Yoga with Ria Around the World provides yoga retreats that will take you around the globe for some fun experiences.

Testimonials (5)

Natasha Germany


When I first decided to join the retreat, I found myself a bit scared as I was a complete beginner to climbing and yoga. At the end , I feel so glad that I did it!

Ria made me feel comfortable on the mat and Loukas made me feel completely safe on the rocks. Loukas is a very experienced and professional instructor also very precise on his guidance and very good on reading your moves on the rocks and taking you to the next step . I will indeed continue the outdoor climbing back home. The retreat was taking place on the top of a hill with amazing views of Telendos Island. The rooms were nice, comfortable , clean and with big balcony with great views. The local food was very tasty and on reasonable prices. I love “Mermizeli“ the Kalymnian salad. I 100% recommend this retreat to beginners, you will not regret ! Thank you for everything.

Linda Sweden


What a great experience! Alkyon studios were located on the hill with crazy views. Giorgos the owner is a really funny guy and so helpful. Ria is very experienced and knowledgeable teacher. She also gave me some good tips for meditation. I have done some climbing before but many years ago so it was not my first experience with climbing. Loukas found the way to challenge me and helped me a lot to improve my forgotten climbing technique. The yoga classes were a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa flow at the morning session and the evening sessions were more calming and restorative. P.s I really appreciated the yin classes after the hard days of climbing. I loved our little evening walks to Massouri and our mini shopping therapy at the climbing stores.

Sandra Norway


The retreat far exceeded my expectations. The room was clean, airy and had great views from the balcony. I had a memorable week of sun, swimming, climbing, jogging and walking! We did yoga with Ria that is an inspiring and down to earth teacher. I feel that we all got a lot of the yoga regardless of our previous experiences. One of the highlights for me , was the visit to Telendos Island that we did in the middle of the week. I made some good friends in this retreat and I think that we will meet again in the future. Rock climbing was new to me . Loukas taught us everything from the beginning going step by step. He was very friendly and patient with us. After this retreat , I will keep climbing for sure!

Ilona Netherlands


This has been the best thing that I have done for myself the last couple of years. I have been to some beautiful Greek islands before but never in Kalymnos. A unique place with great vibe and nice people. Because its famous for its rock climbing sectors i decided to visit it. I started indoor climbing a couple of years ago and decided to combine my summer vacations. I found rock climbing and yoga such a great combo. I did the most nicely choreographed flow classes with Ria, getting some great adjustments that helped me to deepen in my practice. I feel grateful having her as a teacher. She has the most calming voice and the most crazy laugh. The rock climbing with Loukas was great too, he really knows what he is talking about. Great teachers, great vibe and great accommodation . All you need is here.

Alina Germany


The retreat was a bliss! I enjoyed every little moment of it from the rock climbing to yoga. The yoga classes were taken place on a terrace with great views of Telendos Island and a fresh breeze. I have been really enjoying the yoga classes with Ria. By the way, Ria is great putting hands on adjustments! Loukas the climbing instructor, took us to some stunning sectors with great views and nice quality limestone . What I have learned is “ Pame “ that means go. He was so encouraging and I did climbing routes that I was thinking that would be impossible to do. I hardly recommend this retreat to everyone! And maybe see you again very soon.