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Yoga with Shawna was founded by Shawna Schenk and offers yoga classes, workshops, teacher training, retreats, and festivals throughout the world.

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In a world full of spiritual healers and teachers — Shawna is the real deal. Shawna has been the catalyst for life-changing transformation in my life. I’ve taken both the Reiki Level I and Level II Certification classes and I highly recommend Level I to everyone — even if you don’t want to be a professional Reiki healer. Her Level I class will teach you how to tap into your intuition and how to maintain a balanced energy body. Once I took this class, I was given divine guidance which helped me to aligned action instead of jumping into action with every idea that popped into my head. The steps that I’ve taken in my life now are more deliberate now and do not come from a place of fear. I love that once you take a class from her, you’re part of her community. She is constantly holding events and teaching classes to help further your spiritual connection. I’ve met some amazing friends that are on the similar paths and I love being part of the Yoga with Shawna community. So much love and gratitude for you Shawna!


The Yoga with Shawna's website

I left a reiki rock with the boy I'm treating at Radys children's hospital. I gave him a rock and a feather to ground him to heal and fly him home soon. I also left him the sea urchin leg, to help him steady his walk which is wobbly since his accident. He loves when I bring him things. Thanks for giving me the tools to better treat him. I did not, however, use Reiki on him directly, since I haven't done level 2, and respect the tradition and training protocols. But Reiki is flowing out of me wherever I go. I can't stop that. I doused the 4th floor of the hospital with it by walking through with internal intention and mantra, "I bring healing energy wherever I go, and spread it to all beings on this floor as I walk". Lots of healing needed at a children's hospital. My 'treatment' with the boy was to tell him what the things I gave him symbolized (grounding, flying, walking) and then just leave the rock, feather, and urchin leg. I helped him eat, we did a meditation together about uncertainty, and that was it. I love that I met you Shawna.


The Yoga with Shawna's website

Omgosh this woman Is such an incredible Yoga Teacher, a true spiritual guide. Shawna is down to earth, relatable and does not posses that I'm to spiritual for you vibe.Her Vinyasa flows are completely invigorating with a acute attention to the breath. Her Hatha classes root you in the present moment as she guides you through breathwork with the singing bowls and tribal sounds filling the room.She is also a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer.I feel blessed that she in playing a role in my journey because she is one of the most kindhearted souls I have ever known, If you are seeking to remember and find your truth then Shawna is one of the Best teachers in San Diego to give you the tools to do just that.


The Yoga with Shawna's website

I highly recommend Yoga With Shawna to those seeking a yoga teacher training! I flew from NJ to Cali for her training, and it was so worth it! I expressed my concern for little yoga knowledge and little flexibility and Shawna very quickly helped me realize that this did not matter and that there was so much more to yoga than just poses. Shawna is super knowledgable, makes her students feel comfortable and confident. She trains with so much passion and love. Her style focuses on working on yourself-based on chakras and 8 limbs and not just learning poses. She teaches you to look inward, teach from your own heart. Her teacher training made me feel like I have a brand new outlook to life..I went there seeking pain relief and stress relief due to personal issues, and I left with so much more than that. Her teaching style allows you and encourages you to apply framework of yoga to your every day life. Every day she introduced us to limitless ways one can have a career in yoga. She knows how to balance being patient with students yet also ripping the bandaid off and encouraging confidence. Shawna included use of oracle cards, crystal sound bowls, foods or drinks that would help balance chakras, essential oils and more! She is very inspirational and genuinely cares for her students. I am looking forward to my new career path in yoga with my nursing background and aspire to be a yoga teacher like Shawna. Inside and outside of the classroom/studio etc. I am forever grateful she gives this back to others in the way that she does. Highly highly recommend!


The Yoga with Shawna's website

What did you do to me! Every time I look in the mirror I see an absolutely beautiful woman. I have no idea where came from but I like her! I Swear you took 3 inches of my thighs, grew my hair 2 inches longer, and got rid of all my wrinkles!

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