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25 Days Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai


Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai

  • 20 days with instruction
  • Our Yoga Alliance Ashtanga and Hatha yoga teacher training is a best opportunity to learn many courses at a time freely. Courses are yoga therapy, prenatal yoga, mudra yoga, acro yoga, advance asana sessions etc.

    A brief summary of what student will learn

    Our TTC covers some of the important yoga concepts of great masters of India with their techniques and approach to enrich our Teachers knowledge and to become standard Teacher. Our RYS TTC is based on Mysore Style-Ashtanga and Iyengar Style. Ashtanga Yoga(Raja Yoga) purifies mental body and rational body. Hatha Yoga purifies physical body and pranic body. Ashtanga Yoga cannot be practiced without Hatha Yoga Support and vice versa to get sidhis ( yogic benefits and powers) as yoga text says.[Reference- Ashtanga- yoga sutra of Pathanjali, light on yoga by B.K.S.Iyengar, Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swathmarama , etc. We focus on different classical Hatha Yoga concepts also.

    Dubai Yoga Teachers Training Course includes a brief information of Yoga Therapy , Mudra yoga , Prenatal yoga , Acro yoga within the course. These courses will be given in detail only in Home School Mysore , India.


    • Breathing exercises
    • 20 days accommodation
    • Detoxification or Shat Kriya
    • Advanced collection of asanas
    • Yoga theory and Philosophy class
    • Pranayama practice with full details
    • Self study and many yoga related activities
    • Teaching feedback and teaching practice classes
    • Sun salutations and yogic exercises
    • Ethics and morals for yoga teacher
    • Chants and enough Spirituality
    • Western Anatomy classes
    • Karma yoga opportunity
    • Meditation practice
    • Indian anatomy

    Skill level

    • Beginner

    • Intermediate

    Group sizes

    The maximum participants in the group is 12.


    • Instruction language: English
    • Spoken languages: English
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    Basic accommodation will be given for this retreat with the given price. The cost may change depending on some extra facilities and needs.

    As we have realized, students wanted to have their own comfortable accommodation in Dubai depending on Dubai life style convenience.

    Interested students can also book course only and booking details will be set by deducting accommodation cost. Accommodation is arranged depending on availability and early bookings made minimum of 45 days. Yogadarshanam may also help you find your own accommodation. You may book online as well since Dubai has very good hotel and service apartments and facilities.

    Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

    Yoga technical classes: Analysis of asanas, pranayama, kriyas, bhandas, mudras with its name, background, steps, limitation, common mistakes, application, benefits, modifications, variations, coutra indications, curative values for therapy, a way of sequence formation etc.

    Yoga training classes: Includes practice of all yoga techniques asanas, pranayama, mudra, bandha, different school of sun salutations and moon salutations, yoga therapy sessions, pre-natal yoga, advance yoga courses, etc with demonstration, observation, style, corrections, different yoga sequence formation

    Yoga anatomy and physiology classes: Study of human body (cells and tissues, skins, bones, joints, muscles, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and excretory system) from medical and yoga point of view.

    Yoga philosophy and ethics classes: Includes study of (Ashtanga yoga) 8 limbs yoga scriptures(yoga sutra), life of a yogi, principles of yoga, yoga in education (physical education and values) panchakosha, panchaprana, chakras, ethics for yoga teacher, classroom environment, different streams of yoga etc.

    Yoga practical classes: Students should assist the classes led by the main teacher and also teach by themselves (4 classes) and 4 classes for row beginners. This is expression and application of their comprehension and skill.

    Seva yoga / Karma yoga classes: The students have to help to run the yoga school, which includes office work, organization, and public relations. Seva is serving and helping others with compassion, serving not for personal gratification but to up lift others. Seva is also an offering with best thoughts, sympathy, and compassion without others force (individually or in groups).

    Yoga meditation and relaxation classes: Includes study of different school of meditation; students can apply any of the meditation which is suitable for them. During training, students should study at least 5 meditation techniques. The students can then apply the suitable meditation techniques to their students in the future. Different kinds of relaxation techniques are also included which are discovered from different yoga research centers. Also includes active shavasana, instant relaxation technique, quick relaxation technique, deep relaxation technique, anupreksha, yoga nidra, belly breathing etc.

    Self practice classes: Includes study of different school of meditation, study of different yoga systems, great Indian yoga gurus, different yoga books, sharing knowledge, discussion, case study etc. Students should study themselves as the direction of the Guru.

    Yoga activities classes: Includes teaching Krida yoga (for children), talent expression, creative work, yogic games, cultural programs like bhajanas, chanting, drama, role-play, drawing of yoga postures and concepts, yoga practice in deep forest, on stone, holy places (temples) yoga trip, tree climbing, hill climbing, stone climbing, water playing etc.

    Yoga classes daily schedule: Yogadarshanam usually offers the same usual routine for their yoga teacher training courses:


    • Kapal Bhati(Frontal Brain cleancing and Lungs)
    • Trataka-eye cleansing
    • Jala nethi(nasal clancing with water)
    • Sutra nethi(nasal cleancing with rubber cathetor))
    • Vamana dhauthi(upper alimentary track)
    • Agnisar (Churning)- Preparation
    • Nauli Right Middle Left and Nauli Chalana-Preparation
    • Shankaprakshalana(alimentary canal cleancing-mouth to anus) Lagoo(Half)

    Yoga therapy training

    • Basic elements of yoga therapy.
    • Panchkosha, Panchaprana, Tridosa theory.
    • Yogic concept of illness.
    • Yogic Management of Diseases- Concept, Plan, Application, etc
    • Study of yoga therapy for Many important diseases in detail with materials along with following practices

    Study of yoga therapy exercises

    • For head
    • For eyes
    • For nose
    • For ears
    • For mouth cavity-teeth
    • For neck
    • For shoulders
    • For arms
    • For chest
    • For stomach-abdomen muscles
    • For waist
    • For ankle and toes
    • For knees
    • For spinal chord -back

    Study of yogic breathing exercises

    • Ankle stretch breathing
    • Hands in and out breathing
    • Hands stretch breathing (at 90,135,180degree)
    • Tiger breathing-A & B,
    • Dog breathing (abdomen),
    • Rabbit breathing (thorax),
    • Shashankasana breathing
    • Cobra breathing, locust breathing
    • Shalabhasana breathing
    • Straight leg rise breathing
    • Yogic movements- study of warm up exercises
    • Jogging front, back, sides, leg swinging
    • Posterior and anterior stretching
    • Sides stretching
    • Spinal twist
    • Parivritta trikonasana stretching
    • Hamstring stretch exercises
    • Quadriceps exercises
    • Waist loosening exercises
    • Shoulder loosening exercises
    • Hip opener- exercises
    • Study of yogic resting poses
    • Sithali tadsana
    • Mukha dhauti
    • Shashankasana
    • Sithalidandasana
    • Makarasana
    • Child pose (balasana)
    • Nispandasana
    • Shavasana

    Meditations (different school of meditaion)

    • A.Om-Meditation
    • B.Chakras meditation (psychic centers)

    Students should practice 1 and 2 regularly during YTTC. The following meditation techniques are only for theoretical study during 200-hour yttc and can be taken for self-study (swadhyaya) during training.

    • Japa meditation
    • Silent meditation
    • Cyclic meditation
    • So-hum meditation with breathing (breathing of the soul)


    • Shavasana
    • IRT, QRT, DRT
    • Yoga nidra-yogic sleep

    The following Asanas will be taught in detail with limitations, Benefits, Techniques, etc. along with 23 basic set of Asanas (Shivananda and Svyasa )from which all Asanas are generated originally


    Name of the Asanas

    • Surya Namaskar
    • Stithi(Tadasana),Namaskarasana,UrdhavaHasthasana,Pada Hasthasana,Ekapadaprasaranasana,Devepada prasaranasana(or %Dandasana),Sastanganamaskarasana,Bhujangasana,BudarasanaEkapada prasaranasana,Pada Hastasana,UrdhvaHastasana,Tadasana
    • Leg balancing pose)(Tadasana)
    • Parvatasana ,Vrikshasana+ Vriksha Kriya,Utkatasana(1,2,3,) ,GarudasanaUtitha Hasta Padangustasana(3 types),Natarajasana,ParshvaKatiChakrasanaArdhaKatiChakrasana(I & II & III)
    • Triangle pose (Trikonasana)
    • Uthita hastapadasana,Parshva hastapadasana,Trikonasana -I & II,Parshvakonasana,Parshottanasana,Parivritaparshvakonasana,Veerabhadrasana %A,Veerabhadrasana B,Veerabhadrasana C,ArdhaChandrasanaPrasarita padottanasana -I, II,III,IV, Parighasana A & B
    • Head Balance (SirshaSana)
    • Uttanasana,Padangustasana,Padahastasana A & B,Adhomukha Svanasana A & B,Samatholanasana A,B,C,Vasistasana A & B & C,Chaturanga dandasana,Ordhva Mukha Shvanasana,Anjaneyasana,Adhomukha Veerasana,Vajrasana ,Sirshasana
    • Front Bending (pascimottanasana)
    • Dandasana,Ordhvahasta dandasana,Paschimottanasana,Poorothanasana A, Janu Sirshasana,Ardha padma paschimothanasana,Ardha baddha padma paschimothanasana,Parivritta Janu -SirshasanaTrianga Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana ,Krounchasana,Marichyasana A & B,Upavistakonasana,OrdhvaUpavitakonasana,Kormasana,Baddakonasana
    • Backbending (Sitting)
    • Supta Vajrasana,Ustrasana ,Veerasana ,Supta veerasana A & B &CParyankasana,Shashankasana
    • Prone pose (Back bending)
    • Bhujangasana A & B & C,Shalabasana A,B,C,D,Bekasana (Ekapada & Dwipada),Dhanurasana,Parshva Dhanurasana,Anantasana,Makarasana
    • Supine pose (Back bending)
    • Chakrasana, Setubandasana A & B, Supta padangustasana I & II, Naavasana (Ardha & poorna), Suptakonasana, Ordhva, Mukha, Paschimottanasana
    • Twisting pose
    • Vakrasana ,Marichyasana -C,D,Baradvajasana A & BArdha Mastyendrasana
    • Hand Balancing pose (Gomukasana)
    • Utita dandasana,Gomukhasana ,Padmasana ,Baddha PadmasanaYoga Mudra,Padma namanasana,Supta Padmasana,GorakshasanaTolasana A & B,Mayurasana,Hamsasana
    • ShoulderStand pose (Sarvangasana)-Finishing Poses
    • Sarvangasana and variations: Halasana, Karnapidasana, Niralamba Sarvangasana (no support), Ordhva Padmasana, Matsyasana (Ardha and Poorna), Uttana padasana I&II
    • Rest
    • Shavasana

    Week Days Time table

    • Be ready at the studio at 9.15 am
    • 9.30 am to 11.00 am Sunsalutation and Asanas Practice (includes Ashtanga and Hatha)
    • 11.00 to 11.15 Short Break
    • 11.15 to 12.00pm Pranayama and Meditation
    • 12.00 pm to 1.00pm Theory and Methodology of Breathing exercises, Warm Up, Sun Salutation, Asanas Theory, Sequencing, Flow, Style, Benefits and Limitations , Safety, Adjustments etc.
    • 1.00pm to 1.30 Lunch break
    • 1.30pm to 2.30pm- Anatomy/Philosophy, Teaching Practice, Feed back, etc

    Weekend time table

    • Home work and project work
    • Detoxification, advance yoga and remaining philosophy and theory
    • Holiday also will be given.


    One who has strong interest in yoga field and has some yoga experience. If anybody has regular and consistency in the regular yoga practice is very good but not compulsory for this course. Hard work and strong dedication is very much appreciable.

    Tecom , Dubai Internet City, UAE.

    A sathvik yoga food will be provided only for lunch.It may Include rice, curry, soup, chapati called Indian rooti , fruits salad etc.

    The following meals are included:

    • Lunch

    Students can see many beautiful places as in Dubai like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai mall, Desert safari etc.

    Students may need to do enough home work on required topics what they study in the studio.

    • 4 weeks yoga teacher training
    • 20 days yoga training, accomodation and instructions
    • All workshops and classes
    • Discount for training courses and classes in Mysore Homeschool
    • International valid Yoga Alliance certificate
    • Meditation sessions
    • Weekend special classes
    • Beverages and meals are not included in the fee.

    Book your flight to Dubai International Airport (DXB) and then taxi service can be taken to reach to the destination.

    • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
    • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

    Mysore, India

    Yogadarshanam provides yoga for beginners up to advanced levels using an integrative approach developed by its founder and director Santhosh Kumar combining classical and contemporary methods.

    Speaks English

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