Yogada - In the Himalayas is a unique ashram located on the banks of holy Ganga River in Himalayas. They provide yoga and meditation courses and trainings in Rishikesh, India.

Yoga Retreats (7)

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7 Days Yoga Retreat in Himalayas, India

Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2019
    from US$1,379
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    Seema Tewari

    Rajee Ba

    Reviews (27)

    Ivana Mitrovic

    from Sweden, September 2019

    "The oasis in the world of chaos"

    Everything about my coming to India was stressful (traveling alone, finding a good school out of thousands of offers, visa, vaccination etc), but coming to Yogada, made me feel like home. And after a month spent there, people I met, it became home indeed!

    The entire place is warm-hearted! Location is amazing - sort of hidden from the world, what makes it so valuable in times when you want to withdraw to your inner self. Every morning was waking up in the clouds and listening to nature speaking.

    Everything was dedicated to our growth. Teachers smoothly lead our way to knowledge and gave us the best introduction of such vast ancient knowledge. I loved this as it was authentic and coming from people who really live what they teach. It was the best decision I made!


    from Portugal, June 2019

    "The Perfect Location and YTT 200 hours Trainning"

    The Teachers and Team from Yogoda are Amazing!! The location in Shivpuri allows you to live in the perfect conditions your Yoga Teachers Training. To enjoy your training on the banks of Mother Ganga, in Himalayan foothills, is a true blessing!! So Grateful for the Experience!!! Om Sãntih Sãntih Sãntih

    Brenda La Grotteria

    from Australia, June 2019

    "Best ashram I could've ever chosen"

    Teachers are very passionate and knowledgable. They know a lot and arrange the classes mindfully and make them fun and easy to understand. Squeeze every drop of knowledge out of them! Morning walks to the Ganga or the Himalayas are a very nice way to start the day. Food is awesome, so many different dishes! Awesome local cuisine, wholesome and key for the amount of training we did. Staff will go out of their way to help you, very respectful and kind, loveliest smiles you'll ever see. If you get sick you'll be taken care of.

    The ashram is a big piece of land, green, full of flowers and plants...and mango trees!♡ far away from the buzz of Rishikesh. At night you can sleep with the sound of Mother the Ganga and you have the Himalayas all around. Every inch of the ashram is clean, tidy and well-kept. Days are long and weeks are short, enjoy your time here. You'll miss it afterwards.

    The swimming pool is a big plus in hot days.

    Adrian Steen

    from Netherlands, June 2019

    "Am excellent experience and perfect location to study yog"

    The teachers teach you with passion and enthusiasm

    Sue Robinson

    from United States, April 2019

    "Yoga and so much more "

    Not only did I get certified to teach yoga, I have a stronger body, and confidence. All of the instructors and classmates were so encouraging, food was fabulous! Walks on the beach every morning set a relaxed atmosphere for the day. I truly felt like I mattered . Staff accommodated every request to make this experience a life changer

    Nazgul Zhumagulova

    from United States, March 2019

    "Paradise found"

    Wow! I can't believe myself i did this! Been away for a month but it seemed like i lived longer than that! My heart is full and i have great memories about India and my life at the ashram. Feeling grateful for the whole experience, meeting and making new friends and learning a lot. From the bottom of my heart i want to thank Seema and Rajee, for being extremely caring and supportive while i stayed in that area. I had their whole kitchen to myself to come and eat whenever i wanted and Seema was like a mom to me giving me food before i left, giving snacks so i don't have to buy food on my way. It really felt special, thank you so much! Thank you for Himanshu, Ajee and Dheeraj for being a wonderful teachers! Grateful for the kitchen staff and people who served us the whole time! I will definitely come back to India!! Love you all and miss you already!😙 ~Nazgul Zhumagulova, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

    Natalia Campos

    from United States, January 2019

    "Wonderful time"

    In yogada we have all the facilities for any yoga practitioner, those who are beginning and those who already practice. They care about each person, all the time. the practical and theoretical classes complement each other in such a way that it is possible to practice yoga and take it to everyday life anywhere. I want to attend another retreat and we keep in touch with all teachers even after the retreat. the ceremony was beautiful and I had a lot of knowledge and learning in just one month. they are teachers and gurus, they practice everything they teach and the place is fantastic for walking, rafting and hiking.

    Melody Sylvain

    from United Arab Emirates, January 2019

    "Great Experience "

    I’m so thankful for my experience here. I learned a lot about life, the deeper meanings of yoga, and have a new sense of appreciation which I gained after completing the course. Seema’s philosophy classes really touched my heart and I will remember them and her positive spirit forever and I really enjoyed Rajee’s sense of humor and pranayama classes as well. The food was amazing and I loved being able to relax among the mountains every day. Always keep an open mind and heart you will thoroughly enjoy the course and everything it has to offer. (:

    Mj Ellul

    from India, December 2018

    "An incredible journey "

    I don't know where to begin. I recently completed my course at Yogada and can't express what an incredible journey it has been. The love that the teachers have for sharing, comes shining through. All they want is for their students to get the most out of the experience.

    From them you get a real introduction to the complete lifestyle of yoga. The impecibly taught lessons in classical hatha, ashtanga, anatomy, philosophy, meditation techniques and teaching methodology give you the firm foundation to continue learning for the rest of your life.

    I can't thank Rajee and Seema enough for the knowledge they have shared with me or praise them highly enough for the beautiful place they have created.

    Thank you,


    Oscar Velarde Leautaud

    from United States, November 2018


    My time at Yogada Ashram was exceptional, we were treated like family by everyone there. Our teachers helped us and really showed us how each position was to be done and showed us how to adjust. While we were there we went rafting, and visited 2 historical places. we also had an Ayurvedic Doctor tell us our dosha and how to improve our diets by giving us cooking classes.

    This experience changed me mentally, physically, and spiritually. It was all truly life changing and nothing like I’ve ever experienced before and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

    RAJEE and his wife did everything they could to make sure we had the best time there. I am eternally grateful for their hospitality and for teaching me their powerful wisdom.

    Sabrina Toston

    from United States, November 2018

    "Happy Yogi"

    Thanks to the program I have gained profound knowledge about the philosophy of yoga, asanas, pranayama, alignment and anatomy. Throughout 28 days of YTT my personal practice has grown significantly and I have learned to control my body, breath and thoughts, as well as teach others how to do so.The Ashram is a very nice place to visit. The staff were attentive and made us feel at home. All the teachers were great. I wish I could have taken them home with me. I'm excited about my future as a yoga teacher. Overall, well worth the trip. Thank you so much!!!

    Rym Issa

    from Egypt, August 2018

    "amazing life changing 200 hours yoga teachers training "

    I did my 200 hours yoga teachers training there and this was an unforgettable life changing experience for me.

    Rajee and Seema are the owners and were two of my teachers and I must say I am forever indebted to their knowledge, their support, and their generosity. I had three more teachers, which were equally brilliant; each teacher was very knowledgeable and passionate about their subject, not to mention that they were all amazing caring people and very helpful teachers. The course was very informative.

    The location was so beautiful, the room was perfect, the food was very delicious, I felt completely at home and as much as I enjoyed the peaceful relaxing comfortable atmosphere as much as I learnt a lot about all aspects of yoga, and I’d love to come back for more.

    Mila Mails

    from India, May 2018

    Most of all I liked the place, very beautiful and picturesque.

    Susana Kessler

    from Italy, August 2019

    Die Qualität der Kurse war sehr gut. Die Lehrer sind sehr gut ausgebildet.

    Senta Gautschi

    from Switzerland, July 2019

    "perfect stay"

    that it‘s away from the city, calm and quiet. very good teachers, nice staff and a very good experience for ourselves, as well as the little classes. they take care that you will move forward also as an individual

    Debo Boubou

    from France, June 2019


    La qualité de l'enseignement, le lieux de résidence est simplement superbe, la nourriture est délicieuse, les groupes ne sont pas composés d un trop grand nombre de personnes ce qui est très appréciable, merci yogada merci ❤️

    Lara Samudio

    from Argentina, May 2019

    "Una experiencia transformadora "

    Para empezar Yogada no se parece a nada de lo que puedas encontrar en rishikesh. Alejado de la Cuidad bulliciosa, es un refugio increíble para aprender yoga. Las clases de meditación son increíbles. Ashtanga y hatta tienen grandes profesores que se entregaron en cada clase enseñando el yoga tradicional. Súper predispuestos a responder nuestras dudas, ayudarnos con los movimientos y el entrenamiento diario.

    Las clases de anatomía fueron fundamentales para entender el cuerpo humano y como impacta cada asana en nuestro día a día. Quiero remarcar el desempeño de este profesor que nos tuvo mucha paciencia. En cuanto a la comida, en particular tuve un problema con lo picante, por lo que necesitaba una dieta especial de frutas y verduras sin condimentar. Me cocinaron como lo necesitaba cada día.

    Las instalaciones son tranquilas y alejadas del

    Ruido. Es un gran lugar para encontrar paz y aprender.

    Tuvimos una excursión increíble en rafting, y todos los días caminatas por el ganges.

    El personal de cocina y los cuidadores son súper atentos.

    Seema es una gran maestra, que se entrega 100% a la Enseñanza de mantras y filosofía del

    Yoga. Me gustaría remarcar que una de mis compañeras tuvo un pequeño problema de salud en el

    Que necesito asistencia médica. Los dueños nos acompañaron todo el tiempo durante la ida al

    Hospital, nos brindaron ayuda y hasta su propia cada para pasar la noche.

    Realmente es una gran escuela y la recomiendo :)

    Silvia Jenni

    from Philippines, May 2019

    Kursleiter haben uns mit Elan und fachkompetent unterrichtet.

    Maike Tate

    from United States, April 2019

    "A fantastic journey"

    First of all, people should be aware that this course is not a retreat but a proper course, the days are exhausting, you need to be open to new approaches, ideas and rules, otherwise you won't be getting everything these 4 weeks have to offer.

    I did not have that much experience in yoga and had no problems with the classes. It starts out with asanas most people will be able to do. Towards the end of the course the asanas were getting quite intense and most of us were still able to do them, so you can actually see your own progress day after day.

    The teaching methods might be different from what we have experienced before and I have to admit that sometimes I did not understand them or see the point, but in retrospect I feel like I have learned incredibly much, so the teaching methods must have worked for me.

    I learned how to meditate, I can sit with crossed legs for quite a while, I can shout ashtanga instructions at people in sanskrit, I am quite good at yoga now, I know a lot about muscles and joints, I learned about ayurveda, I basically stopped eating meat, I became friends with a dog for the first time, I have become a Masala tea addict, I fell in love with all the cows in the streets, I have a calmer mind.

    The whole experience was fantastic, the people in the groups were the best, the yoga was excellent, the food was absolutely delicious, the teachers are really great, the people working at the ashram are lovely. I wish I could go for the 300 hour course right away.

    Emily Richardson

    from Indonesia, September 2019

    This was a beautiful Yoga teacher training that I really enjoyed being part of. I did my 300 hours and I learn so much. I had previously done my 200 hour course through another school, and I have it say the depth of knowledge that this course went into was truely amazing. I felt like I was constantly learning. I was part of a 200 hours 28 day course and then for the final 12 days I got private classes and tutoring or meet the rest of my certifications requirements.

    The food was incredible, the staff were friendly and accommodating always, and the accommodation was lovely. Being in the mountains was peaceful and quiet and arguably one of the best places to learn. All the people attracted to Yogada are incredibly, kind, fun and gentle. My favourite part is the small intimate class sizes. Each group having no more than 9 people most of the time, it really set up the space for deep learning. Thank you Rajee and Seema


    from United Kingdom, September 2019

    Asana teachers (Sachin, Ajee, Hemanshu) were absolutely amazing and the course was worth it just for that. I would definitely come back for the teaching of Ashtanga and Hatha.


    from United Kingdom, May 2019

    "Little piece of heaven in the Himalayan Foothills "

    The retreat has a family feel. It is set in a peaceful location away from the hustle and bustle of Rishikesh. All teachers are extremely knowledgable and have a passion for what they do. The graduation ceremony was a lovey event, with food music and dancing. Yogada, Seema and Rajeev’s daughter gave a wonderful display of Indian dance.

    Tess Kjaer

    from Denmark, February 2019

    "Amazing staff and teachers"

    I’d like to start with India itself, as if you’ve never been, it can be quite overwhelming. From an western eye, things can seem a bit disorganised, but if you keep an open mind and give it a day or two, you’ll soon start to appreciate all that India has to offer. It is hard not to fall in love with this country. Despite non perfect surroundings or situations, things always somehow work out and falls into place.

    India’s biggest asset is it’s people. They are genuinely so friendly and helpful and the staff at the Yogada ashram are no exception. From making us delicious food and cups of tea, bringing us on walks, answering all our questions and helping us with whatever they could, they genuinely put their best into making sure we were well looked after from beginning to end.

    The teachers at the ashram is a real credit to Seema and Rajee. These young men have so much knowledge and experience and it clearly comes from their own dedication to what they do. They are such nice people and it’s been a real treat to have been taught by them. 100 hours is not enough, but we are forever grateful for all the knowledge we take with us from these amazing teachers. /Tess & Petra


    from Philippines, February 2019


    Ideal location close to the river and mountains and animals, and a few shops nearby. Away from the crowds. Excellent teachers who push you to your limits and want you to improve, unlike "commercial" ones who treat you like a customer and just say what you want to hear. Unlike in regular schools, time schedules are more like indication than rules to follow which I get used to. The staff were very helpful and look after you.

    Radka Schöngarth

    from Germany, November 2018

    "All teachers were competent and very friendly, great place."

    Very good teachers, daily schedules was very good, beautiful place, clean facilities. Simply.... I'll come again there. 🙂🙂🙂🙂


    from Germany, May 2019

    "Great Place between Ganges and Himalaja"

    Der Kurs ist sehr gut zusammengestellt! Guter mix aus Praxis, Philosophie, Anatomie und Meditation!!!

    Der Ort ist nahe Rishikesh aber dennoch etwas auserhalb mitten der Natur!

    Besonders gut sind die Yoga und Anatomie Lehrer.

    Besonders für Yoga Einsteiger geeignet die zum ersten Mal in Indien sind.