Yogalinda is a Hot yoga studio in Barcelona that offers teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats.

Yoga Retreats (4)

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Instructors (6)

Heather Anderson

Mike Brassey

Lezanne Swart


Cordelia Brodsky

Oscar Losada

Reviews (15)

Rajaa Belghazi

from Morocco, May 2017

"I would advice all the interested yogis to do this great training "

Teachers specially leazanne, all people are friendly and helpful.

The alignment and the correction of the posture.

Understanding of yoga history, chakras, Bhava Gita.. and many things..

anatomy also with Julia was very interesting.

Thank you all.

Louise Bonninghansen

The teacher training at Yogalinda really left me with the confidence of actually teaching Yoga myself to others. They really prepare you well and give all the essential tools you need for your practice, weather it is teaching Yoga to others or deepen your own practice. I did a 200 hr Yoga teacher training in Kerala, South India, 2 years ago and although it was an amazing personal experience, it didn't leave me with the sensation of actually being prepared to be teaching myself: the yoga-practice (Hatha Yoga) was very repetitive and didn't leave much room for experimenting other asana-sequences whereas at Yogalinda it was very diverse , not only did we constantly practice and learn new poses, correct alignment and adjusting but we're also introduced to new styles and techniques through other teachers. Also the philosophy-part was taught to us in a way that not only made it easier to understand but also explained how to apply it in your yoga-practice as a teacher, student and in your daily 'modern' life in general. Even things like Yoga-Business and how to run a studio were spoken. Apart from the amazing 'content' of the training itself, the people were incredible, not only the teachers but also the other participants. Made friends for life during these intense but rewarding 4 weeks.

A traveler

So lucky to have the opportunity to join in Yogalinda Teacher Training. An amazing and intensive 200 hours training with super professional teachers. This training has inspired me just to take another step in my life! Thanks for all your support!

Alania Hsu Concepción

from Singapore,

The Yogalinda Hot Vinyasa Training course was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The course provides an excellent balance to all areas of yoga and has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of yoga, greatly improve my practice and at the same time calm my mind and bring awareness to my physical being. I´ll never look at yoga or my body the same way again. Two thumbs-up!


I have throughly enjoyed my training at Yogalinda. Heather and Lezanne are a fantastic team. They each bring their own personal qualities to the training. I have also really enjoyed outside teachers coming in, in particular Morgan.

A traveler

The training didn't feel to pushy but at the same time was challenging. Heather and Lezanne were extremely supportive. They are refreshingly honest without being offensive which I love. The training gave me a well rounded understanding of yoga which is something I believe other trainings could be missing.


he beach location is just perfect! Literally couldn't ask for a better location. I think having a 4 week training rather than a 3 is an excellent idea. It gives you time for yourself and also time to come into the studio and take classes outside of training hours. Thank you two wonderful human beings. If I can have the ambition, have of yoga and caring heart toward your students that you two do. I´ll be happy. :) Cannot thank you enough.


You are Great. I love You! Montse, Spanish, Barcelona oct 2017


I had a great time here!! I loved it!!


I enjoyed my Yoga TT. I have learnt a lot about myself and from the 16 girls, my daily asana and I loved yoga philosophy. I look forward to further study.


So glad I made myself do this. Its been a fantastic experience. I`ve learned so much more about yoga (knew nothing at all about the philosophy), the body and vinyasa. Although I´m not planning to teach yoga as a job, I achieved the objectives of being here;

1. Personal challenge: wouldn't have thought I'd be able to talk to a roomful of people never mind lead them through a whole yoga class.

2. Feel equipped to teach yoga to my pupils and colleagues with safety, knowledge & confidence. Job Done!

Megan Beaver

This course helped me extend my knowledge of vinyasa and improve my personal practice dramatically. I have grown further in my spirituality and relationship with Christ and am looking forward to combining the two in my daily practice.


Es un curso donde la adquisición de conocimientos sobre la dsciplina se hace de forma practica. De tal modo que he sentido toda la formación como un proceso natural. Han despertado mi curiosidad sobre la practica en meditación pero la más importante es que han conseguido que haya formado parte de este proceso y los efectos. Curso muy variado y completo. Totalmente recomendable.


Esperiencia intensa que ha hecho pasar por momentos en los que he tenido que salir de mi rama de comfort enfrentádome y habando de superar mis inseguridades y sobre todo con momentos de varadero placer, disfrutando de la practica y sobre todo aprendiendo. Punto de practica de lo que espere que sea un laya camino de aprendizaje y felicidad en mi practica.


Gracias heather, por enseñar tus conocimientos y compartir tu practica flow con nosotros.

Testimonials (5)

Raj United States


Training with a small group was very hands on. Teachers were very knowledgable and covered a wide variety of subjects. Ample time for practice teaching. Would highly recommend this training.

Sophie United Kingdom


This past month, I have learned so much more within the walls of the Yogalinda studio than I ever would have expected. Not just about yoga, but about myself and how I relate to others and the world around me. I have ben able to bring yoga into small pockets of my life and am grateful to have found teachers and peers to walk with me on this never-ending journey. I've made lifelong friends here and I could not be any more grateful.

Deborah United States


Yogalinda offers a vibrant, positively supported, energetic, well rounded teacher training. Much like Vinyasa flow, the days just flowed into each other. Throughout the course you learn such a variety of yoga from yin to acro and cover a lot of philosophy (safe to say I am now an Ayurveda convert). Every day the teachers support and nourish you with knowledge - it was amazing to see the team grow from little seedlings to big strong oaks by the end of the course. One of the best things about this course is that both Heather and Lezanne give you the creativity to make your own teaching style work for you and really push you to practice teaching before you leave. I am 100% leaving with excitement to teach and not the fear to teach. I can't thank Yogalinda enough!

Tabitha Netherlands


Yogalinda provides a beautiful studio with great vibes and lot of light during the day. The location is ideal, 1min walk from the beach. Their way of teaching theory is light and funny; making you not notice you are actually learning a lot, feeling more like a nice chat. Heather has a very energizing energy. Her yoga classes are very fluent and flowing. She teaches creatively and intuitively with focus on details for good alignment. She has helped me with my confidence in teaching by her directness and has inspired me through her classes to be creative and push myself towards growth. Lezanne has a very warm and kind approach in her yoga classes as in philosophy and way of living. She broadened our view on life and opened our eyes. The course was set up in the right way with the ultimate goal of making us beautiful new yoga teachers. Heather and Lezanne stimulated everyone individually in different ways to bring out the most of every individual. I firmly recommend the 200h teaching course.

Virginia Valerio United States

Yogalinda website

"As a yoga practitioner for a number of years, I became curious to deepen my foundation of yoga without any expectation of teaching afterward. I researched and found Yogalinda which offered a summer month-long intensive course, which was exactly what I was looking for, away from my native city life in NYC and as a further plus, near a beach.

There's a lot I can share about the experience but to summarize, it was a personally enriching, life-changing experience. Having completed the training, I feel as if a new portal has opened in my life with endless possibilities. I fell in love with yoga even more so than prior to Yogalinda's teacher training. After the program, I felt excited, and grounded, in a way that I hadn't before or ever. Because of this, I feel very thankful for the knowledge, the guidance, and the opportunity that came from the overall training.

Thank you Heather, Lezanne and my yoga sisters for an experience of a lifetime. It is with gratitude, love and expansiveness that I reflect on what this past summer meant for me"