Yoga Spirit Circle offers yoga retreat and getaway with calming surroundings, vegan cuisine, and the entertaining comfort of a yoga tribe in Andalusia, Spain.

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Emanuela Samaritani

from Great Britain, October 2017

The house is great and comfortable and the people very welcoming and warm and open. The food was delicious.

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Marta Leon MindFit YogandHolidays

Yoga Spirit Circle Facebook page

I spent a week last year and is such a beatiful place with a calming energy. The kind of place where connecting to the self becomes easy, no distractions around (no much wifi in the bedrooms, which I loved!!). The beach is less than 5 minutes away. Yvonne and the staff are lovely. looking forward to come back this year !!

Birgit Henne Germany

Yoga Spirit Circle Facebook page

Ein Traum von einem Yoga-Urlaub! In der Casa Erica fühlt man sich sich sehr willkommen. Tiefenentspannt verbringt man die Tage mit den herzlichen Gastgebern, den inspirierenden und kraftschöpfenden Yoga-Stunden und dem wahnsinniig leckeren und trotzdem so gesunden Essen (Detox-Woche ;) ) Das schreit nach Wiederholung! Vielen Dank!