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Yoga Seeds offers various yoga retreats, workshops, group and private yoga classes, and corporate yoga sessions.

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Yvonne Sim Singapore

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Similar to Mike (please refer to review below ;p), I completed Yoga Seeds' 200h YTT this April. Those 200 hours sound daunting at the start, but they flew past in the blink of an eye. I count myself lucky to have found this course and met my wonderful course mates.

I embarked on YTT to deepen my understanding of yoga and bring my practice to a new level. This objective was certainly achieved, and I had plenty of opportunities to explore more of what yoga is about, beyond the physical asanas. Every hour was time well spent, enriching my practice on and off the mat and setting a great foundation for me to continue further on my yoga journey.

If you are interested in the course, ask the friendly staff whatever you need to know. And I would say, just go for it and make the most out of it! There'll definitely be something for you to bring away with you.

Mike Loke Singapore

Yoga Seeds Facebook page

I just completed my 200hrs Yoga Teachers Training conducted by Yoga Seeds this April. It was eight weeks of training filled with excellent guidance and information from Lead Trainer Wendy and other guest trainers namely, Dr. Brian and Vari. It is a very informative programme that provides extensive knowledge regarding yoga and it's philosophies and the opportunity to learn and practice various asanas as well as alignment and adjustment techniques that compliments and enhances one's yoga practice. The training has proven that yoga is more than mere asanas. I would highly recommend anyone that is looking to deepen their practice and interested in understanding what yoga is about, to enquire more from the friendly staff at Yoga seeds! Namasté

Meiyan Cheong

Yoga Seeds Facebook page

I've attended many of Yoga Seeds's events - Car Free Sunday, Sunset Bossa Flow, and many others. The biggest involvement to date would be my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, which was the most meaningful experience I could have asked for. Lead Instructor Wendy is a wonderful teacher and is extremely generous with her knowledge. The program curriculum is also very comprehensive and well thought-out, featuring the specialised skillsets of two other very talented teachers as well.

This is a group that truly embodies the eight limbs of yoga - it acknowledges that asana is an important limb; as are the other seven. Yoga Seeds possesses three qualities that every Yoga Teacher should strive to have: Authenticity, sincerity and always being willing to share.

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