Yoga Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

Yoga Sevenoaks offers mixed ability and advanced yoga classes as well as chanting yoga weekend retreats in United Kingdom.

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  • Laurence.S United Kingdom

    Yoga Sevenoaks website

    I decided to take up yoga to create some personal space in my busy schedule, and to enjoy something new. I didn't realize at our first meeting how much I would gain from practicing yoga, and that is testament to Celeste's patience, support and intuitive nature, all of which have allowed me to grow into my practice. I have learned an awful lot about myself, at both the level of the body and the mind. Celeste is very adept at making subtle changes to my practice that both enhances my skill level, but also takes into account the various issues that might be impacting my life at any given time. This keeps the practice both fresh and relevant to me, and makes the sessions so enjoyable. Working with Celeste has been an absolute pleasure, and her passion for yoga is infectious. I couldn't imagine working with anyone else.

  • Maria.I United Kingdom

    Yoga Sevenoaks website

    I started one-to-one with Celeste after an accident and wanted more involvement in my recovery. Day to day living was slow and uncomfortable. Just as debilitating was my lack of emotional energy and confidence. Celeste's method of working was inspirational. She gently taught me to have faith and trust in my body again. The breathing techniques were a revelation. Within five weeks I was able to sit unaided by cushions for the first time in five months. Yoga is now becoming a way of life and this is a testament to Celeste's intuitive, supportive and encouraging style.

  • Kate.B United Kingdom

    Yoga Sevenoaks website

    Celeste has helped me over the years with different problems. She is thoughtful, knowledgeable and perceptive. She sees everyone as an individual and took time to understand my particular problems and how they affected me. Importantly she is also practical and realistic - the yoga practices were tailored not only to my physical need but how much time I would actually spend on them. She could not have been more caring or supportive.

  • Phillipa.L United Kingdom

    Yoga Sevenoaks website

    My yoga lessons are my special 'me' time. We are lucky to have such a gifted yoga teacher. Celeste's passion for yoga and meditation is conveyed to her students in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. I have been attending these classes for over six years: each one is different and I always leave with a sense of inner calm. The lessons are personal, unique and fun. Thank you Celeste for this weekly treat!

  • Zoe.A United Kingdom

    Yoga Sevenoaks website

    Celeste has made my return to yoga a real pleasure and I look forward to my Thursday morning practice. Her knowledge and understanding allows her to pitch each asana at the appropriate level. Any modifications are constructive and helpful, how a small change can make a real difference. The asanas have improved my flexibility and posture and the pranayama and meditation bring peacefulness to life for a working mother of two!

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