Yoga Skyros Academy provides yoga teachers 200/500/master that follows the standards of Yoga Alliance. Registration all year round. Class max 10 students.

Yoga Retreats (13)

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Videos (3)

Instructors (2)

Dietmar Hellmann

Carmen Hellmann

Reviews (45)

Kimberley Schmitz

from Germany, November 2020

"Wonderful place and amazing teacher "

The Villa is wonderful with a great Yoga Room and a super nice Pool.

Carmen is fantastic, I am so grateful for the Teacher Training with such a amazing master. This month thought me so much, I learned more then I expected!

Christina Nüske

from Sweden, January 2020

"Inner calm"

The kindness, warmth, openness and togetherness gave me inner peace and calm. All was very uncomplicated, apprechiated and everything was made possible.

Tereza Flidrova

from United States, May 2019

"Be open and join,pure happiness and gratitude will come"

I came for yoga teacher training and I left like a new person!

There are no words how to express my happiness and gratitude for this amazing experience!

Immediately i came I knew this is place of my destiny.

Carmen, Dietmar and Katerina are amazing people with big hearts. I felt like to be at home, maybe a little bit better :) (sorry mummy :)

Yoga classes were amazing! Philosophy very interesting and useful in daily life. Im still reading my notices again and again. Because its beautiful.

So if you want to change your destiny, just be open and join. Miracles will happen!

Thank you my lovely teachers Carmen, Dietmar, Katerina, Elsa!

See you soon.

Little Tereza :)

Susan Giger

from Switzerland, August 2021

"Wonderful Retreat!"

My daughter and I spent a wonderful 4 days at Yoga Skyros Academy practicing twice daily yoga lessons and learning about various self-healing methods. Carmen and Dietmar are both very knowledgeable in addition to being warm, welcoming and wonderful people. We left feeling zen, full of new knowledge and with the feeling that this retreat is a must for everyone!

Katarina Szaboova

from Slovakia, November 2020

"500 hours yoga teachers training course"

I really liked the approach, the teaching and overall the friendly atmosphere in the school. The place is really beautiful, students are treated as part of a big family. Carmen is highly professional and her approach is to teach maximum she can to her students. I left with the knowledge I didn't have before and that was my aim why I did it. There was no a moment to be bored, classes were versatile. We were taught how to teach, so we were doing different styles of classes, learned how to assist people to achieve certain postures. We studied philosophy of yoga and learned about the anatomy and energy centers in human body. This month gave me a lot of information I want to use in my practice of yoga.


from Great Britain, November 2020

"Pleasant "

It was overall very Friendly yet professional & relaxing retreat for me with two yoga sessions a day & received one nice yoga therapy & kinesiology etc.

I would like to go back hopefully in near future again.

Natalia Sarzi Amadè

from Germany, November 2020

"Magical Place with magical Vibe"

The place has magical vibes and Carmen & Dietmar are truly fantastic people. They made me feel welcomed and at ease since day one!

Carmen really cares about each student or "retreater" - she adjusted a couple of classes to my needs even if I was not there for the teacher training - I find this great and absolutely exceptional for a retreat with more participants.

With Dietmar I rediscovered alternative medicine as a way to improve my physical and mental well-being.

I came back to Munich as a new person and I can highly recommend Yoga Skyros Academy if you want to have a break from it all and fully regenerate - surrounded by beautiful nature and lovely people.

Virginia Morrow

from Great Britain, November 2020

"Wonderful: I left more relaxed, refreshed and happier "

The warm and open environment of Skyros had a big impact on me -- encouraging me to immerse myself in the wonderful yoga and therapy available.

Carmen is a fantastic teacher and her skills, wisdom and knowledge shine through her teaching. It was impressive and exciting yoga, with all classes delivered in unique and challenging ways that were always great fun.

What a great, energising week, which was made even better by the complementary treatments offered by Dietmar.

Creating such a warm and open environment is a truly wonderful gift to offer others, so thank you for that.

This place is great for everyone from experienced to novice -- because there is something to learn at Skyros for all.

Julieta Cuneo

August 2020

"Could not possibly recommend it more!"

I am usually a bit weary of tags such as "life changing experience" and similar, but I have to say this is precisely how I feel about having made the decision of going on a yoga retreat at the Yoga Skyros Academy. The place is absolutely stunning, and you can literally feel the positive energy and restoring effect as soon as you arrive.

The yoga practice led by Salvatore was of the highest quality, as well as every single one of the treatments Dietmar provides.

The gorgeous house is within walking distance of a lovely little town as well, and everything combined makes of this experience one of the best ones anyone in need of re-centering and balancing could possibly have.

Rachael Price

from Great Britain, August 2020

"My Perfect First Retreat "

I arrived very late at night but Carmen and Dietmar were still very friendly and welcoming. My room was in a great position in the house and was wonderfully presented. The atmosphere in the yoga studio was very calm and serene and the marble floors just added to the uplifting feeling at every yoga session. This was my first retreat so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but Dietmar and Carmen were only too pleased to answer any questions I had. I booked the four day self healing retreat and I truly enjoyed learning about all the subjects Dietmar covered for my own self healing progress. The twice daily yoga was varied and not repetitive and it was also nice to spend time listening to Carmen's teachings. The outdoor space and pool was a beautiful way to relax when not being taught and the views of the area were spectacular. I will definitely be returning to the Yoga Skyros Academy.


from Germany, July 2020

"Beautiful Location"

Salvatore, the SUP instructor was exceptional. He immediately created an environment of trust which provided a comfort level for taking the risks necessary to grow and develop both physically and mentally.

The retreat was more individualized, as there were simultaneous programs running at various intervals. I feel as though I was appropriately challenged, resulting in increased physical and mental strength along with a sense of inner peace.

Diane Widdison

from Great Britain, March 2020

"An amazingly wonderful and unique experience "

Carmen is a truly inspirational, knowledgeable and genuinely lovely yoga master and I feel privileged to have been able to study with her. The location and venue is beautiful and both Carmen and her husband Dietmar go out of their way to make sure that everything is fine for the students. The course is delivered very personally in order to address previous learning experiences and I felt my practice and knowledge moved on enormously in the time I was there. There is a good balance of practical work along with theoretical work on philosophy, anatomy and ayuverda with lots of opportunities to explore all the different areas of yoga in depth.

I researched many courses before I decided on Yoga Skyros and it exceeded all my expectations. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Bouba Zand

from Israel, February 2020

"Wonderful & highly proffesional people"

I went for 4 days self healer workshop and met wonderful people, learned so much from them. Very supportive and understanding, they cared to listened to what i needed and gave me exactly that.

The content in the workshop given by Dietmar was very interseting to me, I learned the theory and experienced the application and it was amazing! I practiced Yoga with great teachers, Carmen and Sophie.

I am so lucky and thankful to choose this worshop and to meet and learn from these people.

My words can't express enough!

Livia Frehner

from Switzerland, January 2020

"Yoga & Self healing retreat"

I went there with only a few expectations - to relax and to move. Dietmar took a lot of time to introduce me in different thearpy methods such as Bach flower, kinesiology and aroma therapy. He has a lot of experience and knowledge in different therapy methods and is a really good therapist himself. Carmen is a very good yoga teacher. We had every day two yoga classes (one with Carmen and one with a student from the yoga teacher training) which included a lot of breathing and chanting. The combination of therapy (including massages), yoga and time to relax really worked well for me. I left very relaxed and inspired and I am thinking of doing the yoga teacher training myself in the future. Also the accomodation is excellent. And the students from the yoga teacher training who stayed there for a month or longer were really kind and nice and I was lucky to make some new friendships.

Carmel Pisek

from Greece, December 2019

"holistic and inspiring"

I got very good input from Dietmar and beautiful Yoga given by Carmen. Thank you.


from Israel, October 2019

"The most relaxing experience I had in years "

All the atmosphere was so calm and relaxing. The yoga classes were excellent and beneficial to the body and the soul. The treatments were an essential part of the experience, they help to have a dipper understanding of the roots of the problems and provide solutions and support. I would recommend it to anybody who is searching home away from home to recharge.

Lukasz Wisniewski

from Ireland, September 2019

"Perfect place to learn , experience yoga "


Sigute Seemann

from Lithuania, July 2019

Everything was even better as expected


from Switzerland, June 2019

"Fantastic, rejuvenating, transformational"

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Carmen and Dietmar you are superb at what you do individually and together. Thank you for creating a home away from home where I could let go and get back to me.

Abdelaziz Gheith

from Egypt, February 2019

"Best Decision I Made in a While!"

I don't even know where to start! I decided to do the 7 days retreat to take a break after a stressful period at work and recharge for what's coming. I have to say since the moment I arrived, I instantly felt the positive energy in the place soothing me.

Carmen and Dietmar are knowledgable, warm and caring. You guys inspired me and helped me reconnect and stay focused on what matters. The holistic approach with yoga, kinesiology, bach flower and massage helped transform how I felt over the week and I left feeling energized and ready for whatever comes my way. I feel balanced again.

I also appreciate the fact that I met people who became cherished friends who were doing their yoga teachers training with Carmen. They inspired me and the energy in the house was amazing. Thank you Carmen, Dietmar and Katarina for this amazing experience and above all being so caring and passionate! I value connecting with your beautiful souls :)

Sue Stevenson

from Switzerland, January 2019

"8 day YACEP"

With such small groups Carmen tailors the course to participant needs/interests and requirements. This was not clear at first (from Book of Yoga description) but ended up being a real bonus. We covered in detail the Chakras, the 5 elements, the Dosha, basics of Ayurvedic Medicine and Carmen has a wonderful technique for pulling all this complexity together ... so it makes sense and can be used personally and also in our teaching. Ps. I’m not from India but Switzerland/UK

Edit Barabás

from Hungary, December 2018

"Yoga Teacher Training and Nice New Friends "

First, I Loved the place cause it is amazingly big, clean and cosy! :)

Loved the yoga classes which were very well-planned.

Loved my classmates who became good friends! (Such a lovely group we had there....) ... and last but not least Loved the teachers who were always so kind with me.

Carmen is a really experienced teacher and goodhearted women and Dietmar is just the perfect man for her, supporting and helping her every day. :)

All in all I had a great one month with this group of people, I got so much knowledge and emotion what no one can take away from me ever!

I'll never forget my stay in Yoga Skyros, Athens.

Many thanks for everything! Love you guys..


from Austria, September 2018

"Wonderful and very effective retreat"

Very friendly atmosphere from the beginning, until the very end. Carmen and Dietmar took individual care of everybody on the retreat, about how our feelings developed, doing a wonderful job. They gave me good advices which I took with me, and gave my wings back in life! The Bach therapy, kinesiology the every day changing and challenging yoga courses helped a lot to find again my inner strength and balance, which I can keep. We even went jogging on mornings, where we saw the sunrise and beautiful panorama, while enjoying fresh air in the nature on the hill just next to the Yoga Academy. I received many inspirations and good advices, positive energy and motivation. Thank you very much Carmen and Dietmar!

Silvia Kopilovitsch

from Austria, March 2021

Dietmar und Carmen sind großartige Lehrer! Sehr empfehlenswert!


from Netherlands, February 2021

"Geen andere woorden dan uitstekend voor"


Sandra Nebiker

from Switzerland, January 2021

"Yoga TTC 500h schweiz"

Danke für alles, es war alles suuuper!!! Die Ausbildungusserst professionell alles super nett und zuvorkommend und wir hatten riesen viel Spass! Werde gerne wieder kommen!!

Melanie Eggermont

from Switzerland, November 2020

"Eine wertvolle Erfahrung"

Ich bin sehr dankbar und glücklich, dass ich die Erfahrung meines 4 -wöchigen Aufenthaltes bei Yoga Skyros machen konnte. Es gab Höhen und Tiefen. Es war eine lebensbereichernde Erfahrung, eine transformative Hatha Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung, die Prozesse der Veränderung eingeleitet hat, sobald ich mich geöffnet habe. Ein Veränderungsprozess ist nicht immer einfach, innere Dämonen und Trigger werden geweckt. Ehrlich hinzuschauen und die eigene Verantwortung ohne zuviel Ego und Verurteilung dem Prozess gegenüber zu haben, ist anstrengend, aber im Nachhinein bin ich sehr dankbar. Dankbar für all die Menschen, die ich dort treffen durfte, das Teaching von Carmen und Salvatore ist ein integrales Training, das herausfordert und Fokus sowie Zentrierung erfordert. Wie gesagt es gab Höhen und Tiefen, Momente der Wut und Verzweiflung, der Verurteilung und des Opfermodus. Im Endeffekt hat mir das die Augen geöffnet für Wachstum und “ equanimity”. Mensch zu sein bringt Fehler mit sich und das schöne daran ist, dass die Yogamatte eine Übungsmatte ist und ich weiter üben und lernen durfte. Das Motto atme, relaxe, beobachte ist Seelenbalsam und sehr wertvoll. Persönlich bin ich sehr dankbar für die Erfahrung. Eine echte Lebensschule... Danke aus tiefstem Herzen

Marta Moreno Segura

from Spain, October 2019

"Para repetir! "

Carmen es muy buena en su trabajo, se nota que aprecia lo que hace. Transmite sus conocimientos y experiencia con gratitud y sabiduría y hace que aprendas y avances en la práctica con rapidez y ganas. El lugar es maravilloso.

Muchas gracias de nuevo por estas 42h de YTT!

Volveremos a vernos.



from Sweden, September 2019


Carmen und Dietmar sind aussergewöhnlich in ihrem Tun und bringen einen/-e aus der Komfortzone-und genau das bringt viele Prozesse auf allen Ebenen in Gang. Danke für diese wunderbare Erfahrung!-hope to see you again!

Laetitia Roze

from France, September 2019


Excellent ! Les cours sont de très bonne qualité. Carmen et ses trainers sont très pédagogues et généreuses en conseil. Les soins et les conseils prodigués par Dietmar sont pertinents et efficaces. La maison est super agréable et propre. Mais c' est surtout une très belle rencontre avec l 'ensemble des professionnels et l' ensemble des hôtes. Namaste !


from Germany, August 2019

"Alles richtig gemacht "

Ich habe meinen Aufenthalt sehr genossen. Es ist total familiär und man ist sehr gut aufgehoben. Die Yoga Stunden haben mich begeistert, abwechslungsreich,lehrreich und einfach wundervoll. Auch der Retreat von Dietmar war sehr gut organisiert, professionell und hilfreich. Dietmar und Carmen waren sehr bemüht, dass es uns gut geht. Man lebt wie in einer Familie und es war total harmonisch. Der Weg zum Strand sind ca 15 geh Minuten und total easy. Für weiter entfernte Ausflüge haben wir uns extrem günstig ein taxi geteilt. Ich würde es wieder machen:)

Sue Bastian

from Germany, August 2019

"Miraculous "

Yoga Academy Skyros offers a thorough yoga training, but you can leave with miracles if you choose. The flexible attitude of the director and teachers allow for all kinds of experiences and respect all kinds of needs. I was already a yoga instructor with my own studio and school but I have come away with information and ideas that have transformed me and will improve my work in yoga. For those wanting a good solid foundation and authority in their teaching, this is perfect. For those wanting more, even better. Through the thorough teaching which details the science of yoga to its very depths, it is possible that any person from any background, any religion, no religion, level of practice... experience breakthroughs. For those needing rest for a weary soul, this is perfect; fun and positivity- super; comraderie- absolutely; and don't miss the "kitchen talks" where Carmen begins telling stories and expounding on life- you'll want to grab the notebook and write it down. A wonderful, miraculous experience.

Tatjana Biere

from Germany, June 2019

"7 tägiger Retreat zum Seele baumeln lassen"

Tolles Haus, tolle Lehrerin und toller Kinesiologe! Ich habe mich während meines Aufenthaltes total wohl gefühlt - Konnte geistig und seelisch abschalten und neue Kraft tanken für meine neuen Aufgaben. Man hat sich beinahe wie zuhause gefühlt, konnte die Küche nach Belieben nutzen, draußen im Liegestuhl etwas die Sonne genießen oder in einem Buch versinken. Ich freu mich schon auf meinen nächsten Besuch!

Stefanie Badertscher

from Switzerland, January 2019

The atmosphere at Yoga Skyros it’s amazing, you feel the positive energy as soon as you enter.

The house is just beautiful and the bedrooms clean and welcoming. It is located in a quiet area which offers a lot of possibilities for walk along the sea or up to beautiful hills.

Carmen and Dietmar are extremely supportive, encouraging and make you feel at home.The treatments are professional and personal. It’s the perfect place to relax, learn more about yoga and get new energy.

Carola Achinger

from Spain, December 2018

"If you want to know about the real yoga yoz are perfect here"

With her all life experience Carmen teaches you what is really important of being a yoga teacher. Teaching a professional yoga class and always keep growing yourself as a yoga teacher. She shows you how you could do all this fancy asanas but mainly she teaches you why yoga is so important for all of us. To be conscious about what you do in yoga and in life. She was a great master and I learned so much. My classes now have much more quality and profoundness and Im able to teach many different classes. My knowledge has grown a lot. It was an amazing experience.

Dida Guigan

from Switzerland, October 2018

"Ce n'était pas Carmen mais c'était bien quand même"

La rencontre avec les participants, les massages et la mer.


from Switzerland, October 2018

"Remettre les compteurs à zéro"

La chaleur de l'accueil et l'immense compétence de Carnen, sa façon inspirante d'enseigner et de vivre le yoga.

Les excellents soins dispensés par Dietmar qui m'ont permis de lever des blocages anciens.

Je suis repartie plus forte, plus souple et plus dynamique. J'ai nettement senti une différence entre avant et après et un bien-être qui se prolonge loin et longtemps au-delà du séjour.


from France, September 2018

"Séjour agréable mais.."

La maison est très propre, et l’ambiance est agréable