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Motivating Yoga Teacher Training India

This course is suitable for those students who want to complete 200-hour course in two parts. The main objective of 100-hour yoga teacher training is to create the consciousness of yoga and help you to find joy in your practice at a swiftness that is convenient for you. The main motive of this program to induce self-inspiration, self-discipline, self-transformation, and self-understanding. Prepare yourself for an experience of yoga which you have never had before.

Meet the instructors

Swami, Sanjay, & Shubham
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  • Daily yoga classes
  • Yoga philosophy course
  • 100-hours yoga teacher training
  • Asana, pranayama, and mudra practices
  • Himalayas and Rishikesh sightseeing trips
  • 1 Ayurvedic full body massage
  • 13 nights' lodging
  • Daily meals

Yoga styles

14 days with instruction
Airport transfer available:
Jolly Grant Airport (US$20 per person)
Airport transfer available:
Indira Gandhi International Airport (US$80 per person)
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  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Smoke-free property
  • Yoga studio

You will be accommodated at Yoga Village Rishikesh. Please note that any friends or relatives of you will not be included in the accommodation, pets are not allowed in the yoga campus, and cell phones, gadgets, drinks, and food are strictly prohibited in the yoga hall.



Upon completion of this yoga teacher training, students will receive certificate affiliated with Yoga Village Rishikesh. Registration with Yoga Village Rishikesh meets the identified standard set by the organization.

Yoga Village Rishikesh, a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance USA offers 100-hour traditional Hatha in Iyengar style and Ashtanga yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India. This 100-hour yoga program is structured for those exploring for short term courses and is offered in two parts. The first part allows the student to study the first two weeks out of the four-week, 200-hour teacher training course.

Students are free to choose to complete the remaining 100 hours at Yoga Village Rishikesh's yoga school or in your home-environment, by following Yoga Village Rishikesh's online teacher training program. The 200 hours must be completed within two years.

If you are searching for a place where you can expand your knowledge about yoga, can get professional guidance, strong foundation, and be in a love-filled environment and if you want to know various yoga techniques and your peace of mind, then you are in the right place. Welcome Yoga Village Rishikesh as a divine home.

The aim of Yoga Village Rishikesh's program is to create more awareness and understanding in yoga lifestyle in the environment of the magical Rishikesh with its powerful vibration of wisdom and ancient knowledge of the Himalayan yogis. You can attend the rest 100-hour yoga teacher training course in the yoga school with your physical presence or you can send the assignment of these given topics of part two online to complete this course. Then, the school provides you a 200-hour yoga teacher training course certification.

Course overview

Yoga philosophy (yoga darshana)

Yoga philosophy is the major part of yoga. It gives the whole knowledge about the different paths of the yoga, their development in different time era and gives the guidance to follow these paths.

Yoga philosophy course (part 1) 100-hour yoga teacher training course

Week 1

  • Introduction to yoga and its evolution
  • Definition of yoga
  • Patanjali yoga sutras
  • Different paths of the yoga (3 days)

Week 2

  • Yama, Niyama (4 days)
  • Asanas, pranayama and Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyan, samadhi (2 days)

Yoga philosophy course (part 2) 100-hour yoga teacher training course

Week 3

  • Four aspects of mind and its functions
  • Daily schedule of a yogi
  • Principles of five basic elements and ten senses
  • Pancha (Vayus Panchakoshas)
  • Sattva, rajas, and tamas (Triguna)

Week 4

  • Introduction to chakras and its functions
  • Introduction and benefits of pranayamas
  • Introduction and benefits of mudra, bandhas
  • Effect of the asanas on physical body
  • Effects of pranayama on pranamaya kosha

Human anatomy-physiology related to yoga course (part 1) - (Sharir Vijnan)

  • Introduction
  • Skeletal system
  • Joints and range of motion
  • Muscular system
  • Postural imbalances
  • Physiology of asana
  • Standing
  • Back bend
  • Forward bend
  • Twist
  • Inversion

Human anatomy-physiology related to yoga course (part 2) - (Sharir Vijnan)

  • Introduction
  • Digestive system
  • Respiratory system
  • Circulatory system
  • Physiology of pranayama
  • Nervous system
  • Endocrine system
  • Stress and homeostasis
  • Physiology of meditation
  • Written assignment
  • Lesson planning, practical assessment, and written assignment

Recitation of sacred sound (mantra chanting)

The purpose of mantra chanting in yoga is to generate vibrations and connect with the universe. Each mantra is special and rich with spiritual energy.

  • Ganesha mantra
  • Guru mantra
  • Patanjali Stuti
  • Shakti mantra
  • Gayatri mantra
  • Lord Shiva mantra
  • Mangalacharan mantra
  • Shanti mantra

Yoga postures (asana)

Asanas are very helpful in a proper guidance to increase strength, flexibility, and balance in the body. By the help of asanas, you can make your joints strong, muscles flexible and toned, as well as gain a lot of health benefits.

Hatha yoga

Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) and Chandra Namaskar (moon salutation).

Dynamic postures

  • Pawanmuktasana series
  • Marjari asana
  • Vyaghrasana

Standing postures

  • Tadasana
  • Utkatasana
  • Padhastasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Veerbhadrasana I
  • Veerbhadrasana II

Inverted postures

  • Chaturpadasana
  • Sarvangasana

Twisting postures

  • Ardh matsyendra asana
  • Bhadrasana

Back bend postures

  • Bhujangasana
  • Shalabhasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Matsyasana

Forward bend postures

  • Paschimotanasana
  • Janusirasana

Balancing postures

  • Vrkshasana
  • Garudasana

Relaxation postures

  • Shashankasana
  • Makarasana
  • Savasana

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga

  • Surya Namaskar A
  • Surya Namaskar B

Asanas for beginners

  • Padangusthasana (big toe pose)
  • Padahasthasana (hands under feet)
  • Utthita trikonasana (triangle pose)
  • Utthita parsvakonasana (extended side angle pose)
  • Parivritta parsvakonasana (revolved side angle pose)
  • Parsvottanasana (side intense stretch)
  • Utthita hasta padangusthasana (extended hand to big toe)
  • Ardha baddha padma uttanasana (half bound lotus intense stretch)
  • Utkatasana (chair pose)
  • Virabhadrasana I (warrior I)
  • Virabhadrasana II (warrior II)
  • Dandasana (staff pose)
  • Paschimottanasana (west intense stretch)
  • Purvottasana (east intense stretch)
  • Ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana (half bound lotus west intense stretch)
  • Trianga mukaikapada paschimottanasana (one leg folded back, forward fold)
  • Janu sirsasana (head to knee pose)
  • Marichyasana

Pranayama (breathing practices)

Pranayama is an ancient yogic breathing technique which is very effective for the meditation as well as to awaken the life force. By the help of pranayama, you can increase your lungs capacity, improves the respiratory system, and purifies the body and mind.

Introduction of pranayama, benefits of pranayama, general guidelines for different types of breathing, yogic breathing.

Week 1

  • Kapalbhati
  • Ujjayi
  • Bhastrika

Week 2

  • Nadi (shodhana)
  • Bhramari
  • Surya - Bhedi and Chandra - Bhedi
  • Sheetali and sheetkari

Mudras (yoga gestures)

Mudras hand and head gestures are an ancient method of yoga to open the blockage in the nadis (life energy flow channels) and to bring the five elements in an equilibrium condition. Mudras have the ability to change spiritual and mental characteristics.

  • Jnana mudra
  • Sunya mudra
  • Apan mudra
  • Pran mudra
  • Vayu mudra
  • Varun mudra
  • Prathvi mudra
  • Surya mudra
  • Lingam mudra
  • Chinmaya mudra
  • Adi mudra
  • Bhairav mudra
  • Bhairavi mudra
  • Brahmi mudra

Meditation (Dhyana)

Meditation is a state of mind which brings a physical, mental, and spiritual calmness that gives control over the mind with the purpose of reaching samadhi (self-realization).

  • Jnana mudra
  • Meditation with breath awareness
  • Mantra chanting meditation
  • Om chanting (pranava dhyana)
  • Trataka
  • Dynamic meditation
  • Kirtan (devotional songs)
  • Expansion of mental consciousness
  • Tips for concertation
  • Silence practice

Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep)

A deep knowledge experience of relaxation occurs when a yoga practitioner moves through the various internal states of yoga Nidra. This is called "Turiya", a sensation of pure blissful state.

  • Visualization
  • Basic relaxation
  • Tension relaxation
  • Full body relaxation

Yoga cleansing (Shatkarma)

Yogic cleansing techniques are very effective to purify the body physically and mentally. It also harmonizes the pranas in the nadis. It balances the three doshas in the body.

  • Rubber-neti (cleansing nostrils with a rubber cathedral)
  • Rubber-neti complete with jala neti
  • Trataka with music (concentration practice)
  • Kapalbhati (cleansing the lungs)

Schedule (Monday to Saturday, Sunday Off)

  • 06:00 Wake up
  • 06:30 - 06:45 Herbal tea
  • 06:45 - 07:00 Jala neti (nasal cleansing)
  • 07:00 - 08:30 Hatha yoga
  • 08:30 - 09:15 Pranayama
  • 09:15 - 10:15 Breakfast
  • 10:15 - 11:15 Yoga philosophy
  • 11:15 - 12:30 Yoga anatomy / yoga practicum
  • 12:30 - 13:30 Lunch
  • 13:30 - 16:30 Rest and self-study
  • 16:30 - 18:00 Ashtanga yoga
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Meditation, yoga Nidra
  • 19:00 - 20:00 Dinner
  • 22:00 Lights off

Yoga Village Rishikesh has a walk for the students to the sightseeing of the Rishikesh on Saturday morning except the morning classes up to 09:15. All the classes are compulsory. Only in case of an emergency one can take leave with respective teacher permission prior to the class.

General rules and regulation for the students

  • Silence should be maintained between 22:00 until morning.
  • Respectful behavior is mandatory at all times on and off the premises.
  • Once the class starts, students will not be allowed in the hall.
  • During asana practice, leave all jewelry, books, extra clothing, book bags, and purses in your room.
  • Before departure, deposit your books or any goods which you borrowed.
  • Students have to be present in all scheduled program of the yoga school.
  • Please pay your course fee, taxi, etc. before the ceremony.
  • Check the notice board regularly for the schedules and updates.
  • Students are not allowed to bring the utensils of the dining area to their rooms.
  • Please deposit two passport-size photos for the registration and certification to the reception or the office.

Do not feel insecure, you are so important for Yoga Village Rishikesh. Yoga Village Rishikesh will provide a secure environment like a family inside the campus and also give the guidelines for outdoors. Because Yoga Village Rishikesh believes that ‘guest is equivalent to God’.

Included excursions

  • Himalayas sightseeing trip
  • Saturday morning Rishikesh trips


Swami Rudrakshdev

Sanjay Negi

Shubham Bhandari

Retreat location

Rishikesh is a well-known and famous place for yoga and meditation in India. Rishikesh is believed as a yoga capital of the world. Since ancient time, so many yogis, sages, and seers had done the practice of yoga and meditation here, in the forest of Himalayas and on the bank of holy river Ganga.

Mahirishi Patanjali had a deep practice of yoga as well as researched on herbal medicines in the forest of Rishikesh 2,600 years ago. At that time, he was the first man in the world who has written a book, especially on yoga. It was 'Yoga Sutra', as well as written another book, 'Ayurveda’. It is a very interesting thing that after 2,600 years, the whole world is accepting the Patanjali yoga sutras after knowing about the benefits of yoga on humankind.

Nowadays, Rishikesh is famous for yoga school, studios, as well as tourism. So many people come here from around the world throughout the year for yoga and meditation, Ganga River rafting, camping, trekking, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and jungle safari in the Rajaji National Park. Rishikesh is 244 kilometers away from Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) and 21 kilometers away from Dehradun Airport (DED).

Nearby place

  • Dehradun Airport (DED), 21 kilometers


Non-vegetarian food, smoking, and drinking alcohol are not allowed in the premises of Yoga Village Rishikesh. If you are having a fast any day, you have to inform the kitchen manager for avoiding food waste.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Drinks

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

  • Bungee jumping
  • Camping
  • Ganga river rafting
  • Jungle safari in the Rajaji National Park
  • Rock climbing
  • Trekking

What's included

  • 1 Ayurvedic massage
  • 1 Himalayas sightseeing trip
  • 13 nights’ accommodation
  • Course materials (books, yoga mat, cleansing kit)
  • Daily nutritious vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and herbal tea
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Weekend excursions

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Dehradun Airport (DED).

Airport: Jolly Grant Airport Airport transfer available: Jolly Grant Airport (US$20 per person) Additional charges may apply. You can request this in the next step.
Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport Airport transfer available: Indira Gandhi International Airport (US$80 per person) Additional charges may apply. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 20% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

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14 days / 13 nights
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