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8 Days Acrobatics Yoga Retreat Thailand

  • Kaomai Lanna Resort, Moo 6 Chiangmai Hod Rd, Ban Klang, San Pa Tong, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Recovering Thailand Yoga Retreat

  • 7 days with instruction
  • Join Yoga Slackers in their 3rd retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Yoga Slackers will facilitate you with a 7-day exploration of your human potential. This retreat will serve as an opportunity to polish your acrobatic skills. This retreat will focus on the nomadic life, several acrobatic practices and active recovery. Yoga Slackers will help you to explore the edges of your perceived limits and teach you how to surpass them!


    • Daily AcroYoga
    • Morning yoga sessions
    • Dutch and water acrobatics
    • Thai massage and therapeutics
    • 7 nights’ accommodation
    • 3 daily Thai meals
    • Airport transfer


      • Instruction languages: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Kaomai Lanna is created as a community-based resort, operating under the principles of environmental and community sustainability. The resort was built based on the balance between the nature and the culture.

    18 tobacco curing barns were nicely renovated from the total long aged 48 barns into 36 lively guestrooms. Inside the barn, the rooms are decorated in post - Lanna style with antique Thai - Burmese colonial antique furniture. The resort is surrounded with tropical shady towering trees, varieties of palms and bamboo, leafy fruit trees and wild flowers.

    The upper and lower level rooms are furnished in 4 unique ways. While guests on upper floors will experience the Thai traditions of sleeping on a mattress set on a raised teak wooden floor, guests on the lowers floor will find their rooms furnished with authentic teak wood antique beds.

    Yoga Slackers will start 7 days of exploration with teaching and reviewing the basics forms of Slackline yoga and AcroYoga. As you progress through the week, Yoga Slackers will add more challenges suitable to each individual.

    During the first day, Yoga Slackers will review the pre-requisites and move forward from there. Depending on the group skills, Yoga Slackers might divide the participants into different groups to cover advanced acrobatics and Slackrobatics. To get the most out of your experience, practice these set of skills beforehand.

    AcroYoga prerequisites

    • 30-second holds
    • Fly and base
    • Free headstand
    • Handstand on the wall
    • Free bird
    • Free star
    • Free shoulder stand
    • Foot to hand
    • Tuck sit
    • Foot to shin
    • Shin to foot
    • Kick into handstand (wall)
    • Bird Presses
    • Throne presses
    • Star presses
    • Push-ups (15 repetitions)
    • Washing machine
    • Main roll repetitions (base or fly)
    • Barrel roll
    • 4-steps
    • Catherine's wheel

    Slackline yoga prerequisites

    • Stand
    • Sit
    • Kneel
    • Pointer
    • Tucksit

    Daily schedule

    • 07:00 Yoga
    • 08:30 Breakfast
    • 09:30 Slackline / AcroYoga
    • 12:00 Lunch
    • 15:00 AcroYoga / Slackline
    • 17:00 Conditioning / acrobatics
    • 18:00 Dinner
    • 10:00 Stretching or therapeutics
    • Sam Salwei

      Sam Salwei co-founded the YogaSlackers in 2005, and his passion for Slacklining has only grown since then. He typically can be found awing crowds with his spectacles at every opportunity.

    • Raquel Hernández

      Raquel Hernández is a lovers of movement. She spends her time traveling the world and fulfilling her dreams of being true modern-day nomads. Her motivation is bringing the passion for teaching to students all over the world. As Sam's partner, Raquel perfectly complements Sam with her extensive training in yoga, Acroyoga, Slacklining, and Healing Arts.

    • Emily Baxter

      Emily teaches and practices several styles of Asana yoga, including Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa as well as AcroYoga and Slackline yoga. She teaches anatomy, methodology and adjustments on various yoga teacher trainings and runs her own Yin yoga teacher training programs as well as Partner Acrobatics Intensives and teacher trainings. She is also trained as a Postural therapist.

    This retreat will take place in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

    • 1 group excursion
    • 1 private Thai massage
    • 3 Thai meals per day
    • 7 nights’ accommodation at Kaomai Lanna resort
    • AcroYoga classes
    • Conditioning
    • Dutch acrobatics
    • Games and fun challenges
    • Morning yoga practice
    • Slackline yoga classes
    • Slackro
    • Transportation from the Chiang Mai Airport (CNX)
    • Water acrobatics

    Arrival by airplane

    Please arrive at Chiang Mai Airport (CNX) where Yoga Slackers will pick you up. The pick-up is included in the price.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Yoga Slackers an inquiry.

    Crystal, United States

    Yoga Slackers is internationally known for its commitment to extreme living with awareness. They offer yoga retreats, teacher training, adventure retreats, and workshops.

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