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YogaFaith trains professionals and knowledgeable yoga instructors with studies that center on Christ while honoring the roots and traditions of yoga.

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  • Louis Stanton Minnesota

    YogaFaith website

    The YogaFaith teacher training is a life-changing experience. This is more than excellent yoga teacher training (which it is). It is life-changing! The learning is comprehensive, helping the student to learn, grow, and stretch their faith in new ways. The trainers are deep, loving, and ultra-encouraging. If you are wondering if this training might be for you, it is!

  • Kelly Calkins Washington

    YogaFaith website

    I absolutely loved my time at YogaFaith teacher training. It was beyond my expectation and gave me the confidence to go out and teach right away. The teachers were amazing and encouraging, and I learned a lot from my fellow students as well. It was life-changing in the best way, making me hopeful for the future and of course fall even more in love with yoga and with people.

  • Meghan Muholland Washington

    YogaFaith website

    YogaFaith is bridging the gap for so many yogis. I’ve had so many friends tell me they had no idea that they could find a Christ-centered practice, and they’re so excited to learn more. This is not to say that I would not feel equally confident teaching a secular class after participating in this program. I think the best part is teachers leave the program with a genuine love of the practice and their students.

  • Cheryl H. Colorado

    YogaFaith website

    YogaFaith is an excellent yoga training for anyone wishing to become a yoga teacher. Its modules are detailed, giving students in-depth knowledge in every aspect of each intended concept. The modules include fantastic diagrams and photos so students can be certain to learn correctly. The immersion is the most loving, caring, and intense time for which one could ever hope. Long days are spent with teachers who are very, very experienced. Every question is answered. Every yoga style is demonstrated. Every student gets to participate. You get to teach and learn, and teach and learn, and teach and learn. It is amazing! YogaFaith was filled with the love of the Lord. It was Bible scripture and yoga practice. Taking care of your body, breathing into his word, and giving to others are all Jesus’s first ideas that are “united” with yoga. Always set your intention by putting Jesus first. The modules deepened my knowledge of scripture with the inclusion of the many scriptures spread throughout. During the immersion, the teachers used many stories of God’s word in their yoga flows. Each was an individual Bible study. I have the new knowledge of teaching yoga, but I also have the knowledge of spreading God’s word through the teaching of yoga. The YogaFaith training was one of the best experiences I have had in my life!

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