Yoga with Teressa Asencia offers yoga retreats, private and semi-private classes, as well as special workshops and training.

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7 Days 95-Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training in India

Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan, 2019–2020
    from US$1,522
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    Instructors (2)

    Teressa Asencia

    Parul Chaturvedi

    Reviews (7)

    Lizzie Fellows

    from Great Britain, April 2019

    "Lovely guest host and really great yoga sessions"

    Guest house was great, as a female travelling alone it was spot on - Jackie the owner was very friendly and welcoming and have me lots of info and reassurance on arrival. The yoga tuition was great, it was well pitched as it challenged me but was still enjoyable and Mani the tutor was very good at talking through the sessions and movements.

    Penny Borbilas

    from Australia, August 2018

    "Deep Yoga Journey "

    I had a joy filled time learning from Teressa. She's a real yogi with great wisdom and compassion. She helped bring to life the 5 Elements Yoga teaching stories for children. It was so much fun!

    I feel well equipped to teach these yoga stories in my Year 2 classroom. The stories and yoga poses gently weave ancient yogic practices into them. I can see how my students will benefit from them by cultivating more resilience and peace into their lives.

    I am so very grateful to Teressa for these sacred teachings. She is a master teacher. I so look forward to sharing these yoga stories with my students.


    from Belgium,

    We had an amazing session with Teressa and her friend in Pondicherry. She gave a two-day course to me and the two girls (nine and 13 years old). Her material was well prepared and extremely well suited for a session with children. She gave the session with true dedication and made it fun while stretching us in our learning at the same time. Teressa herself is a very enjoyable person and the hours with her were therefore really fun. I have tried several yoga courses for children and find Teressa's sessions particularly good for families with children. Even young children would enjoy this quite a lot.


    from Switzerland,

    The family yoga program that Teressa designed was just the perfect thing for us and our two girls (ages nine and six years). Teressa's easy, engaging, and fun for kids program stayed with us even after the week is over and we are now striving to keep it up back amidst the routine life of schools and work. The story telling approach to yoga was just wonderfully creative and the kids still remember the tales of the five elements. For us, the parents, the chance to learn how to further bond with our kids through yoga is a lifelong learning we will carry with us. Thanks to Teressa and her wonderful trainee Mitu. The kids talk about Pondicherry as the best holiday they have had.


    from United States,

    Thank you so much for the great yoga teacher training for children. I have learned so much over the last two weeks. Not only have I learned to teach children the beautiful art of yoga, but I have also learned to be a better yoga teacher. I came to Pondicherry to be trained, yet I feel I am coming away with something even more valuable: grace, peace, and santosha.

    Thank you for teaching many life lessons as well as helping me let go of some past hurt that I came to India to heal. I never expected to be going home as light and free as I am. So, thank you for not only being a great yoga teacher, but also a great friend. I wish nothing but grace, beauty, peace, and success for you.


    from France,

    Wonderfull yoga with Teressa!