Yoganandham is one of the most prominent yoga training centers in the world, offering yoga retreats, training, and teaching course to people all over the world.

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29 Day 200-Hour Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Oct | Nov | Dec | Feb | Mar | Apr | May, 2020–2021
    from US$1,199
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    Videos (2)

    Instructors (4)

    Yogacharya Manish Arora

    Yogi Kamal

    Ayurvedacharya G.L. Arora

    Mohit Kumar

    Reviews (71)

    T. Barclay King

    from India, February 2020

    "Small classes, excellent instructors"

    Classes were small and personal instruction. No struggling to see what the instructors were doing or wanted you to do, because they were right there to help.


    from South Korea, August 2019

    "Best vacation ever"

    If i could , i would go again without no hesitation. Eventhough I took a retreat class It was really impressive. I came to love yoga and philisophy of it. I want to know more about yoga and am going to study and practice and hope to visit again for a teaching course.

    Maria Manuela Rodrigues

    from Portugal, August 2019

    "Very exciting experience."

    Being surronded by the Himalaya mountains.

    The spirit of yoga.

    The friendship among colleagues.

    The knowledge of the teachers.

    Maria Luiza Gazzola

    from India, August 2019

    "If you’re looking for a peaceful place, don’t come here "

    Yoga classes were nice and the flow was appropriate for beginners. It was only 3 of us in the class so the instructor could adapt the class regarding our levels. Philosophy class was good but really short (only 45 min).

    Afroditi Kontou

    from United Arab Emirates, June 2019

    "A friendly and personal yoga retreat for beginners"

    Friendly people

    Very good yoga instructors

    Opportunity to learn about yoga

    Nathan Swope

    from India, May 2019

    "Wonderful retreat for beginner yogis"

    This was my first real exposure to yoga, and it was overwhelmingly positive. The atmosphere was full of good peaceful energy and so were the teachers. The facilities were better than I expected (they are moving to a new building now so I don't know how the facilities will be then, but I heard they're even better than the current ones). The food was delicious and plentiful. Would have loved to stay longer!

    Maria Dibiaggio

    from Macedonia, March 2019

    "Great choice "

    Love the location and the people who took the retreat and the yoga instructor course .also the staff are super helpful and friendly. It's my first time in India so this was excellent choice for me .

    Catherine Darling

    from Australia, March 2019


    Our trainer, Moheet, was patient and wise and made every yoga class enjoyable . The atmosphere at Yoganandham felt welcoming and we felt like we were part of a family. . The pranayama, meditation and philosophy classes were interesting and relaxing, often outdoors which was divine.

    Kim Nelinder

    from Sri Lanka, March 2019

    "Had such an amazing week at Yoganandham "

    Had the most amazing time, loved my week doing the yoga retreat. Great professional teachers and I learned so much! The food was amazing and all the staff was so lovely and helpful!

    Luis Antonio Marimon Netto

    from United States, January 2019

    "Life-Changing Experience (at least a beginning)..."

    I spent 7 days in Rishikesh, at Yoganandham Ashram and that was definitely a life-changing experience for me (at least a beginning of that)! Since 2017 I started meditating looking forward to stress control and to develop my emotional/spiritual life. In 2019 I decided to step forward going to India for a retreat period. General detox period. And I don't regret a thing. For the first time I practiced Yoga, as way to conduct you to meditation and mindfulness stage. In the very beginning was quite hard for me but with the intense training it started to get easier and softer. Enjoyable. I had the opportunity to take some classes of Yoga Therapy, Philosophy, Anatomy, History. It was hard, intense and for me very emotional at some points. I would love to have had the chance to stay more days, but 7 days were enough to change me. To improve and incentive my meditation, concentration and mindfulness abilities/practices. To be present, to live the present, to release expectations, to be grateful, to brief, and brief, and brief... That were the main goals of this period, including the friends I had the opportunity to meet that, whose inspired me a lot! I hardly recommend the experience at Yoganandham Team. They all are super kind, helpful and qualified. Namastê!


    from United States, December 2018

    "Fantastic Yoga Retreat!"

    The teachers were fantastic! I am a beginner at yoga and they were very thorough in their approach to help me learn and improve. They really do tailor their approach for each student, making the experience somewhat personalized which was great! They really care about each student.

    The food was delicious and you get plenty of it 😁

    Overall, I was extremely pleased with this experience - would highly recommend!

    Jo Colville

    from Great Britain, December 2018

    "Heavenly retreat"

    The whole experience was unforgettable. All the instructors were so caring & kind, whilst still pushing you to do your best. They all want you to get the most out of it & it's hard not to with such great instruction & support. Cannot recommend them highly enough. A joyful experience thank you so much x

    Robert Bruno

    from Japan, March 2018

    "Rejuvenated in Rishikesh"

    The weather was extraordinary

    Arthur Savadera

    from Philippines, March 2018

    "Path to Self Realization"

    Everything... Ayurveda Class and Meditation... Asanas for a first timer, the experience was really awesome... Very supportive teachers... From stretching... Asanas... Meditation classes... Philosophy... I recommend! 😊💗🎵

    Eva Wiersma

    from Netherlands, September 2019

    Ontzettend fijne plek met lieve mensen. instructeurs helpen je goed om alles uit te leggen. De ashram ligt buiten het drukke Rishikesh; heel fijn! Het eten was heerlijk met vrijwel iedere ochtend verse fruitshake. De kamer was prima; niet heel bijzonder maar je krijgt waar voor je geld.

    Yaiza Leal

    from Spain, September 2019

    "Una buena forma de entender el yoga"

    Me encantó aprender sobre la filosofía del yoga. Y sobretodo vivir un estilo de vida más calmado y relajado que te impregna.


    from India, August 2019

    "Una experiencia única."

    Me encanto el trato por parte de toda la gente que trabajaba, muy atentos y estan allí para cualquier cosa. Los profesores que te enseñan el yoga te corrigen muy bien y explican muchas cosas interesantes. Yo no sabía nada respecto yoga y la verdad que he aprendido mucho. Las instalaciones las estaban mejorando porque era en un sitio nuevo y la verdad que estaba quedando muy bien. Volvería a ir sin ninguna duda. Muy satisfecha y agradecida.

    Andreas Eckbauer

    from Germany, June 2019

    "Yoganandham is great"

    The team around Manish and my main trainer Mohit was super. I got excellent tips on how to improve my Asana and how to easily continue with little yoga each day of the future.

    The food was delicious throughout the whole stay, the rooms spacious and very clean.

    Maren Materlik

    from United States, November 2018

    "Tolle Stimmung, perfekte Lehrer & liebenswerte Menschen"

    Die Atmosphäre ist großartig. Die Kurse waren nie zu voll, sodass man eine super Betreuung hat. Der Spaß kommt nie zu kurz. Großartige Lehrer die sich viel Zeit nehmen. Darüber hinaus ist jede Frage willkommen und eine helfende Hand vorhanden. Ich habe mich pudelwohl gefühlt.

    Alexis Vandersmissen

    from India, May 2018

    "Learn the basics of yoga, understand yourself and your body."

    Our week at yoganandham was so quickly finished! We had a really great time, learning the basics of ashtang philosophy, practicing our asanas, pranayamas and mediation with a very kind and incredibly competent crew of nice teachers.

    We feel full of knowledge and very peaceful about our everyday practice, and will keep those learnings deep inside us.

    Sunday, they paid us an Ayurvedic massage, and they were always kind, helpful and smiling.

    The food was delicious too, no problem. Fruits and fresh vegetables everyday with the main meals.

    The ashram was peaceful and beautiful, but we were the last week of the seasons, and there were sometimes maybee a bit too much work noise during the practice because they were mooving everything.

    Thank you guys for those times shared with us, and your teachings.

    We won't forget you,

    Alexis and Laura.

    Bianca Joithe

    from Australia, March 2018

    "It is a must!!!!"

    It was my first time to visit an ashram so I can't compare to others but what I can say, I absolutely loved it. The yoga classes are great the food delicious and everyone is super lovely and helpful. Yoganandham and Rishikiesh is definitely the right place for your first experience. Words can't describe it, how I felt afterwards.


    from Canada, March 2020

    "YTT @ Yoganandham"

    Our yoga instructors were talented and full of knowledge. The course was challenging and constructive, and my physical skills increased greatly. The theory classes were informative and interesting- withsome female teachers which was amazing. The organization and scheduling was good, the food and kitchen staff wonderful and the excersions were a great break from the busy weeks.

    Divya Kumar

    from India, January 2020

    "The best experience! "

    The teachers are amazing. Especially loved kamal sir's classes. Pushing us to our limits everyday helped me to deepen my yogic practice. Manish sir takes the whole class into account and ensures that everyone in the class is able to follow which is a super important skill for people pursuing ytt. Everyone in the campus is super helpful. The soup prepared by Sri Ram bhaiyya on those cold wintery nights were super comforting. Food is healthy indian food. Mohit was super helpful as well. Took me to some cool places. If you are unsure what to do on a free day and want to explore, he is your guy! Overall it's been a fantastic experience. Hope to see you all soon :)

    Ayush Sharma

    from India, November 2019

    "Value for money for yoga retreat where you can push yourself"

    I thoroughly liked my yoga retreat. I met great and diverse people there. The instructors are very knowledgable and will help you with holding and perfecting an asana and providing background about it. The environment was very conducive and there were folks of varying experience .

    They would also motivate you to push yourself. The room was basic. They provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food was vegetarian and Indian. But there are ample cafes around the place where you can go if you want a different cuisine although finding non-vegetarian food will be tough.

    Natalie Love

    from United States, November 2019

    Upon arriving at the school, I was greeted with a warm welcome, and was immediately made to feel like family. My room was clean and comfortable, I was able to receive clean sheets, towels, soap and toilet tissue as needed. The food was completely amazing! The staff went above and beyond to ensure we were all comfortable. On the night of arrival, the owner Manish was celebrating his wedding anniversary, we were all included.. such a beautiful and kind gesture. We were also lucky enough to spend Diwali with the guys at Yoganandham! They embraced us with their beautiful culture and so much love. The Gurus at Yoganandham are beyond exceptional with regards to their knowledge and teachings. I enjoyed every moment of our 4 week journey and I will forever hold a special place in my heart for the whole team.

    The surrounding area is completely safe, and there are many stores within walking distance to grab any essential that you could possibly need except for nail polish!! 🙃 There are also many cafes, restaurants, organic stores etc;)

    It’s easy to jump in to a tuk tuk from just about anywhere and the market and river are just a short walk.

    *If your looking for a life changing experience immersed in culture, love & beautiful sacred teachings then this is the program for you!

    Paula Nogueira De Rossi

    from Brazil, October 2019

    "The best teacher training I could ask for!"

    The teachers were simply amazing, they know exactly how to pass the knowledge to students, they make sure you understood and will be able to teach your own students. They also give you a 3 way explanation for everything: scientifically, socially and spiritually, so you can understand any matter in all its content. The theory classes were also amazing, so you can really be immerse in all yoga’s aspects. The food is also amazing and the excursion on the Sundays were delightful. I’m in love for the course and I really intend to come back to finish the other 100hours.

    Enrique Molina

    from Germany, September 2019

    "the best yoga experience ever"

    i booked the 100h teacher training course cos i wanted to learn what yoga really was plus i needed a mental detox as never before. having practiced yoga for less than 5 months and having the flexibility of a wooden stick i wasn't sure i was gonna be able to fully enjoy the experience.

    the teachers were more than great. there were lot of them cos the director wanted us to have different point of views, learning methods and personalities to teach us what yoga was, so that we could build our own ideas.

    on the theoretical level, learning the history, philosophy, definition, different types and purpose of yoga really made up my mind about it, since i thought that yoga was just the asanas (postures).

    on the phisical level it was challenging and pushy but bearable (lot of breaks between physical classes). i had never been able to touch my toes and on the third day of the course, i was able to (first time in 38 years). the stretching class teacher was amazing and helped me to understand my body better that any doctor in my whole life (working with computers had negatively influenced my postures); kamal tought me a lot about my own anatomy and how to improve my flexibility.

    food was really good and healthy :)

    i went there looking for good tools to balance my life and came back with much more than expected so i recommend this school 200%

    feeling so greatful! i will defo come back to upgrade to 200h :)


    from Great Britain, August 2019

    "Excellent experience "

    The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable about their subject, throughout your intensive training you feel in very safe hands. You will not believe how much you will learn in such a short space of time.

    The food is brilliant, I did not miss meat at all. It is flavourful but not spicy at all. They integrate some traditional things for you to try like butter milk, and you are explained the benefits. But also sometimes there are mango smoothies to accompany your breakfast. Expect wholesome home cooking.

    The people who you share the course with will have such an impact. It is amazing to have a more international network since completing the course.

    Jodi Vaughn

    from United States, June 2019

    "Yoga retreat"

    The yoga schedule had enough classes to make it a good value but left free time to explore the area and take naps. I also wasnt expecting a philosophy course which I found fascinating.

    Mary Khan

    from Bangladesh, June 2019

    "They treat you like family!"

    The are genuine people trying to do best by you and by yoga. I hope to come back!

    Soodevi Somaru

    from Maldives, April 2019

    "Making my first visit to rishikesh a memorable one"

    The astanga teacher kamal is so nice always smiling through out the class and always take care of everyone which i really appreciate.

    A big Thank you to the hatha teacher Manish for the knowledge,you gave me another reason to come back to learn more.

    A big thank to the Yoga philosophy teacher Bhavesh for such inspiring class and i really appreciate the way you make the class so interesting and answering all our questions.

    I wish we had more classes with you.

    Thank you to each and everyone to such a friendly environment..

    Eden Samimi

    from Australia, April 2019

    "Amazing experience "

    The classes were very in depth in terms of focusing on alignment in the asanas. The teachers all have in depth knowledge and are very helpful with any questions you may have. The school was a beautiful place to stay and i would recommend it to everyone!

    Erna Wati

    from Maldives, March 2019

    "great experince"

    Very excellent program, Value for money. need to improve the quality of the accommodation.

    Robin Mcfall

    from United States, February 2019

    "Wonderful experience with Yoganandham"

    When I first arrived to Yoganandham I immediately felt like I was apart of their family. Everyone in the ashram was very friendly and welcoming. Everyone was very helpful. The training was very informative and the teachers were amazing. The food was DELICIOUS. The accommodations were fine. I would recommend you do a retreat or training with this school. I will return in the future!


    from United States, January 2019

    "Great Experience at Yoganandham"

    Yoganandham offers a real Ashram experience. All of the instructors are very welcoming and very competent. Various styles of asana are taught including traditional Hatha yoga, where there is a focus on breath as well as body positioning. This was a real treat as good Hatha yoga classes can be hard to find in the West, with the focus often being on getting the 'yoga body'. At yoganandham you feel the holistic benefits of the practice; relaxation,reinvigoration and strengthening of body and mind. The philosophy classes were also very good, taking you right to the heart of matter. Another unexpected bonus was the food. It was so good I didn't eat anywhere else! (Winter is Dec-Jan, take very warm clothes then : ) Overall the facilities were nice and the location was on point. After just 5 days at yoganandam I went from feeling imbalanced to feeling relaxed and refreshed. I would definately consider returning to Yoganadham in the future.

    Cassandra Sanderson

    from United States, December 2018

    "Truly amazing and life-changing experience for me!"

    I had the most amazing experience at Yoganandam. It was so overwhelming trying to choose a school in Rishikesh. However, I read some of the reviews of this one and I am so glad I chose this one. All of the instructors were so knowledgable, kind and always answered all of my crazy questions lol. I made life long memories and friendships and have learned so much about myself, yoga, and the world. I really liked how all of the classes were on time and the class sizes weren't too large. Every Sunday we had an outing or activity planned and they were all amazing! The food was delicious, a bit repetitive sometimes, but that is to be expected. The location was great, just a short walk to the ganges. Manish was so caring and helpful, whenever anyone was sick(which is very common, just to be aware) he took us to the doctor for ayurvedic medicine or if necessary antibiotics. Overall 10 out of 10 experience and value for your money.

    Kevon Zare

    from United States, December 2018

    I had a wonderful time completing the 200hr Teacher training course at Yoganandham. The teachers and staff were awesome and very helpful. They went out of their way to accommodate me and make me feel welcomed. Definitely a great experience, from the location, to the training, to the food.

    I went without much previous knowledge of yoga, and learned so much it will take a while to digest it all. Great place for a retreat or Teacher training.

    Ahmed Metawea

    from South Korea, December 2018

    "More than a yoga program "

    I loved everything. I went without knowing nothing about the place or someone that had been there, and I don't regret a thing. The food, the staf, the teachers, everything was great and specially the stuff was very helpful Very friendly and concerned they were always ready to help anytime.

    There is not words enough to describe all the wonderful of this place .


    from United States, December 2018

    If this is your first time in Rishikesh, or India then this school is a perfect place to find your bearings. The staff are very accommodating to individual needs and always ready to help. There were activities every Sunday to keep you occupied on your day off. This also allowes one to have a greater understanding of the local area.

    If you’re looking for an overall introduction into yoga and philosophy then this is the place to do it.

    The school is part of an ashram , so the accommodation is basic but clean. The location was loca in tapovan, more chilled than rishikesh but not too far away to go to a puja ceremony if wanted.

    The physical asanas classes were three times a day- a morning session with manish, an afternoon ‘stretching’ class with kamal (more like yoga conditioning), and an evening ashtanga class (appropriately adapted to the needs of the group). During the course that I attend, it felt like that there was a repetition a number of asanas and a focus on using surya namaskar series. I’m not sure whether this was due to the type of Hatha practised by the school (Bihar school of yoga) or to prepare the students as we had a variety of levels. Each teacher Has been teaching and practising yoga for a long time and overall I enjoyed the traditional yoga asana sessions. Thank you!


    from United States, November 2018

    "Amazing experience "

    Very good sessions in a very nice place with beautiful landscapes and a very familiar environment


    from India, October 2018

    Chloé Delahaye

    from India, October 2018

    "Thank you for an amazing week in Yoganandham"

    The yoga classes were really good: we were only a few students which make it possible for the teacher to adapt the level of the classes and to give a lot of personal advice. Special thanks to all the team for being so welcoming and friendly !

    The location is very nice, we could go to the city and the river between classes. Food and accommodation are also great, and the cook makes tailored menus for students with special needs (gluten-free and lactose-free for example).

    I planned to stay 3 days and finally spent a week in the school.


    from United States, October 2018

    "Amazing classes with great results "

    The yoga classes were fantastic! We both have done yoga classes for a few years, but never really got further than beginners level. Just staying here for 4 nights, we learned so much more than over all those years! The instructors give you a very good understanding of yoga, motivate and push you. It was hard work, but enjoyable and great results.

    The food was fine. Enough variety and plenty of vegetables.

    The location is ideal, with plenty of shops and cafes nearby. The views in the village are beautiful.

    Christine Tong

    from Italy, September 2018

    "Excellent teacher-training course"

    Instructors were all very good. And so was the food! Course was quite intense, but very worthwhile and I learnt a lot.

    The ashram was a great place for a genuine experience.

    Jason Mccoy

    from United States, March 2018

    "Instructors "

    Every instructor was of the highest quality

    Dan Burrage

    from Great Britain, March 2018

    "Everything I hoped for"

    The Patience and understanding of the yoga instructors was fantastic. Being a complete beginner I was a little nervous but despite my limits, I was put at ease and it enjoyed it. Both teachers were fantastic. Meditation was also great, really felt like I had got somewhere with it by my last lesson. The food was also very tasty.

    Ruth Wheeler

    from India, February 2018

    "Yoga Retreat "

    I loved the feel of the old ashram and all the quality of the teachers and staff were very helpful and understanding to all our needs and went out of their way to help in any way. I like Manish 's philosophy and vision for the ashram and the fact that he will only have small groups of about 10 to ensure quality teaching .


    from India, February 2018

    "A good, well located ashram for seasoned yogis. "

    This is a clean and well-run ashram. The teachers are all very capable and know what they’re doing. And it’s well located in the centre of Tapovan.

    Coralie Derez

    from Belgium, February 2018

    "Life changing experience "

    All the staff from Yoganandham School is nice, helpful, smiling, trying to offer the best of the experience! They not only share a knowledge but also their experience, a way of life and all their love! It’s like being in a huge family :-)

    If you need any help after having left the ashram, they will help you find the better option...

    I recommend this school to anyone really interested in a life changing experience!

    The practice class are really tremendous!

    Thanks to Manish A., Manish U., Kamal, Sohan, Prakash, Vaibhav, Mohit, Kala and the Chef Coq!

    Everything was Perfect!


    from Great Britain, January 2018

    "Good for mind and body"

    The time table was great, leaving us enough free time in the day to explore.

    The yoga was brilliant, with great teaching and correction

    The yoga philosophy classes gave great understanding to our practice

    The excursion to the Kanjanpuri temple for sunrise meditation was awesome

    Anastassiya Mamedova

    from Italy, November 2017

    "What u know about yoga?"

    Befor came in yoganandham ashram i thought i knew about yoga. But there only in 3 days i understand everything what i knew was totaly not what is it in reality. I had 3 days like being at my granny home. Totaly peace and calm atmosphere. I hope ill do rhat experiance agane.


    from Malaysia, October 2017

    "Amazing 4 days at Yoganandham!"

    Amazing, fresh and delicious food (the best we've had in India), Attentive, fun, experienced and knowledgeable instructors, great location, authentic ashram facilities. A wonderful experience!

    Daniel Kessler

    from United States, December 2018

    "Glad to have chosen this school"

    The course offered a lot of value for the price. I'm really glad I chose this course here.

    -Excellent staff

    -try to find a solution for all of your needs

    -really good healthy food

    Miriam Weigele

    from Germany, May 2018

    "großartige Zeit im Yoganadaham"

    Ich hatte eine wunderbare Yogalehrer-Ausbildung in Ashram. Die Lehrer waren überaus nett und hilfsbereit und konnten mir unglaublich viel Wissen auf eine spannende und verständliche Art vermitteln. Die Gemeinschaft im Ashram ist wunderbar und ich habe mich zu jederzeit 100% wohl und sicher gefühlt. Auch bei allen anderen Angelegenheiten hatte ich immer einen Ansprechpartner. Das Essen war zudem super lecker, abwechslungsreich und immer frisch zubereitet.

    Alice Cogun

    from Germany, March 2018

    The Yoga lessons were intensive and exceptionally well explained, the whole team was very nice and I’d come back any time! The sooner the better ;)

    Maria Laura Cereigido

    from India, February 2018

    "Hermosa experiencia "

    Pase unos dias muy lindos. El personal super amable y siempre dispuestos a ayudarte. Las clases de yoga estuvieron muy buenas. El profe de Ashtanga un genio, me encanto. Pero la verdad q estuvo todo muy lindo, el lugar, la gente con la que comparti la experiencia, los profes. El cocinero exelente!!!

    Alejandro Scotti

    from India, January 2018

    "Muy recomendable"

    Buenas prácticas, que respetan el origen de Yoga y se adaptan al paradigma occidental. Los maestros, guías y encargados son muy amables y alegres, siempre dispuestos a brindarse plenamente.