Yogadarshanam provides yoga for beginners to advance levels - an integrative approach developed by Santhosh Kumar combining classical and contemporary methods

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60 Day 500-Hour Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Karnataka

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    Santhosh Kumar Biodata

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    Elissa Guion

    from India, February 2020

    "Yogi nursery"

    Lot of information given about many subject. Holistic approach of the practice. Advices to practically design an ideal yoga session. Humility of the teachers. Detail about techniques, asanas and adjustment. Family athmoshere among students and staff.

    The clarity of what to expect in 200h of training - self practice is needed for more time to be ready to be a yoga instructor. All bases are given and curiosity raised on the large subject of yoga then dedication is needed to go further.

    The discipline proposed is placing students in front of their sens of effort and mind blocks. It is a delightful feeling to go beyond your limits, seeing yourself and the ones around you improving and growing everyday.

    Lea Melloni

    from France, December 2019

    "Very nice experience "

    As a 200H student my teacher was mister Srihari most of the time. He is a very nice, talented and patient teacher. Master Santosha is pretty funny, he shared a lot of knowledge with us. We have many books given at the bigining with so many informations. Courses are interesting, lots of topics.

    I lived in a nearly house with a wonderful woman, how as been very nice and the room as perfect !

    Xavier De Beauffort

    from Belgium, December 2019

    "Lots of knowledge, less practical"

    Very informative course, lots on knowledge to absorb on different styles of yoga.

    Provided many textbooks and resources.

    Teachers are knowledgeable, patient and energetic!


    from United States, November 2019

    "The training is very good, the masters always are patient"

    The master’s peaceful power make me feel so good, I have lost in the modern life for many years, I always can’t control myself. In the school, through the masters method I found myself again, now I have been back to my country for one week, I insist on practicing, although there are many troubles in life, but I can solve it through asana and pranayama. Now I confirm that yoga is the only way to keep me having the peaceful life. Thanks very much

    Sabrina Addas

    from United Arab Emirates, November 2019

    "Respond to the Yoga calling."

    Had a wonderful experience with master Surmeet she is a bright soul, focused, dedicated, down to earth, ready to help and happy to see you achieve. I don't understand the below comment on her being the opposite of that - the person who wrote the bad comment barely attended class, and was always late, and was around 60 years old with little knowledge of yoga both physically and spiritually. I actually really connected to the teacher physically, mentally and spiritually. She has the right level for future teachers as she builds ur confidence and make it that yoga is an approachable discipline and way of life.

    I'm glad that after many years of practice I got this certificate at an affordable price - within small group (so the focus was always there from the teacher) and in a safe environment.



    Ori Nottea

    from Israel, November 2019

    "Highly recommended "

    My first teacher training was in Topanga CA ... my practice defiantly progressed and I managed to memorize the asanas order... but I felt it’s not enough, so I signed up for another training in TLV Israel.

    TLV training was definitely different from the one in LA, a bit more streaked, hard core sessions , practice of primary series, memorizing Asanas names, breathing, adjustments and more

    But I felt yoga is much more then knowing the Asanas names, count and breathing, yoga is more then a sweaty workout that builds strengths and muscles.

    I wanted to know what’s the true meaning of YOGA

    So I’ve decided to come to the source - to India - Karnataka - Mysore - yogadarshanam.

    At yogadarshanam Master Santosh Kumar and his humble crew of amazing teachers thought us the theory, philosophy and the Yoga way of living.

    From daily Ashtanga practice, to the knowledge of Iyanger, Hata, pranayama practice, yoga therapy, meditation, chanting, mantras and Mudras, acro / partner yoga, cleansing, I’ve come to understand that yoga is a life time journey ... an ongoing process, a way of living.

    I had a lovely month - thank you so much master, thank you Sumit, yogiheesh, Shirihari, and Arpitha

    For all the knowledge, dedication, time, support, guidance and much more.

    I highly recommend - hope to see you soon again.

    Ori Nottea

    Los Angeles, TLV, planet earth 🌍

    Cristiana Burducea

    from United Arab Emirates, October 2019

    "Strong foundation course for a future yoga teacher "

    The course was perfect for building my trust in becoming a yoga teacher. The instructor was amazing and gave us so much knowledge. I specifically liked the pranayama and meditation practice. Thank you!