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Prague, Czechia

Our intention is to share yoga as a way of life marrying joy and ease with peace and harmony.

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  • Lulu United Kingdom

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    My boyfriend and I stayed in an upstairs room for four nights in February and had a wonderful time. The food, the yoga, and the surfing was amazing and kicked started a much healthier fitness regime. Although the yoga was far restorative rather than a workout in the way that vinyasa classes can be. The beach is wonderful, albeit there are a number of stray dogs. Lights are out by 10 p.m. everywhere! Also you feel quite sheltered from any authentic Sri Lankan experience, however it was a perfect place to relax. We had a wonderful time.

  • Sarah United Kingdom

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    Talalla was the third place that I stayed in Sri Lanka and after being named a 'retreat' I was slightly disappointed. After staying in a great beach hut (Mangrove Cabanas) and a homestay (the Spice House) and paying double their price I was expecting a little more luxury retreat and a little less, kids holiday hotel!The rooms were great, comfortable and clean albeit a little hot even with the fan on full blast. The food was really good, particularly for buffet style, although one of the surfers who worked at the 'retreat' walked around and ate with his shirt off, not usually something I'd complain about but it felt a little inappropriate at dinner!The issue really was the lack of relaxation, on our second day mobs of children took over the pool, I'm usually pretty tolerant but as the pool area was quite small for so many people it was incredibly and relentlessly noisy. The idea of doing yoga was a nice one but not when you could hear 6 or 7 kids playing tag in the background, a waste of time and money. On top of that there were no lounging areas, nice big chairs or anything to chill/read/sit in the evening. You either sat in your room or at the dinner table (where we were pushed to eat rather than left to our leisure). At no fault of the owners, the only sound (other thank shouting kids) was the tuctucs playing 'Santa Clause is coming to down' equally in relaxing.Have to say, the massage was great though! Not the homely Sri Lankan feel we experienced elsewhere, and certainly not my definition of a retreat but probably a good all rounder place for families wanting an easy, pleasant stay with decent food.

  • Malika Singapore

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    We just spent the most relaxing week at one of the most stunning places on earth! Talalla retreat is truly a gem... Life is simply beautiful in the retreat consisting of daily yoga classes, swimming in the stunning beaches, sitting by the pool reading and eating fresh and delicious food. The rooms are open and airy and so perfect in capturing all the beauty it is surrounded by!This is top of our list in places to go back to we absolutely LOVED it!Highly highly recommended!

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