Yoga Sukhavati

New York City , United States

Yoga Sukhavati is a teacher who gives yoga classes and organizes yoga retreat around the world.

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  • Julie Tomaino

    Yoga Sukhavati website

    Leigh is one of the most generous and inspiring yoga teacher from whom Ive ever had the pleasure of learning. Her retreat in Yelapa was fun, challenging, enlightening, refreshing, and Im looking forward to going again! I met an amazing group of people that I truly feel are lifelong friends. The Yelapa retreat was one of the highlights of my entire year.

  • Mae Fatto

    Yoga Sukhavati website

    Leigh is the most synergistic of yoga teachers. She combines her deep experience of various styles with her extensive dance training to free the body of its patterns and cultivate a true awareness of ones self. She is a master of technique and alignment while maintaining the ability to create flow and warmth. She has taken my stagnating 9 year practice and deepened it beyond my expectations helping me find ease, space and breath.

  • Vera Lekas

    Yoga Sukhavati website

    Ive been to several of Leighs retreats. There always in a sublime setting, well organized, with great food and great yoga, rejuvenating for both body and spirit. Leigh is a gifted and generous teacher and gathers great people around her wherever she goes.

  • Jennifer Lyons

    Yoga Sukhavati website

    Leigh Evans has changed my life. She has taught me to breathe deeply, to stand correctly and to relax through meditation. She has a calm and focused manner. She is an inspiration and offers great encouragement which makes one want to grow, learn and change. Anyone lucky enough to work with her will see how much they can blossom and become , how much body awareness they will gain, under the gentle guidance of a profound person and expert.

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