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Sabrina Marr

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Mercy Roeder

from Denmark, September 2019

"Yoga in the Hamptons is an Oasis of serenity and detox."

I definitely enjoyed my jogaretreat. The classes were intense and challenged me in the best possible way. We could all follow the flow, with two classes of yoga and meditation each day, accompanied by detox juices. The classes were really great.

Sabrina was very attentive and inclusive, when practicing with us the various yoga poses. She used time to explain the eight links of yoga and its’ interconnection, especially with the breathing and asanas.

A great beachside location for connection, body benefits, building strengths, restore flexibility and helps to de-stress both the body and the mind.

Peter Meyers

from United States, September 2019

"Lovely and challenging yoga retreat"

I truly enjoyed Sabrina's method of teaching, being relatively new to yoga, she explained perfectly how to do each pose and guided us with a steady flow through all poses. A very warm and welcoming home and amazing location close to the ocean for a quick swim between yoga sessions.

Josette Iacone

from United States, September 2019

"A perfect retreat "

I had an overall wonderful experience on this retreat! I booked this solo and was welcomed by lovely people. Between yoga sessions we could all bond or take time to ourselves and relax on the beach etc. Sabrina is a warm and caring instructor. She has a beautiful soul! I recommend everyone come here!! It was a great extended weekend to detox and find peace. I will be looking to come back next year for sure!

Yessenia Feliciano

from United States, September 2019

"Heaven in the Hamptons "

I was picked up at the train station by Vickie a gentle and lovely soul. From my first tour, I was planning my return, I felt so much peace, you hear the crashing waves from all areas. Then I met Sabrina and David gracious hosts who are genuine and caring about the comfort of all guests. Yoga was spectacular, I followed Sabrina voice and her light went straight into my heart.

Gaelle Le Borgne

from United States, August 2019

"Very relaxing retreat"

We were warmly welcomed in Sabrina’s home. Yoga on the beach was amazing and the classes were well choreographed, a good workout while finding peace and relaxation. I would recommend this retreat warmly to everyone.


from United States, August 2019

"Superb Yoga Retreat"

I spent 4 nights among fellow yoga practitioners at Yoga Maré and felt at home in this beautiful place with a perfect balance of comfort, convenience, relaxation, and nourishment for mind and body. The professional but welcoming and friendly manner of Sabrina and David felt very personal and sincere. The location made it easy to access for wonderful beach activities or to just relax and read a book. I am returning in 2 weeks! Ewa

Debra McGee

from United States, August 2019


Hospitality was great, Sabrina was warm hearted person, a good instructors and husband was very kind, I enjoyed my stay here and would love to come back.


from United States, July 2019

"Greatly recommended"

I liked the location, which allowed Sabrina to teach us on the beach in the morning, this was so relaxing!

I liked that we also had time to unwind, relax.

I liked how welcoming Sabrina was within her own environment


from United States, July 2019

"Wonderful retreat"

Sabrina and her husband David were wonderful hosts. My friends and I had such a relaxing weekend—we actually forgot that we were still in NY!

Lorraine Sparago

from United States, July 2019

"Yoga on the beach"

Sabrina is wonderful and inspiring, and she attracts quality guests. The location is great. Perfect Mini-vacation.

Sandee Guzman

from United States, July 2019

"Yoga and beach heaven"

For just 2 hour and change drive I incorporated my love of beach and yoga. Sabrina and David were wonderful hosts and made me feel at home with their warmth. This retreat met all my expectations and the price surprise me because I got a lot out of it. I’ve also met some fantastic people that enjoyed yoga just as much as me. I am definitely going back for sure

Becky Seldes

from United States, July 2019

"Magic in the hamptons"

Sabrina & David are the best. Their house is in the most amazing location with the beach across the street and a canal in their backyard. The setting combined with their hospitality creates the most wonderful, relaxing environment. The days are loosely structured which was just perfect!!!

Jennifer Johnson

from United States, July 2019

"A Home Away from Home"

Sabrina and David went above and beyond to provide a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere during the retreat. Not only was their home neat and tidy, but it’s also in an amazing location, with only a 2- minute walk to the beach. Sabrina is the sweetest and I cannot say enough positive things about her! From beginning to end, she was professional and insightful. With patience and ease, she helped me reach my highest potential in poses and postures I was struggling with. She also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try new, more difficult poses. Not only was she knowledgeable, but she also brought fresh energy to each class. Her guided meditation and breathing exercises were extremely calming and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Sabrina! This retreat was such a positive, uplifting experience; I will definitely be back!

Sam Le Benz

from United States, June 2019


The home was beautiful and Sabrina and her husband were extremely accommodating. The location was wonderful!

Christina Gaccione

from United States, June 2019

"Amazing experience!!!"

Sabrina was so accommodating she made her home as if it was yours for the long weekend. Her cooking was healthy and fantastic her helper Vickie is amazing as well. I am definitely coming back. Views of the bay from the yard and the ocean. Is directly across the street. The yoga and meditation was so relaxing. I arrived with lower back pain and back aches and left feeling like a million dollars

Nina Bianchi

from United States, June 2019

"Great Yoga Retreat"

I went into this yoga retreat with the intention to relax my mind body and soul. From the second I got there I felt welcomed by Sabrina. she was a gracious host and great teacher. Having the ability to do what you love ❤️ Oceanside or bayside combining yoga and meditation was beautiful. Also meeting some amazing souls along the way was truly special. I left with gratitude and great memories never to be forgotten and can’t wait to go again in the future. #Namaste


from United States, May 2019

"Amazing and so much fun!"

Amazing host and yoga instructor , excellent hospitality, intimate and warm

Teresella Gondolo

from United States, May 2019

"Yogamare vacation "

Everything was wonderful


from Spain, November 2018

"Exactly what I needed"

Small group, intimate, while having time to myself. Fitness-focused. Hosts very accommodating and personable.

Elizabeth Hume

from United States, October 2018

"Relaxing Get Away"

I needed to have a break. A yoga retreat seemed like the perfect break to me. This retreat had the beauty of the hamptons and generosity of Sabrina and David. They were exemplary hosts. They both went out of their way to make sure everyone had what they needed.

I had some quirky food restrictions and she made sure everything was perfect. Most meals she made mine separately. (I assured her not to worry about me, I had a contingency plan!) She still went above and beyond my expectations. She starts each day with a veggie juice smoothie. It was the perfect meal before meditation and yoga. The dinners were the perfect amount of food and well done.

The location is perfect if you are looking for a quiet, reflective, beautiful, inspirational place to relax. Sabrina's yoga was consistant and encouraging. A few of us had break throughs in our practice. :) (Headstand and Crow!!)

I came alone and was warmly included by the other participants. We all had a great time bonding and learning from each other. I had a nice balance of being with others and being alone to read or walk. My camera is full of beautiful pictures!

You will not regret going!!! I am looking forward to going back again. I have been trying to figure out how I can be a regular!

Penny Reid

from United States, October 2018

"Wonderful 1st time experience. "

This was my first experience with Yoga as well as any type of retreat. Its difficult to provide a single positive experience. My overall experience was positive.

Sabrina was a wonderful instructor as well as host. She worked with me on my limitations, showed me and the group techniques to practice with at home and we shared life experiences with other. It felt like a family. I plan on coming back as soon as I am able.

Ellen Cunningham

from United States, October 2018

"Amazing experience "

This was our first yoga retreat. The cottage was very quaint and homey, older home and very sweet. We had healthy drinks both morning and lunch with a family style dinner which was very nice and allowed us to share. We really enjoyed it all

Marie Kilroy

from United States, October 2018

"Amazing Hamptons Yoga Retreat "

Such a relaxing "reset" retreat just outside New York City. Great vibes from the group and the perfect level of activities vs. sloth. The beach is so close you don't need shoes to walk over. Total detox to come back to the real world feeling refreshed.

Loire Squillini

from United States, September 2018

"Serenity "

This was an amazing weekend with some great folks. The host and instructor, Sabrina and David were very accommodating.

Rich Hunter

from United States, September 2018

"Best Thing I've Ever Done for My Yoga Practice!!!"

Attending Sabrina Marr’s Yogamare’ Yoga retreat was one of the best things I have ever done for my yoga practice.The retreat included far more than Yoga. Participants were enveloped in kindness and care! Sabrina’s home beautifully decorated and spotlessly clean. The yoga classes were truly excellent. In addition to top notch Yoga, each wonderful day, Sabrina prepared a healthy, fresh, organic, and delicious green juice breakfast, energizing us for exercise. Next, we gathered for guided meditation, which evoked peace and tranquility. After the meditation and peaceful morning yoga class, there was ample free time before our afternoon smoothie lunch and 90 minute vinyasa class to take a very short walk across the street to swim, stroll, or sunbathe on the pristine beach or go cycling along Dune Road, shopping at the local farmers’ market or just to relax in the back yard watching boats sail past on the inlet. Sabrina’s afternoon class was very vigorous and challenging but also very fun! I was able to see and feel progress in my yoga moves, knowledge, and confidence.In the evenings Sabrina prepared healthy and extremely tasty dinners which everyone enjoyed immensely. I feel very fortunate to have participated in Sabrina Marr’s Yogamare’ Retreat and plan to return as soon as possible! I highly recommend this to anyone interested in improving one’s yoga practice while having a truly magical time!


from United States, September 2018


A wonderful retreat


from United States, August 2018

"Yogamare Retreat in the Hamptons in August 2018"

EVERYTHING at this retreat went beyond my expectations. The instructor, Sabrina Marr, is an amazing teacher... SO professional, hard-working, inspirational, and loving. The place where we had the retreat? A fantasy.... on a waterfront; gorgeous place. FABULOUS foods. I can't give this retreat more praise... it was AWESOME!

Rebecca Hoffman

from United States, August 2018

"Wonderful weekend by the beach full of yoga!"

This weekend was an absolute delight! Totally unsure what to expect, this retreat beyond exceeded expectations. The location on the canal and across the street from the beach; the hatha and vinyasa yoga classes with Sabrina's unique stamp; the guided meditations; and the warmth and welcoming feel of Sabrina and David just made for the perfect end of summer escape. I would definitely come back in a heartbeat! I loved the size and intimacy of the retreat and would recommend everyone to come!!

Amy Kaplan

from United States, August 2018

"Amazing yoga and beach retreat!"

This was an absolutely amazing and wonderful yoga retreat experience! Sabrina is a very talented yoga instructor with a heart of gold. Every class was challenging yet relaxing. The retreat took place on a gorgeous property right by the beach, it was awesome! I really enjoyed the juices, smoothies and meals as well. I would definitely take another retreat with Sabrina in the future!


from United States, August 2018

This was my first yoga retreat and it was an absolutely amazing experience! Sabrina was a warm and welcoming host and instructor. Every detail of the weekend was well thought out and organized. The location was spectacular and the accommodations inviting. Sabrina led outstanding meditation and yoga classes! And all with a beautiful water view! The green juices, midday smoothies, and home-cooked meals were shared with a wonderful group of people in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The location allowed for beach activities and exploring nearby villages. Yogamare was an excellent mini vacation and escape from everyday life! I look forward to future yoga retreats!!


from Switzerland, October 2019

"Great way to unwind "

Great yoga lessons and hikes, had a good time with my fellow yogis and wouldn't want to miss the experience.

Janne Sørensen

from Denmark, October 2019

"Best combination of yoga and hiking. "

Everything 🥰 Sabrina and Mathias were great instructors and the nature couldn’t have been better.

I would have preferred three meals a day but it was ok.

Mona Gimenez

from United States, August 2019

"Amazing! Don't miss out!"

Sabrina's Yoga retreat is the perfect weekend getaway in the Hamptons. Her home is clean, relaxing and inviting. Her property is so close to the beach and her backyard for relaxing, reading, self reflecting.. you name it. It's also very close to downtown and accessible to lots of shops and restaurants (if you're interested in exploring more of the area). I definitely would come back. I left this retreat achieving what I came to do. And I have even accomplished yoga poses I only dreamed of doing. Thank you so much, Sabrina for being such a wonderful teacher and host!


from Switzerland, November 2019

"Un séjour très agréable "

Le lieu (nature, montage et tranquillité), l'accueil très chaleureux des professeurs, les ballades dans la nature, les séances de yoga, les relaxations profondes. Je suis repartie chez moi avec plein de beaux souvenirs et de belles énergies.


from Switzerland, June 2019

"Super Yogaretreat in Faido"

- Sehr abwechslungsreiche Yogalektionen der Geschwister Sabrina und Mathias

- herzliche und familiäre Atmosphäre

- Schöne Wanderungen in der Gruppe