Yoga Vidya Mandiram is located in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. They offer registered yoga teacher training programs and yoga retreats from the yoga capital.

Yoga Retreats (16)

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Videos (5)

Instructors (7)

Sandeep Pandey

Archarya Chandramani

Dr. Sumit Sharma

Subhash Petwal

Sukhmit Singh

Nandan (Dipendra) Tripathi

Ramcharit Das

Reviews (126)

Enya Powell Taylor

from Vietnam, November 2019

"Truly fortunate to have chosen this school"

This school went above and beyond any expectations I held. I come from Scotland (currently living in Vietnam) and found that it was of the same standard as back home. The training itself took me on a journey of knowledge and understanding about yoga and how it relates to me and my current situation. I learned so much in all of the topics that I never expected to learn. The teachers are all really inspiring and genuinely lovely people and I really couldn't have asked for better teachers.

The accommodation is very quaint and lovely, its clean, comfortable and just what you need. It's in the most beautiful location, outside Chiangmai in the rolling hills among the rice paddies. So beware of a friendly spider (or gecko) or 2 :-)

The food is amazing!!! Its vegetarian and you have a buffet style dinner every night and the most amazing waffles in the morning! Peebee and her team looked after everyone's various dietary equirements without a hesitation. I'm not a vegetarian but it was definitely my kind of food. Some people struggled (energy wise) without eating meat so I'd suggest to others who feel this may be problem to them, just bring some protein powder or tinned tuna or something.

Hope was amazing from the moment I booked until the moment I left. She is so organised and professional but everyone felt as though she valued us and she had a great relationship with everyone.

Highly highly reccomend this training!

Blake Foster

from United States of America, November 2019

"Life Changing Experience in Thailand"

This yoga teacher training was truly life-changing. The teachers and my fellow students were absolutely wonderful. I came for physical healing/knowledge which I got but I also received so much more on an emotional and a spiritual level as well. Really enjoyed all of my teachers and appreciated the time we spent with them both inside and outside the classroom. I highly recommend Yoga Vidya Nidram!

Kimberley Webb

from Australia, October 2019

"A truly amazing experience "

I entered into the YTT with the expectation to grow my understanding of traditional yoga from authentic indian yoga teachers with the intention to share my learning back home and I recieved exactly that and more!

Each teacher brought there own perspective, personality and were dedicated to our learning. Always happy to answer additional questions and further discussion outside the classroom!

I am truly appreciative of this experience and feel I have received so much that I feel inspired to share my experience back home and continue my yoga journey.

I was personally challenged by the large group number of students around ?22-25 as I had read there would be smaller number around 12-15 and therefore was surprised when I realised how many students there were with all different intentions for completing the YTT. However this was a learning experience for me as it led me to open up to so many amazing people I never would usually meet in everyday life and get outside my comfort zone! And in the end I came away with not a great yoga experience but with fantastic friendships too!

I was not vegetarian prior to starting this training and found eating vegetarian with no eggs challenging to in the beginning. I would recommend for all those meat eaters at home to start switching to vegetarian protein options prior to the course to get your body and mind used to it! Haha. Otherwise the variety of vegetables was fantastic and very tasty!

Anurag Pv

from India, November 2021

"Great experience to explore yourself."

The positivity the retreat brings. The kind of discipline followed and some well knowledgeable coaches.

Randi Schmidt

from Germany, October 2021

"Excellent--an absolute must!"

I spent one month at Yoga Vidya Mandiram for my 200-hour Teacher Training and it was a life-changing experience. The location is great--secluded but close to town. The view and nature is beautiful. The instructors at the school are kind, warm-hearted and very knowledgable. From the first day on I felt welcomed. The three vegetarian meals a day and tea were always delicious. Additionally, we got to partake in excursions to Kunjapuri temple, the mountain town Mussoorie, and even an Indian wedding. I learned a great deal from each instructor, met wonderful friends from different countries, and had adventures I will never forget. I am inspired by my experience at Yoga Vidya Mandiram to continue practicing my yoga here at home and make my instructors proud. Thank you!!! If you are searching for a yoga retreat or teacher training, I can absolutely recommend this school!


from Maldives, October 2021

"Everlasting experience to bring me an instructor "

I’m proud of myself to decide to come here this time, because I had an absolutely amazing time with knowledgeable teachers and powerful & energetic other students. We could get very personalized class due to the Covid situation and had a change to be close to all the teachers.

Also we were living in the yoga school, attending the class together, eating together, washing together, cleaning together and laughing together. Some teachers are also living same place, so we feel like a family.

Heidi Miller

from United States of America, January 2021

"My second time, and hopefully not my last"

I attended last year with my sister and returned this year with my husband.. The instructors and staff are excellent. The classes are helpful and they cater to every ability level. The relaxation and meditation is so amazing, it's the reason that I came back again this year. Even one of those classes is worth the entire course fee, in my opinion! The outing on day 2 is a great way to see amazing parts of Rishikesh.

Jaitri Bose

from India, December 2020

"Amazing yoga and meditation "

I was truly mesmerized and elated with the dedication, perseverance and calmness of our yoga instructors. Learned a lot from then. I will be going back for 200 hours yoga training again in the month of March.

Zia Vaughan-johnson

from Australia, March 2020

"3 day course - Excellent for Beginners"

I did the 3 day yoga course. It was a great introduction to yoga. I knew a few things but not many at all. What I did know, this course made me understand more about what I already knew plus much more. It was quite intense but very enjoyable. I'd recommend traveling a day before and staying in Rishikesh another day if possible. It's a lovely town and the Ganges river is just magic. The place is walking distance to the river and town where you go shopping and try local food. I'd recommend this course, I really enjoyed it all and miss it so much. It has inspired me to start yoga at home.

If you are flying, Air India will sting you with excess baggage if you have more then 15kg. You can certainly bargin them down but its pretty expensive (5000 rupees for 10kg or about $100 Australian dollars. It's okay but just be aware because I called Air India and they told me the flight I had was 25kg and didn't mention anything about a 15kg weight restriction.

Vlad Agachi

from Romania, March 2020

"Wonderful 500hr TTC"

I liked everything about this school, all the staff is very spiritual, the founder was educated in a Gurukul, so they have the seeking of the higher Self. The teachers are amazing, full of love and understanding, they are always available whenever you need them. The volunteers who work at the center did everything in their power to adjust everyone. The accomodation was very good and the food was always abundant.

The knowledge you get here is amazing, the teachings of Pranayama, philosophy, anatomy apart from the hard asana practice. The course is amazing really and a very good value for my money.

Annabelle Halket

from Turks and Caicos Islands, March 2020

"Highly recommend "

Yoga Vidya Mandiram has the best teachers in an awesome location. The school is a little out of the main town, but still in easy walking distance.

Food was brilliant. And the staff were quick and happy to help if I had any problems (which included organising flights and taxis).

I can’t recommend this place enough- wish I could have stayed longer!

Caroline Hodges

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"3 day yoga retreat"

Everyone was extremely welcoming.

The retreat was organised and well timed.

Loved the assanas and the meditation.

Lalit and his colleagues went out of their way to supply Jane Ji with a hair dryer and she is most impressed!

It was a fun enjoyable experience.


from Japan, March 2020

"caring staff:even 66yr old with health problems learned "

Individualized altho short intro to yoga for me (a complete beginner).

Many different levels and rigorous programs. Friendly community of mostly Europeans.

Garden. Lively Holi dancing. Good veg food.

Sonja Van Oers

from Netherlands, March 2020

"3 day yoga retreat and meditation"

For me as a beginner that knows some yoga this was a very learnful experience! Very much recommended if you do not have a lot of time and want to learn more. The practices and breathing exercises where quit challenging!


from United Kingdom, February 2020

"3 Day Yoga Retreat "

The retreat provided a beautiful uplifting energy from the moment we arrived. The staff and instructors were friendly, knowledgable, kind and always on hand to ensure we had everything we needed. We felt very contained and held. The retreat was just what was needed and our knowledge if yoga has deepened greatly in such a short time. We feel blessed to have experienced some time with these wonderful people.


from Japan, February 2020

"CHANGED MY LIFE, highly recommended to anyone."

I loved every second of the experience. First of all, even before arriving in India teachers made sure that we are comfortably by replying any kinds of questions very fast. When I got there I immoderately knew it was gonna be the best decision I’ve ever made. Food is FANTASTIC. I hardly had food that I didn’t like, it was so tasty that I enjoyed every single meal. Even chefs are very very kind and nice. The best part was yoga students from all over the world. They made this experience very special as everyone had different personalities and culture. We started opening our hearts and became life time friends. We got to learn a lot of things that only the teacher from this school can teach us, something that we cannot learn from books.

I loved the structure of the classes as I had a bit of language barrier so I had enough time for myself to prepare and relax.

Teachers were always so kind that I am definetly go back to this school for longer study. Thank you for everything.

Mita Pandya

from United Kingdom, February 2020

the way our 3 days were planned was amazing and we learnt and experience so much too. There was enough time to get to know the group at the same time there was enough time to learn yoga with explanation and understanding of culture. i wish we stayed there bit longer.

every single staff was very friendly , helpful and couldn't do enough for us.

Tzu Yao Lee

from Taiwan, February 2020

"Feeling like home"

I did a 50-hour teacher training here. All the people (manager, teachers and kitchen staffs) are so friendly and supportive.

The room I stayed is big, clean and comfortable.

The environment is cozy.

I definitely will come back.

Giandhira Yrady

from France, January 2020

"Feeling Peaceful "

The place close to the mountains. The learning process.

Alvin Rangel

from United States of America, January 2020

"Great option"

I had a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the teachers; they made themselves available to talk and discuss after classes; taught from embodied experience; treated all students with respect; were knowledgeable, passionate and experienced. The course had a strong focus on philosophy, anatomy and meditation which was perfect for me. To get the most out of the training I would consider having a regular asana practice, curiosity and a desire to deepening your personal practice. The food was very good. They planned trips to temples on our days off. Many students came with strong expectations, but it's important to keep an open mind and allow yourself to surrender to the schedule, classes, format, etc. You will gain valuable information and grow from the experience. There is always room for improvements, but I was VERY happy during my 300-Hour training. I would recommend this school. Lastly, a plus was that the school was located in a quiet area in Rishikesh, so it's peaceful at nights and mornings.

Carlos Alberto Sánchez Boado

from Montenegro, January 2020

"The best place with the best teachers ...!!! Now, my new fam"

The humility, knowledge and love of the teachers. The beautiful place.

Gülnaz İşgören

from Turkey, January 2020

"Unforgettable training"

It was a truly memorable experience. The teachers are completely competent and the employees have done everything they can to our satisfaction. Conditions of stay were excellent. I really felt like at home. Endless thanks for everything.. Namaste


from Norway, December 2019

"Good quality Yoga Teacher Training"

- Skillful teachers with lots of in-depth knowledge

- Very accommodating management. They did go beyond their responsibilities to assist us with whatever problems/issues we had

- OK Accommodation

- Great food!

- Location: Very close to town, but still far enough away to escape from the major noise coming from town. Restaurant/Cafe, Massage centres and Ayurvedic Doctor is in the immediate proximity to the School

- In general a very good Atmosphere during all the whole 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Melissa Sharp

from Spain, December 2019

"One of the best experiences of my life"

Everything here was absolutely phenomenal. From the second I arrived, Lalit and Nandan made sure that all my bags and room were taken care of immediately and I got a little tour of the sanctuary that I would call home for the next three weeks. They were always there to greet us with smiles and warmth throughout the day and went above and beyond to make us feel at home and help if we had any problems. I only wish my real home has as good of food as I had there! I think most of us wanted recipes and a cookbook at the end because the food was so delicious.

Although the schedule was busy, there was still enough time to rest and enjoy the nice garden, do some laundry, run into town, or get additional guidance from Saurabh. His extra availability, warmth, and humor were reassuring during sometimes challenging classes and he is a fantastic teacher. In hindsight, I think I knew nearly nothing about the philosophy, anatomy, pranayma, and meditation prior to this course and I definitely left with a wealth of knowledge and a great foundation to build upon. I only wish I could have stayed longer. It was truly a paradise and I hope to return one day.

Phannipa Haldemann

from Switzerland, December 2019

"Awesome experience!!!"

At first I wasn’t sure about going to India and to be there for 3 weeks for the 200hr YTT.

At the end of the course, I can only say that I loved the place and the people there. It fell like home away from home. The location is perfect for yoga courses and retreats, surrounded by the nature and a walking distance to the centre. Everyone was super friendly and very helpful.

YVM exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommended the place to anyone who wants to have some time off from the hustle life.

Antonio Manzarra

from Portugal, December 2019

"Amazing School"

I loved everything in this school. 1) location: perfect integrated in nature, surrounded by mountain and trees but also a 5min walking from the main center of Tapovan, so it feels like a little oasis where you can relax. 2) facilities: very nice comfortable rooms, nice big yoga rooms. 3) Staff: they are just such a good people that takes the experience to another level of love. always there for everything you need. 4) food: very conducive 5) teaching: good professionals that will go deep on the roots of yoga taking you to another level of spirituality

Kim Sew Law

from Malaysia, December 2019

"My first yoga experience."

People are very friendly and helpful.

Helen Bugg

from United Kingdom, December 2019

"Excellent. I learned far more than I expected."

Even though it’s only 2 nights long, this is an intense & serious course & the teaching is of a very high standard. They worked us hard but I very much appreciated the opportunity to learn a great deal not only some yoga asanas but also about meditation, chanting, relaxation & health. It was also very helpful to meet so many different instructors. Unfortunately I cannot remember all their names - without exception, they were all excellent. I enjoyed the breath control classes & the trip to Vashistha the most I think. The Centre is in a peaceful location with very little traffic noise. Just birds singing, monkeys chattering & cows mooing ! The standard of accommodation is very good indeed. I had a huge en-suite room to myself with a massive double bed. Everything was spotlessly clean & there was lots of hot water for showering. There were ample quantities of freshly cooked & raw vegetarian food including watermelon & pineapple for breakfast. We served ourselves using stainless steel trays, cutlery & beakers which we washed up ourselves. There was hot & cold water, milk, chai marsala and lemon & ginger tea to drink. I also enjoyed a couple of wonderful massages at Vedanta just a few metres away. There were a number of other much longer courses going on at the same time - yoga teacher training. The students come from all over the world & there is a very friendly atmosphere. World peace reigns here at the Vidya Mandiram. 🙏

Saadia Malik

from Pakistan, December 2019

"A Life changing experience"

I and my friend did a 50 hours YTTC at Chiang Mai in Nov 2019. From the moment I signed up, everything went smooth - thanks to Hope for her proactiveness in communication and looking after everything.

Since we arrived at the beautiful venue, the hospitality and warmth of our Hosts made us feel we were part of a bigger family and felt home away from home.

Best Thai vegan food was served every day with choices of fresh local fruits. I still miss the delicious food and those waffles and banana bread from breakfast thanks Pe Bee. Kitchen staff were always happy to help and cater to different food preferences.

The teachers - each of them were a gem. Very knowledgeable and committed. The course content was carefully selected with the right mix of theory and practice. The timetable kept us busy from 6 am until 8 pm. But despite the intense schedule - I thoroughly enjoyed every class. As every class had something interesting to offer. It felt like the teachers were there for a cause rather than a job.

Everyone at the school was committed to make our stay perfect.

We were ready to extend our stay but had non-refundable flights booked for further travel.

I highly recommend that you take YTTC here. It's intense but every moment spent at the training will be memorable. You will come back with a whole new perspective about life. Namaste 🙏

Ines Viar

from Spain, November 2019

I did my 200-hour YTT in November and I would honestly do it all over again tomorrow. I remember the first day, they asked us what we expected from the course, and everyone had different reasons for being there, but I think YVM exceeded all of them. We were a small family and YVM was our second home (and still is). Everyone there went out of their way to make sure that we felt that way, especially Lalit and Nandan. Need an ATM? They’ll drive you anytime. Want a haircut? They’ll take you to their favourite barber. Fancy some sweets at night? They’ll happily go with you to buy some. Want a traditional Indian dress? They’ll find a tailor and will help you, even if that means going to the tailors 4 times. When I say that they go out of their way, I really mean it. We could count on them 24/7 for anything and they took care of us, always with a smile on their face.

Accommodation was great, the rooms were clean and they changed the sheets and towels every 3-4 days. Food was delicious and the kitchen staff is also very helpful. The school is outside of Tapovan, so you are not in the middle of the town, which we appreciated. It has a very nice garden and a peaceful atmosphere, but still a short walk from the town. There’s also a little shop in the complex in case you need anything, from toiletries to chocolate bars.

The classes and teachers were also great. They were open to questions and tried to solve our doubts as best as they could, especially considering that... CONTINUES

Diana Ivanova

from Bulgaria, November 2019


My whole experience in the school was amazing! The guys taking care of the school and all the teachers are great! They are caring, understanding and loving! They will always try to help you with any request you might have! I learned a lot and experienced great moments in this school! Namaste!

Selda Lloyd

from Laos, November 2019

"Home away from home"

The school is located in a quieter and more peaceful part of Tapovan, Rishikesh and surrounded by trees, nature and mountain views making it the perfect setting for a yoga teachers training course. I completed my 200hr ytt here and found that the teachers were very knowledgeable and experienced and I have learnt so much over these past few weeks. The food was delicious and there was always a variety. The rooms are spacious and clean and you have the option of sharing room or a private. The staff always went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable in every way they could and the weekly group outings were also always fun and informative. I am very happy that I chose YVM for my 200hr training and I wouldn't go anywhere else to complete the 300hrs in the future.

Mukesh Dattani

from Philippines, November 2019

"Excellent Yoga Teacher Training Course at Yoga Vidya Mandira"

Excellent place and atmosphere to do Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours. Lalit ji here at the course made our admission and the whole process very straight forward. He and the rest of staff are excellent.

Priscilla Coeytaux

from Portugal, November 2019

"Magnificent from beginning to end !"

Hellooo! I made the 500hours.

Honestly I have nothing to complain about..

Everything was perfect, I really had the greatest time and experience! From all the staff, to the classes, the excursions and the accommodation! The food was amazing every single day !!! The school is very well located! A very peaceful place surrounded by animals but close to the market.

I remember reading those reviews myself to try to figure it out if it was the right choice for me.. so let me tell you, you won’t regret going there and you’ll probably have an amazing experience!

Love and light


Jia Liew

from Malaysia, November 2019

"Insightful,authentic course/retreat for genuine learners"

For anyone TRULY seeking to know yoga or know yoga better, this course provides very authentic and insightful knowledge, taught by teachers who are not only experienced but who actually live and know the culture, heritage and roots of yoga. A very traditional approach to knowing yoga that is not rigid but proper, which I appreciate most. No added un-yoga elements. Yoga knowledge as it is. For this itself, the value for money is unmatched. Anymore authentic- you'll need to head to India..haha..

no dislikes! =) The overall experience is very good and it's as expected! TIPS: one must be prepared mentally and understand that you will be up in the mountains, away from the city, staying in a very simple, friendly guesthouse surrounded by nature- do manage expectations and be ready to embrace bare necessities. If facilities, accommodation, and luxury services are a top priority to you- you'll need to reconsider. =)

Vuong Oanh

from Vietnam, November 2019

"There is very nice place "

Garden, philosophy teacher, accommodation

Safaa Alhissi

from Saudi Arabia, November 2019

"memorable experience"

It was a good experience to learn about Yoga.

Thanks for all teachers, staff and administration.

Everything was great. i learned a lot of good things. I met good and special people. And I had unforgettable memories.

I’m coming back soon...Rishikesh! :))

Namaste 🙏 💐

Christy Maksoudian

from Belgium, November 2019

"I’m going back there!"

The school gives a holistic experience on yoga and it’s philosophy, breaking the western stereotype that yoga is a “stretching” form of exercise. It provides you with the basic fundamentals of how to establish a blissful life, from proper breathing rituals, Ayurvedic diets, and asanas to establish a healthy body, and various types of yoga and meditation to establish a mind body balance and proper flow of prana. The group was quite international and the teachers exceptional. They have a true understanding of the west and are able to bridge the west-east divide through their philosophies. Plus the food was amazing! Great excursions, musical night bonfires, and the cutest dogs roaming around. It has the perfect pace for a program aiming to provide a holistic and basic understanding of the various aspects of yoga in such a short period of time.


from Finland, November 2019

"300h hour teacher training September-October "

I liked our anatomy classes, they were clear and detailled and very professional, unfortunately we just didn’t have enough time to do all subjects. Ashtanga yoga teacher was funny and professional too.


from Canada, November 2019

Rooms were good. Food was good

Hugh Brook

from Thailand, November 2019

"Felt welcome from the moment we booked!"

Wow, what an incredible team of staff Yoga Vidya Mandiram have!

My girlfriend and I honestly felt welcome from the moment we received our confirmation email. Communication with Lalit was seamless. Due to some transport issues, we had to board an earlier flight which meant arriving a couple of days before the start of our retreat. Lalit’s immediate responses made the situation so much easier to deal with, allowing us to check in early and arranging a taxi from the airport quite late at night. Thank you Lalit!

The retreat itself was amazing. It’s not like others that your hear about where it’s more of a holiday with a bit of yoga. The three day course is the real deal, structured very similarly to the 100, 200 and 500 hour teacher training schedules, meaning that you get the full experience!

All of our instructors were knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly, patient, with our entire group of novice yogis.

The food was delicious and plentiful with the kitchen staff always polite and happy to say Namaste.

Whilst the accommodation will vary depending on what you book, my girlfriend and I had a private double room and I can honestly say it’s the best accommodation we’ve had in our India travels thus far. Comfortable, modern and clean.

All in all, we would and likely will take another course at Yoga Vidya Mandiram and would recommend it to anyone.

Rachael Mcglue

from India, November 2019

"Thank you"

This was a well run retreat and all the teachers made this a highlight of our trip. Thank you so much Yoga Vidya Manduram.

Magdalena Landgrebe

from United States of America, November 2019

"Yoga Vidya Mandiram exceeded my expectations by far"

The school offers an amazing yoga Programm and I didn’t expect such a diverse and intense( in a good way) training. You get the chance to learn about yoga and yourself while feeling welcome and safe. You make huge progress in your practice and feel well prepared to slowly start teaching. Lalit and all the other people make sure that your stay is as pleasant as possible and go above and beyond. I had to go to the hospital once and Lalit helped me clean out my wound with his own hands and two of the guys from the school drove me there and were by my side, even bought me food on our way back. I can’t even put into words how giving and full of love everyone who works at the school is. I’m extremely grateful as I felt like being with family. The room is very spacious and VERY clean, the food and kitchen have restaurant quality and the campus is nicely located near the mountains but in walking distance to the tourist spots in town. Even on sundays, special events were organised for us like visiting beautiful temples or going on a rafting adventure on the Ganges. To be honest, I don’t even know how it’s possible to have experienced so much quality stuff and paying such little money for the course. The teachers really live what they are teaching so it’s actually more sharing experience than teaching. You can ask them anything and they will have had experience with it. The training is extremely good value and I want to come back for my 300 hour course.

Thank you so much. Namaste.

Ziv Liberman

from India, November 2019


Great teachers, balanced schedule

Candela Fernandez

from India, November 2019

"Nice short treat for mind&body"

I liked many things about the retreat, the location first of all because it's in a nice area bit away from the crowded places. The accommodation because we got a nice private room. The fire ritual and most of our teachers gave us an unique experience and made themselves sure we get the proper information. The excursion we made during our second day was something I maybe wouldn't have experienced without them.

Coraline Moinat

from France, October 2019

"Life-changing experience"

These three weeks of intense yoga training were absolutely amazing : our teachers are excellent (experienced, listening and very inspiring), all the staff members are always available (and above all, always smiling and helpful), the food is delicious and generally, every effort has been made to allow us to have a beautiful experience in this ashram. I met people from all around the world, with beautiful souls and hearts, and I'm very grateful for all I have experienced there. I highly recommended this yoga retreat if you are looking for a quiet place/challenging classes/a break in your busy life. I wish to be back in India as soon as possible to experience that once again at least. Thank you for everything & Namaste.


from Taiwan, October 2019

"Not "advanced" at all teacher training"

I want to thank Sundeep Ji, our philosophy teacher, for his knowledge and passion to share. Lalit Ji for great and patiente administrative day-to-day care.

Janiece Walker

from Australia, October 2019

"Exceeded expectations! "

The instructors went above and beyond in their teaching practices and they sincerely wanted their students to further their knowledge, the food was incredible and the accomodation was very comfortable! The whole journey was amazing, I’m going to bring my mum next year! Defiantly recommend 🙏🏼❤️


from Singapore, October 2019

"Rejuvenating retreat "

Thoroughly enjoyed this retreat at YVM which was definitely a breath of fresh air for the soul. The school is located away from the hustle and bustle of town with so much greenery and its little garden. Accommodation was comfortable with delicious vegetarian meals, friendly staff and knowledgeable teachers. Would recommend this if you’re looking to recharge or just to take a step back from your hectic lifestyle ❤️

Lloyd Perris

from India, October 2019

Meditation and yoga theory classes were great. Communication was clear.

Nina Dzeko

from Sweden, October 2019

"Peaceful and enlightening"

Me and my partner had an amazing time at the 3 day reatreat. Even before the retreat started I had a nice feeling after e-mailing with Lalit at Yoga Vidya Mandiram, he was very fast at answering my questions and both helpful and flexible with my wishes.

The physical yoga classes were very good and other the yoga philosophy classes as well, we learnd a lot but most importantly we got motivated to learn more. The breathing and meditation classes were definitely the best thing of all and especially the relaxation at the end of the day with the best teacher!

But none of this would matter if we didn't have the company of the other students from all over the world (we were 8 in total in the group) wich made the retreat a lovely memory we will always carry with us!

We highly recommend this retreat when visiting magnificent India!

Ritika Jajodia

from India, September 2019

"I didn't know how to breathe properly till I visited them. "

The school has a perfect yoga foundation course. We took a 3 day package even in that learned a lot about how to merge yoga in our daily hectic city lives. Would definitely recommend a longer course.

Kelsey Yurek

from Republic of Korea, September 2019

"Nice 3 day retreat!"

Nice people and good first yoga retreat experience

Rachel Hartman

from Israel, September 2019

"A Truly Transformative Experience "

I just got back home yesterday, and I don't even think there are words to describe the experience I had.

Every teacher, every staff member, every person involved with running the school is a true believer, there to spread love and light in the world. It's so rare to have a school like this, and it made you want to work harder and do more.

I felt like I had to be in every class and do my best, not just because I had traveled a long way to get there, not just because it took a lot of planning for my family for me to get there, but also because all of my teachers and everyone I was around wanted me to succeed, and I wanted to make them proud.

My class was also very supportive of each other, we were an eclectic group that ranged from a South Korean Travel Blogger to a nearly 70 army retiree, to me, a mother of two young kids, and we all really bonded with each other and supported each other to do our best.

Also, I want to mention something about the curriculum because no one on here seems to mention their school's curriculum. A good friend of mine's parents live in Dehradun, and I went to visit them for the weekend after my program. They both have taken many many Yoga classes over the years and are pretty intellectual (engineers from fancy schools)

They were very pleasantly surprised with the depth of my teaching, and impressed by how much the school taught me. I wasn't surprised by their reaction, because I could tell that I was getting a good education while in the program.

Nadine Kinnear

from South Africa, September 2019

"Amazing experience "

Everyone at the school went the extra mile. Overall an amazing experience and proper value for money.

Would highly recommend.

Saritha Chittal

from India, September 2019

"Rejuvenation session"

Overall fabulous experience

Daniel Cirilli

from Italy, August 2019

"Amazing experience at Yoga Vidya Mandiram"

One of the most important experience I’ve ever had, teachers and staff are very polite and nice person. Anything you need just ask them and they will provide the best solution for your needs or anything you ask.

Teachers are really prepared with so much knowledge and experience behind, are really focused on what they teach and follow what they teach. Any question or doubt they will reply and give you so much more. If you need time to talk with them, they give you time, all the time you need.

Schedule of the classes prepared in a really great way, with time to study and rest between lunch and afternoon.

Kitchen: food great, staff always present to help you if you need some other things. They prepare something that I don’t know if I will find somewhere else. Just in love with their way to prepare food for us and food obviously.

I like also they organize so many trip during our journey and free time, I’ve been visiting Water fall, temples, during the 200 hours was a special time in India where every evening they were celebrating on the Ganga River so they let us see even this.

The area around here is peaceful and perfect for relaxing, study, practice asanas, meditation, Pranayama and all the practice about Yoga, everything is green around in the middle of nature, in the silence of nature, here there is everything you need. In few minutes you are in the city close to Laxman Jhula bridge. Here I’ve decide to stay 300 hours more so I recommend you this school 100%!!

Paymahn Moghadasian

from India, August 2019

"Low value schooling"

The food was probably the best part of the school. It was varied and made fresh every meal.

The pranayama class was probably the best run class. We covered many types of pranayama and practiced a lot. The yoga classes were good too but the teacher wasn't inspiring which made it hard to perform in difficult flows and poses.

Emi Hattori

from Japan, August 2019

"Super good experience! "


Environment, people, teacher, food, culture and class.

It was sooo happy life and experience all day yoga. Precious experience!!!!

Jessica Kollar

from United States of America, August 2019

"The single greatest experience of my life"

Coming to Yoga Vidya Mandiram was the best thing I've ever done for myself. It has become a second home to me, full of the most wonderful and kind people I have ever met. If you're looking for your tribe, look no further. The teachers, the kitchen staff, the office, the students - everyone is absolutely amazing. It's quite hard to break down into parts the best things about this place. Yes, the food is fantastic, the classes are amazing, and the people are kind - but those are just the sum of it's parts. There's an ineffable quality to this place that cannot be captured in words. It is truly exceptional. Thank you YVM for one of the greatest experiences of my life ️

Jyoti Srivastava

from Switzerland, August 2019

"Humbled by genuine traditional yoga teachings"

I enjoyed the entire experience and especially to learn more about the yoga philosophy and traditions from skilled teachers from Indian yogic backgrounds

Jyoti Patel

from India, August 2019

"3 days Yoga retreat in Rishikesh"

I had booked 3 days Yoga retreat session and had an amazing experience..the sessions were led by well qualified instructors like Pooja hi, Manish ji, Nan Danji and Piyush ji. The manager Lalit ji was quite helpful. Would definitely recommend the everyone to destress and connect to your roots.

Dan Mark

from Taiwan, August 2019

"Yoga Vidya Mandiram, a beautiful exerience!"

The location is absolutely gorgeous. Nestled in the mountains just above Rishikesh, you are away from the hustle and bustle, but you also have convenient access to the city.

The instructors and staff are all highly professional, friendly, and helpful.


from India, August 2019

"Utterly Relaxing"

I loved how simple and organized this retreat was. One more day would’ve been ideal, you are just getting into the routine and then it’s over! I’d come back here in a heartbeat. Everyone knows what they are doing and I’ve never felt more relaxed. Learned a little about myself too.

Briana Robertori

from United States of America, August 2019

"Yoga Vidya Mandiram Review"

I enjoyed all aspects of the retreat:

-The classes and teachings (yoga asana, meditation, philosophy,)

- The high quality and experiential nature of the instruction

- the attentiveness of the instructors (especially the asana instruction: the teacher was attuned to the class and the individual needs of the students for adjustments or for being hands off).

- the community of other students in the program (it was a very international crowd)

- the food, which was delicious, fresh, light, and trustworthy.

- the staff were so genuine, kind, and intelligent. The quality of the teaching was very high.

- the

Nikunj Singh

from India, August 2019

"Need to come back again"

Learnt the foundations of yoga, the connection between body and mind. How we are collectively doing so many things wrong and need to start living in a way that is in resonance with nature.

Akshita Batra

from United States of America, July 2019

"Amazing and grounding Experience"

The 3-day program was designed to give a quick capsule of Yoga Retreat Experience and YogaMandirm did the best. I wish I had more time to spend. I will definitely go back.

I went with my parents and 2 aunts, near 60 years, Yoga Mandiram team was so supportive and understanding regarding the needs of my family.

There were a variety of classes and each class brought a new experience which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Teachers were empathetic to the needs of different students, giving variations in asanas and adjusting as needed. Teachers were so humble, patient and polite.

Regarding location, it is in the lap of greenery which was a real treat to my soul and eyes.

Regarding facilities, they provided very pure and clean food. It was apt for the setting. Cottages for 3 days retreat were also great. They have different accommodation settings for different programs, so can't comment on all.

Simply put, I loved the experience. Would highly recommend. cheers!

<3 <3 <3

Emily Murren

from Australia, July 2019

"Magical experience with expert training in great location"

I instantly felt at ease and at home at YVM. The teaching was incredible, in particular Sandeep who taught us Yoga Philosophy. Lalit and the team went out of their way to make every day valuable and packed full of learning, and a sprinkle of truly memorable experiences that were fantastic. The food is also so delicious and varied, with great . I had a complete detox and loved the vegetarian diet.

Shubham Paramhans

from India, July 2019

"Value for money and time!"

I really liked the place and its vibes.

All instructors were really friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my stay.

Location of ashram is lovely! Away from traffic but near to center.

Lush green campus was apple of eye. Overall it was a really great experience and eye opener of me!


from India, July 2019

The place ,food ,teacher every thing was awesome

Tamara Hinsley

from India, July 2019

"Amazing 3 day journey "

How well everything was explained. The structure of days was perfect and feel like I have come away with a wider and better knowledge of yoga and meditation.

Camille Calzada

from Mexico, July 2019

"Amazing experience"

One of the best experiences I've ever had. My goal was to improve my personal practice, and to have the possibility of teaching later with the certificate. But I take much much more, the place allows you to internalize, to know through philosophy what yoga really is. Teachers and owners are coherent with their teachings and their lifestyle. The staff delivers the heart, especially Lalit Ji. The food is delicious and highly variated. I recommend Yoga Vidya Mandiram for a life time experience, the location is also amazing because you get a very peaceful environment but nearby Tapovan to experience Indian culture.

Angelique Sabine

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Amazing experience at YVM."

Lalit Kumar was a fantastic host that catered for every need. The school is warm, friendly and nothing is too much trouble. They really are dedicated to making your experience a wonderful one. The teaching staff were incredible. They not only teach the curriculum but also go beyond to share their own interests when appropriate. The tutors are also always available for additional teaching if required, they really go the extra mile and it is clear they are very passionate about their subjects. The school is also perfectly located, a short walk from busy Rishekesh in a calm and peaceful area. The food is nutricious, tasty and fresh. The accommodation is basic but clean and there is always someone available to assist with any problems if they arrive. All in all I was delighted to stay here and learn. I would recommend to anyone and will return!

Priyanka Saxena

from India, June 2019

"Find solace through Yoga practice and meditation "

The most important aspect is the courteousness and helpful attitude of the entire staff including the instructors. Secondly, the environment for learning is just perfect. Thirdly, the mix of the participants, which includes both foreign and Indian participants is highly enriching and beneficial for all to learn new facets of life.

The patience and professionalism displayed by the instructors specially Guru Sukhmeet ji (for Pranayama and Relaxation/Meditation) and Rahul ji (for hatha Yoga/Ashtanga Yoga) was outstanding. It created the spark to continue the practice of yoga.

l Having vegan meals was most nourishing and a great experience for me - which was the first time ever. The availability of instructors during meal times and their openness to initiate informal discussions was extremely helpful.

Overall an enriching and a great experience.

Vivek Pankaj

from India, June 2019



Sabri Nurhan Sabri

from India, June 2019

"What an amazing and lovely experience"

We really enjoyed our stay from beginning to end. Everything was fantastic, organised, calm, relaxing, clean, professional and so positive. Wished we stayed many more days and hopefully some day we will! Thank you to all the teachers whose names we haven't mentioned and to Lalit Ji! Namaste!

Alyssa Maschak

from United States of America, June 2019

"Love & Light"

Everything was communicated clearly from the moment that I booked! Lalit is so helpful and willing to answer any and all questions that I had prior to arriving and made me feel right at home when I got to Yoga Vidya Mandiram. Chandramani made the first day relaxed for me to get settled in. I am thoroughly pleased with all of the knowledge that was attained through the 500 hour course and I would reccomend it to anyone seeking to share the same amazing experiences!

Helen Shorthouse

from India, June 2019

"Peaceful place to have a retreat "

I did the 7 day yoga / meditation retreat at the end of May.

YVM is set in a beautiful area just above the main throng so is peaceful and must be one of the best locations in Rishikesh to do yoga.

I really like the schools approach to yoga which is a holistic one - its not about the ‘perfect ‘ pose and it’s not all about the asanas but I also enjoyed the pranayama and meditation sessions. Even neti was surprisingly fun!

Although I was officially the only one on the yoga retreat I did most classes with someone on the 50 hour course and the meals and trip were with people on the teacher training so that made it fun.

The teachers were great and Lalit was super responsive and helpful.

Bengu Kaptanoglu

from Kuwait, May 2019

"All our instructors were absolutely great"

I loved every minute of my stay from my pick up at Dehradun Airport till my drop off. It was such a great experience; friendly and helpful staff, all very knowledgeable instructors, great location, peaceful and very spritual place to stay ❤️


from India, May 2019

"Strong, but no stretch!"

I very much enjoyed the welcome fire ceremony and the food was amazing! It was lovely to sit and eat together with all the participants and discuss what everyone had been doing.

The staff were very knowledgable and friendly, and they modified sessions to suit abilities - but there were a few too many sessions per day for me as a newbie.

Angelic Gong

from Sri Lanka, April 2019

"New found love"

I am a beginner to Yoga and this place gave me so much perspective. All lecturers including guest lectures were amazing, Highly recommended


from Portugal, April 2019

"Amazing experience in Vidya Mandiram!"

We had an amazing experience during the 3 day retreat. The room was clean and spacious. The Yoga teachers (hatha/ashtanga/ meditation) had been exceptional and very professional.

And the food is SUPERB!

I wish I had scheduled more time!

Thanks for the amazing experience. We will definitely come back!


from Australia, April 2019

I loved the simple humble life offered at this retreat.


from India, April 2019

"Was okay, depends if you do the short 3-day retreat or not"

Lalit is lovely, the kitchen staff are lovely, the instructors are lovely. The food is awesome. The rooms are very clean, super comfortable (some of the cleanest I’ve seen in India). No complaints there. The location is awesome, slightly away from the Main Street but still very close to Tapovan.

Adele Thomas

from Nepal, April 2019

"Great 3 day mini retreat"

I met wonderful people while on the 3 day mini retreat. I really enjoyed the yoga and learning the philosophy and Ayurveda. Could have stayed longer.

The accomadation was some of the best I had in india over the 5 weeks I was travelling!

Mariya Osipova

from Israel, April 2019

"Peaceful Place"

I did here 50-hour TTC. It's a lovely place, very peaceful and green. The staff was kind and helpful. The teachers were professional. The food was very tasty and healthy. I didn't feel that I miss something.

It's a perfect place to detach from all the thoughts and devote some time to yourself.

Chiara Colombo

from Indonesia, April 2019

"Relaxing few days with amazing food!"

Everything was absolutely amazing! Everyone was super welcoming. I only did a 3 day retreat as opposed to teacher training and I really enjoyed my time and felt pampered and focused. The classes were good, the space is lovely with lots of green around and is quiet, away from the main busy bit of the town. The food was incredible, always different and more than filling and healthy! Definitely not too spicy, so also good for newcomers to India. I shared a twin room with another girl and it was lovely, clean and the hot shower was perfect!

James Torres

from United States of America, March 2019

"Super cool spot "

I loved the food, location and variety of classes. Close to town and good communication from staff

Eleanor Wiles

from Vietnam, March 2019

"A very positive experience"

Beautiful location, quiet and peaceful and felt like a retreat from the busy noisy town.

The staff were ALL kind, helpful, generous and welcoming. Lalit in particular was tirelessly available for everybody all the time and nothing was any trouble for him. Lalit and Chandra (guru-ji) made the place feel like home. Amazing food from Yashpal and his lovely team in the kitchen. I learnt so much from the yoga, philosophy, anatomy, pranayama classes. I was really happy with my room and the accommodation in general. I would love to come back. As a final note, the compassion of the staff here towards animals is something that resonated with me and made the experience all the more special.


from United States of America, March 2019

"Amazing experiences "

Nice quite location.

The food was amazing

All the teachers are so kind and professional

I would like to come again definitely!!

Lalit ji is so kind and nice 👍🏻

Ashleigh Mcconnell

from United Kingdom, March 2019


the locations is amazing. You get a sense of freedom straight away being in the mountains surrounded by animals. The teachers go above and beyond to help you with anything you need. Food was amazing and accommodation was fab. No words would do this place justice how peaceful and calm you feel. I have learned loads not only about yoga but about myself too.

Danuta Twarog

from Poland, March 2019

"Excelent place to learn yoga"

I like fact, that they teach you postures, how to breath, how to meditate, also they provide knowledge about yoga philosophy and anatomy. Really I got more then I expected :) And I think the best recomendation will be that after my 50h course I want back for 200h course ;)

Sina Tammena

from Germany, March 2019

"perfect retreat"


Danielle Martinak

from India, February 2019

"Wish I signed up for longer than 3 days..."

I really enjoyed this holistic immersion into "yoga" which goes beyond just the exercise western cultures have come to know. The importance of breath work, healthy eating, and getting to know oneself. Great instructors and great food. Hope to come back again soon!

Andrew Cleaver

from United States of America, February 2019

"Wonderfully intense yoga training "

It is an experience difficult to place in words. I would encourage anyone looking at Rishikesh to stay with this brilliant group of individuals. They were accommodating at every turn, overly kind and warm hearted and ensured the safety, health and happiness of each person who was there. The food was unbelievablely good, all vegetarian and always changing, such great variety and flavor. The teacher quality was beyond what I expected and the knowledge gained was well worth the overall cost. I studied the 200 hour course and am grateful for all the dedication and hard work from the whole staff.

Sangeeta Ramdahen

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"All I could have wished for!"

The teachers are warm generous and very knowledgeable Vivek-Ji our asana instructor was good humoured and made every class challenging yet so informative. Sandeepji’s Philosophy was inspiring his meditation sessions had depth and emotion ,Pooja’s patiently taught us Pranayama. The course is intense the days long and you must be ready to work hard.Lalit Ji as site manager was always supportive and immediately responded to any needs we called him superman! The compassion of this team made all 16 of us feel safe and cared for- a home from home. The kitchen crew made fanatastic vegetarian and vegan meals and adapted to all needs there were also 3 cafes/restaurants on site. Several spas in 5 minutes distance and cheap laundry service 7p per piece! The Gardens are tranquil set away from the busy town yet just 10-15 minutes walk to markets banks and pharmacies-also when one of our group fell ill Lalit personally took to her to the hospital, he arranged safe money exchanges taxis etc. It says much that we were all tearful on our final day. YVM is wonderful Lalitji is the pin that holds it all together he also arranged excursions on are Sundays off-and we all are grateful to everyone for making our yoga teacher training such a great experience.

Melvin Bcn

from France, November 2019

"Une très belle expérience humaine et d'apprentissage !"

La formation de 200 heures à correspondu à mes attentes: à la fois intensive et complète. Quand on a déjà quelques bases en yoga c'est une excellente formation pour se lancer dans la voie de l'enseignement du yoga.

Le cadre est super, on se sent coupé du monde, et on a à proximité tout ce dont on a besoin pour la durée de la formation. La cohésion de groupe a parfaitement fonctionné.

J'ai particulièrement apprécié les cours de Hatha, de philosophie.

Le personnel, dont Lalit a été tout au long du séjour extrêmement dévoué pour que tout se passe au mieux. Ce qui a été le cas. Merci !

Marie-anne Bourguignon

from Netherlands, September 2019

"Des cours de qualité et une grande bienveillance de tous"

La qualité des interventions pédagogiques, la bienveillance et la très grande disponibilité des enseignants, de l'équipe d'accueil et de service, la qualité et la variété des repas, l'énergie très positive de cette école. L'école est située en retrait de la circulation dans un hameau paisible et proche de tous services (petits commerces et massages).


from Germany, August 2019

"200h yttc"

I did the 200h yttc at the yvm school. As especially positiv aspects I would put in two things:

Especially great was the dedication that Lalit (who does basically all the bookingmanagement, trip and class organisation, teaching, up to checking your room, getting you towels, taxis ...) puts into his work. I honestly believe that this place would fall apart if he wouldn’t be there. He is the most loving guy, who will take care of every need you have in an instance. Thank you again Lalit Ji.

Secondly our yoga anatomy teacher Praful Upadhyay. He is by far the best teacher I have ever had. And I know that most people in my course feel that way. The only downside was that we didn’t have him in more subjects. (Let him do Meditation!!!!!)

Annei Trinquelle

from Guadeloupe, July 2019

"Un enseignement avec du cœur "

Un cadre hors de l’agitation, une équipe qui fait tout pour répondre à vos attentes, un enseignement de qualité qui s’inspire de la tradition des yogis de l’Himalaya. On ne se contente pas de faire du yoga mais on apprend toute la philosophie qui va avec.


from India, July 2019

"Worth to experience!"

High qualifications of all staff, interesting classes, delicious food and good location were enough to make our experience in India memorable.

100% recommended 3 days yoga retreat!

Alba Teixidor

from Spain, June 2019

"La mejor experiencia de mi vida"

Vine a hacer un curso de yoga (TTC 200) y me llevo un curso de vida. Ha sido una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida. El staff es increíble, te ayudan en todo lo que necesites, absolutamente todo, desde Lalit, que es como dios (allá donde vas está él, allá donde necesitas algo está él, siempre atento y ayudando), hasta los profesores, el staff de la cocina, Hope y Chandramani (y Roni y Chapati, claro, parte de la familia también). Son una familia y así te hacen sentir parte de ella. Las clases han sido de una calidad excelente, con una profundidad enorme, que va más allá de ponerte sobre tu mat a hacer asanas. Una recomendación: llega con la mente y el corazón abiertos.

Jasmin Schut

from Germany, May 2019

"Perfect Yoga Time in Rishikesh"

- so incredible friendly, warm-hearted people

- loved the Sunday activities that brought all course members even more together as a team

- the location of the yoga studio and the hotel is amazing - fresh air, wonderful atmosphere

- food was always fresh, really yummy and vegetarian and the cook even prepared always a vegan alternative, you could really taste that the cook prepared the food with loads of love

- for me it was the perfect time in India, if I did not have to return back to Germany I would have stayed longer in Rishikesh at Yoga Vidya Mandiram :-)

Rachel Lombard

from Spain, April 2019

"Life changing experience"

I loved the training itselft, I thought it was really complete and the teachers were great.

The place is nice because it is not too noisy as it is further in the mountain. The food was great which is important. I liked all activities we also did. All the staff is amazingly nice and helpful.

Marija Godes

from Netherlands, April 2019

"priceless experience"

The last 2 months that i spend here were a really valuable gift that i take for the rest of my life. it is really amazing to go home with all this new knowledge and friendships that i gained and made here. I thank lalit for the fact that he is always ready to help where ever he can and always with a smile. Dr praveen, who is an amazing doctor and friend and always in for a joke. Both are welcome in my county! Thanks to all the amazing teachers, sandeep for his wise knowledge. Vivek, I still dont understand how all this knowledge about asanas fits in his head! The food was really good. Jashpal and his staff were always helpfull with special requests. The room was good. Building clean and well maintained. Bahut danyewat!!!

Melanie Cadavid Nieto

from United States of America, March 2019

"Excelente experiencia"

Estudiar las 500h YTT en Vidya Mandiram fue una experiencia muy enrequecidora, en la que aprendi mucho, cada dia.

Todo el equipo es excelente, siemper muy bien atendida y pendientes de todo. Todos los profesores son muy profesionales y transmiten mucho.

Jessie Bojanovich

from United States of America, February 2019

I did the 200 hr trc. Everything was perfect, couldn't ask for any better school. The teachers were amazing all of them, they absolutely knew what they were teaching. The staff amazing as well, whenever you needed something or have any questions they were available 24/7 for you. The accommodation were clean and comfortable, the people in the kitchen are amazing! If you need any special diet they will do it for you. The school is away from all the noise so it was good for meditation and concentration. The overall experience was really beautiful, will definitely come back for my 500 hs

Anne-claire Lefèvre

from United States of America, February 2019

"La retraite de 3 jours dure 2 jours... "

L'endroit est sympathique, plutôt calme car en retrait (bien que des travaux un peu partout...) et l'équipe a à cœur de vous faire passer un bon moment pendant les repas, surtout Lalit.

J'ai eu la chance de loger dans le bâtiment principal, qui est très confortable.