yoga. His aim is to teach ancient and authentic teaching methods of yoga practice, the traditional yoga styles which bring the essence of mastery. Yogi Manish teaches with all his experiences and knowledge to all the yoga learners with humility and sincerity, but also with positive thoughts and meticulous. He has been teaching yoga from last 14 years. Yogacharya Man

    Yogini Shalini

    Yogini Shalini is very well experienced in teaching various types of meditation techniques like meditation with mantras, meditation with Japa, visual guided meditation and others. Shalini is well versed in English, Hindi, and Sanskrit.

    Yogi Kamal

    Yogi Kamal is one of the leading Ashtanga teachers in Rishikesh. His unique style of teaching Aaqhtanga with stretching is very much loved by all guests and students.

    Ayurvedacharya G.L. Arora

    Dr. G.L Arora is one of the famous Ayurvedic doctors in Rishikesh. He has experience of more than 40 Years in teaching Ayurveda. He has been teaching Ayurveda in different universities and colleges in India and abroad.

    Achrya Bhanu

    Acharya Bhanu is a Naturopath and Yoga Teacher From last 12 Years. He has done masters in philosophy, Masters in Sociology, PG diploma in Yogic Science. He has been traveling to different European countries teaching Yogic Knowledge.

    Shailesh Bhatt

    Yogi Shaliesh works as Meditation Teacher at Yoganandham Yoga School. Yogi Shailesh is practicing Yoga for many years.

    Reviews (29)

    Coralie Derez

    from Belgium, February 2018

    "Life changing experience "

    All the staff from Yoganandham School is nice, helpful, smiling, trying to offer the best of the experience! They not only share a knowledge but also their experience, a way of life and all their love! It’s like being in a huge family :-)

    If you need any help after having left the ashram, they will help you find the better option...

    I recommend this school to anyone really interested in a life changing experience!

    The practice class are really tremendous!

    Thanks to Manish A., Manish U., Kamal, Sohan, Prakash, Vaibhav, Mohit, Kala and the Chef Coq!

    Everything was Perfect!


    from United States, November 2018

    "Amazing experience "

    Very good sessions in a very nice place with beautiful landscapes and a very familiar environment


    from India, October 2018

    Chloé Delahaye

    from India, October 2018

    "Thank you for an amazing week in Yoganandham"

    The yoga classes were really good: we were only a few students which make it possible for the teacher to adapt the level of the classes and to give a lot of personal advice. Special thanks to all the team for being so welcoming and friendly !

    The location is very nice, we could go to the city and the river between classes. Food and accommodation are also great, and the cook makes tailored menus for students with special needs (gluten-free and lactose-free for example).

    I planned to stay 3 days and finally spent a week in the school.


    from United States, October 2018

    "Amazing classes with great results "

    The yoga classes were fantastic! We both have done yoga classes for a few years, but never really got further than beginners level. Just staying here for 4 nights, we learned so much more than over all those years! The instructors give you a very good understanding of yoga, motivate and push you. It was hard work, but enjoyable and great results.

    The food was fine. Enough variety and plenty of vegetables.

    The location is ideal, with plenty of shops and cafes nearby. The views in the village are beautiful.

    Christine Tong

    from Italy, September 2018

    "Excellent teacher-training course"

    Instructors were all very good. And so was the food! Course was quite intense, but very worthwhile and I learnt a lot.

    The ashram was a great place for a genuine experience.

    Robert Bruno

    from Japan, March 2018

    "Rejuvenated in Rishikesh"

    The weather was extraordinary

    Jason Mccoy

    from United States, March 2018

    "Instructors "

    Every instructor was of the highest quality

    Arthur Savadera

    from Philippines, March 2018

    "Path to Self Realization"

    Everything... Ayurveda Class and Meditation... Asanas for a first timer, the experience was really awesome... Very supportive teachers... From stretching... Asanas... Meditation classes... Philosophy... I recommend! 😊💗🎵

    Dan Burrage

    from Great Britain, March 2018

    "Everything I hoped for"

    The Patience and understanding of the yoga instructors was fantastic. Being a complete beginner I was a little nervous but despite my limits, I was put at ease and it enjoyed it. Both teachers were fantastic. Meditation was also great, really felt like I had got somewhere with it by my last lesson. The food was also very tasty.

    Ruth Wheeler

    from India, February 2018

    "Yoga Retreat "

    I loved the feel of the old ashram and all the quality of the teachers and staff were very helpful and understanding to all our needs and went out of their way to help in any way. I like Manish 's philosophy and vision for the ashram and the fact that he will only have small groups of about 10 to ensure quality teaching .


    from India, February 2018

    "A good, well located ashram for seasoned yogis. "

    This is a clean and well-run ashram. The teachers are all very capable and know what they’re doing. And it’s well located in the centre of Tapovan.


    from Great Britain, January 2018

    "Good for mind and body"

    The time table was great, leaving us enough free time in the day to explore.

    The yoga was brilliant, with great teaching and correction

    The yoga philosophy classes gave great understanding to our practice

    The excursion to the Kanjanpuri temple for sunrise meditation was awesome

    Anastassiya Mamedova

    from Italy, November 2017

    "What u know about yoga?"

    Befor came in yoganandham ashram i thought i knew about yoga. But there only in 3 days i understand everything what i knew was totaly not what is it in reality. I had 3 days like being at my granny home. Totaly peace and calm atmosphere. I hope ill do rhat experiance agane.


    from Malaysia, October 2017

    "Amazing 4 days at Yoganandham!"

    Amazing, fresh and delicious food (the best we've had in India), Attentive, fun, experienced and knowledgeable instructors, great location, authentic ashram facilities. A wonderful experience!

    Maren Materlik

    from United States, November 2018

    "Tolle Stimmung, perfekte Lehrer & liebenswerte Menschen"

    Die Atmosphäre ist großartig. Die Kurse waren nie zu voll, sodass man eine super Betreuung hat. Der Spaß kommt nie zu kurz. Großartige Lehrer die sich viel Zeit nehmen. Darüber hinaus ist jede Frage willkommen und eine helfende Hand vorhanden. Ich habe mich pudelwohl gefühlt.

    Alexis Vandersmissen

    from India, May 2018

    "Learn the basics of yoga, understand yourself and your body."

    Our week at yoganandham was so quickly finished! We had a really great time, learning the basics of ashtang philosophy, practicing our asanas, pranayamas and mediation with a very kind and incredibly competent crew of nice teachers.

    We feel full of knowledge and very peaceful about our everyday practice, and will keep those learnings deep inside us.

    Sunday, they paid us an Ayurvedic massage, and they were always kind, helpful and smiling.

    The food was delicious too, no problem. Fruits and fresh vegetables everyday with the main meals.

    The ashram was peaceful and beautiful, but we were the last week of the seasons, and there were sometimes maybee a bit too much work noise during the practice because they were mooving everything.

    Thank you guys for those times shared with us, and your teachings.

    We won't forget you,

    Alexis and Laura.

    Miriam Weigele

    from Germany, May 2018

    "großartige Zeit im Yoganadaham"

    Ich hatte eine wunderbare Yogalehrer-Ausbildung in Ashram. Die Lehrer waren überaus nett und hilfsbereit und konnten mir unglaublich viel Wissen auf eine spannende und verständliche Art vermitteln. Die Gemeinschaft im Ashram ist wunderbar und ich habe mich zu jederzeit 100% wohl und sicher gefühlt. Auch bei allen anderen Angelegenheiten hatte ich immer einen Ansprechpartner. Das Essen war zudem super lecker, abwechslungsreich und immer frisch zubereitet.

    Bianca Joithe

    from Australia, March 2018

    "It is a must!!!!"

    It was my first time to visit an ashram so I can't compare to others but what I can say, I absolutely loved it. The yoga classes are great the food delicious and everyone is super lovely and helpful. Yoganandham and Rishikiesh is definitely the right place for your first experience. Words can't describe it, how I felt afterwards.

    Alice Cogun

    from Germany, March 2018

    The Yoga lessons were intensive and exceptionally well explained, the whole team was very nice and I’d come back any time! The sooner the better ;)

    Maria Laura Cereigido

    from India, February 2018

    "Hermosa experiencia "

    Pase unos dias muy lindos. El personal super amable y siempre dispuestos a ayudarte. Las clases de yoga estuvieron muy buenas. El profe de Ashtanga un genio, me encanto. Pero la verdad q estuvo todo muy lindo, el lugar, la gente con la que comparti la experiencia, los profes. El cocinero exelente!!!

    Alejandro Scotti

    from India, January 2018

    "Muy recomendable"

    Buenas prácticas, que respetan el origen de Yoga y se adaptan al paradigma occidental. Los maestros, guías y encargados son muy amables y alegres, siempre dispuestos a brindarse plenamente.

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