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Yoga To Go brings you an experience of a lifetime with all-inclusive teacher trainings, wellness retreats, workshops in Ashtanga yoga, nutrition and much more.

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    • Megan United States

      BookYogaRetreats website

      I think I may be able to recommend the Ashtanga Teacher Training if the participant can cope with, and knows these things, prior to enrolling:It will be fairly unorganized (training materials included) and relaxed. It's important to be flexible. Schedule changes happen frequently and it's best to just roll with the punches. The training materials themselves are written and extracted from various sources and simply compiled by Melissa.Intimacy lacks in some parts of the course. If you like super personalised attention, having a class in the evenings with regulars and other members/students of the studio will probably make you a very unhappy camper. The day is spent in a very intimate setting but it's not spent getting to know the other yogis in the program. Be ready to focus on you and your practice! Furthermore, the other instructors will not only guide you through classes, they'll also partake in training sessions and give adjustments when Melissa is otherwise entertained. This is extremely helpful in terms of getting a difference of opinion, teaching style, etc., it's just not terribly formal or planned.You should procure your own housing accommodations. Although housing is advertised, it's not Melissa's favorite thing and it's not terribly formal or uniform, for that matter. Accommodations made through the program won't necessarily be with other yogis or similar accommodations as other yogis. It's best to just find accommodation near the studio as far in advance as possible.While you learn the postures in depth, the cues, adjustments and speech parts are lacking. In fact, you won't learn much about what it takes to be a good instructor yogis want to spend time with. If you're looking to deepen your personal practice or if you love Mysore, this course is for you.Rigor is not the priority. This is either good or bad, depending on what type of yogi you are. Rigor is important for structural reasons and to challenge yourself but a lack of rigor allows you to more thoroughly explore Florence. It just depends on what you like, but don't expect intensity or high standards.With that being said, we also weren't given too much verbal affirmation or personal constructive feedback during training or even following the final exam. If you need to know how you're doing on frequent occasions, I would speak with Melissa before you even begin, it's just not her communication style.I am happy to have the knowledge I have gained from participating in this training and quickly fell in love with Florence. However, the training overall was more an in-depth look at the history of Ashtanga and developing a personal practice. It was all fairly unorganized and Melissa spends tons of time away from trainees and the studio. If you can spend time teaching, pronouncing the postures and learning cues in your spare time, and truly want to experience Florence while you're here and meet new people, then you'll be wildly successful!

    • Fiona

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      In brief, I cannot recommend it.It is advertised as an Ashtanga Teacher Training Course and as having up to 10 people on the course. It is also advertised as giving information and advice about becoming a teacher.There were indeed 10 people in our group. This was the case for the group teaching on anatomy, philosophy, mantras. For the sessions on postures and adjustments we were usually joined by two others (who had already completed a YTT course elsewhere). However, for the yoga classes, these were simply part of the usual class schedule at the studio and were open to anyone so we were inevitably joined by at least 6 others thus immediately reducing any direct input to us. This was certainly not what I or the others had expected.We were informed that we had to learn a modified version of the Primary Series and also demonstrate our teaching of it. However in the majority of the classes it was not this which was being taught but often a fusion of ashtanga and power yoga. Sometimes the classes were power yoga and clearly too advanced for the group (and the others attending the class) yet the teacher did not rein in his sequence at the time and adapt to suit the level of the practitioners in the room.The course was poorly organised. The schedule was constantly changing. Often classes started later and finished earlier than originally planned. I did many hours of reading and practice on my own in my accommodation.The anatomy teaching consisted of reading aloud printed handouts from a PowerPoint presentation which had been written by someone else. The anatomy teaching could have and should have been done in a much more exciting and practically oriented approach. The teacher clearly knew his topic but perhaps partly because he was not teaching in his native language, he failed to get this across well. I was fortunate as I have already had an intensive training in anatomy , as had one other member of the group, but this was not the case for the others.The good part of the course was when Melissa went through each of the asanas in the modified sequence , showing us the correct alignment etc , how to modify if necessary, and also how to make adjustments. I felt this should have formed a considerably bigger part of the course ; it could have been helpfully combined with the anatomy teaching.I know I was not alone in being terribly disappointed and frustrated by the course.

    • Michelle United States

      BookYogaRetreats website

      I loved my experience in Florence with Yoga To Go and studio 19r. I was traveling alone to Florence to visit my niece who was going to school there and Yoga To Go worked perfectly with my schedule and my budget. My trip to Florence was very affordable.Melissa was wonderful with helping me when I needed assistance as well as with suggestions of places to eat and things to do. I was made to feel very much at home. The yoga studio 19r is located in the heart of Florence and is such a peaceful haven. I loved the beautiful white candles which I have incorporated into my own home practice. The classes challenged me but all the instructors made me feel right at home. They treated me like an old friend. This retreat was exactly what I needed to jump start my home practice again. Melissa also assisted me with some wonderful resources for my home practice. The apartment that I stayed in was perfect. It was right in the heart of Florence and close to so many wonderful restaurants and things to do.One of my favorite things to do was the cycling, wine and olive oil tour through Tuscany. I have done quite a bit of mountain biking but am out of shape, but the guide (Alex) and Melissa made me feel very comfortable. I loved the flexibility in the bike tour with Alex and the bike I got to ride was much nicer than what I own. The views were amazing even in the off season. I enjoyed the tour of the winery and the olive oil process. I learned a lot and was encouraged to ask questions. The tasting after the cycling tour was well earned. In America especially where I live we don't get good olive oil or chianti. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the chianti as I did not think I would like it based on my previous experience.It was hard to leave Florence as my time there was so amazing. I would highly recommend Yoga To Go and would love to go back.

    • Menelaos Greece


      The Teacher Training Course was a really great experience for me. I had the chance to deepen my knowledge, but also to learn how to teach a class with variable levels of practitioners. Melissa does a great job and is as well a great teacher. I would recommend the course to anybody interested in being a yoga teacher.

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    • Sarit Israel

      Yoga To Go website

      When I decided to take an international TTC course in Ashtanga, I didnt know where it would take me.I think when people decide to walk out of their comfort zone they could find awesome people on their way to find their own path. When you travel, you give a piece of yourself to others and they share with you a piece of them.One of the special people I have met was Melissa. She brings love and light to her teaching, she has a lot of personal experience and knowledge, she teaches with passion, honesty, and a lot of love. She is dedicated to her students and to her personal way of teaching.During the course we met other teachers and that is very important to a future teacher - the opportunity to watch other ways of teaching and to observe other students. The anatomy class taught by Tina, who is an expert in that part, was very useful and practical for me as a future teacher. The handstand workshop taught by Alberto from the Grand Canaries was spectacular and very helpful.In summary: Florence is beautiful, and Melissa is great. I couldnt have chosen a better place or teacher to start my journey in Ashtanga. Thank you all, and especially Melissa.

    • Lucia Ducci Europe

      Yoga To Go website

      I participated to the yoga teacher training on June 2015 and I would take it again in a heart beat. Melissa is a very sweet, patient, inspiring teacher. As well as Alberto, Sara and Niccolo'. We went through anatomy, adjustments, philosophy, and nutrition classes. The pace was very intense at the beginning but after few days you realize that your body is opening, and it's a true discovery. Every day we were challenged and rewarded with new achievements. The group of students coming from all over the world was also very nice. We spent at least 7 or 8 hours per day together and eventually it feels like we are like one big family bonded by the same passion, which is yoga, and very supportive with each other. I feel that my life has changed since then, for the better. I really recommend this experience to everybody!

    • Elizabeth Forte Europe

      Yoga To Go website

      My 200hr teacher training this past June with Yoga To Go was such an amazing learning experience for me. Melissa has given me the tools for a solid foundation in my Ashtanga yoga practice. Melissa offered me much support throughout my training and made me feel at home, and for that I am grateful to have met her and all the wonderful people that have contributed throughout my yoga journey.

    • Giedrius Straksys Europe

      Yoga To Go website

      In these TTC I had an oppurtunity to work with many differents yoga teachers with different experiences in different styles,and understand the practice of Ashtanga Yoga from different points of view and will take them with me on my own journey on the mat with great information. In this ashtanga TTC you can get really good adjustments from Melissa and Alberto to improve yourself and your practice.

    • Mike

      May 2015. Yoga To Go website

      Yoga To Go retreats are full of adventure and great Yoga. Great surf spots and powerful Yoga.

    • Jessica and Lauren

      Yoga To Go website

      Amazing location in Positano, Italy and a inspiring teacher training.

    • Chad

      May 2015. Yoga To Go website

      Great food, surf and Yoga, thanks Melissa.

    • Pav United Kingdom


      Thank you for such a fantastic 4 days in Florence. We absolutely loved the yoga holiday! Everything was amazing, I loved the yoga practice, excursions, and food! Please pass our thanks to Anna and Laura! See you soon!

    • Christine D. Italy

      Yoga To Go website

      I absolutely love being part of the 19r family! Their studio has a fantastic vibe, fabulous instructors, and is located in the heart of Florence... I work my entire schedule around going to their classes each day!

    • Julie L. Italy

      Yoga To Go website

      19r is a great studio for Pilates and yoga in Florence. The teachers are attentive and well trained. it is a very welcoming environment for all levels of yoga or Pilates with convenient times so it is possible to make it a daily practice.

    • Justine A. Spain

      Yoga To Go website

      The first time I came to 19r I was welcomed by the warm smiles of Shari and Melissa. After my first class, I knew that I was here to stay.. The studio offers a wide range of levels... I would recommend this studio for anyone in Florence wanting to find strength and tranquility.

    • Maggie K. Italy

      Yoga To Go website

      After several years away from yoga, I was eager to get back into it but finding studios here in Florence can be difficult, especially since my Italian is less than fluent. I was so happy to hear about 19r Yoga and Pilates and have now been going regularly for a few weeks. It's a great studio and the teachers are wonderful.. They teach in both English and Italian and have quite a good number of classes per week. I'm really glad to be involved with them and look forward to a lonf and fruitful yoga practice at 19r.

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