London-based Laurent Roure teaches his own style of yoga (mindful yoga and yoga Nidra) in London and runs yoga holidays in unique and interesting locations.

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Laurent Roure

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Alessandra Novelli

Yogalaurent website

I have just finished the intentional breath meditation, which I carried on for 35min and took me on a truly extra bodily experience. You are a continuous source of inspiration, and in the last 4 years you have helped me to awaken in so many ways with all the mindfulness tips that your classes are full of and that inevitably I take home with me and trickle through many moments of my days. I am not sure where I am heading to but I am glad I embarked on this yoga and spiritual journey as its making me very happy. A big fat thank you! See you in class.

Cat Kipling

Yogalaurent website

After two more days of travel, but this time with lots of meetings and no yoga, I am able to find time to say thank you for your teaching and support on our wonderful Slovenian extravaganza. So much more than ‘just’ a yoga retreat! I have returned with a new focus for my time on the mat, have developed mindfulness skills that I can put into action off the mat and have lots of wonderful memories with you, the Klavže crew and the yoga gang to keep me sane over the coming months. I look forward to our paths crossing again soon.

Alex Kipling

Yogalaurent website

Although I was a beginner I never felt lost and there were modified poses for me when I needed them. Thanks again and regards, Alex.

Lavinia Dale

Yogalaurent website

Firstly I wish to tell you that I loved your workshop. It was very peaceful and we all felt warm & welcomed. I found everything very helpful & learned facts I did not know. The pace suited me perfectly in my practice… and everyone else I spoke to at the workshop. Each step led into the next stage carefully & clearly. You have developed a beautiful method, you teach so clearly the understanding that relaxation is the way to maximum benefit.. is so helpful. I recommend your class to anyone that is interested as I know the benefits it gives to me. For me, it was a magical afternoon of peace & good health which I cannot wait to experience again. Thank you have a follower in me! Love

Sue Aron

Yogalaurent website

It was a fabulous week of concentrated yoga in Spain…. now missing Yoga Nidra and pimentos de padrones.