Yoga Teacher Training by Noah Mckenna

Yoga Teacher Training by Noah Mckenna is offering yoga teacher training courses combining different elements from asana, pranayama, and meditation.

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Noah Mckenna

Noah’s journey with yoga began with regular Iyengar classes, in Adelaide. He took his first trip to India in 1995 and in 2003 began practicing daily meditation and pranayama. It took him 10 years of practicing asana to feel comfortable and worthwhile to start teaching yoga classes. Noah spent many years studying and practicing yoga, living mostly in India. Sparseness and simplicity have been his longtime teachers, making his way as a yoga teacher and as a yoga therapist.

Radha Rajani

From her very birth, Radha always felt a strong inclination towards the arts and the spiritual path. She has always been guided by a universal vision that has allowed her to gain experience in various disciplines such as sciences and philosophies including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Mysticism, and Metaphysics. Radha was also initiated into the science of Kundalini Reiki meditation and visualization. Among various methods of meditation, she has given particular sustained focus to the practice of Japa, Bhakti yoga, which resumes to the continuous recitation of mantras.

Mehdi Zidane

Mehdi is a healer, poet, performer, and eternal traveler inspired by all his destinations. He was a salsa, contemporary, and hip hop dancer before he dived into a personal quest opening his horizons to practices such as yoga, martial arts, circus, theatre, poetry, intuitive healing touch, tantra, and tarot. His teaching and performing experience with AcroContact, while traveling over the world, has given him a deep and solid understanding of the essence of your being and your existence in the Universe, in harmony with the inner and outside world.

Elli Iconomou

Elli’s leading light has always been her intuition, where life naturally reveals itself on her path. She gravitates towards working in groups using her warm presence and passionate service to the people around her. Ellie always strives to accomplish good teamwork and encourages others to bring forth their abilities and talents. She holds a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification. In all of this, she believes that it is important to remember the gifts of joy and always tries to integrate humor into her life.

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Testimonials 3

Ivana Topalovic

Yoga Teacher Training by Noah Mckenna website

Oh, what a wonderful thing it is to be able to talk about dear Noah and share how grateful I am for that one month experience! His TTC gave me a clear picture of what it means to be REAL and FREE inside of anything that you can call yoga. Everything that I learned during the course made this journey of life calmer and more beautiful. Noah is a good friend that will see you, then let you be, and on top of that, he will show you the mastery of taking people to here and now through asanas, pranayama, and meditation.

Kerli Numoja

Yoga Teacher Training by Noah Mckenna website

Thank you for your deep wisdom, critical approach, dedication to teaching, transparency, integrity and wonderful humor. The last 3 are super hard to combine but somehow you do it. You empowered me to discover real grace in my asana practice, thought mechanisms and emotional processes. I also found it extremely inspiring how you showed us your vulnerability and shared your own learning process - it builds trust and brings a meaningful lesson about the unfolding that we are all in. You know the saying "when the student is ready the teacher will appear"..So, thank you for your appearing! And one very last thing - you also have a talent of neutralizing things.

Jeremy Jai Oltmann

Yoga Teacher Training by Noah Mckenna website

Noah McKenna taught me how to teach yoga. His Sukhshanti approach to asana & pranayama allowed me to engage more significantly with both my personal practice and while teaching others. When I reflect on what I actually teach I can honestly say that much of the content and style is from Noah's teacher training. He is a serious and dedicated practitioner who is very focused on his students and their growth as both yogis and yoga teachers. I have encountered quite a few different teachers of yoga after moving to India in 1997 and can highly recommend Noah for yoga therapy, yoga sessions, and teacher training.

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