6 Days Meditation, Yoga and New Beginnings Retreat in Valencia, Spain

  • Benissiva, Alicante, Valencia, Spain


A Life Changing Yoga Retreat in Spain

  • 5 days with instruction
    • Morning Vinyasa yoga class (yang)
    • Morning chanting & pranayama class
    • Relaxing evening Vinyasa yoga class (yin)
    • Daily guided meditations & different series of yin & yang based Vinyasa
    • Only 15 minutes drive to one of Valencia's most beautiful and secluded beaches
    • 3 delicious organic healthy vegetarian meals prepared by professional chefs
    • 5 nights cozy accommodation

    Deep practice of yoga, the sense of peace it brings and the sense of balance that it brings all useful when you are about the make changes in your life. These may be changes in terms of how you think, how you relate to others or how you relate to the world. Yoga Sutra Shala has a lot of experience in running yoga retreats with several different themes in Spain. On Yoga Sutra Shala's retreat, you can be sure that the quality of excellence in every aspect is constantly maintained and that a warm homely atmosphere as well as personal attention for each guest are guaranteed. This retreat is designed to teach you yoga and meditation techniques that will allow you to change the way you relate to life in terms of developing a healthy mind and a healthy body.

    Skill level

    • Beginner

    • Intermediate

    • Advanced


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: Chinese (mandarin), French, Hindi, Spanish, English
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    Yoga Sutra Shala offers accommodation with excellent quality, assuring that you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay. During your retreat, you will be staying at a beautiful secluded retreat centre situated in Benissiva. The villa is just 15 minutes drive to one of Valencia's most beautiful and secluded beaches, Oliva.

    All of the rooms have beautiful views of the mountains or the village. There are eight bedrooms, each one with ensuite bathroom to make your stay really comfortable. Two of the rooms have their own balcony and three of the rooms have a large balcony which they share with each other. All rooms have air conditioning and central heating.

    Budget twin room

    El Llimener has cosy twin beds and has lovely views of the beautiful hamlet of Benissiva. The room has a lovely ensuite bathroom.

    Budget double room

    All double rooms can be booked by couples or single travellers as a private double room

    • Tossal Gros: This room has a very comfortable double bed and a beautiful balcony with views looking over the mountains. It also has an ensuite bathroom.
    • El Colomer: This room has a lovely double bed and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. It also has a nice ensuite bathroom.

    Double rooms

    All double rooms can be booked by couples or single travellers as a private double room.

    • La Forada: This room has a double bed and a shared terrace with lovely views of the Valencian mountains. It also has an ensuite bathroom.
    • La Solana: This room has one double bed and lovely views of the mountains. It also has an ensuite bathroom.

    Twin rooms

    All twin rooms can be booked individually by two same sex single travellers wanting to share or by two friends booking at the same time.

    • El Misserat: This room has two single beds with a shared balcony and ensuite bathroom. It has lovely views of the surrounding mountains.
    • L'Albureca: This room has two single beds, a shared balcony and amazing views of the mountains. It also has an ensuite bathroom.

    Deluxe double room

    L'Umbria is a very special room. It has two double beds and an ensuite bathroom. The room has its own balcony and lovely views of the surrounding Valencian mountains and unspoilt countryside. It is perfect for a couple or for two friends or family members to share. For price list, please contact Yoga Sutra Shala.

    Typical timetable

    • 07.30 : Chanting and Pranayama class (optional)
    • 07.45 : Morning Vinyasa yoga class (Yang based)
    • 09.10 : Morning guided meditation
    • 09.30 : Organic healthy and delicious breakfast
    • 10.00 : Rest time, time for snacks
    • 12.30 : Organic vegetarian lunch
    • 13.30: Silence hour (optional)
    • 14.30 : Free time for reading, walking, resting
    • 16.00 : Evening yoga class (Yin based)
    • 17.30 : Evening Guided meditation
    • 19.00 : Organic vegetarian dinner

    Yoga and meditation classes

    Throughout these retreats, you will be focusing on different guided meditations every day in the morning and evening to teach your mind to relax and focus on silence within. The aim is to help you return with a more positive and happy mindset. There will be different series of yin and yang based vinyasas taught to you every day - yang every morning and yin every evening - designed to slowly open up the whole body over five days so that by the last day of the retreat, every muscle within your body feels open, alive, relaxed, rejuvenated and energized.

    "Free to do/attend" retreat

    Note that all the classes are all optional during your yoga retreats. We want you to develop at your own pace and we want you to enjoy your stay. We want you to enjoy your yoga retreats as much as possible, to become healthy in mind and body, to learn how to relax and deal with stress and to learn how to feel at one with yourself.

    "Your yoga" structure

    At your yoga retreat centre, our aim is to help you develop your health, learn relaxation techniques and learn meditation so helping you to deal with stress, improve the quality of your life, your happiness and your sense of well-being. On your yoga retreats, you will be taught meditation, asana (posture), chanting, and breathing techniques. All classes will be optional as we want you to enjoy your stay and develop at your own pace.

    You will be asked at the beginning of each yoga retreat what areas you want to develop in. Your yoga retreat will be personalized according to your wants and needs for your own development whether you are a new or established student of yoga.

    Namit will be using his highly developed teaching system during each class at your yoga retreat at Yoga Sutra Shala to teach Vinyasa Yoga. Your yoga retreat centre will be run specifically as a shala - a place of refuge and a place to find inner peace. Your shala will be a perfect place to escape the stresses of the modern world and develop a sense of peace, calm, well-being and happiness.

    • Namit Kathoria

      Namit has a strong family tradition of yoga and has studied yoga all over the world including in his native India. His background as a leading health professional allows him to apply and explain the health benefits of yoga scientifically and to a high level. Namit has yoga teaching qualifications from Rishikesh in India (the birthplace of yoga) and also from Dharamsala in the Himalayas in India (the current residence of His Royal Holiness the Dalai Lama). He has also spent time deepening his own practice in the Shala of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.

    • Maru Ortiz

      Maru is a KPJAYI Authorised teacher. Her interest in Yoga started a very young age when she started studying Buddhism from her mother. In 2016 she received the blessings of her guru and was authorized to teach the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. She also adds warmth, friendliness, compassion and a positive energy that will make you grow, learn and develop your health further still as well as become more peaceful, more internalized and happier.

    Retreats are based at the yoga and meditation retreat centre in Benissiva, a village in the province of Alicante, Valencia, Spain. The retreat centre is surrounded by 8 beautiful mountains and it is situated in complete silence. The retreat center is only 15 minutes drive to one of Valencia's most beautiful and secluded beaches, Oliva.

    Healthy, delicious vegetarian, 100% organic meals will be provided using locally grown organic fruit and vegetables on every yoga retreat. The recipes used will be created by health and nutrition experts including Namit and Maru, the founders of Yoga Sutra Shala. Wholemeal foods will be used as well as foods low in saturated fat during your yoga retreats. All meals are based on the principles of good nutrition, health and good taste.

    There is no meat or fish on the yoga retreats. All the food is vegetarian in the tradition of yoga and ahimsa (non-violence). The yoga tradition encourages the vegetarian diet during the practice of meditation in order to increase the experience of peace.

    Instead your meals at the yoga retreat centre will contain beans, nuts, avocados, tofu, seeds and other vegetarian sources of protein, allowing you to build core, back and other muscle groups that have been developed from practicing yoga postures by yogis for millennia.

    Other special dietary requests such as vegan, dairy free, and wheat free will also be catered for. Gluten free and lactose free diets as well as other allergies can also be catered for. Our chefs will make delicious alternatives for you.

    The following meals are included:

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner

    The following dietary requirements are served and/or catered for:

    • Gluten Free
    • Lactose Free
    • Organic
    • Vegetarian
    (If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation)

    During your free time, you can go for a nature walk and admire some of the stunning views of the surrounding mountains as well as breathe in some of the lovely mountain air. You can also arrange a trip with a local taxi driver to the surrounding villages or to one of Valencia's most beautiful and secluded beaches, Oliva. Most people, however, like to relax by the pool, read, chat to new friends at your yoga retreat centre or listen to quiet music.

    There are people from the local villages who come to the shala and offer massage and reflexology treatments. Treatments tend to cost around 60 EUR each. Please feel free to send an inquiry to Yoga Sutra Shala if you want to find out more.

    • 5 nights accommodation in the cosy villa
    • Fun and professional yoga and meditation classes twice a day
    • 3 delicious organic vegetarian meals daily
    • Use of the swimming pool
    • Over 20 of the best quality organic teas from around the world which you will have available to drink whenever you want to
    • Wi-Fi available for the entire length of your stay
    • A library of books on yoga, philosophy, meditation and travel
    • A library of CDs with mantras, meditation music, philosophy lectures and classical music
    • A library of blue ray discs and DVDs with documentaries on nutrition, yoga and philosophy
    • Fresh organic fruit from the local organic farmers available all day for you to snack on
    • Airport transfers (30 EUR one way)
    • Flights

    Arrival by airplane

    The nearest airport is Alicante (ALC). Yoga Sutra Shala can help you organizer a transfer from Alicante airport to the venue and from the venue to the airport during scheduled times below:

    • On Sundays at 12pm (airport - venue)
    • On Fridays at 1.45 pm (venue - airport)

    The cost is 30 EUR each way.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Yoga Sutra Shala an inquiry.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • J
      Review by Josefina Toledo from Spain
      7.5 Value for money
      7.5 Accommodation & facilities
      10 Food
      10 Location
      7.5 Quality of activity
      7.5 Overall impression

      2017-Apr-22 10:18:24

    • L
      Review by Lesley Walker from Netherlands

      A happy yogi

      PROS Pros: I loved my group, the location, the whole concept of attention to body, mind and soul.

      10 Value for money
      10 Accommodation & facilities
      10 Food
      7.5 Location
      7.5 Quality of activity
      7.5 Overall impression

      2017-May-22 09:06:58

    • E
      Review by Erika Kibirkstyte from Denmark

      6 days of heaven on earth

      PROS Pros: I was going with very little expectations as I booked the retreat almost the last minute. 1) Yoga teaching was very thorough, sincere and adjusted to personal needs. Beginners as well as more advanced could find something for them as Namit always suggested couple of variations of asanas. Moreover, he introduced us with some very useful pranayama techniques and was very open to answer any questions reg. asanas, breathing or their influence on our body and mind. I personally went with a small neck injury, so he advised me on how could I modify the practise not to injure myself. So did each of the attendees receive a couple advice on what they should work on. I believe that is what you expect from a knowledgeable teacher. 2) The food was adorable, fantastic and all other possible compliments. It was a well balanced vegetarian diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains etc., some being picked directly from the garden, whilst other ingredients were being bought from farmers around or organic shops. Amparo, the chef, was very creative and introduced us to so many different healthy foods and we always would get the answer either from the chef or Namit about the benefits of one or the other ingredient. Additionally, there were always plenty of teas, fruits on trees and in the kitchen. As well there were always vegan options on the menu. 3) Surroundings are just perfect for a retreat. The place is around an hour drive from Alicante airport. Villa is located in the middle of the small town in the valley. There are around 40 people constantly living in the town and most of them are local farmers, growing olives, cherries, oranges etc. There are 2 bars and one restaurant, and you can find an ATM at a nearby town some 10 min nice walk. Villa itself is a very impressive, with its own history, decorated in a very nice and cosy style. Rooms are very clean and you are provided with clean bedlinen, towels and toiletries. There is a pool, astonishing views towards the mountains and the very huge garden for walks, practising yoga or just reading a book in the shade. You can as well go for a small mountain hikes during the lunch break. There are as well plenty of books to read or music to listen to. 4) Teacher Namit is a very open person, which radiates very nice energy and not only knows a lot about yoga, meditation and nutrition, but is very happy and ready to share the knowledge, answer any of your questions. You feel very confident to ask anything you are in doubt about. Maru is as well a nice person and we very happy to have a chance to be introduced to Ashtanga yoga principles. All in all I am very happy I chose this retreat and spend one of the most wonderful weeks in great surroundings, eating great healthy food, practising yoga and becoming more knowledgable. As well I met many wonderful people, and even made friends. Thanks to Namit and Maru for having such a nice place.

      7.5 Value for money
      10 Accommodation & facilities
      10 Food
      10 Location
      10 Quality of activity
      10 Overall impression

      2017-May-13 20:39:30

    • E
      Review by Elena Sedonati from Switzerland
      10 Value for money
      10 Accommodation & facilities
      10 Food
      10 Location
      7.5 Quality of activity
      7.5 Overall impression

      2017-Apr-29 05:38:42

    • Review by Maeve from Milton Keynes, UK

      "We had a lovely mother and daughter retreat here. The setting was wonderful high up in the mountains. Fresh clean air, beautiful views and we learnt so much about yoga, meditation and pranayama. We also learnt a lot about food ! Kate was an incredible chef, creative and imaginative and left us all wanting her vegetarian recipes . Namit could tell us all about the food we were eating and how we can cook and eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am still following his yoga sequences as I really felt the benefits of his teaching and his holistic approach to life and longevity . "

      "A yoga retreat which definitely left us wanting more"

      November 3, 2016. BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Alison Gentleman from Reigate, UK

      "A fantastic yoga retreat. Beautiful location, great group of people, excellent instructors and incredible food! There was something for everyone, whether you want to focus on meditation, yoga or healthy eating. I learnt a lot in just five days. Highly recommended."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Vaishali from Birmingham, England

      "I thought the yoga retreat was awesome. The yoga was very good, as was the food! Great location and the venue was very nice and clean. Completely enjoyed the experience. Namit and Maru were very welcoming and knowledgeable. Steph and Christina were both amazing cooks, the food was super healthy! Overall would definitely recommend it to my friends!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Andrew from Limavady, Ireland

      "There are so many offers for yoga retreats on the web but Yoga Sutra Shala attracted me because of the great reviews that it received and now I can see why. Namit and Maru have organised a wonderful stay in the beautiful Andalucian countryside for anyone, with any level of ability in yoga, who needs a little time out from daily life. The house was warm and homely and as a group we bonded really well there. The food was delicious and healthy and came with lots of nutritional and health information from a very wise man on the subject. The weather was great. It was hot but the house was well equipped with fans so it wasn't a problem getting to sleep and during the day we had time to spend in the pool.This was literally my first time ever doing yoga and I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Namit has a lovely way of teaching even the most novice of students and gently helps you to improve your postures. He takes into consideration the wishes of each new group of students and tailors the classes to help each individual reach her/his potential. Following the yoga class we did meditation which really allows you to disconnect from the world, take your gaze inwards and work on finding inner happiness. Namit's way of speaking helps you to totally relax and makes the whole experience really worthwhile."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Lynn from USA

      "The recent Yoga Retreat with Namit and Maru in Spain was very special. We stayed in a wonderful house up in the Andalucian Mountains where we had 2 daily classes outside on the patio near to the swimming pool.Three, organic, vegetarian meals a day were deliciously prepared - based on expert, nutritional knowledge by two wonderful, generous cooks. The food came largely from local farmers and were prepared with great love and care. Composting of all food scraps was practiced.Namit is a wonderful yoga teacher who paces the group according to where each student is in his or her practice. We covered many aspects of yoga - pranayama, asana, meditation, and discussions grew from questions and philosophy around the work. The participants came from different backgrounds and though many languages were known, English was the common language. Namit thoughtfully gave instruction first in English, then in Spanish, so we benefited from this bi-lingual teaching by hearing his yoga instructions twice. Manu had the care of their new 1 year old daughter - all three were our spiritual teacher throughout. our stay.Dining together out on the patio morning, mid-day and evening we grew to be a yoga family, sharing new insights about yoga, food, health and different cultures. I deeply recommend Namit and Maru's yoga retreat. It was a joyful, knowledgeable, heart-based, relaxed and inspiring experience, which will remain with me always."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Denyse from Toronto, Canada

      "A week of taking the time to be in the present moment and be reminded and tooled on how to stay there. Amazing food thanks to Steffi and Christina. Namit is always aiming to please and inspire one to open the heart Chakra. Very important retreat for me and it did not disappoint. New friendships were the icing on the (vegetarian) cake. Amazing view of the mountains."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Conni from Berlin, Germany

      "I absolutely loved the retreat at Yoga Sutra Shala! Namit puts so much love and attention to detail into the whole experience - it all just leaves you blissful and so unbelievably grateful. Every minute was wonderful and magical! I would love to come again!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Lisa from London, UK

      "It was a really good retreat. The food was delicious.Its handy that transport was taken care of - so basically all we had to do was turn up! I would highly recommend going. The teacher (Namit) has a lovely aura and it was a nice atmosphere - very calm and relaxing. Just book and go!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Inga from Germany

      "I booked this retreat because I was emotionally strained, exhausted and sad and was looking for soothing surrounds - ideally a white beach with crystal clear waters and nature with lush foliage, calming yoga practice and meditation to release at least some of the unhealthy emotions that had accumulated inside of me.On my arrival, it was a rainy grey day, the landscape looked nevertheless dry, barren and not very inviting, there was no beach anywhere to be seen and I was madly tired. But then what I found in was simply awesome and after five days I left relaxed, strengthened, cleansed and with a joyful, loving heart.Namit is not only an inspirational yoga teacher and multilingual "global citizen" who lives what he teaches, friendly, calm, collected, conscious, respectful, curious and a doting daddy. I felt really safe and well guided throughout our twice daily practice and found myself evolving to new horizons in Asana land. There was just the right mix of theory, breathing techniques, physical exertion and meditation practice (the latter was really helpful for me personally - at some point all hell broke loose and after a good cry I felt cleansed and finally calm, again). To round things off, Namit is also extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date regarding nutrition, neurobiological science, anatomy, etc due to his scientific background in pharmacy and nutrition. So our discussions about just about anything concerning healthy living answered a lot of my questions and inspired new ones - all the while leaving myths and superstitions behind. Maru surely is a similarly inspiring and loving teacher but her little one still keeps her pretty busy for the time being - we only had one Ashtanga session with her on our last day, so next time I'll want more of her, too :-)Now, one mega-outstanding plus that deserves a special mention here was the absolutely fabulous food: all organic, versatile vegetarian cooking brought to new heights three times a day by Polly, the Australian magic chef and fun companion on our evening walks and bodega visit - thank you so very much!I also found lovely companionship within our vibrant group of seven participants - just the right amount of hanging out together and leaving each other in peace, great chats, reading and sun-baking by the pool and lots of new inspirations (books, movies, web links, recipes, other courses to attend). We also did lots of small walks into nearby Sayalonga, a little white Andalusian village, for a cuppa after lunch or around the hilltops in the evenings to watch the sunset and the goats coming home under almond, olive and avocado trees. Some even ventured further i.e. to the beach down the coast but that's quite a distance to cover in the heat.I'd also book a few days in Malaga after the retreat - this time I only saw the beaches from Ramiro's taxi and had merely a few hours to walk this beautiful old city before heading to the airport.Keep up the good work and lots of love to your team including Kristina, the good soul in the kitchen!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Sue from BC, Canada

      "Yoga Sutra Shala was a piece of paradise and exactly what I needed. I loved that it was in such a beautiful tranquil part of Spain, the weather was mainly hot and sunny, the healthy food was so delicious and Namit is an amazing yoga instructor. It was better than I anticipated with all the little extras Namit included and just the comfort level of the home, bedrooms and beds were five star to me, and being a small group was important to me. I feel inspired to make some much needed changes in my thinking and how I live my life. This retreat and Namit and his family were such an inspiration to me. Plus I met some wonderful people too!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Danny from Bristol, UK

      "1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?"The atmosphere and warmth of the retreat is outstanding. After a day of acclimatising and adjusting to the schedule, it is a beautiful and welcoming place to spend time. The week itself became a meditation. The yoga classes are led with skill and empathy and great enthusiasm by Namit. There were different levels and strengths within the group and everyone was given attention and postures that suited perfectly our abilities and provided just the right level of challenge and excitement at what we could do given the time and careful instruction. The food deserves special mention and is a real treat."2. What tips would you give other travellers booking this holiday?"Don't clutter your bag, keep it simple and it will be rewarding. Maybe bring a notebook to write down the variety and depth of information provided on nutrition and yoga and meditation. If you have experience with yoga, think about what you want to learn and what parts of yoga you would like to push yourself towards with the space provided by a dedicated week of practice."3. Did you feel that your holiday benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?"Namit and Maru employ local people and respect local customs in all their interactions. The food in particular is prepared with a very local and organic flavour."4. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?"A great experience and something that everyone and anyone can relish and get something important from."5. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?"Some wonderful memories, I would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Leandra from Adelaide, Australia

      "I had a great retreat. It was for me, a perfect balance of yoga, meditation and relaxation. Namit and Maru were perfect hosts and I felt at home and very comfortable. The food was plentiful and so delicious, yet very healthy. The surroundings were beautiful and the group of women I shared the experience with, I'm hoping, will be friends for life. The hosts walk their talk & their support staff are also lovely."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Lotte from Copenhagen, Denmark

      "The retreat with Yoga Sutra Shala was fantastic - Namit is an incredible yoga teacher!."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Wendy from Nijmegen, Holland.

      "It was a very lovely week! It was way more than I had expected it to be and everything was just great! I am a critical person but I have no points of criticism at all. Also Maru and Ana and Cristina are amazing! The food is really nice and the atmosphere in and around the house is fantastic! I really felt at home. Namit's patience, personal attention and kindness I will always remember. :)I can only say to everybody: GO there and enjoy and for a week!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Lou & Georgie from London, UK

      "The retreat we booked at Yoga Sutra Shala was perfect: the views, food, and yoga - all first class. Thank you so much! "

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Bobby from Leamington Spa, UK

      "Yoga Sutra Shala is a little piece of heaven in the Andalusian Mountains. It gives you a comprehensive holistic sense of joy and well-being through its location in front of the beautiful mountains, to the wonderful teachers Namit and Maru and the culinary delights of Ana as well as the spiritually healing hands of Jose Antonio who works magic through his massages. The yoga was taught with great sensibility and passion, the conversations were enlightening and joyful. To me, this place is outstanding and I would highly recommend the retreat for any person regardless of level of yoga or meditation practice. It's a place where you learn so much effortlessly and come away with a calm smile and a heightened awareness. This retreat is like a blessing!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Janet Power from Limerick, Ireland

      "Yoga Sutra Shala was beyond all my expectations. Namit & Maru are heart-warming people. The food was exceptional, prepared with love by Ana. The location is beautiful. The yoga & meditation, chanting & nutrition classes have inspired & elevated me. It is a really magical experience in this homely haven. I look forward to returning some day."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Karen from Lancashire, UK

      "I had the most amazing, chillaxing, healthiest, and calming yogatastic week at Yoga Sutra Shala! Thank you, NamitI have realized through the last month there is far more to life than the humdrum of work, cleaning, shopping, paying the bills and general daily worries as they get you nowhere but age and stress youI aim to stay relaxed, at peace and calm, but feel the levels rising mostly through work stress, so that's the first thing to change!From the start, communication was amazing from Namit. I was met at the airport by taxi around 2 p.m along with one more lady. We were greeted with smiles by Namit and his beautiful, heavily pregnant wife Maru. Meanwhile, expert vegan chef Anna was working her magical skills to the full in the kitchen, preparing a late lunch of absolute loveliness.All four of us were given a room each, which was very generous of Namit. We also accepted a lovely bonus for which I am very thankful: a tour around the part of the house we were to live in, which is very homely with two toilets, bathroom and shower.The agenda of the day is perfect. The views are spectacular, and if you are willing to walk, you will find many more amazing sights. Sleeping in a single bed wasn't too groovy as I'm not used to it, but the bed was comfy, bedding was plentiful, and there were towels for showering. And bathing in the pool!I cannot recommend this break enough. Take the leap and book today! Many thanks to Namit and the team! I just wish we had more time for learningI will return for more."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Jane Bousfield from Cambridge, UK

      "I very much enjoyed my yoga retreat. Namit is an accomplished, well-organised and very warm teacher who can take everyone's health issues and yoga levels into account whilst delivering a flowing programme encouraging all yogis to develop towards their potential. The location and house were lovely and all the staff caring and friendly. I would recommend this to all who like a primarily vegan diet and spiritual dimension to their yoga journey."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Nora from Paris, France

      "I had the great chance to do a Yoga Retreat with Namit and Maru beginning of May. That was the first time that I did a Yoga retreat, and I was quite anxious about this.When I arrived at Namit and Maru's place, I felt at home, so warmly welcome that right away my fears disappeared and I was sure that I was going to have a great time. Namit is a great teacher and a wonderful person, he attaches a lot of importance to teach yoga with a very high level of professionalism. He always tries to explain the benefits of all the postures and each class is customised to make sure it fits to our expectations and needs.Maru was pregnant when I did the retreat so we couldn't enjoy her classes. She is as well very nice and very generous.The atmosphere was so peaceful. I will manage to go there again. This retreat brought me so much, I came back deeply changed, relaxed, seeing the world from a different perspective.Special mention to Anna, who prepared all the delicious veggy meals we could enjoy during the whole retreat. Besides to be a great cooker, she's a so nice person, giving some personal advice to help you to eat healthy when you come back from the retreat.I highly recommend this Yoga retreat!!!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Persia Lawson from London, UK

      "Yoga Sutra Shala was a magical experience for myself and my friend. Both 20-something creatives who needed a break from our busy schedules in London and it did not disappoint!Namit and Maru are the warmest, kindest people we have ever met, and Ana was an exceptional vegan cook - we often had 3rd helpings because her food was that good!The schedule was great, with lots of yoga, meditation, chanting, as well as plenty of free time in the afternoon. We both improved in our yoga so much. The people we met were fantastic too.Below are some of our tips to get the very best out of your stay:1) Get up early (we got up 6.30 a.m.), take some incense and green tea and a blanket (provided in room) onto the top balcony for some morning self-guided meditation and reflection - the sunrise is STUNNING. Do the same at sunset (but with fresh lavender from the plants by the yoga space to go into the tea). You can download 'Meditation Oasis' free off the app store - it's great :)2) Walk to Sayalonga village with your iPod to enjoy the scenery - grab a drink at the little cafe in the square.3) Keep an open-mind - the people you are on the retreat with may not be your normal types, but we made such great friends there, and had some great discussions over every meal.4) Ask Namit lots of questions in the philosophy classes - he is so, so wise (and incredibly modest and humble!) We had such great discussions with him about spirituality and the meaning of life!5) If at all possible, turn your emails off - I did and it did me wonders! The internet connection is good, but it's a great chance to connect with yourself and nature instead!6) Get a full body massage with Ana or Jose Antonio.7) Bring a few great life affirming books on spirituality, as well as a notebook to write down reflections.Come here to recharge and get back in touch with what is important to you in life. This place has a real energy and heart. I visit India regularly and have done several yoga retreats, and this is up there with the best - it has such a great community/family vibe and is very homely, clean and comfortable.I shall be back here regularly - feel so blessed to have been made to feel so welcome here :)"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Ali from Sheffield, UK

      "If you want an incredibly relaxing, enlightening, healthy, and vinyasa-based yoga retreat, then this must be one of the best on offer. I cannot speak highly enough of the organizers, Namit and Maru, who are truly wonderful people.I have grown enormously not only in my yoga practice, but spiritually too. Namit is extremely knowledgeable about all things yogic, plus in many other areas too and he has amazingly attentive people skills, as well as being possibly one of the nicest people I have ever met.The food is incredibly tasty and healthy too. I have never tried being vegan but it came easily in Yoga Sutra Shala from the fabulous chef Ana, as well as inspiring me to continue being at least vegetarian on my return home.The venue is beautiful, peaceful and quiet in the pretty mountains above Malaga. Thoroughly recommended."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Eva from Copenhagen, Denmark

      "Theres one specific moment from my stay at the Yoga Sutra Shala retreat thats more vividly staying with me than the other. Its getting up in the morning, getting dressed and wrapping a blanket around me, quietly walking outside in the fresh air watching the mountains surrounding me. I very often think of these morning meditations when being stressed back at home I close my eyes and imagine me sitting watching the mountains and the sun starting to light them up, listening to the sounds of the birds, the sounds of everybody and everything waking up. And the smell, the fresh mountain air I loved it. It was truly amazing. Just for that moment, sitting in meditation opening up to the world and yourself, looking at the mountains and breathing in fresh mountain air, I would definitely recommend everyone to go, just go! Its by far the best thing you can do to yourself.Besides meditation, we practiced yoga twice a day, did breathing exercises, chants, talked about nutrition and health and everything else! The group was great, by staying at the same place all day long there was this really special intense atmosphere created where everything was up for discussion and I felt like everyone felt like opening up as well even though we just met!The place was wonderful, beautiful surroundings and lovely hosts and amazing food. Practicing yoga twice a day wasnt as hard as I dreaded, it only felt like my body was getting a lot stronger by each day and I got to learn it better as well. Namit was a inspiring and challenging teacher, patient with all of us, letting us decide whether to work on strength, hip openers or inversions and came up with different levels of challenges for everyone. He encouraged us to listen carefully to our bodies, only taking it as far as felt comfortable, but still managed to encourage me to try asanas I have never done before or thought possible. I really felt like I got to build up a strong fundament in those days, learning about the inspiration and thoughts of practising yoga and getting a insight to the anatomy of the human body, feeling better prepared to do asanas and listening to my own bodys limits.I was so pleased with the stay all in all and returned back home feeling so relaxed, confident and comfortable in my body having practising yoga twice a day and eating healthy. I felt as if I returned with a stronger body and a stronger mind filled up with positivity and hope for the future. Yoga Sutra Shala is a truly amazing place where I can only recommend you to go as soon as possible."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Blanaid from Dublin, Ireland

      "I had a fantastic time with Namit and Maru. They cater for each individuals needs and make everyone feel instantly at home. The food cooked by Ana was exceptional. I feel really relaxed and ready to take on new challenges after the trip. And my yoga has improved beyond my expectations. I highly recommend a visit to Yoga Sutra Shala."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Mira from London, UK

      "First of all Id like to start with a big Thank you. I had booked my week in Sayalonga fairly spontaneously, only two weeks in advance. Id had a bit of a rough time earlier in March and felt I needed to treat myself, to get back into shape and recharge my batteries. The Yoga and Relaxation retreat with Sutra Shala seemed just what I needed and overall my expectations were exceeded.First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed all the yoga sessions, and the style and atmosphere in which they were taught. Our group was very small, and Namit took care of each students needs, which made all of us progress and develop day by day. It was so useful to have someone help you make constant adjustments and improvements. Even tiny changes in placing your feet or hands can make such a big difference. I feel I learned a great deal! And what I learned has kept me motivated and helped me to improve my practice now that Im back in London, both in class and at home.Food was amazing too! Anna was an absolute star! Every single dish was delicious. And it was impressive to see how much care went into it to make every meal special and healthy. I would have enjoyed my week with my group pretty much anywhere, Im sure. But the fact that we were surrounded by beautiful mountains and had lots of sun and fresh air made the whole experience all the more enjoyable.I wish I could do it again soon, and highly recommend it!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Faith from Velpke, Germany

      "Yoga Sutra Shala was an amazing experience. It is beautiful beyond words there. Namit and Maru were wonderful. If you can only take 1 holiday in your life, take this one."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Lorena De Oliveira from Brazil

      "If you are looking for a unique retreat, this is the place to dive into - a yoga practice that will absolutely have you coming out feeling refreshed, empowered, peaceful, and balanced.Namit and Maru are wonderful people - very genuine, calm, and their place reflects that peaceful energy. I found that they are the right type of hosts where they are very friendly, helpful, subtle, and informative, but at the same time respecting your space and privacy.Sayalonga is a very small village just an hour away from Malaga. It is the perfect place to come for a quiet retreat in the mountains - the views from the retreat are breathtaking, the sounds of nature, the exquisite Mediterranean smell in the air, the lovely guided meditation and yoga classes makes for a perfect package of well-being.A little perk is the massages that you can get on site by a very genuine, sensitive, and experienced masseur called Jose Antonio. He's excellent and does a great job at leaving you feeling revitalised and all of it at the most reasonable price possible.The accommodation is very comfortable. Don't expect a luxurious retreat in terms of accommodation, as I said very comfortable but not luxurious, but the experience as a whole is a luxuries one.I do recommend the retreat - I would go back again and will keep this experience as a lovely one."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Caroline from London, UK

      "Yoga Sutra Shala was a very happy, easy week of yoga, breathing, meditation, amazing food and amazing people. My aim for the week was to do yoga, relax, stop my internal mind chatter, be healthy and get value for money; the week fulfilled all these things and more! Namit, Maru and Anna made us all feel so welcome and cared for. Namit has a breadth of knowledge and experience in yoga, and also nutrition. His yoga sessions catered for everyone and he let the group go at the pace we all wanted.Being amongst the mountains made the trip incredible with great views and clear fresh air. The accomodation was very comfortable and clean and there was a lovely swimming pool to accompany the amazing weather we had (early April). The food Anna prepared was delicious and healthy and I was amazed when I got home to learn that I'd lost weight inspite of consuming so much delicious food; we also all benefited from a nutritional workshop run by Namit where we all picked up healthier ways of eating. Anything any of us wanted, whether it be a massage or tapping in to philosophical teachings with Namit and maru, nothing was a problem.I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by some amazing people in my group as well as Namit, Maru and Anna which made the week one I won't forget."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Mel from Brighton, UK

      "Yoga Sutra Shala is a very special place. I don't say that lightly as I have been studying yoga for 20 years and visited many beautiful retreats. Yes, the scenery is breathtaking. Yes, the sun shone and the swimming pool was refreshing. But that is not unusual at a retreat centre. Yoga Sutra Shala offers so much more than that.The experience at Yoga Sutra Shala is unusually complete and powerful. It is probably the nearest thing you will experience to a stay in an ashram in Rishikesh without actually going there! This is down to Namit and Maru (not forgetting the wonderful cook, Anna) and the way the shala is run. Namit and Maru truly believe in what they teach and live their yoga. Namit has studied the original yogic texts in depth and his teaching is underpinned by his deep knowledge without any kind of preaching or self conscious spirituality getting in the way.Yoga Sutra Shala is an authentic retreat, not in a wafty, candles-and-incense kind of way as is the case in many western retreat centres. But in such a natural, quiet and understated way that it only dawns on you slowly as you become part of the rhythm of the place and start to feel yourself unfolding, breathing more easily and feeling at home in our body.Everything is done with humility, mindfulness and loving kindness, from the expertly balanced food, prepared and cooked by the wonderful Anna, to the expert yoga lessons taken outside looking out over Mount Maroma, and the guests are treated with a huge amount of respect and care. Namit is a fount of knowledge but never makes a song of dance of it, he just introduces the breathing exercises or chants or postures that he thinks might help you most. Like a master physician he drops a practise or a posture or a chant into the mix and waits for the result. Maru, Namit's wife, who was quite heavily pregnant when I visited so not teaching, was also a loving presence and a quiet authority on nutrition and yoga. The result of this expertly designed retreat is a deeply nourishing experience on every level and a felt sense of how yoga as expressed in the original texts and practised with care and rigour can transform your body, mind and spirit.The measure of how transformational our retreat was is that three weeks later everybody in our group has stayed in touch, has changed their diet and is practising yoga regularly."

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    • Review by Alan from Dublin, Ireland

      "Yoga Sutra Shala is a very special place. A huge amount of care and attention is put into the classes and the food! I could not recommend it highly enough."

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    • Review by Beverley Knowles from UK

      "Yoga Sutra Shala's retreats border on getaway perfection. The yoga is taken very seriously. A two and a half hour Ashtanga session in the morning is complimented by two hours of Hatha Yoga and meditation in the evening.A diet of organic vegan delicacies prepared by a passionately ethical local cook aids the physical and spiritual cleansing process. Added to which the menu is so well balanced and varied you'll hardly even notice. Namit and Maru are both very well informed about health and dietary matters. Namit has degrees in Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy and a mind-boggling capacity for retaining up to the minute factual information. Almost any question you can think to ask in the field of wellbeing will be answered with immediate and thoughtful lucidity.Namit and Maru are incredibly warm and modest people and these qualities seep into everything they do, nourishing the already glorious Andalusian atmosphere."

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    • Review by Rushmi Soma from Europe

      "I had such a wonderful time at Yoga Sutra Shala retreat in Nov 2013. I hadnt done yoga for a couple of years due to a back problem, but I am currently on a spiritual path. The idea of meditation, chanting and organic food really intrigued me. I have to say that I wasnt disappointed. Namit and Maru were great yoga teachers and amazing hosts. My visit has renewed my love for yoga and meditation and I now practice both every day. My back also feels much better and I feel stronger somehow.Namit is very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and organic food and I learnt a great deal from him about how to cook and what my body needs. I now buy organic whenever I can.The location and food were second to none. I look forward to going back next year and have already recommended Yoga Sutra Shala to some friends. I cant wait to go back. "

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    • Review by Diana from Surrey, UK

      "I had such a great time at the yoga retreat run by Yoga Sutra Shala. The accommodation was really nice and we were made to feel very at home there. It was in a beautiful location perched on a mountain with amazing views. The hosts Namit and Maru were very friendly, approachable and were always happy to help and talk to and answered all our questions. They had a lot of knowledge to share!The food was prepared by a local chef at the accommodation and was amazing, it has changed my perception of vegan food! It was all locally sourced and organic, and it was nice that we could find out everything that was in the recipes. The yoga sessions were run in the morning and evening and both Namit and Maru were very patient and good teachers, and adapted the postures according to everyone's individual abilities. We also had the option of having a massage during the weekend, which I would definitely recommend! The retreat was everything I hoped for and will definitely be going on their retreat again!"

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    • Review by Sabine from Germany

      "The retreat is situated on a mountain, approximately 10 minutes by car from Sayalonga Village. On arrival, you immediately feel relaxed and at peace. Each room is individually furnished and all very tastefully decorated. I had a very warm reception and feeling of hospitality.Almost every action takes place outside. The food served is abundant, various, tasty, healthy, organic and absolutely delicious! Maru and Namit are experts in the field of nutrition and are always keen on explaining the ingredients and their positive physical effects on the body. The meals are timed thoughtfully, so that the body gets the optimal rest between the meals and practice..With a view to efficiency and in order to make classes even more vivid, Namit demonstrates physically the correct realization of the positions. Maru directed me with extensive knowledge and loving empathy. I always felt very safe and learnt so many valuable and essential skills for enhancing my Ashtanga practice. Though I have practiced yoga for a few years already, beginners will be provided at the same level.In meditation, after the workshop, Namit takes you on a journey through your mind which leads you to the depth of your core, most revealing and helpful for mastering the challenges of everyday life.All in all, I experienced a most lovely and wonderful time at the retreat, emerging from my stay strengthened and vital and ready to face "the real life" again with new energy, a peaceful mind and valuable memories. Many thanks to Namit and Maru again for making my stay unforgettable!Click here to read full review with images from Sabine."

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    • Review by Lena

      "For someone who is constantly on the go and doesn't prioritize time for myself and for relaxation, my time at the Yoga Sutra Shala was long overdue. From the moment I arrived in the Andalucian mountains in Spain, I felt my body sigh in relief and my mind start to quiet.The flexible schedule at the retreat centre was tailored to my needs and was the perfect balance of yoga, chanting, meditation and pranayama. I also had time to walk around the grounds, reconnect with nature and most importantly, with myself.As I have only recently started practicing yoga, some concepts were new to me. Namit and Maru introduced these beautifully. Namit's teaching style is engaging, positive, and encouraging, reassuring me that although I could not perform every posture with textbook-style precision and flexibility, I was progressing with each day that went on.Namit and Maru's meals were delicious and mealtime soon became my favorite part of the day! Their passion for nutrition and healthy eating is highly infectious and I felt myself asking a hundred questions, which they were always happy to answer.I have taken away not only some lovely memories from the Yoga Sutra Shala Retreat Centre, but a wealth of knowledge, concepts and routines that I am striving to use integrate into my daily life at home. These five days have been invaluable. Thank you."Click here to read full review with images from Lena"

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    • Review by Suri Family from Nottingham, UK

      "Our visit to Yoga Sutra Shala retreat in October 2013 was a truly fantastic experience which surpassed many of our expectations.We're a family of 3 of varying yoga levels - my sister and mother the more patient and flexible ones with the most experience, and I, the blank canvas with little to no experience! We wanted a holiday which combined relaxation for all, progression in yoga, and great vegetarian food - and the retreat provided exactly that and more.The retreat is set in one of the most breathtaking spots of the mountains. You'll never grow tired of the near-panoramic views, with the Andalucian mountains on one side flowing into beaches on the other providing the backdrop for some really amazing sunsets. The weather at this time of year is pleasant, about 20 - 25 degrees during the day and slightly cooler at night; clear blue skies almost all the time.Namit and Maru are excellent teachers, guiding each individual step-by-step and providing what feels like bespoke experience (even though you're in a group class). You can see they're keen for everyone to progress, which really helps everyone to engage and develop a sense of teamwork. The 2 hour morning classes are great for waking you up, and the evening classes are great for focusing on specific postures or areas that people wish to hone.The food is something else! Anna is a fantastic and loving chef with plenty of recipes up her sleeves, all organic and all vegan. If you manage to get through the portions then there's even more for dessert, and Namit's knowledge of nutrition and well-being is enough to feast upon if you're still hungry after that! The intimate size of the group (4 of us in total) really made the difference for us, with everything from the communal dining in the rustic oak dining room, to the group walks and classes, and allowed us all to bind and come together as a group among ourselves as students and also with Namit and Maru. We were very sad to leave and are wondering when the next trip will be!"

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    • Review by Tracey Holland from Derby, UK

      "In August 2013 I went to Yoga Sutra Shala for a yoga retreat. Wow what an amazing week I had, I'm missing the calmness, the views, and doing yoga practice twice a day. This was my first retreat and I enjoyed it very much. The location of the house was fantastic. I found the view very calming and it helped me to concentrate on my yoga practice and meditation. The food cooked for us was of a really good standard, so fresh and healthy. Our hosts Namit and Maru were most welcoming and very easy to spend time with. I would not hesitate to recommend this yoga retreat."

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    • Review by Lyndsey Cavanagh from Granada, Spain

      "Things I like about the classes:The length of the class was perfect and I liked the timetable, the setting is wonderful.Things I liked about the timetable: It suited me and had nice breaks in which you can do other things.Things I like about the retreat centre: The location, the bedrooms are very nice, the outdoor area was great and all the natural vegetation was equally as great.Things I liked about the meals: The meals were fantastic and I learnt something new about everything we ate."

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    • Review by Clare Brooksbank from London, UK

      "I visited Yoga Sutra Shala in Sayalonga, south of Spain as a yoga teacher with a group of students in July this year. Firstly, the owner Namit was extremely helpful and attentive in his email communication prior to the holiday and answered all of our questions very promptly and accomodatingly. The location is stunningly beautiful with views over the mountains. Even in July, the air was fresh from the mountain breezes.The retreat center itself is set in a lovely and well-maintained fragrant garden where you can do yoga. You can swim in the pool or just chill, all with these stunning mountain views, truly idyllic. The house is perfect, a modern villa with a character, clean, well-maintained and very stylishly furnished.The final cherry of perfection on the top of this wonderful cake of a retreat is Namit and his partner Maru, who despite running the place virtually single handedly, are two of the most blissfully positive and pleasant people I know, true yogis. They cook wonderfully healthy vegan cuisine (including - very kindly - a surprise vegan chocolate cake for my daughter's birthday).They are incredibly knowledgable on many aspects of yoga and are always charming and illuminating company. I am very much looking forward to returning to teach and I know all my students are very much looking forward to returning as we had a perfect week's retreat there."

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    • Review by Julie Cowley from Derby, UK

      "I really enjoyed the time I spent at Sayalonga at Namit and Maru's yoga retreat. After five days of eating an exquisite organic vegetarian diet, meditating, practising asanas, and discussing philosophy. I felt strong, centred, and revitalised. We felt very welcome throughout our stay, and look forward to returning."

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    • Review by Eliza from London, UK

      "The house was really beautiful and the view from my room was amazing. I enjoyed the yoga, meditation and chanting (Namit is a good teacher) and will continue with these. However, there was nobody else on the retreat apart from me. I would advise people to check first whether there are other people coming if this is important to you, especially as the house is at the top of a mountain and a 20 minute drive to the nearest town. The real drawback for me was the food - it was mostly uninspiring and bland and I was often really hungry too (fruit for breakfast at 9 a.m. and then nothing until lunch at 2 or 3 p.m). I am very keen on vegetarian food and was so disappointed that it wasn't more tasty and interesting. They did make a lovely herby chickpea flatbread one day which I will try at home. I do feel that the meals need to be greatly improved. In the end I left a day early."

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    • Review by Nathalie from Bern, Switzerland

      "Just want to let you know that I had a wonderful, really inspiring and peaceful week at Yoga Sutra Shala with Maru and Namit. The best yoga retreat so far and surely not the last one there. Food was delicious. Yoga classes perfectly adapted to my needs and gentle. That center is just great, as well as the teachers - highly recommended."

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    • Review by Anne S. from Switzerland

      "I spent a week at Sutra Shala retreat, and I do not regret it for a second! It is a good mix of relaxing (small village, very nice, you can go for walks or simply stay by the pool and read) and practice. The yoga & meditation practice was amazing. I learnt a lot. It can feel like a lot on the first one or 2 days if you don't really practice yoga outside, but your body gets used to it...and you will see a lot progresses at the end of the week :) Anyway Namit is so nice and tells you to practice at your rythm. Also, you can always rest for a class if it is too much at the beginning. The food was also fantastic. I am not vegan, but learnt a lot about new ingredients and cooking...which has changed a bit my way of cooking back home (yes, in 1 week only). "

      "The house is very nice as well, you feel like home. "

      "Last but not least, Namit & Maru are great people. And I met great people here :) "

      "This trip definitely left a mark, and I hope to come back!"

      May 16, 2017. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Ali from Sheffield, UK

      "What better testament to Namit and Maru's yoga retreats than the fact that this was my 4th trip to Yoga Sutra Shala. I never cease to be amazed by the amount of lovely food (vegan available every mealtime, or vegetarian if you want it to be) cooked by the incredibly lovely and knowledgeable local chef. The Valencian mountain valley is just beautiful, with a fantastic walk nearby to the top of the mountain plateau. There were orange trees in blossom, scenting the air in the breeze, and cherries ripe for the picking too. The twice daily yoga was catered to all levels and I found myself pushed, if I wanted to, in every session. The meditation was wonderful too. Cannot recommend this retreat highly enough! Thank you yet again to you, Namit and Maru, for a thorough wind down but also a reviving retreat."

      May 15, 2017. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Jodie from London, UK

      "I enjoyed my time at Yoga Sutra Shala sooo much! I knew I wanted to calm the mind, great yoga and beautiful healthy food but I got so much more than that. We were welcomed in with open arms, fed lots of nutrition knowledge and left feeling very positive and inspired from a truly genuine experience. Namit and Maru really want you to take away what you've learned and start putting that into practice in everyday life...I'm really trying and still reminiscing about the beautiful food and those mountain views! Also it was the perfect amount of time although I probably wouldn't say no to one more day! :)"

      May 14, 2017. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Gabrielle from Dublin, Ireland

      "I just had a weeks retreat at this beautifully located yoga retreat. Everything about the place surpassed my expectations: the location the very beautiful and comfortable accommodation. The food was the best I have ever had on such a retreat. The yoga was perfect. My body and mind feel so good after my time here. Namit Maru and everyone attached to the yoga retreat are fantastic people. It is a very relaxed atmosphere and just what you need on a break like this. The fact that there are some good hikes in the local mountains is an added bonus. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who needs the break from the daily treadmill :)"

      May 14, 2017. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Christina from Berlin, Germany

      "I recommend this retreat to anybody who wants to get into contact with body and mind and calm down in a peaceful and caring ambiente."

      May 11, 2017. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Alison from London, United Kingdom

      "This yoga retreat was just what I was looking for. A beautiful location, stunning weather (23 degrees in October), excellent yoga and incredible food. I booked on a whim (after reading some reviews) and I wasn't disappointed. Namit and Maru know their stuff and were happy to share their knowledge. Yoga on the terrace watching the sunset was very special. The week focused on mind, body and soul so I mediated, ate well (didn't eat sugar for a week) and exercised and really felt the benefits. Just what I needed prior to Winter in the UK! Would recommend."

      January 23, 2017. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Alana from New York City, USA

      "I was feeling burned out and overworked in my personal, professional and athletic lives, and did a lot of research of yoga retreats and where would be the best place to fulfill my spiritual needs and deepen my practice of yoga. My criteria was nice warm weather, relaxation/meditation/solitary experience and a strong yoga regime, and Yoga Sutra Shala surpassed all expectations on this front. I was initially suspicious that Yoga Sutra Shala had such amazing reviews across the board, but now I know why, and it is well deserved. "

      "I appreciated that Yoga Sutra were very quick and responsive to my booking and in answering any questions I had beforehand, including providing recommendations for my travel and stay in Spain before and after the retreat. Upon arrival, we were all immediately welcomed within the Yoga Sutra family and made to feel that we were at home. Namit and Maru are such beautiful souls and just truly kind people. Very quickly my stress and anxiety due to my hectic life dissipated and I felt at peace! "

      "I am not a full time vegetarian, but was very excited to partake in such food and it was Amazing! Thank you Natalie and Kate---they are wizzes in the kitchen! There was always plenty to eat, food was beautifully arranged, all organic and simply delicious. Who knew vegetarian food could taste so amazing? My eating habits/awareness has improved from Namit's lessons and explanations as to the nutrition since returning from Yoga Sutra. You can definitely tell the menu was carefully curated for the guests during the week. "

      "Last, but not least, the yoga and meditation classes were plentiful and just perfect. The practice evolved throughout the week and caters to people of different abilities (beginners completely welcome), and Namit and Maru are able to provide personal attention and adjustments to help you reach your potential. I am much more mindful of my postures and breathing when I am doing yoga now. Everyone was there for different reasons, and those reasons were respected, whether it be solitude, time to be social, nature walks in the mountains, and time to rest. It was honestly perfect, and I am seriously considering on visiting Yoga Sutra Shala and Namit, Maru and Anya again next year!"

      November 20, 2016. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Adriana from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

      "I had the most amazing time during my stay at Yoga Sutra Shala. The experience was rewarding, relaxing and remarkable. The yoga pace was perfect for every person regardless of the level of experience. Namit was very patient and encouraging to help us push ourselves a bit further every time. The meditations were very enlightening, with the perfect set up and message. The food was absolutely unbelievable!! Honestly this was my biggest concern, I thought vegetarian healthy food must be boring, but oh no, it was unexpectedly amazing, tasty and delish. Kate did an incredibly job at pleasing everyone's taste while following the rules of healthy and nutritious meals. It was definitely a learning and fulfilling experience. I truly recommend it. Andalucía was just breathtaking and the views from the villa were just the perfect touch of beauty and nature."

      November 16, 2016. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Ella from Ramat Gan, Israel

      "When I say it couldn't have been better, it genuinely and truly couldn't have been better. I usually don't write reviews, even after a good experience, but with Yoga Sutra Shala I had to because I had an incredible experience. I came for a very specific reason... to learn how to use yoga & meditation as a way to combat my ongoing mental health issues. Yoga Sutra Shala was the perfect place for me (and clearly for many other people too) to do a yoga retreat. I gained so much knowledge about the yoga philosophy, developed my meditation & yoga skills, ate delicious, organic & nutritious food (thanks Natalie & Kate!), embarked on a rich inner journey through introspection and relaxation & felt extremely safe and well cared for. But not only that, I felt like I was with family. Namit & Maru are 2 of the best yoga teachers that you could come across and they have such deep knowledge and understanding of yoga, meditation, nutrition & mindfulness, that they are more than happy to share with you. Everything about the retreat was very well thought-out and well organised from the daily & weekly schedule, the meals, the classes, the meditation topics, the airport pick up & drop off etc. They truly gave us the luxury of not having to worry about anything other than our spiritual journey and personal development. Everything was easy and excellent. I wanted the best foundation to start my yoga & meditation healing journey and I had received that and so much more. If you're debating about whether to go or not, go. There's a reason why every review is a 5 star review."

      November 12, 2016. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Janet from London, UK

      "The food was delicious and nutritious, the yoga was fun, challenging and energising, and Namit and Maru gave us all a warm and wonderful welcome. The location is spectacular with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I really enjoyed the guided meditation and the nutrition advice, and I felt that my yoga technique really improved - I've returned to my regular classes stronger, more flexible and more confident. I loved my stay here, I had a wonderful time and left feeling thoroughly rejuvenated and inspired - thank you so much Namit and everyone else at Yoga Sutra Shala!"

      October 19, 2016. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Nina from Basel, Switzerland

      "Thank you so much Namit and Maru for this wonderful week, I am so grateful for having been able to get to know you. From the first second on I felt at home in Yoga Sutra Shala. The mix between the fantastic yoga classes in the morning and the evening and the free time in between was perfect. Food was exceptionally good and of very high quality. Thanks to the amazing food, the yoga classes, the relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful scenery I was able to gain a lot of energy and optimism during this week."

      October 14, 2016. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Anthony from West Sussex, UK

      "What an amazing stay I had! Sayalonga really is a very beautiful part of the world and I am so happy to have found this retreat. Namit and Maru could have not been more welcoming right from the start and although I was new to Yoga they were very encouraging and I feel I learnt so much from them in just six days. The food was amazing. Kate and team introduced me to the most delicious organic vegan food that really has changed the way I think about the way that I eat. To say that the retreat has changed me for life would not be an exaggeration. The group of people that were with me were a fantastic bunch and the great memories I have from the retreat will stay with me for a long time."

      October 10, 2016. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Anup from London, UK

      "Yoga Sutra Shala is a beautiful yoga retreat in Sayalonga. I've stayed here for the past week and I have to say how pleased I was for having come here. Namit, Maru, David, Manu and Sarah and the adorable Anya were all very friendly and I felt like the Shala was "my" home. The yoga classes are focused around Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, and are suitable for everyone at different stages in their yoga journey; I'd particularly recommend it for beginners. Food was exceptionally good. Vegetarian and vegan food are prepared by their in house chefs (Kate and Natalie) who are highly skilled. Namit also made the effort of eating with us and going through the food to discuss the nutritional aspects of the food we were eating. And it was high quality organic food too. Snacks are also provided in between meals so you never have to feel hungry. I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone and am grateful for having met this wonderful family. Thank you for everything!"

      October 8, 2016. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Jane from London, UK

      "Really comfortable stay here with welcoming hosts Namit and Maru. I really enjoyed the yoga and the meditation all taking place outside surrounded by the mountains. The food was beyond delicious and all home cooked. Very homely atmosphere and good company with like-minded guests. Perfect place to chill- out and relax and definitely worth a visit!"

      October 8, 2016. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Sylvain from Ottawa, Canada

      "Before I arrived there, I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be one of my best vacation experiences in the last few years. It was great to do yoga (and meditation) twice a day in a beautiful mountainous scenery (with excellent teachers and courses). Not only I learned a lot on yoga, but it was also an opportunity of introspection, of meeting great people from different countries, and making friends. As for the meals, they were excellent (even the non-vegetarians really liked the dishes). It was especially pleasant to eat outside with the whole group (including the chef and the volunteers) looking at the mountains. I strongly recommend this retreat. As far as I am concerned, my stay was perfect."

      October 3, 2016. TripAdvisor., edited

    • Review by Anarkali from London, UK

      "I hoped to have a nice time, but really didn't expect to have such a wonderful time. I loved it all - the food, the lovely and welcoming hosts and the great company. The yoga was really really good and struck the right balance in developing our practices but not overwhelming us. I just loved it so much and feel so lucky that I spent time with them. I couldn't recommend it highly enough and I think that this is a great place to go if you need to find a supportive environment to make changes in your life towards a better lifestyle and a healthier way to live."

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Joanna from Kildare, Ireland

      "I have just returned from a very blissful five days on what I can only describe as the most well organised and thought out yoga retreat I've been on and I've been on many! "

      "From the location, wonderful yoga & meditation, truly amazing & divinely fresh organic meals (thanks Kate!!) to such lovely hosts, we where all so lucky to be with a very beautiful group of yogis..!! Thank-you Namit and Maru from all my heart. I'll be back! Xx"

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Elizabeth from North Yorkshire, UK

      "After an exhausing few months both personally and professionally, I wanted a relaxing yoga break where I could re-think my life and 're-boot' by making some very necessary changes. Too busy to sort out a yoga break from the myriad options on offer on the internet, I went with a personal recommendation and chose Yoga Sutra Shala. I'm so glad I did ! The pre-course information was helpful and friendly, and told me everything I needed to know in good time. The arrival was very easy and extremely welcoming, and there then followed five days of excellent, small-group and very personalised yoga tuition (4-5 hours a day in total, split between morning and evening sessions) including breathing, meditation, and yoga asanas, plus wonderful, nutritious, and beautifully presented food, lazy afternoons reading by and swimming in the pool, and sociable and highly enjoyable evenings around the dinner table. I approached sharing a room with a degree of trepidation but needn't have worried: everyone was like minded, and very friendly - an atmosphere created and encouraged by our wonderful hosts, who were specialists in both yoga and nutrition, and shared their knowledge (not to mention their recipes !) with pleasure. I cannot recommend this course too highly - it was both life enhancing and life changing, and I have come back feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to make lasting changes to my approach to dealing with stress, to exercise, to yoga practice, and to food and nutrition."

      September 18, 2016. TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Sonia from Glasgow, Scotland

      "I am truly blessed to have inadvertently stumbled upon such a very high quality resort at the last minute. I went without having any idea of the breadth, quality and expertise which characterise the sutra shala - from the university degree level of knowledge of nutrition to the guided meditation, all the way through to (what I had thought was my main reason for going)- the yoga. Perfect balance of strength and flexibility. I arrived feeling completely burnt out and left so refreshed that three people so far have asked me for details to see if they can work dates around availability here. Namit has a gift for teaching. Manages to impart a huge amount of knowledge about health promotion.When I spoke about how new so much of this was, he immediately encouraged me to feel that I was building on existing knowledge which made it seem much more possible to incorporate meaningful changes into my daily lifestyle. "

      "I would say the overwhelming impression that I left with is that Namit and Maru have a fabulous quality of life and the retreat feels like their way of sharing this lifestyle for the benefit of others. Commercial interest really does not feel like it is the priority nor the driving force here. As for Kate and her cooking - just Wow! I planned a break, but have made significant changes to diet, meditation and yoga practice which I intend to maintain. Decisions about other changes have followed naturally. Lord, now I just sound like I have been brain washed! Honestly though, exactly what I needed at exactly the right time! So much that this is the second review I've written as my first vanished"

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Philip from Dublin, Ireland

      "Wow. What a wonderful five days. Great location, beautiful comfortable villa, great people, amazing food and a lot of Yoga. This holiday stays with you long after you come back. We still talk about the food, the lovely people we met and a very warm welcome from Namit and Maru. The Yoga is very good and really helps you when you come home to your own practice. The meditation aspect is lovely too and also sustains you long after your return. If you are a Yoga lover, don't hesitate!"

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Heidi from Gillette, USA

      "For my first yoga retreat, Namit and Maru set the bar high! The yoga sessions were appropriately physically demanding and informative with Namit's gentle and consistent posture corrections it certainly improved the quality of my yoga practice, which was one of my goals for attending. Every day there was a new feast for my taste buds with their delicious and nutritious vegetarian food (and they were always mindful of my food allergies). There was plenty of fresh fruit and nuts for snacking between meals but they kept us so well fed that it was hardly necessary! Down time in the afternoons allowed us time to enjoy the beautiful pool, take walks, get to know our new friends or simply reflect upon our experiences. I would recommend this retreat without hesitation!"

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Jennifer from Paderborn, Germany

      "I had the honour of being part of your wonderful Yoga Retreat Centre in June 2016. It has been an indescribable experience and I’m still moved and grateful for the way in which you welcomed all of us. I felt very invited and well taken care of from the very beginning. As I’m a yoga beginner I’m very thankful you brought yoga so near to me and encouraged me to continue practising from then on. The days at your retreat centre were full of peace, relaxation, incredible meals (thank you Kate!!!) and professional yoga classes. I’d love to come back one day and highly recommend your place to every person, who is looking for an unforgettable yoga retreat. Thank you for everything! :)"

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Jan from Bishop's Stortford, UK

      "I would highly recommend this yoga retreat to anybody that wants to come home relaxed, refreshed and with more knowledge about yoga and nutrition than they could possibly have hoped for. It is a totally "get away from it all" holiday. There is no time to visit surrounding villages or areas as so much time is spent practising yoga including breathing techniques, meditation, chanting and learning about nutrition. Namit and Maru effortlessly include beginners and advanced within the same group and totally practise what they preach. As a yoga instructor myself, I was hungry to learn something new everyday and cant wait to return. Accommodation is simple yet comfortable, location is rural and beautiful. As well as being organic and nutritious, the food is to die for thanks to their amazing chef Kate. Many, many thanks."

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Elly from Truro, UK

      "Namit and Maru are amazing yoga teachers, knowledgeable, bespoke sessions where each student is treated individually and encouraged to explore their practice at any level.The setting is stunning, calm and peaceful which completely added to the overall experience, the accommodation faultless, clean, homely, comfortable, great beds so a quality nights rest, food exceptional, well balanced and nutritious. Namit and his chefs are happy to discuss each meal content with you. The volunteers we had our week were fantastic as were the chefs. All in all I'm writing this version quickly before work so apologies if I miss anything out, my experience was a 12 out of 10! Namit, Maru, little Anya (who adds to the experience with her award winning smile) and their team of staff shine out with their warmth and hospitality. Life changing teaching!!!! Will be returning next year, and a thank you to the lovely ladies that shared the retreat week with us, stars!!!! Big love to you all. Namaste, Elly xxxx"

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Sonia from Bristol, UK

      "Myself and my friend started looking for yoga retreats online and Yoga Sutra appeared to include everything we were looking for. When we arrived it was clear that this retreat was going to teach us far more than just yoga. When we arrived we were instantly struck by the beauty of the mountain setting and the genuine kindness and generosity of our hosts Maru, Namit and Anya. Namit took time to listen to each of our specific needs and expectations from our visit and throughout the week each of us were able to reflect upon how our experience at Yoga Sutra would impact upon our busy lives on our return home. The rooms were beautifully, the food was outstanding and came with an explanation of health benefits/nutritional values, as well as a recipe to try at home. I came here to improve my yoga practise which was what I experienced, however, I also came away ways I wanted to make changes to my life style upon my return home and so far so good! Thank you to everyone at Yoga Sutra. I couldn't recommend you more highly!! Sonia"

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Shabana from London, UK

      "I had a fantastic life experience when all I was looking for was a holiday with some yoga! Namit and Maru have thought of everything and created the perfect environment to relax and learn. The Shala is very authentic and welcoming, with excellent facilities, amazing (and super-healthy) food and friendly staff. The location is serene.The meditations were excellent, really allowing for personal growth. The yoga is taught by both Namit and Maru so well that by the end of the stay I had grown in confidence and learnt so much (about Yoga, Nutrition, my body, myself...). "

      "I was pretty much a beginner to Yoga. Their teaching styles are great- very inclusive and at the same time personal. The experience was the boost I needed to introduce Yoga in a major way into my life and also a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday. I can't recommend it highly enough to any one at any level!"

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Heather from Maidenhead, UK

      "The most memorable part of my holiday was the depth of knowledge Namit and Maru have about not only yoga practice, but chanting and meditation too. All shared at a pace, and in a way each individual visitor can absorb. The setting is very tranquil and lovely and rather "away from it all" so you can really disconnect if you want to. Every effort is made to buy locally and responsibly, minimise waste and be part of the local economy. Which meant absolutely fabulous vegetarian food, a charming, comfortable farmhouse setting and spontaneous,informal discussions over meals about how to live healthily and responsibly. I would you rate my holiday overall as excellent. The kind of holiday that leaves a far deeper impression than you may realise while you are here, whether it's specific exercises Namit suggests or veggie dishes you try and recreate at home or simply a desire to just practice more yoga."

      Yoga Sutra Shala, edited

    • Review by Sabrina from London, UK

      "I decided to go on a yoga retreat for the first time and this went beyond any expectations. Namit, Maru and little Anya are very welcoming and hospitable, the villa is clean, beautifully decorated and there are plenty of spaces if you want some time to yourself in the afternoon, including a pool (I recommend the hammock)."

      "Namit has a good knowledge base on physiology and explained which muscle groups were being engaged during the yoga and the different components of the nervous system. I often struggle with meditation but the guided meditations proved very useful, and the mountains made a wonderful backdrop for it. "

      "The food prepared by the talented chefs was nutritious, plentiful and delicious. I'm a meat-eater, but didn't once feel deprived and left with a number of additional recipes to try at home. "

      "I celebrated my 32nd birthday during this trip and I was presented with a beautiful basket of gifts and a delicious meal including cake; everyone in the team goes above and beyond their duties and it shows. "

      "Mostly, I've noticed how the trip has helped me in my day-to-day life upon returning home. I practice yoga more regularly, and I deal with work stress much better. "

      "I'll definitely be back :)"

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Nicola from London, UK

      "Yoga Sutra Shala retreat stood out amongst several offers online and the experience matched the expectations and the reviews. This was a transformative, healing, blissful experience once in a lifetime everybody should undertake. The combination of location, content and nutrition make it an excellent restorative yoga and meditation experience I couldn't recommend more."

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Sarah Williams from London, UK

      "The most memorable parts of my holiday were the views, the food and the amazing yoga practices. Namit's medical experience, combined with his extensive yoga knowledge and passion for nutrition is pretty rare to find and just brilliant. I learned so much. Be prepared for a lot of yoga! 4 hours everyday. But totally worth it. It was great. Just what I needed. Very relaxing, great very healthy local food, great tips and advise"

      Yoga Sutra Shala, edited

    • Review by Katharina from Hamburg, Germany

      "I really enjoyed staying at Yoga Sutra Shala. Namit, Maru and their cute little daughter Anya are lovely people. Their love and warmth is inspiring. Namit is a great teacher and very precisely. He has a lot of knowledge! I especially enjoyed the meditation. The food was wonderful as well (thank you, Kate;)). "

      "It was my first trip to a yoga retreat and furthermore my first trip by myself and I will never forget it. It really helped me to be more positive and I hope that I will have the time to come back. Thank you so so much for that experience! I am grateful that I found this place."

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Liz from Copenhagen, Denmark

      "The week I spent at Yoga Sutra Shala made for an exceptional and memorable experience which helped me reprioritise some important elements of my life and really shine the spotlight on my health. No matter what your reasons are for going, Namit will inspire and guide you through the journey. He is an eloquent and experienced leader who will help you look inside yourself and give you the tools to better navigate the world around you. "

      "I went alone (don't be afraid to!) and came away with a sense of peace, focus and self-awareness - all of which I've pulled through into my high pressure, time-intensive job. "

      "Tucked away in the vibrant Andalusian mountains, this retreat offers a kaleidoscope of activities to strengthen and soothe the body and mind: from the four hours a day of yoga and meditation, the soulful vegetarian meals and plenty of free time to frolic in the wild flowers framing mountain trails or soak up some sun rays by the pool.. to debating in the evenings with like-minded yogis who fast become your close friends. All I can say is thank you to Namit for opening the doors to his home to me and reminding me to live and love in the present."

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Natalie from Dilbeek, Belgium

      "This was my very first yoga retreat and time for myself. I could not have chosen a better place and I really hope I will be able to go back next year. Namit and Maru are truly genuine and such nice people! The rest they are demonstrating is contagious! And love they are showing towards each other, their lovely daughter and all people surrounding them is so hart-warming. The location is perfect in the mountains and although we were not lucky with the weather everything else was just so perfect none of the guests really got too bothered by it. The yoga sessions were very structured and although sometimes challenging very accessible for even me as a beginner. I promised myself to at least practice the sun greetings on a daily basis... and will really remember the advice from both Namit and Maru. Not only was this my first yoga retreat it was also my first time getting to know veggie food and I absolutely loved it!! The chefs were magicians in the kitchen and Namit really knows a lot about good nutrition and is always so enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge! The good food and Namit's conviction convinced me to add more days without meat in my diet and on my first day back in Belgium I even went shopping organic and made my first veggie meal... All of this and such nice people I met makes this a week to never forget and I really hope to always remember the good things I learnt! And since I try to live a bit more in the now.... I cannot make any promise about the future but I hope to be able to go back..."

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Olga from The Hague, The Netherlands

      "I have just spent six days at Yoga Sutra Shala, and it's an experience I will never forget."

      "To begin with, the location and the house are perfect. The views are breathtaking, the nature is strong yet delicate, and while you can find solitude and quiet at the Shala (the property is large enough to for everyone to have enough personal space), you are still a walking distance (20 min) from a very pleasant local town where you can wander the streets, enjoying the traditional houses decorated with azulejos, get some good coffee (if you feel like it) and taste nisperos (the local fruit they are very proud of). The house itself is very beautiful, every detail is thought through. Beautiful flower pots, quality furniture, lots of books on yoga and meditation, little details everywhere that make your stay very comfortable."

      "Next, the food at the Shala. Wow. Namit, the owner and the leader of the retreat, is very knowledgeable about nutrition, and he spends a lot of time and effort planning balanced meals. There are 2-3 cooks in the kitchen working their magic, and every meal is an experience in an of itself. The food is not just vegetarian/vegan (as is no animal products), but the meals are so balanced in terms of nutrients and flavors that they are completely satisfying. After a couple of days, I noticed how much more mindfully i was eating, it was almost meditative, and any food cravings became irrelevant because of a much deeper level of satisfaction and inner peace. Also, sharing meals with a group of like-minded people was gratifying and fun. We had lots of laughs. Although our group varied in ages and backgrounds, we all fit in together, joined by this experience."

      "Finally, yoga and meditation. It was not a boot-camp. It was a gentle yet thoughtful and deep experience. You can come as a novice or a more experienced yogi, and do it at your level. Namit offers thoughtful guidance (backed with deep knowledge, also theoretical, of various approaches to yoga and meditation). He does give you space, but is always there if you need him."

      "You take home with you a sense of gratitude, well-being, you tune to your inner light, you become stronger yet gentler and more open to your life."

      "I would recommend this retreat to anyone interested in self-exploration and a healthy mindful lifestyle. If you need to slow down for a few days, have time to reflect and just be present every minute of your day, do come to Yoga Sutra Shala. You will thank yourself for that."

      TripAdvisor, edited

    • Review by Jessica from London, UK

      "The food was delicious. The place was beautiful. The people were very friendly making the whole week experience relaxing and rejuvenating. Made me rethink my eating habits. Loved the yoga, relaxing yet powerful. Namit as a yoga teacher was very understanding and encouraging, working with what I could do. A thoroughly enlightened experience. Thanks Namit and Maru. Love to you both and little Anya!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Jacob from Stockholm, Sweden

      "I feel very satisfied with this yoga retreat, the experience was much more than I could have hoped for. Teacher Namit is both a skilled yoga teacher as well as a western super academic in pharmacy and nutrition. The height of the week I think was the workshop on the philosophy of yoga. There is such a vast amount of knowledge and deep insight coming from the culture of yoga and buddhism that I felt I want to know it all."

      "Finally, the food was superb and the scenery nothing less than breathtaking. I feel that I have gained tools, both physical and mental, both for professional as well as personal use that I hope to carry with me even when the curse of modern stress grips me."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Rachel from Brighton, UK

      "I would thoroughly recommend this as a place to stay and something to experience. Namit and his wife were so hospitable and so wise. I learned so much from them. The yoga was tailored to all levels and Namit's knowledge was marvelous and accessible. Namit's knowledge on other aspects of wellbeing, for example, nutrition was also fascinating. The food was divine--full throughout and a taste sensation. My room was lovely and I slept brilliantly. The views are stunning and it's nice to have a quiet pool for some chill time. The group who were also staying were brilliant. What a great trip. Much needed and changed my outlook on life for the better. If you are wavering, don't - book this holiday and don't look back. I would go back every year if I could."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Paul and Ingrid from Ostend, Belgium

      "There is yoga and Yoga. At Yoga Sutra Shala it is about Yoga as a way of living. Your host Namit connects body and mind with an authentic approach passing his knowledge, insights and experience in a nice and gentle way to the benefit of all participants.At Yoga Sutra Shala, taking care of the body, mind and soul means excellent vegetarian meals prepared with love and passion by the people who work with him. It also means focused and guided exercising stimulating the Head, the Heart and the Hands with deep awareness of the Now.We practised chanting, assanas, meditation, pranayama and got more insight in sound organic food preparation and nutrition tips. The flow of the days was kept in balance with 2 hours exercising in the morning and 2 in the evening.Also there was plenty of time to enjoy the very tasty meals, the beautiful landscapes, the swimming pool, reading and to build connection with the fellow students, and Maru and Anja in a gentle relaxed flow.This was definitely an experience to recommend and to repeat."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Hans from Oslo, Norway

      "I had a great stay at this yoga retreat. Good atmosphere and really nice yoga lessons. Also enjoyed the vegetarian food."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Nayna from West Bromwich, United Kingdom

      "A beautiful location, a chilled out vibe, lovely and interesting food and an experienced yoga teacher. There was no pressure to be the best so I would definitely recommend it for all levels."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Josie from Hove, United Kingdom

      "1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday?"

      "All of it! The yoga retreat that Namit and Maru have designed is really a magical thing, it is completely holistic and covers"

      "everything that you might want to know or learn about yoga, meditation, nutrition and well-being in general. Probably"

      "my absolute favorite moment (if I have to choose!) was one of the bided meditations that Namit did, it was so peaceful"

      "yet profound, it was emotional but also wonderful. And having the Andalucian mountain breeze in your hair just made the"

      "whole experience even more magical!2. What tips would you give other travellers booking this holiday?"

      "Go go go! If you are going to do one thing for yourself then let it be this, I promise you will come back feeling like you"

      "are floating.3. Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall?"

      "The best thing I have ever done, so so glad that I did it. I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on."

      Yoga Sutra Shala, edited

    • Review by Sarika from London, UK

      "I went to Yoga Sutra Shala for a week in June and had an incredible time. Namit is clearly passionate about yoga and the food by Polly was fantastic! Would definitely recommend. Great atmosphere and great value for money!"

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Carmen from County Cavan, Ireland

      "A very relaxing stay in nice accommodation with beautiful views. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere very friendly. Namit's expertise in both yoga and nutrition was second to none. Namaste."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Susanna from Mijas, Spain

      "I stayed one week in July. I had a wonderful time, the teaching was great, fun and relaxed. I wanted to learn more about meditation and this week really helped me on my way. The food was amazing, and I am definitely going to be cooking some of these dishes at home. The group was great, we all got along and had fun. Everybody was so nice and helpful, it was a great experience."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Alexandra from Windermere, UK

      "I've stayed at the Yoga and Meditation Retreat a couple of weeks ago and it's been a life changing experience for me. Namit is one of the best yoga/meditation teachers I know and shares his wide knowledge with a big smile. I've learnt so much and found that my physical and mental strength improved a lot over the week. He and Maru are wonderful hosts in a great location. The house is set in a beautiful and peaceful countryside. Just magic sitting on the veranda first thing in the morning and enjoying the views on the mountains.And the food was amazing. It's been an eye opener what you can make from vegetarian/vegan food. Polly the chef is absolutely wonderful and creativ.I've had a couple of massages booked witch Concha (on the veranda with a nice warm breeze) and it's been just wonderful. Being a holistic therapist myself I'm quite fussy.What a fantastic week I've had with a lovely group of new friends. Thank you Maru, Namit, Polly and Christina."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Michelle from Faversham, UK

      "Yoga Sutra Shala is a true retreat from the real world, with stunning mountain views, amazing sunsets, comfortable homely rooms and incredible food! Thank you to Stefanie and Cristina! But what really makes this place special are your hosts - Namit, Maru and little Anya. Anything and everything you have ever wanted to know about yoga, meditation and nutrition is shared with passion, enthusiasm and a beaming smile. I felt fully supported and cared for as I learned more about myself and I have never been made to feel more welcome, loved or important by strangers! These wonderful people, now my friends, are beautiful and I cannot wait to return to their warmth and kindness!"

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Elizabeth from Zurich, Switzerland

      "I don't need to say a lot because it has already mostly been said in all the other overwhelmingly positive reviews, and I can say that I concur with most of previous comments. I found this place online, and the fact that there was not one negative review seemed almost suspicious. But now that I've been there, I can see why...Namit is a wonderful yoga teacher and very knowledgeable, gentle, personable and kind. If you are seeking a quiet, small/intimate environment (no big resort atmosphere) to escape for a week of healthy living and time for your self, this is an excellent choice.It is a house -- and you are staying in a house with a bunch of strangers. I thought this might be a bit awkward but after the first day or even few hours it wasn't. I can't speak for every group but at least the week I was there, everyone was pleasant, respectful of others, quiet and considerate but also up for nice conversation if you wanted it - Namit and Maru are lovely and they attract a lovely bunch of people to a lovely place for a lovely week. The food prepared by Polly was outstanding, Namit provided excellent yoga instruction taylor-made to whatever levels or preferences the individuals need, etc. The massages available were excellent & great value, rooms/entire house, pool etc. very clean and well maintained. There is really nothing to criticize. I would definitely recommend it and would love to go again. The only thing I would do differently is perhaps try to get a room that is not adjacent to the bathroom, as the walls are a bit thin. But though I initially thought it would bother me, since everyone was quiet and considerate, it wasn't really anything to complain about and I'd take the same room again if it was all that was available, it wouldn't be a deal breaker. Overall I am one very happy customer and I threatened to Namit and Maru to come again."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Filipa from Biarritz, France

      "Fantastic week in a calm, wonderful surrounding. Namit is a well of knowledge, peace and kindness and spreading happiness and laughter all day long. The clean, comfortable and cosy house is well equipped and offers all you might possibly need. And last but not least, Polly performed magic 3 times a day with mouth watering delicacies, absolutely recommendable!"

      Yoga Sutra Shala, edited

    • Review by Lesley from North Yorkshire, UK

      "The most memorable or exciting part of this holiday is that I was being totally looked after for 5 lovely days and doing lots of yoga. Namit and Maru welcome you into their home - nothing is too much trouble and it was very calm. I loved all the yoga and felt very relaxed. And it was such a good opportunity to meet other people from all over the place. The location is beautiful, up in the hills, the swimming pool was glorious (hopefully coverted to saline soon!), with dragonflies hovering over and birds nesting nearby, the views amazing. And then there is Polly's inspiring cooking! .... every meal was a surprise and a delight and so different. Not to have to think about cooking and washing up for 5 whole days is such a treat and the food was delicious. Being vegetarian, I am used to not having lots of choice so to be able to eat everything and to know it was all healthy and organic was an absolute treat."

      Yoga Sutra Shala, edited

    • Review by Ruud from South Holland, The Netherlands

      "Maru and Namit are very helpful. They will guide you all the way through; from the moment you have booked your stay, until you are home again.Namit is a wonderful teacher who is very attentive to each of his students for the week you have him as your teacher.The property is excellent, great kitchen, sitting room and good bedrooms. As one can see in the pictures, there is a nice swimming pool to cool down and lovely winding roads to wonder off into the beautiful Andalucian mountain landscape.What I liked best is being with such a nice bunch of people, eating the wonderful dishes Polly prepared, coming into a spotless clean house, thanks to Christina and of course practising yoga in such a lovely environment.What I liked least is that the retreat ended, but then again as they say all good things must come to an end."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Anthony from Liphook, UK

      "I attended a night stay retreat here earlier this month and it was a very enjoyable experience.Arrival was easy. I was collected at Malaga airport on behalf of Yoga Sutra Shala along with some of the other guests, (complete with luggage) for a journey of a little over an hour up into the Axarquian foothills.The location was very good. Beautiful views of the mountains from the villa, with views of the sea a short walk further up the small road. The local village, Sayalonga, was pretty but small, with at least a couple of bars and a cafe, none of which I frequented because of the excellent catering.Breakfast was simple, with fresh fruit, nuts, yoghurt and a selection of teas available throughout the day. Two square meals were served each day, (one on arrival on Sunday and one before departure on Friday) both of excellent quality, quantity and flavour. In keeping with Indian traditions these are vegetarian meals, though vegan diets would easily be catered for.Though I have prior experience with meat (and fish) free diets, I personally eat plenty of meat but did not feel as though I was missing out. The sort of dishes prepared for each meal were wholesome and filling, which I had expected, but were of a quality that I had not! The proprietors, Namit and Maru, are knowledgeable about nutrition and cookery, especially related to vegetarian diets, but during our stay they were aided by a fantastic chef . The cuisine was a definite highlight of my stay.The villa itself was of a high standard. Comfortable, clean beds. Ample lavatories and washing facilities and a communal area with books, candles, incense and a television. There was a swimming pool to cool off after lying in the sunshine, (with WiFi internet access) during downtime. Guests had minimal washing up to do, as a housekeeper came every day - bonus!Yoga. Two classes a day of approximately 2 hours each. Vinyasa Yoga, but with meditation and Yin Yoga a plenty. If 2 hours at a time sounds like a lot, it isn't. Namit is an excellent teacher and tailored his lessons to the ability of the participants - you are also free to skip a class and go exploring if you so desire. Mats, straps, blocks & blankets are supplied.Namit's scientific background shone through. While very knowledgeable on Yoga theory, he also explained everything within a practical context, which I greatly appreciated. I rate his teaching highly.Leaving on Friday after lunch, we were transported to Malaga where I spent a couple more days. Hassle-free once again. This is an excellent retreat, and a great break."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Cornelia from London, UK

      "What a lovely recharging week. I couldn't do much yoga due to an injury but felt recharged and rested and so well taken care of. Namit and Maru were so welcoming, so generous with their knowledge and so helpful in every way. They deserve to be really successful as they create a wonderful, healing, purifying space. The food was unbelievable thanks to aussie chef, Polly. I learnt so much about nutrition and took away a whole bunch of delicious vegan recipes. Yum. Concha also gave some lovely massages and reiki."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Anna Lucia from Brussels, Belgium

      "This yoga retreat was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I have enjoyed every moment and the yoga sessions were very employable and professional. Namit made sure that everything run very well, he was very friendly, approachable and caring as well as Maru and the adorable Anya. The venue was beautiful, with special spots for meditation, surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees and amazing viewpoints to admire the sky at sunrise and sunset. I felt so comfortable and at home. I was very impressed with the food which was cooked by lovely Polly. The menu was very interesting, healthy, varied and very fresh and organic. I enjoyed spending time with the group but also I enjoyed walking in the mountains and having nice moments alone to meditate and relax in the nature. Great experience! Will do it again soon!"

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Alison from UK

      "So many memorable things. The location in the mountains is beautiful and peaceful. The fabulous sunsets and stunning views. The very warm welcome that we all received from Namit and Maru,and Polly the chef. The imaginative,healthy delicious food. The effort that is made to make sure everyone's level of yoga practice is accommodated and everyone is included. The attention to small details that make the whole experience one of healing,learning,happiness,and joy.Don't hesitate just go. You will not regret it. You are requested to complete a questionnaire before you arrive. Take the time to complete in detail, as Namit and Maru take the time and care to read it and tailor your yoga practice and any other needs accordingly. Book at least one massage - they are inexpensive and amazing to have outside on the terrace.Everything here was organic and locally or ethically sourced. Namit and Maru are very aware and are passionate about nutrition,limiting waste,restricting harmful producets and generally taking care of our planet. Their knowledge and enthusiasm rubs off on the whole group.I had had a rough previous 6 months, and arrived feeling very tired and generally emotionally and physically pretty low. I left feeling energised,rested,optimistic about the future and re-engaged with my yoga practice and my health. I came with high expectations and Yoga Sutra Shala exceeded them by miles. I hope to keep in touch with Namit and Maru, who are truly inspiring, special warm people. I can not rate this retreat highly enough."

      Yoga Sutra Shala, edited

    • Review by Catherine from Guilford, UK

      "I went on retreat to the sutra shala last April over easter and was incredibly impressed with the whole package. Namit and Maru were wonderful, the food was fantastic and the location was stunning. I learnt a lot in my practice in just a few days, and Namit was very accomodating to encourage our own interests in the class structures. The retreat felt quite bespoke, and was truly a chance to escape the busy-ness of life and reflect over the mountains of Andalucia!"

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Capucine from Paris, France

      "I spent one week with Namit and Maru in May last year. It was amazing! The house is very clean and cozy, the location is perfect and the food cooked by Anna was a delight every single day! Everything is made to help you to feel at ease. The yoga classes are adapted to each level and very complete! In essence, it was a relaxing, calming, rewarding experience!"

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Tamzin from Cork, Ireland

      "I travelled to Yoga Sutra Shala on a friends recommendation last October and had a fantastic trip. It's a beautiful setting high up in the hills surrounded by olive trees and mountains. A really peaceful place with amazing views and sunsets. Namit and Maru, the hosts were so lovely and welcoming too, I felt at home instantly.The facilities are great, comfy bed, nice lounge area with yoga books and DVDs, a lovely balcony with sweeping views of the valley, a perfect spot for a massage in between yoga sessions, endless supply of fresh fruit and healthy snacks in between meals in case you feel peckish, a beautiful pool AND a tennis court!!Namit is a great teacher and the yoga classes were a perfect blend of strong and soft. He always asked at the beginning of the session what we would like to focus on too which was great as then everyone got the most out of each practice. The yoga is held outdoors which was lovely, a warm breeze and incense wafting while the suns setting, what could be better?!The food was delicious and plentiful! The best chamomile tea ever too! The cooks were lovely, always had time for a chat. I would highly recommend Yoga Sutra Shala, I hope I will make it back again this year. We had a great group too which only added to the experience. Fond memories :-)"

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Rhiannon from UK

      "A perfect retreat - from my arrival in the beautiful Andalusian mountains, to the nutritious & delicious vegetarian meals, and,of course, the yoga. Taught by a very special teacher, the programme is designed to benefit anyone - whatever their individual level. Namit gave me confidence to deepen my practice and, skillfully, tailored the programme to meet the needs of every individual. I had a wonderful time and met a lovely group of friends, spending sunny afternoons chatting by the pool. Thank you for a great time."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Jenny from Preston, UK

      "I had never travelled alone before or been to a yoga retreat before but the whole experience was wonderfully uplifting. I loved the laid back atmosphere around the retreat - it felt like you could be as you are in your own home. Namit''s teaching was brilliant and really personalised depending on your level. Being able to do yoga outdoors with stunning views of the mountains is wonderful. I was really interested in the whole ethos surrounding yoga and our group had some really good discussions with Namit about this. The food was really tasty and has definitely inspired me to try more vegetarian recipes. I have already recommended it to friends and would love to go back myself."

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Nina from Berlin, Germany

      "I had the most beautiful week with Namit, Maru and my wonderful group. It is not just a yoga retreat but a time where you can totally relax, find yourself, meet great people and find new friends. The yoga classes have been adapted to everyone's level and had a different focus every day. The food was just spectacular and so delicious and thanks to Namit we learned a lot about nutrition and superfoods. I had two massages as well which have been incredibly good. This week changed my life and still keeps changing it."

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    • Review by Maggie from Haywards Heath, UK

      "The retreat with Namit and Maru was exactly and absolutely everything that everyone has written about it and more! I particularly enjoyed, a straightforward and uncomplicated pick up and transfer to and from the airport. Health forms money etc all clearly laid out on the web site. Good emails from Namit to establish a connection before I arrived.Enough space and privacy to find quiet alone time or companionship if wanted. All the comforts of home, comfortable beds, towels etc and help to provide anything that was needed, even room heaters when the weather suddenly became cold. Good wifi!The food was magnificent! Excellent individual help with yoga and meditation and brilliant nutritional advice. I adored the excellent massages, and another time will have reiki too. Great value and an essential part of the retreat for me.My fellow retreaters were varied in age and nationality but all like minded and respectful. Im nearly 60 and Ithink the youngest was in her mid 20's, but age was not an issue.It was exactly the calm, peaceful healing space that my battered body mind and spirit needed and I do intend to return. The inner goodness and kindness of Namit and Maru shines out, they share their vast experience very unselfishly. It feels the centre is about people not profits. I felt I was staying with someone who quickly understood my needs and genuinely had my best interests at their heart.I left feeling that I had rediscovered my inner happiness and meditation, that a deep healing had taken place and much sadness had melted away, i found renewed energy and well being and faith in the goodwill of my fellow humans. It was an experience that is priceless, but the price was actually perfect value."

      Yoga Sutra Shala, edited

    • Review by Oana from Sighisoara, Romania

      "Yoga Sutra Shala was my first retreat and I must say it exceeded my expectations! Traveling for the 1st time alone and going on my first yoga retreat I wasn't too sure what to expect and I was quite nervous, but here is what I found.From my 1st email I felt I was welcomed to go to Yoga Sutra Shala. Every question I had - it was answered in a matter of hours. I opted in for the transfer from Malaga to Sayalonga and it was great.Yoga Sutra Shala is a great place in the Sayalonga Mountains! The house is amazingly decorated and the rooms are spacious and clean. You are being provided towels as well. They have a large balcony overlooking the Sayalonga mountains which is perfect for meditation in the morning. They also have a large collection of books you can read and DVDs Documentaries you can watch in the evening. Yes - there is WIFI :)Over a week I have experienced a great transformation becoming more confident in my Asanas. We chanted, practiced pranayama, talked about the history of yoga and did an amazing Heart Chakra meditation (Thank you Namit, once again for this). Namit is a great and dedicated teacher! He is patient and takes time to help everyone achieve their initial goals. I found the schedule balanced and manageable.And the food! I really can not describe this! It was amazing! Anna was our personal Chef who cooked for us every day vegan dishes using organic products from the Sayalonga area. Until then I had no clue that Vegan food can be so tasty. Unfortunately we had to complain that we didn't get cake every day :) the cakes were amazing and we were spoiled in the 1st days with delicious vegan cakes.I strongly recommend this place for a yoga holiday. You make friend for life and Namit and Maru are great hosts! It was a pleasure meeting them and I think one day I will go back!"

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Deborah from Lausanne, Switzerland

      "It was my first time going for a yoga retreat and couldnt be happier with having chosen Yoga Sutra Shala. Namit and Maru offer such a wonderful personalized touch to the whole experience, starting with detailed email exchanges before the stay, to posture adjustments during class and follow-up emails after the retreat. Namit is an amazing yoga teacher he makes you feel completely at ease and his classes are invigorating and suitable for all levels. To top it off, the place is beautiful with stunning views and the food simply superb (shout-out to Anna!)! I felt positively refreshed and really inspired after my week at Yoga Sutra Shala and highly recommend it to anyone seeking a relaxing yet rejuvenating experience!"

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Edgar from Kristiansand, Norway

      "For a yoga student at beginners level (with some experience) like myself, the stay was perfect. The practice was adjusted to everyones personal level and there was no feeling of competition among the students. We where extremely well taken care of in regards of being seen as individuals and Namits follow-up on mail before arrival was impressive. The food was also great and even though Im not a vegetarian I enjoyed it very much. Talking of food -Namit gave a great lesson in nutrition which started some interesting discussions on the subject. Also the philosophical and historical aspects of yoga were covered -but this of course depends on the students. I stayed two weeks at Yoga Sutra Shala and had two different versions of the course due to the different personalities present. NICE!"

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Jesse from Dublin, UK

      "I stayed in Yoga Sutra Shala in mid-September for a week of Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow yoga, taught by the Shala's fantastic manager, Namit, and by the wonderful Ashtanga teacher, Clare Brooksbank. I had an absolutely superb week filled with yoga, chanting, meditation, relaxation, and the most phenomenal food I have ever tasted! (Thanks Anna!) Namit is so welcoming, and full of energetic positivity which quickly spread through the whole group, making everyone feel relaxed, comfortable and happy. Namit, and his beautiful wife Maru, are so hospitable and kind, and it is clear that they genuinely care about each and every person who visits the shala. Thank you for such a lovely experience, one which I highly recommend to all!"

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Josefin from Stockholm, Sweden

      "This was my first full length retreat and I loved it. Namit and Maru are very welcoming and warm people who really took care of us all. As yoga teachers they're very knowledgeable and create a safe space for a fun creative yoga practice. Ana, the chef, deserves a special shout out, the food is AMAZING! I miss everyone from the retreat ;)"

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    • Review by Niamh from London, UK

      "My experience at Yoga Sutra Shala was one of ultimate peace and calm . The centre itself is beautiful and located in the mountains of Andalucia it was the prefect escape from the chaos of central London. Namit is an amazing teacher - so wise yet so humble. As I was quite new to yoga and it was my first retreat I was a little apprehensive but he put me at ease from day 1 and I never looked back! It was lovely to spend the week with such a great bunch of people too - all like minded but from very different backgrounds. And I must also mention the food - it was delicious!! I've never eaten so well in my life! All in all, I left Yoga Sutra Shala feeling great and with a new outlook on life. I enjoy Yoga so much more because of it and would recommend it to anyone :)"

      Tripadvisor, edited

    • Review by Dawn from Yorkshire, UK

      "I booked the break as I wanted a week in the sunshine to relax and practice yoga. The break certainly was relaxing. The accommodation was comfortable, the food great, and the yoga schedule just right. I like the location in Sayalonga, up in the mountains, very beautiful and peaceful. You are near enough to the village to walk down in 30 minutes but tucked away enough to feel like you really are getting away from busy life.Namit and the other guests were very friendly, and I very much enjoyed our yoga classes and meals together.Outside of yoga and meal times you are can enjoy the pool, walk in the mountains, have a massage treatment, and Namit put on a couple of classes about nutrition and philosophy.I would certainly return and recommend the break to others."

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    • Review by Clarissa from London, UK

      "Yoga Sutra Shala was a wonderful retreat.From beginning to end, I felt relaxed and well cared for. The yoga and meditation was challenging personally but no pressure was put on any member to compete, but just follow their own natural practice with plenty of guidance and encouragement.The house it is in is clean and homely, with amazing views from the front and incredible mountain air. The pool is clean and a wonderful place to relax beside when not going on the interesting walks in the area.The food was truly delicious with incredible fresh fruit and vegetables cooked in the most tasty and innovative ways, so each meal was a visual and taste delight.I felt so much more able to deal with everyday life on my return as I felt re-energised from my experience."

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    • Review by Carmella from Bishops Stortford, UK

      "I went to Yoga Sutra Shala in September 2014 for the Ashtanga week. If you are looking for a relaxing week, somewhere to learn about yoga or a holiday to spend time with wonderful people in idyllic surroundings then look no further!I was lucky enough to spend the week with such amazing, fun and lovely people that the week flew by filled with laughter. The food was delicious (I was not sure what to expect as I am not a vegetarian or vegan) with lots of variety and all super healthy. The villa is nice with amazing views and there is a much welcome pool. I would definitely like to return for another week of peace and tranquility and would recommend this retreat to anyone. Thank you Namit, Maru and Anna. (PS Have one of Anna's massages while you are there!)"

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    • Review by Payal from Los Angeles, USA

      "I went to Yoga Sutra Shala for my first retreat and it far exceeded every expectation I had. The retreat center is located in a beautiful serene setting in the hills of Andalucia overlooking the Mediterranean sea. It is said that people living in this area have a much longer lifespan, and with such calm peaceful vibe, I can see why. I arrived at the retreat center around 4pm, and was starving thinking how I'm going to wait till dinner time. However, lunch was already prepared waiting on the table when we got there. The food was nutritious and delicious at the same time! We practiced yoga twice a day and did meditation afterwards. Namit is an amazing teacher and he gave each one of us personal attention. I would highly recommend Yoga Sutra Shala to anyone who wants to experience the benefits of the ages old practice of yoga and meditation."

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    • Review by Clare from London, UK

      "I had the most incredible, amazing time here - it was everything that I hoped it would be and more. The surroundings are beautiful, the accomodation is clean, homely and comfortable with everything you could need (shower gel, shampoo, herbal teas, books, DVDs etc etc), Namit and Maru are friendly and welcoming and Anna the chef is beyond amazing, her food is incredibly tasty, healthy and just wonderful - I cannot say enough good things about it! The yoga, meditation and workshops were also fantastic and really personalised to everyone's individual needs/wants.I too was apprehensive about booking, as you never know if things are going to be as they appear on the website or in reviews, but I can honestly say that I was. I had the most incredible week and returned home feeling like a different person, having had time away from life, opportunity to reflect on the things that I wanted to think about and returned feeling healthier and revitalised.Everything I encountered here was organic and locally or ethically sourced and they were very environmentally aware (recycling, composting etc). Namit and Maru seem to have really managed to embed themselves in the local community and for example offer yoga classes to locals and are keen to buy local produce as much as possible.I cannot recommend it highly enough - from the moment I first made contact with Namit and Maru to enquire about their retreat, to returning home, the service they provide has been absolutely first rate. They really care about and are passionate about what they do which really shines through. I will most definitely be returning!"

      Yoga Sutra Shala website, edited

    • Review by Sarah from Dallas, USA

      "Words cannot express how happy and satisfied I am of my experience with Namit, Maru, and Annas yoga retreat. I am from the United States and had a very large last minute change of my European travel plans. I found this retreat online and emailed Namit with less then a weeks warning before the retreat started, inquiring if it was too late to reserve a spot. He called me within 24 hours, letting me know that he would be more then willing to accommodate me. We talked over the next two days, organizing plans to help get me from the US to Andaluca, Spain. My flight plans required that I would fly into Malaga, Spain, showing up three days prior to the start of the retreat. Traveling alone, Namit took the liberty to help me find a place to stay and then gave me ideas on site seeing around the city.Everything from the US to my hostel in Spain went smoothly. I had emailed him my flight plans and he emailed me once I got into Spain, making sure I had got to my hostel in one piece. I took all of his advice on where to site see around Malaga and was not disappointed. Namit even sent a driver out to Malaga to pick up all of the retreat participants. Instructions on where to meet everyone were clear and very easy to follow.The drive up the mountain was beautiful. The accommodations were even more impressive with gorgeous mountain views, a beautiful pool to lie by, and wonderful company. Namit was waiting for us with a warm hug and an open door to his beautiful home. Being thousands of miles away from MY home, he truly made me feel as if I was in a home away from home.Namit and the rest of us got to know each other quickly and soon became quite close. We each came together with different levels of yoga expertise. Within hours of arriving, we were already participating on Namits back patio in our first yoga class. Namit was amazing at accommodating to each and every one of our levels. I felt as though I was apart of a class, as well as receiving individual attention at the same time.After our first class, Anna had a WONDERFUL dinner waiting for us. I am not a vegetarian by any means but after spending a week with Namit and Anna, I found it quite easy to change my ways. Each meal (which was prepared freah for us daily) was to die for. I wanted to pack Anna up in my carryon bag and take her home with me.We had two yoga classes a day and I was amazed at how I grew in my practice. Before I had got to Spain I told Namit where I was in my practice and the poses I was currently working on or wanting to achieve. By the end of the week, I had accomplished almost all of my goals, and had a much better understanding on how to practice the more difficult ones at home.By the end of the week Namit, Maru, Anna, and the other participants felt like family. I am still in contact with most all of the participants, who live in England, as well as Namit himself. He also took the liberty of creating individual yoga sequences for each of us, and how to progress them on our own. I am still using his plans and wishing I were back in the mountains practicing once again.I would advise everyone to attend this retreat. I felt I got more then my moneys worth and will remember this experience for the rest of my life. Thank you Namit, Maru, and Anna!!!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Annukka from Helsinki, Finland

      "Everything is taken care of in a kind and warm way. The house is cozy, the rooms are clean and pretty, the cook knows what she is doing and is a brilliant masseuse to boot. Namit is an exceptional teacher, and that was the main draw for me. I was not disappointed: the practice was individualised to suit all levels of students, and everyone got just the right amount of personal attention. Would certainly go again."

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    • Review by Damian from Leicester, UK

      "No words of ample meaning can fairly describe my stay at the Your Yoga Sutra Shala. The retreat experience has literally changed my life. I eat healthy, mediate daily, and have a new positive outlook on life. On reflection, this was all made possible by this truly remarkable experience. The instructor, Namit, is an amazing guru; he teaches with compassion and guides you with his experience. The food is amazing. It is hard at first with no meat, caffeine, sugar, etc, but so rewarding when you make it to the end and take the lessons forward in your own life. This was my second time at the retreat and I can't wait to return. I cannot recommend this place enough!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Antonia from UK

      "This yoga retreat surpassed all my expectations and after five days there I felt truly ready to continue to practise what the two most excellent teachers taught me. The small classes mean plenty of time to focus on individuals needs. Doing yoga and meditation on a terrace every morning and late afternoon overlooking the magnificent mountains was glorious and memorable. The house is beautiful, peaceful, spacious and homely at the same time.We ate all our meals together at a table under shady vines outside - the sunsets have to be seen to be believed. Lovely, comfortable rooms - and plenty of space and free time to be on ones own if one wants to retreat from the rest of the group. Some people spent a lot of their free time around the pool, but there are also plenty of great walks in the area. The food deserves a whole chapter of its own! The owners and their superlative cook are very passionate about excellent, organic vegetarian food, and it was all exquisite, delicious and wholesome.This is a retreat that you will gain most from if you really value and appreciate the abundance of what is on offer. It is not a luxurious holiday in Spain - it's a very special and magical place and I came home feeling restored and inspired."

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    • Review by Dalia from Lithuania

      "Book a week or two there if you are looking for peace, harmony and something new in terms of improving your yoga practices, getting to know more about yoga philosophy and enjoying an organic vegan food. You'll be welcomed by very kindhearted hosts Namit & Maru, led by a smile of a wonderful cook Anna and surrounded by beautiful mountains of Andaluca.."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Alison from UK

      "My stay at Yoga Sutra Shala was one of the best things I have ever done. I didnt want to come home. So peaceful, relaxing, energising and inspiring. I would recommend this to anyone, especially those travelling alone. Thank you!!!"

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Louise from Denmark

      "I was very pleased to stay at Yoga Sutra Shala with a week of yoga, delicious vegan food, peace and tranquillity. Namit was an amazing yoga teacher and I truly enjoyed every bit of it. We had yoga class every morning and every evening outside with the beautiful view of the mountains. After this experience it's hard to do yoga inside again! I had a wonderful time and would love to go back someday."

      Tripadvisor website, edited

    • Review by Ryan Finan from Orlando, USA

      "I came to the Yoga Sutra Shala midway through my 3 week trip through Europe. This was my first time in Spain. Namit and Maru were incredibly welcoming and caring. They genuinely wanted to get to know me and my interests and were able to cater the retreat to what i was seeking. For me, it was incorporating yoga into a medical practice. Both of them have boundless knowledge from yoga to nutrition to places across the globe they have traveled. The location of the Shala is absolutely gorgeous. I would highly recommend this retreat to anybody traveling through Europe. I spent a week without shoes, practiced yoga every day, and ate some incredible vegetarian meals. Should I ever find myself in Europe again, I will absolutely be returning."

      Yoga Sutra Shala Facebook Page website, edited

    • Review by Sheila from Kirkcudbright, Scotland

      "The most memorable part of this holiday was making new friends from different countries in a friendly and relaxed environment. They are excellent hosts and the location is peaceful and stunningly beautiful. I would suggest other travellers to travel light with an open mind and plenty of enthusiasm.I felt that this holiday benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation: locally sourced food, organic when possible, and local employees. Recycling of waste was also strongly encouraged.This retreat is simply wonderful - I cannot recommend this holiday highly enough: such a patient and encouraging yoga teacher and the food was delicious. I feel I benefitted physically, emotionally and spiritually. I came home relaxed and healthy and I still keep in regular contact with my new international friends."

      Yoga Sutra Shala, edited

    • Review by Elizabeth from London, UK

      "So many great memories! I loved the yoga on the terrace, the tasty food, Namit's great yoga guidance and meeting a really interesting and varied group of people. I enjoyed the feeling of the group becoming closer and less inhibited as the days went on.Go for it! Come with a mind open to new people, and finding your own practice within the group. Lots of yummy food available all the time, we also enjoyed bringing with a few 'naked' bars for an afternoon snack. Mostly, come prepared to relax.This retreat definitely this holiday benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation. The employees were locals and our cook was an organic farmer. Food waste was recycled back to feed the chickens on the farm :) Eco-friendly products were used.This is simply a wonderful and revitalising experience!"

      Yoga Sutra Shala, edited

    • Review by Joanna Sherring

      "My daughter and I had the most wonderful stay at Yoga Sutra Shala - Yoga Retreat Centre. Namit and Maru are the most wonderful hosts and teachers and a great knowledge about nutrition, meditation and so many other aspects of Yoga."

      Yoga Sutra Shala Facebook , edited

    • Review by Dez Cj

      "My stay at the retreat centre was epic! I achieved my goals and would love to return. The retreat centre is truly epic being, as it is, set in the most serine and beautiful place. An easy place to find inner peace; a proper shala. I found it easy to give up meat, booze, fags, etc. in such idyllic surroundings.I liked all the classes, even the ones that I was a little apprehensive about at first (for example the chanting). That being said, I went with an open mind and, like anything in life, the more you put in; the more you get out. Specifically, I improved my general strength including core and back strength, I feel I improved my flexibility and posture. I really liked the mediation, breathing exercises and chanting; so much so, I continue them on a daily basis.I found the timetable challenging, which is precisely what I wanted. I did overexert myself (probably by pushing myself too much in terms of holding the lotus position) but otherwise the physical side of things was the right tempo for me and I really enjoyed the morning and evening classes.The food was surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because prior to my stay at the yoga retreat, I could not imagine eating vegetables or meals without meat. I learnt so much about healthy eating. Happily I have already adjusted my eating habits going forward and feel so much better for it. "

      Yoga Sutra Shala Facebook , edited

    • Review by Miguel

      " I'm really enjoying my lessons with Namit. He has a very warm, open and gentle manner which immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel welcome. As well as an experienced Yoga practitioner he draws on his pharmacological/medical background to offer deep insight into the workings of the body. He actively seeks feedback and applies what he learns to improve the lessons, displaying a very flexible and intelligent approach to his teaching. I work as a dance and fitness instructor and started yoga to give my body some relief from the tension and knots that build up by the end of the week. Gradually my body is becoming more supple and flexible. "

      Yoga Sutra Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " Excellent : Namit's focus is on you getting what you want out of the class, everyone is considered. He takes the time to ensure you are holding the pose correctly. Others attending are friendly. Come and try it you won't be disappointed! Thanks Namit."

      Yoga Sutra Google plus website, edited

    • Review by Vctor Parrilla

      " Namit is an excellent yoga teacher. I joined his lessons a couple months ago. Namit perfectly combines core exercises, relaxation, meditation, etc. The fact that he asks his students what we would like to practice makes his lessons always interesting for everyone. In addition, we are always small/medium groups so he can pay attention to each of us and correct us when we are not doing something well. "

      Yoga Sutra Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " Teacher is excellent and differentiates according to ability. Always come away feeling uplifted. Went initially because of ski injury and improvement almost instantaneous. Am now back to competitive running but am still going to the classes because of all the benefits experienced."

      Yoga Sutra Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "An excellent class, because of an excellent teacher. Namit's clear, calm and considerate teaching, blending informative yoga instruction while focussing on individual needs and requirements, is exemplary. I needed relaxation and some help with an ongoing physical condition and he has addressed both with thought and precision; each class member receives similar attention - extraordinary. "

      Yoga Sutra Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "Excellent tuition from a very experienced yoga teacher. Namit pays particular attention to the individuals ability and limitations. Back weakness after a long term back injury was my initial problem. After only 2 lessons I could feel the benefits of the recommended exercises tailored to strengthening my core back muscles. Highly recommended."

      Yoga Sutra Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "I was impressed by Namit's website first and thought to give it a try and he has certainly lived up to all expectations such that even my 9 yr old son enjoys it too. Namit has a friendly manner and arranges his class to suit everyone, the class is well planned, follow a rhythm leading on to relaxation. I have definitely felt a difference in my stamina and I just wish I could attend more regularly."

      Yoga Sutra Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "Better than I could ever have imagined! Namit's a truely excellent teacher, very experienced and easy to talk to. He tailors each class to the needs of those taking part, and makes the postures accessable to everyone, whilst keeping true to traditional hatha and ashtanga yoga. The classes are excellent value and enjoyable...I couldn't have asked for more."

      Yoga Sutra Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "Namit is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. He makes all who join his class feel very welcome and is prepared to tailor each class to the needs of each participant. My goal was to achieve body balances and he had me holding my bodyweight in no time! Thoroughly enjoyeable."

      Yoga Sutra Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " Amazing place with greatfull atmosphere and Namit who's big, beatifull soul and delivers invaluable knowledge which bring our life's quality to the next level. You can't miss it, be creator and join' to Namit's Yoga Class! Greetings &one love!"

      Yoga Classes Leicester Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " Fantastic place to learn Yoga. Perfect for people of any ability and great fun too!"

      Yoga Classes Leicester Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " New or old to the yoga way, Namit has your best interests in mind when helping you along the road to becoming a yoga vet. My friends and I have been taking classes with him for the past few months and every class is a pleasurable learning exsperience. To stay loose and flexable while adding some strength to otherwise awkward muscles, Namit has the answer. I'd recommend his classes to anyone interested in taking up yoga. "

      Yoga Classes Leicester Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "Just a really fun class which goes along at a pace suitable for any level. It is obvious as soon as you begin the class that you are being taught an expert and that really was the icing on the cake."

      Yoga Classes Leicester Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " I am a Doctor in the Leicester Hospitals, really feel Namit's classes help in overcoming the stresses of an on-call shift! Highly recommended, good to see a teacher who has actually gone to the origins of Yoga itself, which is unique indeed. This shows in the confidence, knowledge and flexibility. Thanks Namit. RS"

      Yoga Classes Leicester Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " Highly recommend yoga class with Namit. He caters for beginners as well as advanced level students. The class size is small and therefore can give each individual personal attention. Excellent teacher! "

      Yoga Classes Leicester Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " Absolutely brilliant class. You can tell Namit teaches yoga becauses he loves it and its very motivating for the students.The class is tailored according to each students needs and it makes a big difference to our practice. Definitely one of the best yoga teachers I've had! "

      Yoga Classes Leicester Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " Namit is a great teacher, and provides the best yoga classes I have been to. Classes are calming and relaxing as well as being a very good workout in terms of flexibilty and core strength. Highly recommended! "

      Yoga Classes Leicester Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " Great class! Namit is very knowledgable about yoga, its benefit and the philosophy behind it. His passion is refelcted in his teaching, giving his students individual guidance. Great for beginners wanting to try out yoga as well as any advanced students where Namit will give you varied postures to try out! "

      Yoga Classes Leicester Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " I highly recommend Yoga Sutra for anyone, beginners or not. I was new to yoga so I felt a little nervous and aprehensive before attending but was made to feel instantly at home. Namit is a very patient and insightful teacher. The groups are small so you will get all the one to one that you may need in a fun, yet soothing atmosphere. "

      Yoga Classes Leicester Google plus website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      " Really enjoy the lessons, nice mixture of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. You leave feeling relaxed but also like you've had some good exercise! "

      Yoga Classes Leicester Google plus website, edited

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