Elana offers yoga and surfing retreats in Mexico. The classes are structured to support the skills and strength needed for surfing. Beginners encouraged!

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Elana Cydney Vollen

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Laurie Richer

from United States, February 2019

"Laurie from San Francisco"

Itinerary was perfect as it allowed for time for exploring Saylita on foot in combo with scheduled group yoga and surfing. Elena is an amazing yoga teacher (and musician!)..very inspiring! This retreat is highly recommended.


from United States, February 2019

"Healing and Energizing Retreat "

I really enjoyed the delicious, fresh and colorful meals prepared by Teddy. He is a cooking master and I would look forward to the nights when he would be making our meals.

The relaxing yoga sessions definitely were a perfect complement to the surf sessions. Elana knew what muscles would be hurting that day and would help us stretch them to heal any soreness. She is the most knowledgeable yoga instructor I have ever taken a classes from. She made sure you did not push yourself into uncomfortable poses and explained why certain poses are more or less comfortable for certain body types. I would highly recommend taking classs from her. Plus she beautifully plays guitar and angelically sings at the end of class! It is such a soothing and energizing way to start and end your day.

Lastly we were lucky to have attentive and hiliarious surf instructors to help us with surfing. The surf sessions were definitely the highlight of the trip!

Overall a great opportunity to get to know amazing women and exercise your body and mind.

Karly Nielsen

from United States, January 2018

"Exceeded my expectations! "

I am a working mother of four. I didn't quite know what I was signing up for but needed a break and a new adventure. Elana organized a great retreat in the "organized chaos" of Mexico to reconnect with yourself, nature, water, music and others. It exceed my expectations and left me a refreshed woman!

Alejandra Cortés

from Chile, February 2019

"Wonderful experience!"

I’m very happy with the whole experience. First of all, Elana was the best hostess ever, she took care for all the details (from

Flights, shuttles an accommodation, to my special diet, I’m vegan and GF, so, no easy) and I have a small trouble with my stomach the last day, and she was so care and kind, that she bought me medicines an Pedialite :). And the cherry on top of everything, the yoga classes with Elana and surf lessons were really really good! I’m actually planning to go again with more friends from Chile! I recommend this retreat 100%!!!


from United States, January 2018

"Highly Recommend! All star rating!"

This retreat far exceeds its description.

Sayulita is a vibrant, colorful village with great ambiance, restaurants and food. If you love grilled fresh caught fish, you'll be in heaven. Tuna, mahi mahi, marlin and more. There are even a few Italian restaurants. Everybody is very friendly. The best part is that it's a Mexican town - not a modern Westernized destination resort such as Puerta Vallarta.

The main beach is just a block off the village plaza. Plenty of sun, surf & cerverza. I preferred easy hikes to the nearby remote beaches. We pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves. The surf was fantastic. The water temperature was perfect.

Re: yoga Elana is some kind of wonderful. She knows her stuff. Her practice has been developed after extensive of training in India. She easily engages students of all levels - from beginners to extremely advanced. Along with her knowledge, her sense of humor adds much fun to the experience. And her music, too!

Elana also arranged for Teddy, a local chef, to cook two dinners just for our group at the hotel. He was an artist. The offerings were amazing to look at - and to eat. Yum! During the stay, many retreat-goers had massages at the hotel. Afterwards, they seemed to be walking jello - wearing silly smiles of sublime relaxation.

I'm glad I discovered this gem.

Silvia Fioppiano

from San Francisco CA,

I participated in Elana's yoga and surf retreat this past January. I do yoga occasionally and I had never tried surfing. Both were somewhat intimidating to me. I am 47 and in pretty good shape but not an athlete.

I was very impressed with Elana's yoga teaching skills. Elana has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and the sequence of poses for each class was well though out, her instruction was calm and clear and supportive of any yoga skill level.

The classes were geared towards prepping the body for surfing. Also, the restorative yoga sessions after surfing were TRULY restorative.

I very much enjoyed the hotel, the staff was very friendly and helpful. I loved the location on the north side of Sayulita, a 5 minute walk to the central square but in a more quiet area of town. I STRONGLY recommend Hotelito Los Suenos.

I cannot wait to go back!