They offer somatic movement education & bodywork trainings and retreats with a focus on integrating therapeutics, philosophy, and holistic mind-body practices.

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Yoko Yamoto Japan

Yoga with Daphne Website

My experience from the immersion was eyeopening. Over the past years, I knew that i was not doing something right, but could not figure out what it was. Daphne identified the specific misalignments in my body and guided me into finding them. She articulated very well in how bodies are supposed to move, what habits are good to maintain to keep the body healthy. I can already feel that my musculoskeletal structure changing and my joints are better aligned. Before the course, I used my body parts to do Yoga, trying to fit my body into the asanas. Now I am using Yoga to keep my body aligned, with healthier and better positioning for the different part of my body. I have had many issues with tilted pubic bone, twisted spine, knee pain and feet pain, but they are better now with the right movement pattern. It also brought about positive effects for non-yoga activities. I enjoy the occasional social dancing, and when I went to a practice, I can feel that my posture has improved, and my body and legs are not as tired and achy as before. I believe the continuous practice, awareness and mindfulness are the key. All the best and thanks again for your insights and dedication.