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San Francisco, United States

Yoga Society San Francisco promotes the experience of oneness through various physical, intellectual and spiritual practices.

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  • Alma Boyle


    I recently stayed for 6 nights at the ashram whilst visiting my son who moved to San Francisco to live from Northern Ireland, and was just around the corner from where he was living. I was warmly welcomed and received into this community. I was able to take part in all their programs during my stay there, unfortunately because of the Christmas holiday season most of their yoga classes were cancelled. I loved their daily fire ceremony and meditation in the mornings and evenings which brings the community of people staying at the ashram together. I had a lovely private room which the sun streamed through in the morning. Although the building an old Victorian one it had so much character and was warm and cozy. The New Year's Eve Breath Session with Brickshaw (don't think I spelt that correctly) was lovely so calming and peaceful followed by a delicious meal together. Thank you Yoga Society for a lovely stay and maybe someday hopefully I shall be able to come back

  • Catherine Brennan


    I have been coming to the Goddess Flow class, taught by Lydia, at the Yoga Society of San Francisco for the past little while. What a phenomenal class this is! The poses, instruction and overall experience is quite feminine, I think (although men definitely benefit as well!) both soft and gentle yet strong and firm all at once. The class ranges from gentle motion to a faster pace - and Lydia will always ask you what you'd like from the class, how intense you are feeling that day, etc. She is a great instructor, very intuitive and kind and full of range. It's also the first yoga class I've experienced that is so open and fluid, emphasizing constant light motion as opposed to abruptly starting and stopping poses, which is wonderful and makes the whole class feel very holistic in a way. Lots of hip openers! Definitely recommend it!

  • Henry Thompson


    I felt very lucky to find this place, it was my home for three months. Grounded in the vibrant and unique teachings of Sri Bramananda Saraswati, its a unique place to practice yoga in the heart of the city without the hype you get in other places. i really recommend you check out the books available at the ashram too!

  • Richard Schimpf


    This is a great place for anyone interested in all aspects of yoga. There's room for people with a casual interest and serious yogis -- all without judgement. Welcoming, warm, and serious about their practice.

  • Jude Johnson


    YSSF is a veritable spiritual jewel in the middle of San Francisco. It was the first place I landed when I first arrived in SF. I was greeted by wonderful souls who are sincerely dedicated to the yogic path. This sincerity is realized in all of its educational offerings.

  • Gabriel Watel


    The YSSF is an urban ashram, bringing you a wonderful daily yogic experience in the thrilling city of San Francisco. I have stayed there three consecutive years and I still plan to return many more times. You will find yourself at home no matter how far away you are from your own.

  • Lavinia Leopold


    The Yoga Society of San Francisco is a wonderful place. From the moment I arrived I felt part of the community and completely at Home. The atmosphere is friendly and open and guests are encouraged to participate and contribute in programs where each contribution is valued and appreciated. The staff is unusually dedicated and helpful and the rooms and are very well kept and clean. This is truly a special place.

  • Devi Bhaktananda


    This is one of the two most authentic ashrams I've found outside of India. I walked into their temple for a kirtan (call and response chanting) after spending four days at Bhakti Fest, non-stop chanting in the Joshua tree desert, and the energy and the bhav in the temple was even more potent. I never wanted to leave! It is a gift to offer something so powerful and at the same time so accessible. I thought I was just passing through on my way home, only stopping by for the kirtan after searching for one on Google, but I ended up staying for three days. I had the thrill and delight of meeting and studying with Dr. R. K. Sharma, an eminent Sanskrit scholar who makes periodic visits to teach in depth Sanskrit courses, one of my passions. Their Sanskrit library alone is breathtaking. The residents, teachers, and visitors all live, study, and practice together in harmony, which is what an ashram is all about. I immediately felt like a member of the family, and I consider this one of my homes on the planet. It truly is a treasure!

  • Matthew King


    I love the Yoga Society of San Francisco! I had heard about the place for years but finally started going there when I moved to an apartment just a few blocks away. My favorite things about the YSSF are the frequent potlucks, Pedro Franco's Wednesday night Tantra Vinyasa classes followed by the Vedic homa fire ceremony and kirtan. I also hosted a going away party here in their studio space just before leaving for an extended trip to Asia. The studio space is large, easy to heat and cool if needed, and has all the mats and props you need for classes. It was also very affordable. I highly recommend coming and taking classes or hosting events at the YSSF, it's a wonderful place!

  • Brian Festa


    As a former resident, I can say the Yoga society is a gem in the mission which provides so many opportunities to be involved in various facets of spiritual practice. Sanskrit classes, fire ceremonies, kirtan's, daily pranayama and yoga practice, evening programs and other programs put on by special beings teaching anything from qi quong to dream interpretation. A beautiful place with well-intentioned people dedicated to self-analysis and expansion. Be prepared for growth!

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