Yoga Skyros Academy provides Yoga Teacher 200/500/Master that follows the standards of Yoga Alliance. Registration All Year round. Class max 10 students.

Yoga Retreats (8)

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7 Days Pure Yoga Retreat in Athens, Greece

June | July | August | September, 2019
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Dietmar Hellmann

Carmen Hellmann

Reviews (33)

Tereza Flidrova

from United States, May 2019

"Be open and join,pure happiness and gratitude will come"

I came for yoga teacher training and I left like a new person!

There are no words how to express my happiness and gratitude for this amazing experience!

Immediately i came I knew this is place of my destiny.

Carmen, Dietmar and Katerina are amazing people with big hearts. I felt like to be at home, maybe a little bit better :) (sorry mummy :)

Yoga classes were amazing! Philosophy very interesting and useful in daily life. Im still reading my notices again and again. Because its beautiful.

So if you want to change your destiny, just be open and join. Miracles will happen!

Thank you my lovely teachers Carmen, Dietmar, Katerina, Elsa!

See you soon.

Little Tereza :)

Debra Spector

from United States, July 2018

"Amazing experience!"

Carmen and Dietmar run an amazing program. I learned the fundamentals of yoga, its history, critical anatomy, Ayurveda, lots of asanas, breathing and meditation techniques, and most importantly - how to effectively teach a class. Housing was clean, bright, and welcoming. The schedule was perfect - Carmen felt the pulse of the class and adjusted instruction appropriately. I made many new friends and learned a lot about myself in the process. This was a life changing experience for me! I loved this program and look forward to visiting again.

Naomi Stämmer

from Italy, April 2018

"Carmen has a lot of knowledge in the materia. "

I liked it all. Dietmar and carmen are very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was very good. I met some very nice people and we all helped each other when needed. The yoga classes were excellent. Also by the ones teached by the teachers to be. The fact we were allowed to eat meat as well.

Aline Rotach

from United States, February 2018

"Great experience"

The house is spacious and very nice. It is in a quiet area outside of Athens. I was very lucky - as we only were four students at the same time Carmen arranged for all of us to have a bedroom and we did not end up sharing rooms. While this was very fortunate I do realize that it was an exception and usually rooms are shared. The training itself was great. Carmen is a very good teacher and tailors the content perfectly to her students. Due to the small class sizes you can benefit a lot and you can learn in an intimate and positive atmosphere. I really liked the training and will definitely come back.

Jaimie Mcmahon

from Canada, December 2017

"Just book it!"

Wish I would have gone sooner and never left! Can't fault a thing, highly recommend!


from Australia, December 2017

"Terrible experience and course not worth the money"

I liked that you live with the people you are doing the course with. I liked Greece. The Greek people are friendly and the food is great.

Houda Radi

from Morocco, October 2017

"My yoga experience "

I discovered the science of yoga and so much more I meet wonderful people

Alinta Kirkpatrick

from Australia, September 2017


- great location, close to shops, restaurants + the beach, not too far from the city

- Everyone is so kind ? they each had something new to teach me

- Athens has amazing weather + cats

- The apartment is beautifully furnished + air conditioned

- free wifi in the studio + the apartment

- great training; Carmen has true expertise and passion. She is full of grace and character. I felt so welcome

- Carmen has excellent advice for developing mental + emotional strength. She taught us many lessons about staying present, practicing non-reaction + developing calm, this one stays in my head:

The mind is a garden + negativity is a snake in the garden. To let the garden flower, take the snake out of the garden. Then when the mind is beautiful, the body will follow.

- Carmen is a charitable person ? Seeing her take care of the space + her practice inspired me.

- Many mornings I came to the studio the candles burned + there was a great smell

- Encouragement to eat fresh, healthy food

- The studio + apartment are cleaned weekly professionally

- the coffee machine is amazing + the lounge is so comfortable

- beautiful yoga studio

- it is intense training ?studying the asanas + the sutras are strongly encouraged

- learning the muscle + bone groups and the benefits of the asanas

- the booklet is a fantastic learning resource

- students from all over Europe

- the beach yoga class

- individual focus of classes

- prac in the morning + theory in afternoon

Sze Tan

from United States, August 2017

"A holistic transformative training for real yogis"

The training is holistic and yet personalised. It covers all fundamental aspects of Yoga and teaching. On top of that, Carmen and Dietmar Hellman are great inspirers who recognise individual teacher trainees' strengths and weaknesses. Carmen is a dedicated and encouraging master teacher who sees the best in each individual. She helps to open up the consciousness and accelerates personal growth which is vital for teachers.

Reem Amr

from United Arab Emirates, August 2017

"Extraordinary experience "

The location is amazing. Close to many nice places in glyfada.

The school operated like a home. Very clean and comfortable.

The teaching is trabsformational. We received the science in theory and also applied with many expamples to our personal lives and how we can improve it.

Most of us taught first class within day 5. We learn as we practice. It builds confidence and flexibility as creativity in writing a class and performing it.

Amazing experience. Coming back for the 500hr soon.

Jackie Contreras

from United States, July 2017


I am so happy to have completed my 200-hour RYT training at Yoga Skyros IKE in Glyfada! It was perfect and it is one of the BEST decisions of my life. Before booking the training, I struggled because there are SO MANY OPTIONS (all over the world) but I went with Carmen’s place because of her background in yoga (and other related fields) and the academy’s concept of training smaller classes (10 students max). I think this is excellent because it really shows they care about spreading the knowledge to each and every student by building on his or her strengths.

The accommodation was lovely - comfy bed and cozy room with everything you need. The neighborhood was beautiful and the location was great - only a 10-minute walk to the beach and downtown Glyfada where there are shops - supermarket, bakery, pharmacy, and restaurants. It’s approximately 20EUR to the airport using Uber (or you can take a taxi too).

Make sure you view and click ‘like’ o their Facebook page to keep up with their news!

The yoga training itself was great - I felt myself improving every day (mentally and physically). Practicing yoga with the people of Glyfada as well as visitors from around the world is what makes this location unforgettable. Thank you for everything

Carmen and Dietmar! I will definitely be back!

Alex Bowley

from Philippines, July 2017

"Wonderful experience "

It was amazing to do the course in Greece with such an International team. There is a family feel to Yoga Skyros which I don't think you would get elsewhere. The teachers are so full of information and I learnt a huge amount in a very short space of time and feel a fuller and better person for it.

Caroline Hirondelle

from French Polynesia, September 2018

"excellent à tout point de vue"

un enseignement de qualité dans une belle maison ! je compte bien revenir pour les 500 h !

Marie Portejoie

from France, May 2018


Carmen and Dietmar are great teachers

I learn a lot about yoga . The teaching was great , yoga classe was great , food excellent 👌 I will come back again 👍


from France, May 2018

"Discernment, knowledge and self-awareness"

Yoga Skyros IKE offers the students a live-in yogic learning experience in a warm, loving and compassionate atmosphere. Patanjali's teachings are fully integrated in every aspects of the student's everyday life. Carmen is a true guru in the proper sense of the Sanskrit word. She is assuredly on the path and knows how to show the way to her students, with open heart and clear sight. Whatever your expectations on starting the journey, you will come out transformed. Thank you, Carmen, for planting the seeds in such a beautiful manner that we can, in turn, share yoga in conscience. पारमिता

Stéphanie St-onge Perron

from Greece, April 2018

"Amazing experience"

Carmen was really respectful of other professions and experiences. She greatly adapted her teaching according to our needs. With all the knowledge she shared with us, I am feeling confident to guide students the best way I can. The house was clean and dispose of nice balconies. I highly recommend Yoga Skyros Academy!

Marie Arnould

from Peru, January 2018

"Un sejour et un apprentissage riche et profond"

Le studio est beau, spacieux, confortable et situé dans un quartier d Athénes tres agréable d ou l on peut marcher, aller à la plage.

Carmen Hellman est une excellente professeur qui a beaucoup de savoir faire et savoir être à transmettre et une belle personne ainsi que son mari Dietmar. Je recommende vivement à tous ceux qui veulent faire une formation de qualité de la faire dans ce lieu exceptionnel avec ces personnes d exception.

Vivian Boumans

from Croatia, July 2017

"Go for it!"

The reason I chose this school is that you can start whenever you want to and that the group of students is small.

You'll start to teach asap, even with Carmen's clients. Where else will you find that in a TTC? And if you think you're not ready, just know that you are and that you'll fine support both from Carmen and Dietmar as well as your fellow students.

What I really liked about this course is that the program is not cast in stone. There is (some) flexibility in the program and classes. Which gives you time to process and take everything in. Or give your body a rest so you can keep on opening it more and more. It still will be intens and you will go through a transformation. If a 7 am - 9 pm fixed program doesn't appeal to you, than this for sure will.

That being said, I don't believe any training can ever be perfect. Someone once told me that you always get exactly what you need. If your gut feeling is telling you to come here, then trust it and go for it. For everything will fall into place at some point in time. Even after the training is over.

Abdelaziz Gheith

from Egypt, February 2019

"Best Decision I Made in a While!"

I don't even know where to start! I decided to do the 7 days retreat to take a break after a stressful period at work and recharge for what's coming. I have to say since the moment I arrived, I instantly felt the positive energy in the place soothing me.

Carmen and Dietmar are knowledgable, warm and caring. You guys inspired me and helped me reconnect and stay focused on what matters. The holistic approach with yoga, kinesiology, bach flower and massage helped transform how I felt over the week and I left feeling energized and ready for whatever comes my way. I feel balanced again.

I also appreciate the fact that I met people who became cherished friends who were doing their yoga teachers training with Carmen. They inspired me and the energy in the house was amazing. Thank you Carmen, Dietmar and Katarina for this amazing experience and above all being so caring and passionate! I value connecting with your beautiful souls :)

Sue Stevenson

from Switzerland, January 2019

"8 day YACEP"

With such small groups Carmen tailors the course to participant needs/interests and requirements. This was not clear at first (from Book of Yoga description) but ended up being a real bonus. We covered in detail the Chakras, the 5 elements, the Dosha, basics of Ayurvedic Medicine and Carmen has a wonderful technique for pulling all this complexity together ... so it makes sense and can be used personally and also in our teaching. Ps. I’m not from India but Switzerland/UK

Edit Barabás

from Hungary, December 2018

"Yoga Teacher Training and Nice New Friends "

First, I Loved the place cause it is amazingly big, clean and cosy! :)

Loved the yoga classes which were very well-planned.

Loved my classmates who became good friends! (Such a lovely group we had there....) ... and last but not least Loved the teachers who were always so kind with me.

Carmen is a really experienced teacher and goodhearted women and Dietmar is just the perfect man for her, supporting and helping her every day. :)

All in all I had a great one month with this group of people, I got so much knowledge and emotion what no one can take away from me ever!

I'll never forget my stay in Yoga Skyros, Athens.

Many thanks for everything! Love you guys..


from Austria, September 2018

"Wonderful and very effective retreat"

Very friendly atmosphere from the beginning, until the very end. Carmen and Dietmar took individual care of everybody on the retreat, about how our feelings developed, doing a wonderful job. They gave me good advices which I took with me, and gave my wings back in life! The Bach therapy, kinesiology the every day changing and challenging yoga courses helped a lot to find again my inner strength and balance, which I can keep. We even went jogging on mornings, where we saw the sunrise and beautiful panorama, while enjoying fresh air in the nature on the hill just next to the Yoga Academy. I received many inspirations and good advices, positive energy and motivation. Thank you very much Carmen and Dietmar!

Maarit Pimia

from United States, July 2018

"Great recharge!"

I visited the retreat for a one week recharge of yoga and treatments that included treatments. The experience was great and it was a very restorative time for me. I was impressed and inspired by Dittmar and Carmen expertise and conviction to overall wellbeing and wellness. I had great conversations with them and also met lovely people at the retreat. The daily yoga and treatments were restorative and chipped away my stress and taught me about looking after myself better. The resort space was an amazing and beautiful, close to the mountain trails with majestic views over the Greek coast. The beach was only a short walk away as well as the nearby towns with restaurants and shops.

I am now inspired to learn more about yoga as well as the healing I enjoyed. (Wish I had stayed longer!) Overall, I feel grateful and humbled.

Laura Pierce

from United States, June 2018

"Amazing and enriching experience "

Carmen is an incredible teacher, knowledgeable and experienced, but most importantly she is so deeply passionate about teaching. I felt very privileged and I’ve learned a lot. The week went too quickly!!! Dietmar is also great and the treatments (kinesiology, Bach flowers and massages) are a very good and effective addition to complement the yoga practice. Met some really great people and formed incredible connections. Thank you so much to Carmen and Dietmar, a really special couple. Big hug, Laura

Tatjana Biere

from Germany, June 2019

"7 tägiger Retreat zum Seele baumeln lassen"

Tolles Haus, tolle Lehrerin und toller Kinesiologe! Ich habe mich während meines Aufenthaltes total wohl gefühlt - Konnte geistig und seelisch abschalten und neue Kraft tanken für meine neuen Aufgaben. Man hat sich beinahe wie zuhause gefühlt, konnte die Küche nach Belieben nutzen, draußen im Liegestuhl etwas die Sonne genießen oder in einem Buch versinken. Ich freu mich schon auf meinen nächsten Besuch!

Stefanie Badertscher

from Switzerland, January 2019

The atmosphere at Yoga Skyros it’s amazing, you feel the positive energy as soon as you enter.

The house is just beautiful and the bedrooms clean and welcoming. It is located in a quiet area which offers a lot of possibilities for walk along the sea or up to beautiful hills.

Carmen and Dietmar are extremely supportive, encouraging and make you feel at home.The treatments are professional and personal. It’s the perfect place to relax, learn more about yoga and get new energy.

Carola Achinger

from Spain, December 2018

"If you want to know about the real yoga yoz are perfect here"

With her all life experience Carmen teaches you what is really important of being a yoga teacher. Teaching a professional yoga class and always keep growing yourself as a yoga teacher. She shows you how you could do all this fancy asanas but mainly she teaches you why yoga is so important for all of us. To be conscious about what you do in yoga and in life. She was a great master and I learned so much. My classes now have much more quality and profoundness and Im able to teach many different classes. My knowledge has grown a lot. It was an amazing experience.

Dida Guigan

from Switzerland, October 2018

"Ce n'était pas Carmen mais c'était bien quand même"

La rencontre avec les participants, les massages et la mer.


from Switzerland, October 2018

"Remettre les compteurs à zéro"

La chaleur de l'accueil et l'immense compétence de Carnen, sa façon inspirante d'enseigner et de vivre le yoga.

Les excellents soins dispensés par Dietmar qui m'ont permis de lever des blocages anciens.

Je suis repartie plus forte, plus souple et plus dynamique. J'ai nettement senti une différence entre avant et après et un bien-être qui se prolonge loin et longtemps au-delà du séjour.


from France, September 2018

"Séjour agréable mais.."

La maison est très propre, et l’ambiance est agréable

Jacques Uhrweiller

from France, August 2018

"What else ?"

Next time, I'll stay longer !

Je pourrais me contenter de dire "je reviendrai et je resterai plus longtemps la prochaine fois..."

mais j'ajouterai que cette maison est très accueillante parce que Carmen et Dietmar sont délicats, souriants, ouverts, généreux, précieux...

que les séances de Yoga de Carmen (ou de ses brillantes élèves) et les soins de Dietmar sont d'une qualité exceptionnelle,

que l'on se laisse rapidement aller, dans cette douce et belle ambiance de retraite de yoga et de méditation.

Merci Carmen et Dietmar !


Claire Dionis Du Séjour

from France, July 2018

"J'ai bien fait de venir !"

Séjour régénérant accompagné par Dietmar et Carmen qui sont deux personnes d'une grande générosité! Je suis rentrée renouvelée, plus solide et avec un large sourire !

Merci merci merci

Suzie Desmet

from France, May 2018

"The perfect retreat to recharge your batteries and reconnect"

Carmen and Dietmar are a lovely couple, inspiring and really complementary. I loved the association of yoga + kinesiology/Bach Flowers/Massage. It is an holistic methodology to restaure you !

Testimonials (3)

Brikenë Bunjaku

Yoga Skyros Academy Facebook page

The training here is a trip of self-discovery! I have come to know and develop myself in so many levels.. The people, the teacher, the teaching.. is so much more than I'd have expected! I can't wait to go back and discover more. A great learning environment, relaxed and realistic. You really need to be open to the process and accept the change.. And believe you me, being here can be a life-changing experience if you allow it! I can already tell the difference in my teaching..

Thank you Carmen and Dietmar!

Salvatore Puma

Yoga Skyros Academy Facebook page

Thanks to Carmen's guidance I definetely became a better person and a better teacher, and while my transformation will be perennially ongoing at Yoga Skyros Carmen offered the opportunity to speed it up. Namaste!

Sze-Leng Tan

Yoga Skyros Academy Facebook page

Yoga Skyros provides top-notched Yoga Teacher Training programmes to future Yoga teachers from all over the world. Both Carmen and Dietmar Hellman combine their passion with compassion, science with spirituality in their training. Teacher trainees receive a holistic education on Yoga, encompassing in-depth studies of the theories, principles, pranayama and asanas. Carmen Hellman, a revolutionary expert in the science of Yoga, serves to 'walk the talk' on the yogic path. She is an inspiring role-model for all who are dedicated to a lifestyle of wellness and non-violence.