Yoga Sanctuary

Auckland, New Zealand

An environment that exudes inspiration and goodness & offers world class yoga to all walks of life. Emphasis is placed making people feel welcome.

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  • Andrew Laery

    Yoga Sanctuary Facebook page

    Best studio in Auckland! Great studio, nice mats, blocks, straps, etc. Music, teacher quality, flow of yoga is as good as you will find anywhere. Go Denise!

  • Traveler

    Yoga Sanctuary website

    Denise bought together so many lovely people and has so much beautiful knowledge and experience to share that I could spend forever soaking in this energy.

  • Traveler

    Yoga Sanctuary website

    Great teacher very inspiring! The pace was great, loved the challenge of a new teacher. Schedule was just right and enough to do and enough time not to do.

  • Traveler

    Yoga Sanctuary website

    Well thought out event just enough of everything. Denise emits peace, love and serenity.

  • Arohanui

    Yoga Sanctuary website

    Words cannot describe how beneficial that one month of yoga was for me! I went at least three times a week and my stresses (which are many!) became a lot easier to deal with it. The teachers were more than just yoga instructors but life teacher/coaches. I always got so much out of their stories and way of ‘being’. I read your latest newsletter and it said something about yoga being a way of life not something you do, and I think the teachers really modeled this and showed me how I could also take my practice into life, which has helped me come to terms with, and deal with, a few things. Please tell them to keep doing what they are doing because not only are they giving people a great workout, but they are also so inspiring and give great guidance for us in everyday life. Heavy stuff, I know!

  • Josie Cunningham New Zealand

    Yoga Sanctuarys Facebook page

    I started coming to the Restorative yoga classes taken by Perry on a Wednesday afternoon a couple of months ago. I had been suffering from very debilitating hip and groin pain and found it hard to walk. I am now standing up straight again and feel myself freeing up more and more with each class. Its wonderful and her beautiful, gentle voice is very calming and yes very restorative! Thank you.

  • Liza Ciano

    Yoga Sanctuary website

    The beauty is that people often come here for the stretch, and leave with a lot more.

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