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Yogalives offers yoga classes to students of all ages and backgrounds and provides unique opportunity for students to develop significant consciousness.

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  • Wendy Lauber

    Yogalive website

    Olive's classes are for the serious student which is interested in taking his or her practice to a new level. It is a pleasure to learn from a teacher that encourages growth and is capable in practicing what she preaches. Olive's creates an environment in her classroom full of energy, focus, and determination. The dedicated student may be rewarded with a much stronger practice, inner peace, and clarity of thought.

  • Paul Andrew Janes

    Yogalive facebook page

    Olive is an amazingly experienced teacher. One of the best yoga classes I have been to. And the studio is lovely and spacious.

  • Hanne Damgaard Mogensen

    Yogalive facebook page

    Olive is a super skilled teacher. She is capable of 'seeing' each single student and giving the guidance they need.

    I did my 200 h teacher training with Olive and I am so happy I chose to do it there!

  • Alicia Montoya

    Yogalive facebook page

    Brilliant teachers, awesome studio, excellent classes. Yoga Lives will help you understand yoga on a deeper level and advance your practice physically, mentally, emotionally. Olive is, quite simply, the only teacher in the world that I keep going back to. The rest of the team complement her (many) skills beautifully. If I lived closer I'd be there every day!

  • Brenda Europe

    Yogalives website

    She (Olive) is at the same time highly precise, athletic, body-conscious and highly spiritual. In her loving nature, it can also give beginners an understanding of yoga. You can experience and enjoy every Yoga leave, it is for me a great maturity. Olive is still young and has already so much to give!

  • Jana Europe

    Yogalives website

    Each and every one comes from her class with the feeling of having achieved something that they or further brings him. This is the original talent of a born teacher - the others inspire, continue to be able to raise

  • Mara Europe

    Yogalives website

    When are the asanas one of eight lotus petals of yoga path, then everyone needs in this way once a champion, a meet champion who or which can convey the flavor of the asanas. Without taste, without the deeper beauty of these asanas is no progress is set, the body of the spirit remains closed, uneasy. Olive is such a champion. With it the way to go for depth and peace and opening of the body, pure pleasure is (despite and throughout the effort).

  • Mark Europe

    Yoaglives website

    At first I thought yoga was just sweat and aching muscles. Then I met Olive. Because yoga was: sweat and aching muscles! But not only. There was always a sense of humor, because this group was feeling "We sweat all." And there was her incredible voice, voice that has always guided me through all body buttons to an opening of the mind, of which I had no idea. Previously, sweat and sore muscles, then came Humor and released, at the end I always find peace and joy! .

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