8 Days Luxury Yoga Holiday in Zanzibar, Tanzania

  • Coconut Tree no. 5, 09255 Zanzibar, Tanzania


Luxury Yoga Retreat in Zanzibar

  • 7 days with instruction
  • Escape into a tranquil and serene paradise that will not only let you practice yoga in peace, but also help you explore your true and inner self. This yoga retreat offers you pristine white beaches, a vast turquoise blue ocean, palm trees, and breathtaking sunsets. Discover the simplicity of the local Zanzibar lifestyle and indulge your senses in the vibrant colors, ambience, and mystical atmosphere. Through this package, 8 days of undisturbed peace will be given in to you not only a calming, but also comforting environment. Come and leave your yogi footprints in exotically beautiful Zanzibar.


    • Idyllic beach
    • Experience exotic Zanzibar
    • Daily morning and sunset yoga sessions
    • Pranayama breathing techniques
    • 7 nights accommodation


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: Spanish, English
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    The rooms within the Z Hotel, which is where you will be accommodated, aim to offer the guest luxury, comfort, and contemporary design. Each guest room comes with travertine marble floors imported from Turkey, Italian designer bathroom suites, crisp cotton bed linen from Egypt, and bespoke furniture exclusive to the Z Hotel made from locally sourced coconut wood. They will provide single and shared rooms prepared for your convenience during your stay.

    Each bedroom has French doors, set in the floor to ceiling glass which lead onto a balcony with views over their landscaped tropical garden and out across the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean to the magnificent Zanzibari sunset on the distant horizon.

    The yoga will take place at Flame Tree Cottages which is about 8 minutes walk on the beach from Z Hotel to Flame Tree Cottages.

    The yoga retreat holiday consists of morning and sunset yoga classes in Flame Tree Cottages. The duration of a yoga session is 1 hour and 30 minutes. It also includes a yoga booklet which contains yoga topics which we informally discuss to deepen our understanding of yoga. You can spend the rest of the day either relaxing, getting massaged, strolling barefoot on the beach, swimming, diving, snorkeling or taking a Dhow sailing cruise. There will be no yoga on Saturdays.

    Dynamic Hatha based on Ashtanga & Vinyasa Flow

    The yoga classes are vibrant and include pranayama (breathing techniques), sun and moon salutations, as well as a dynamic flowing sequence of asanas (postures) bringing awareness into mindfulness and energy flow, followed by relaxation and a short meditation. The classes are suitable for all levels and variations given accordingly. Yoga groups are small which allows personal attention and adjustment.

    Outdoor sea view yoga studio

    Morning yoga sessions will take place in Under-the-Tree yoga studio with a beautiful sea view. Sunset yoga, on the other hand, takes place on the rooftop overlooking the ocean with the most spectacular sunsets.

    Pranayama (breathing techniques)

    Yoga is defined as a union between the soul and the body. As such, the breath is seen as the fundamental link between our physical and mental aspects. Yogic breathing exercises or pranayama teaches one how to re-energize the body and control the mind by regulating the flow of Prana (life force). We will practice Ujjayi Breathing (victorious breath), Kapalabhati (cleansing breath), and Analoma Viloma (alternate nostril breathing).


    Meditation, like sleep, cannot be taught. It comes by itself in its own time. But if you follow the right steps to begin with, you can speed up your progress considerably. We will practice a short meditation session of 8-10 minutes after each yoga session. Some of the meditations will be guided meditations on the 7 chakras.

    Zanzibar can be described as both mysterious and romantic. It is also the evocation of exotic, an archipelago nestled in the Indian Ocean which is 37 km off shore from Tanazania. It is a destination that is not only mysterious but legendary as well.

    From this remote outpost, at the hub of the monsoon trading routes, history was enacted. Journeys of discovery were planned, Sultanate empires were established, and the first medieval global village was founded. Zanzibar retains the imprint of its historic legacy in the tumbling streets of Stone Town, in the Arabic-inflected Swahili language and the rare antiques of the bazaars and markets.

    The haloes of its idyllic beach and the fragrant spice plantations make Zanzibar the ultimate Indian Ocean destination and the jewel in East Africas crown.


    • Airport and Stone Town, 1 hour and 15 mins
    • Activities
    • Diving
    • Kayak
    • Massage
    • Snorkeling
    • Spa nearby
    • Swimming pool
    • General
    • Bar nearby
    • Garden
    • Lobby
    • Restaurant nearby
    • Terrace

    Breakfast will be provided by the Z Hotel.


    Meals like lunch and dinner will be additionally paid for whether it is in the hotel or elsewhere.

    Excursions to Stone Town and throughout Zanzibar are also available with a wealth of history waiting to be discovered. Much of this can be found in the islands capital, Stone Town. Guests wishing to explore more of the island will find an array of excursions on offer including visits to Jozani Forest home to the endangered Red Colobus Monkey Spice Tours, Prison Island Excursion, and Mnarani Turtle Sanctuary.

    • Package includes:
    • 7 nights at the Z Hotel (breakfast included)
    • 12 Yoga sessions (Vinyasa Flow & Dynamic Hatha based on Ashtanga. Kundalini Yoga is also available). There will be no yoga on Saturdays.
    • Sunset Sail
    • Any other activity not included in the given itinerary, amenities, or accommodations are to be paid for additionally.

    Arrival by airplane

    You will be flying into and out of Zanzibar International Airport located in Kisauni.

    For 50 USD, the organizer can arrange a one-way airport transfer.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Yoga Zanzibar an inquiry.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • Review by Catriona Laing

      "Spent a fabulous 8 nights at Flame Tree Cottages for the yoga retreat. Very comfortable with attentive and helpful staff. The location was perfect - right on the beach. Food was very tasty with good variety of sea food. The yoga itself was amazing. Maree is very gifted - explained and demonstrated very well and very focuses on the 'why' we do yoga. I loved her soothing and inspiring meditations as well as the brilliant vinyasa flow. I arrived tired and frazzled and left feeling totally rejuvenated. The combination of the yoga, swimming and walking along the beautiful beach was fantastic. Flame Tree has a beauty therapist who will come to you and she wA good. But I would also really recommend the two ladies At Cinamon spa based at Mnarama hotel. Really excellent massage and facial."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Anna Lou

      "I really enjoyed my stay in Nungwi with the yoga lessons from Yoga Zanzibar. Maree, the teacher, was really sweet and introduced me to meditation. She also guided me through the different movements with kindness. There were two classes a day : 8:00-9:30 am morning yoga and 5:30-7:00 pm sunset yoga. All the classes were in front of the sea and with new flow every day."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Anna Lou

      "I really enjoyed my stay in Nungwi with the yoga lessons from Yoga Zanzibar. Maree, the teacher, was really sweet and introduced me to meditation. She also guided me through the different movements with kindness. There were two classes a day : 8:00-9:30 am morning yoga and 5:30-7:00 pm sunset yoga. All the classes were in front of the sea and with new flow every day."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Anna from New York, USA

      "I had a wonderful time in Zanzibar. Maree Mirkovic was a fabulous yoga teacher and the setting was incredible. Staying at Flame Tree Cottages made it very easy to roll out of bed and head to yoga class. I feel so refreshed and stronger after my holiday - I certainly recommend the retreat!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Ann

      "Yoga Zanzibar was great ... thank you!!!I did not meet Marissa, but interacted with the visiting instructor (Marie). Marie was amazing, and had some inspiring affirmations that got me through some difficult poses. The yoga sessions were small enough to get personal attention, which I like.After the first few sessions, I could just feel the stress melting away. Also helps that Nungwi is such a beautiful and peaceful place to stay. Some yoga retreats are more inclusive, but nice that Yoga Zanzibar allows you to go off and do your own thing if you like and practice yoga twice a day. I stayed at Flame Tree Cottages which was good for the standard package. It was small and felt personal and authentic to give a true sense of Zanzibar. Their 2 locations on the property are perfect for yoga. Practicing with a view of the Indian Ocean was ideal!I would definitely try another yoga holiday with Yoga Zanzibar and BookYogaRetreats.com. I was skeptical at first, as I had so many questions and had never traveled solo. But this was a great way to start, and I extended my stay 1 day :)"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Holly from Bagamoyo, Tanzania

      "The teacher training with Marisa was amazing. It blew all expectations out of the water. I was a little nervous before coming, but I neednt have been because it was one of the best months I have ever had. The people on the course were amazing. The place we were staying was beautiful. The food was delicious and Marisa is just the most beautiful and inspirational woman ever. The yoga was hard work but great fun. Plus the lectures were interesting. Everything was spot-on. I couldnt have asked for a better experience. I made some friends for life and cannot wait to get back to Zanzibar for more yoga!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Fawzia

      "I went into the yoga teacher training course at Yoga Zanzibar not really knowing what to expect, but had hoped for an experience that would strengthen my practice. What I received completely exceeded any expectations and resulted in a completely magical experience that has changed my life (for the better) forever."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Andrea from Dublin, Ireland

      "Overall, my yoga retreat with Yoga Zanzibar was absolutely amazing! From the moment I got in touch, the owner Marisa was so kind and helpful. Her replies were always efficient and the whole booking process through BookYogaRetreats and through Yoga Zanzibar was very easy and pleasant. Our yoga instructor for the week Marie was absolutely wonderful. Her classes were the most enjoyable I have done and her personality just enhanced the whole experience. I chose the budget option and stayed at family-run casa umoja. The room was very basic and most of the time there was no hot water for a shower but the surroundings and garden were so pleasant, I didn't really mind. It has a very authentic feel to the place and the owner has really taken pride in the garden which is beautiful. However, if you are going for a week of luxury and relaxation I would probably chose the flame tree cottages for accommodation. Nungwi itself is a little too "touristy" and I found walking up and down the beach that I was constantly being asked to buy things / go on trips, etc. I realize this happens in most tourist destinations but I found it quite intense in Nungwi. Other than that the beach was beautiful but the weather was a little cloudy or rainy during my trip which was late August."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Ana Maria from Zurich, Switzerland

      "I was delighted with Yoga Zanzibar. I chose the budget accommodation and this was clean, the staff were very friendly, and all was good. In regards to yoga, the classes were fabulous; the teacher is super professional and the mix of people attending was also very good. The island is safe and picturesque and the local people are friendly. Food is simple but fresh and the entire experience was one to repeat. Very Happy!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Antonie from Johannesburg, South Africa

      "We had a wonderful time at the yoga retreat. Toby was a wonderful teacher. I thought that 3 hours of yoga a day would be too much for me, but it was very well structured and was just perfect. I would definitely come back. Our stay at the Flame Tree Cottages was also very pleasant."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Martina from Canada

      "What better way is there to relax and get in touch with inner stillness than with a morning and sunset class with Marisa while breathing in fresh ocean air? Marisa's level of expertise is clear as she offers an easy to follow program with clear intention which is appropriate for all levels of yoga-doers. The retreat was precisely what I needed, and the location could not be better!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Michela from Penticton, Canada

      "Yoga Zanzibar was an unforgettable experience. Everything was absolutely amazing and Marisa especially made it an extra special time. I will return again for this awesome retreat!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Monique from Heemstede, the Netherlands

      "I have had a great 10 yoga days at Zanzibar. Leyla, my teacher for the first 5 days, is really great. I liked her prayers and exercises, they were really really nice. She was always on time and prepared. She also challenged the people in a very nice way. I really enjoyed her style. I became more and more flexible and what a marvelous evening at the yoga spot!The second 5 days Marisa took over. I also liked her style of yoga. I would only recommend her to do the prayers at the start and ending of the class in English because nobody is able to understand the message. When I asked she also could not tell me which I really find a pity. Her exercises were different but very challenging and enjoyable.One other minor thing is that we never started on time. When we arrived at the yoga spot nothing was prepared. No mats, etc. which I really liked with Leyla but this is of course very personal.I had a great time and will certainly recommend this to others."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Rosa from London, UK

      "I had a wonderful time at Flame Tree Cottages. The location was stunning especially for the roof top sunset classes. Leyla was a really inspiring teacher and I enjoyed every one of her classes which she obviously puts a lot of thought and preparation into. As someone with a fairly low/medium standard of practice, I felt that I improved and have been encouraged to do more."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Stephane from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

      "My week at Yoga Zanzibar has been fantastic! Marisa, the Yoga teacher has very rich knowledge. Marisa is constantly smiling and attentive. She gave tailored advise, on breathing or on posture. Marisa has also the ability to push the students enabling them to practice 4 hours yoga a day with constant satisfaction. I highly recommend."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Kathrin from Heidelberg, Germany

      "I liked it 100%! Marisa is a very friendly yoga teacher - and her practice was very good. Thanks for everything!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Patricia from Cairns, Australia

      "Brilliant. I will highly recommend Marisa's great skills and knowledge to everyone I meet. Come to Zanzibar, it is beautiful. Tradition knocks up against modern. Happiest children in the world and most colorful and stylish women."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Anne and Frank from Norway

      "We are a couple from Norway who spent Christmas in Zanzibar. Frank has practiced yoga once a week for three years and Anne have had a break the last year because of back problems which she thinks come from her yoga. We were very nervous when we showed up for the first morning session with Marisa. We thought maybe two times a day would be too hard for us, and maybe Marisa would be pushing us too hard, and Anne was afraid that her back would be hurting again.To our delight, Marisa was very good at finding our level and adjusting her instruction accordingly. Her skill as an instructor was very good, her explanations were very precise and well formulated in addition to her extremely clear way of showing movements and positions. We had booked 6 days in advance and when the time was up we decided to stay on as we had four days more of our holidays in Zanzibar. This we had kept open in case we would like to do something else. But we kept on with the yoga although we moved to another hotel. Actually, we think that the yoga was what made our holiday meaningful. Zanzibar is a very nice place to visit, but being a tourist for more than a week is too much for us. Thus it is the yoga we are telling our friends about when they ask how our holiday has been."Flame Tree Cottages" had a very good human atmosphere and thus was a very suitable place for yoga. The setting where we had the yoga classes was also very suitable. It was peaceful and not too warm. In the morning we met in an open, clean space with a canvas wall against the monsoon. In the afternoon we were on a roof overlooking the Indian Ocean and the sunset. When we opened up our eyes after the final savasana - it was dark. Just perfect timing!Marisa was also very good at making a very nice atmosphere. She took very good care of everybody. PS: Now, two weeks after we came home we are practicing the sequences and movements that we were doing in Zanzibar, every day! Maybe that is the best effect of our yoga holiday at Zanzi Yoga. We have been inspired to keep it up! And Anne's back has never been better!Hugs from Anne and Frank"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Anne Eckert from Deutschland

      "Ich hatte eine fantastische Zeit und Ellen, die Yogalehrerin war großartig. Vielen Dank für die tolle Erfahrung."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited


    • Review by Emilie Cortes from Tanzania

      "I would rate it a 10. I love the flexibility of the personal retreat program of Zanzibar yoga. In the eight days, I missed only two classes because I scheduled other activities. It also helped me have some kind of schedule to my day to expect yoga in the morning and yoga in the evening. I had free time to explore the rest of the island which I appreciated. The morning and evening sessions were both located at Flame Tree Cottages but in different spaces. I enjoyed them both. The morning sessions were in sort of a cabana with a view of some beautiful plants and flowers. The evening sessions were on a rooftop with a view of this sea and the sunset. "

      "The yoga instruction was fantastic. My instructor was Maree who had a lovely personality, an angelic voice, and led a great practice. She did a great job varying each class so that I did not get bored with a particular routine. Her classes had a challenging element, but also a lot of deep relaxation and introspection at the beginning and end of each class. Felt like an excellent balance."

      "My accommodations were the Z hotel. My only complaint about that hotel is that the Wi-Fi was very spotty. Otherwise, it is in a beautiful location and feels luxurious. It is very very quiet and comfortable. There is direct beach access and it's a short walk to Flame Tree Cottage through the village or along the beach depending on the tides.I heard that it had the best breakfast on the island, and I would concur. I also ended up eating most of my meals here as the food was fantastic, and there was they added convenience of putting all my meals on my bill and paying with a credit card at the end. The only ATM machines and cash available are over an hour away and Stone Town."

      "Would highly recommend and would do it again!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Dimah

      "Philosophy: This aspect of the yoga training was essential to my growth experience and practice. The reading and class discussions were very thought provoking. Anatomy: The anatomy part of the 200-hour training was very informative. It puts into perspective the physiological and biological elements of yoga. My favorite part of the anatomy classes was getting a stronger sense of just how unique every individual's body is. This tied to yogic philosophical notions of universality and oneness, while simultaneously acknowledging individual uniqueness (manifested physically) was so fascinating to me - and highly illuminating."

      Yoga Zanzibar website, edited

    • Review by Nitzan Geva

      "Hello Yoga Zanzibar! We just wanted to say we had a great time at our yoga lesson with Marisa Van Vuuren. The Flame tree roof top was perfect and the view was outstanding. Thanks again and hope to meet again someday soon!"

      Yoga Zanzibar Facebook page, edited

    • Review by Svetlana

      "Hello, Marisa! Your lessons have helped me feel better. Now I continue to practice yoga in Moscow. I really like it! Thank you!"

      Yoga Zanzibar website, edited

    • Review by Lisa from Switzerland

      "Thank you for the wonderful time in late November 2011 - I felt thoroughly strengthened and energized once I left Zanzibar after a week of Yoga and diving. Hope to be back next year!"

      Yoga Zanzibar website, edited

    • Review by Heike from Germany

      "Thank you a lot for that very relaxing, stretching and enriching Yoga Retreat week. I guess I just came for sunshine and some asanas, but what I found was much more: time for myself, careful assistance for my yoga practise and good food ;-) Your style of teaching is really amazing: as powerful as sensitive; as straight as calm and accurate. Thank you very much."

      Yoga Zanzibar website, edited

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