Yoga Samaadhi is an effort to integrate yoga as an essential tool in developing spirituality and sustainability as a way of life.

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Piyush Saxena

Subhash Petwal

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Pinja Eskelinen

from Finland, November 2019

I did the 200h yoga teacher training programme in Chiang Mai. The programme was intense with having hatha and pranayama in the morning before breakfast, philosophy and anatomy before lunch, either a break or video class or alignment in the afternoon and ashtanga and meditation and relaxation classes before dinner. However, it was all worth it as I learned a lot and also fully enjoyed everything all the way through.

The teachers were young, but experienced and full of knowledge. Having done yoga before a few years, I felt I got something new out of it, not just in learning pranayama and meditation, but also in asanas. Philosophy and anatomy classes led you deeper to world of yoga, giving you more knowledge in the history of yoga and see how everything is connected.

I personally loved a lot the Maewin Guesthouse were we where during the course. It is situated in the mountains about 1h away from Chiang Mai. You are away from the hustle of the city, but that's what makes it great as you get to fully dive into the experience. The food was also amazing, having fresh veggies and fruits every day and as a vegan the vegetarian food suited me very well.

The programme was also built very well as we had 3 free days when we got the chance to go on planned excursions. These were all planned through and some of them were literally one in a lifetime experiences, for example meeting the high priest in a cave monastery.

I loved everything. Thank you!