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Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Yoga with Zoe organizes yoga retreats in the UK and abroad, as well as offers weekly classes of yoga, body balance, SUP yoga and SUP fitness.

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  • Gemma White

    Yoga with Zoe website

    I have been attending Zoe Lee’s Ashtanga yoga classes for about 2 years, having practiced all different styles of yoga for many years. I also do stand up paddleboard yoga classes with Zoe. After my first Ashtanga class I felt right at home. The Mysore style was not like anything I had done before but Zoe's clear teaching made it easy for me to follow. Zoe’s knowledge and experience has helped me develop my strength and flexibility in a way that no other teacher has been able to. I particularly like that Zoe will notice your strengths and weaknesses and work with them to help you to improve. Now I feel more confident and comfortable in asanas since Zoe has helped me to build my strength up, creating the right balance. Zoe has taught me so much in her classes over the years. I would never have imagined that I would have been able to take my yoga to the level that it is at now. Her adjustments and support (physically and mentally!) has been a key to this. Zoes introduced me to Indo board yoga and SUP yoga last year, which I thoroughly enjoy. Her teaching on the water is perfectly adapted to ensure a safe and productive SUP yoga class. She ensures all asanas are suitable for the SUP and she ensures that students at all levels are getting all they can from the class. I have learnt many Sanskrit name and chants since attending Zoe’s classes which I had very rarely heard being used before. Zoe has also taught me a lot about other elements of yoga such as the Yamas and Niyamas. She has inspired me to live a different way of life and to think and act differently.

  • Pippa Johnson

    Yoga with Zoe website

    I have been going to Zoe Lee's Ashtanga yoga classes for 7 years and I think she is an amazing teacher. I have made great progress over the years and although I am now 67 years old I still feel I can keep progressing. She is a skillful, enthusiastic and stimulating teacher, and very good at adjusting and also picking up any limitations in one's body and finding ways to improve them.

  • Karen Dakin

    Yoga with Zoe website

    I wanted to take the time to say what an amazing holiday I had. I feel totally refreshed and ready to start my new role. Zoe was amazing and one of the reasons I hope to return. She was so easy to talk to, made me smile every day and also pushed me to achieve more. I wish she lived nearby so I could continue learning yoga with her. I have continued my Yoga but not quite the same as on the beach and with Zoe!  

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