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28 Days 200-Hour Props Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

  • Durga Guest House, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, 249302, India


200-Hours Prop Yoga Teacher Training India

The prop yoga teacher training course (YTTC) is a challenge for your mind and body. Following the rules, you can reach the finishing line faster and acquire all that you have dream until now. Yoga Sadhna India guarantees that at the end, you will feel pleased and happy with your decision to take this course. In addition to the Yoga Alliance Certificate, you get a chance to go deeper and far in your practice, in very short time.


  • Training tuition
  • One free massage
  • Yoga Alliance certification
  • Philosophical backing with each asana
  • Knowledge of mudras and bandhas, which links the prop flow
  • Emphasis on proper alignment, accurate breathing, and concentration
  • All meals a day consisting of pure vegetarian satvic yogic food
  • 27 nights accommodation
  • 28 days with instruction
  • English
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Yoga Sadhna India offers a well maintained twin sharing accommodation. It is located in a clean and comfortable ashram like setting and has hot water, attached bath, western toilets, and all the other essentials you would need to pursue yoga training. Early registration gets you the best rooms.

Single rooms are also available, though in limited number. They can be requested at a marginally higher cost. The venue is close to market place to help you take care of your daily essentials.

Yoga Sadhna India's locations are selected with great care and are situated in serene quiet places to facilitate teachings and training. Your yoga halls are nice and well ventilated.

84 asanas, 100 variations, 200 hours with prop yoga! This 200 hours props teacher training course teaches props yoga for your personal and professional growth. It helps to begin the immersion of yogic asanas to start your journey. You can learn its basics, spur your interest, and go deepen in its glory. Yoga Sadhna India also offers to teach differences of various asanas, styles, and postures, and guide the students to use all the tools.

Yoga Sadhna India designs and proceeds in a structured, scientific way, leading you towards your final certification of 200 hours prop yoga teacher training course. You will learn from qualified, learned gurus, and acharya mentors trained in Rishikesh, Mysore, and Pune from renowned ashrams. They understand the deepness of traditional style teaching and give you an authentic, confident knowledge and practice.

All the students who visit Yoga Sadhna India, are told upfront that their time there is the month of transition. The thorough experience and rigorous approach help trainees shape their body and train their mind to build a habit of continuous improvement.

Yoga Sadhna India also extends support to students in the later years, by making them the lifelong member of YSI family. They continue to learn from the valuable insight and knowledge to become nothing but the best. They are helped and guided about the new market needs and priorities required for different segments of their practice.


  • To master 84 basic asanas in correct form by utilizing props wherever needed. It helps to make asanas easier and teaches you about how to help others better with the use of props.
  • To prepare you as a competent, confident, teacher, trained by Indian yogis.
  • To prepare you for higher goals and personal practice in your life path.
  • To attain more happiness and a better health. Correct training increases your body’s agility and coordination practiced along with breath, leveraging your mind’s ability to coordinate and excel.


The Prop YTT Certification is open for those who can immerse in intense yogic practice and knowledge for four weeks. The course does not require any prior yoga practice. It does not have any age bar and is suited for all.

Why Yoga Sadhna India?

Because they not only bend, they bend backwards and take you along. Choosing Yoga Sadhna India is the best choice you can make because they believe talk is cheap, but true yoga is in karma yoga and they believe in giving and in imparting true yogic knowledge.


Yoga Sadhna India links people with knowledge to make stronger yogis. State of the art teaching, utilizing digital media, interactive, participatory, overflowing with ancient knowledge, in easy to grasp modules, manuals written and modeled by highly educated yogis, give you more than the required syllabus of Yoga Alliance, at affordable low cost.


Yoga Sadhna India takes you where no one goes. They provide you home like environment; welcome you with open arms, individual attention, pre and post individual posture analysis, psychological counseling to improve practice, meet your life goals, deeper postural anatomy knowledge.

Practice teaching opportunities, lifelong YSI family membership, all three major styles of yoga at the yoga shala India, interactive teaching, usage of digital media when necessary, are some of the features. Scientifically designed yoga modules of increasing complexity with each successive week. Quality training by highly educated teachers, English fluency of teachers, bonding and recreational activities complete the above mentioned.


A good night sleep is a must. Wi-Fi, hot water, attached western toilets, healthy home cooked vegetarian meals with locally grown produce, clean rooms with all essentials, and one free massage also represent part of the comforts and features of the program.


The extras include one or two outings, one visit for your karma yoga to a place for needy people, for you to serve, and contribution to an NGO, assistance in travel needs, post training, ability to extend your stay for two more days and subsidized rates, lessons in wearing sari (Indian wear), and two more secret fun sessions.


Gift of love is joy to all. A yogic life is already a gift bag full of goodies. However, Yoga Sadhna India can also help you as an expert guide for buying your gifts, if required. While coming, you don’t also need to fill your baggage allowance with yoga mats and other yoga props. Everything is available at the Yogashala at a very affordable price


Your prop yoga TTC is your badge that you can wear with a smile. The 200 hours Yoga Alliance, USA certification allows you to teach in your country and worldwide and show it that you earned it.

What happens after training

You can raise your yoga quotient.

You can power your yoga poses analytic.

You can get specialized in depth workshops in different other trainings.

You can stay back few more days to enjoy local adventure and site seeing.

You can apply for membership to YSI newsletter, and YSI alumni family, and for deeper knowledge, move to the 300 hrs training in other styles and gain experience at teaching at the institute.


  • Ashtanga yoga with prop tools
  • Impact of asanas on body with props, learn anatomy and physiology and the anatomical chances come with the help of props
  • Introduction of prop tools, their uses techniques, and implementation
  • Partner or Acro yoga technique with props tool
  • Prop yoga with prop tool
  • Techniques of alignment of a pose by prop tools

Asanas (100 hours)

  • Balancing poses, meditative poses, forward and backward bending poses, twist poses, invert and kneeling poses, standing and supine poses with the use of props
  • Detailed teaching of 84 yoga asanas with use of yoga props and tool and 100 variations with the use of prop yoga, where necessary
  • Different schools of sun and moon salutations with use of props
  • Learn all the tools and their usage and benefits. And learn when to use and when not
  • Maximum number of asanas to cover different joints and members of the body
  • Sequencing and flow of asana practice with the prop yoga

Pranayamas (20 hours)

  • Eight different types of pranayamas
  • Four types of yogic breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, knowledge of Ida, Pingla, Sushumna Nadis
  • Utilizing different ratios of breath in prananyama

Mudras and bandhas - gestures and locks (10 hours)

  • Covers four types of 36 mudras and four bandhas its usage, technique, and benefits

Yoga philosophy (30 hours)

  • Four faculties of mind and types of consciousness
  • History, and yogic philosophy and its importance in your yogic practice taught in fluent and simplified English by yogic gurus. Along with it, introduction of yogic life, diet and Indian culture is explained
  • Patanjali yoga sutra
  • Yogic ethics and way of life

Meditation (20 hours)

  • More than 10 meditation techniques and styles taught

Alignment and adjustment (20 hours)

  • Alignment, correct positioning, adjustments of your asana in coordination with breath and mind are taught with use of prop yoga

Mantra chanting (10 hours)

  • You are taught the mantra with its meaning and rhythm, which you sing and memorize

Teaching methodology (25 hours)

  • Developing your voice and teaching philosophy
  • Teaching etiquette, ethics, prevention, and precautions
  • Verbal and physical adjustments with the use of props
  • Your role and responsibility as a yoga teacher

Yogic applied anatomy (30 hours)

  • Anatomical terminology
  • Applied anatomy with usage of props and how it helps
  • The 11 systems of the body organs
  • Chakras awakening and its knowledge

Yoga therapy (10 hours)

With the help of the props, yoga therapy goes far and you will be able to help people with many ailments and limitations to make progress and excel.

Sample schedule

  • 05:45 - Green tea
  • 06:00 - Prayer
  • 06:15 - 07:15 Prananyama breathing practices
  • 07:30 - 09:00 Asana practice
  • 09:00 - 10: 00 Breakfast
  • 11:00 - 12:00 Yogic applied anatomy
  • 12:00 - 13:00 Alignment and adjustment
  • 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 - 16:00 Rest
  • 16:00 - 17:30 Asana practice
  • 17:30 - 18:00 Tea break
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Philosophy
  • 19:00- 20:00 Mantra chanting and meditation
  • 21:00 Dinner

Arrival a day before or by noon of the training date is highly suggested.

Acharya Suryans

Suryans is a ERYT 200 prop yoga teacher. He is teaching the system of Iyenger props yoga. He teaches how to have body alignment in practice, which gives awareness for body, mind, and helps deepen in practice.

Yoga Acharya Suuryans Thakur was born in Rishikesh in an Ashram on therRiver Ganges. He did yoga the first time in the Ashram at age 15. Rishikesh is a holy town where monks have practiced yoga for centuries.

He has studied here with a disciple of Iyengar for seven years, since 2005. He visits Iyenger institute in Pune for continued studies to perfect his learning and lovingly passes on his training to his students. He also studied in the Shivanda Ashram in Kerala (South India). His experience till now is of 12 years of learning and teaching. He has been giving yoga workshop overseas.

Acharya Tilak Ram

A mystic soul and an experienced yogi, yogi Tilak was born to teach yoga. A firm believer in the cosmos and the spiritual significance of the sound energy, he gained complete understanding of the Nada yoga and has been preaching the same for many years. A strong hold on the Kundalini Chakra system, he often talks about the importance of your energy system and suggests yoga poses for the same.

His hunger for a deeper understanding of the term ‘yoga’ took him into the reserves of many ashrams and he lived the lifestyle of a real yogi. This has led him to understand the pure meaning of yoga. After many years of diligent efforts and meditation, he is now teaching the traditional form of Hatha yoga, Nada yoga, and Mantra yoga. Recently his albums on Mantra chanting got released.

Artist Shuchi - guest teacher

Shuchi, an award winning artist, pursues Art yoga since her childhood. Her karma place is her canvas. She connects the past and the present and she travels deeper in to the Kundalini shakti of her heart chakra to bring out that energy back on the surface of the canvas, where it glistens in jewel like colors, glistening from its facets. She teaches how to channel creative energies and thus healing is inevitable to happen.

She loves to teach these proven techniques to bring out her students creativity in a supportive, non-judgmental way. She uses natural elements and mud to create some captivating art panels. She was awarded in 2014 Indian Women Power Award for Distinguished and Individual Contribution Towards Building The Nation.

Dr. JP Rathi

Dr. JP Rathi is an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner, who is also well-versed with Allopathy, who is originally from Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh. His work as a consulting Ayurveda Acharya in the Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh has given him ample experience to deal with patients via Ayurveda, as well as through Allopathy.

A warm and simple person, Dr. Rathi is always quick to help patients in whatever way he can, at the clinic. He also specializes in Ayurveda Lifestyle guidance, Dosha Analysis and Ayurveda science to help humanity.

Dr. Sadhna

Dr. Sadhna is specialized in yogic anatomy, yoga therapy, prenatal therapy, yogic philosophy, meditation, ayurveda, and naturopathy, she is a RYT 500 certified yoga teacher.

Dr. Sadhna has been teaching yoga for the last six years and has been a practicing mind body psychotherapy for the last 20 plus years, a licensed psychotherapist and a certified Yoga Alliance instructor. She has dedicated her life educating and imparting lifestyle changes to thousands of her clients in East and West through supportive, non-judgmental way utilizing holistic and Integrative approach of mind, body and heart.

Her clinical education in psycho-neurobiology of mind and functional anatomy of body gives her unique perspective and thus she is well acclaimed in USA and in India. She is based in New Delhi, Rishikesh, India, and in Boston, USA. She has been educated and trained in the world class institutions of East and West which brings a unique progressive approach to her work intertwining anatomy knowledge in yogic practices for body, and in behavioral neuro-psychology.

She is an ardent follower of integrative sciences in healing oneself. Her focus is to obtain maximum potential by nurturing bodies with right food, and yogic practices. She coaches and speaks internationally on holistic health issues and teaches yogic functional anatomy to students’ world over. She teaches her students an understanding of the relationship between diet, attitudes, lifestyle, and wellness.

She integrates the healing benefits of yoga from the experience and experiments with her own body and uses this knowledge to help others in developing a deeper mind-body connection. She lives passionately a yogic life and travels extensively.

Master Acharya Mohais

Acharya Mohais is a ERYT 200, Hatha yoga, and meditation teacher. He is also a qualified and competent yoga trainer practicing Hatha Ashtanga yoga and has been successfully teaching in this field locally and internationally. He started yoga at the age of 15 and is regularly participating in a number of seminars and yoga festivals conducted all over the world. His deep understanding on body alignments and Asana helps him a lot to give basic comprehension of human body.

You will find his classes show excellence and professionalism, competence in yoga field. His style is with strictness yet considerate, softness, and good sense of humor, which makes the training-sessions extremely effective and enthusiastically balanced. Mohais is a passionate teacher with zeal to discover something new in each and every student. He is a professional yoga teacher and at the same time a motivator and fun-loving human being.

Namita Agarwal

Namita is a yoga and Pilates instructor, guest teacher. She is also one of the first in Delhi to teach mat and reformer Pilates - an exercise which tones the body, improves posture, stamina, flexibility, and also helps acquire a stone flat abdomen. Namita has been actively spreading fitness and she has co-authored a book titled ‘Fix It: Before It Breaks, Move It Or Lose It’ for Indian Society for Bone and Mineral Research.

She has been successfully organizing osteoporosis awareness walk on International Osteoporosis Day, 20th October, for the past two years and creating awareness about silent killer disease (osteoporosis) among masses and especially elderly people. She is trained in Bio-yoga, Kriya-yoga, Reiki healing, aura healing, and tarot card reading.

Pandit Shivcharn

Pandit Shivcharn, is native of the Himalayan town Rishikesh, grew up with the Rishis, Sadhus, and scholars of ashrams in the foothills of Himalayas. His training and education has been with the gurus of Vedas and Hindu Scriptures. He studied at a Sanskrit University, Varanasi, and himself is a Sanskrit scholar, grammarian, with masters in Vedas. His knowledge in scriptures is vast.

He is expert in reciting them in melodious deep voice to put one in straight Naad meditation yoga. A kind of yoga, which is admired by the locals of Rishikesh and Varanasi and this knowledge is available by him for serious learners at Yoga Sadhna Center. He also specializes in the Vedic philosophy straight from the scriptures, and its knowledge which impacts you in your daily lives. He teaches with great love and insight.

Yogacharya Kapil

He is a Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, philosophy, and meditation teacher with a MA yoga, MSW, ND,YD, RYT 500. Master Kapil, a yogi, born and brought up in in the foothills of Himalayas, has been pursuing yoga since childhood and teaching yoga for the last six years. His students come to learn from him from different countries. At a young age he completed his master’s degree in Yogic Science from Sanskrit University, and a doctor in Naturopathy (ND) from renowned Gorakhpur University.

He is a student of Vedanta from Forest Academy, Shivananda Ashram, Rishikesh. As evident, his knowledge is vast and his divinity is inspiring, which brings students back to him repeatedly.

Master Kapil had been coaching and training for several International organizations such as New Zealand company (Jumping Height, Rishikesh) and CFHI (Child Family Health International Company, USA). In addition he has been teaching Yoga at well recognized Ashram, Parmarth Nature Care Yoga Center, Rishikesh.

He is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and has been leading teacher training courses for many institutes in the past. Yoga Sadhna Center is proud to have him as he adds value to their center. Additionally, his emphasis on meditation with mind and body psychology brings students following from across globe. He lectures from his heart.

This teacher training will take place in Rishikesh, India. If in Rishikesh, you breath the fresh crisp air flowing down from the Himalyas and walk the banks of the holy river Ganga, where Rishis and Saints have worshiped for centuries. You can feel the spirit in the air, as you walk the bazaars and ashrams with the locals of Rishikesh.

Nearby places

  • Delhi - 5 hours and 51 minutes
  • Jolly Grant Airport (DED) - 45 minutes
  • Art classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Massage
  • Shopping nearby
  • River nearby
  • Free Wi-Fi

Yoga Sadhna India serves locally produced, home-cooked pure vegetarian satvic yogic food. It is cooked with love and care, making it full of proteins and energy components that are needed for budding yogis like you.

They try their best to accommodate your food limitations, which you must specify before arrival. However, due to certain limitations, at times it is not possible for them to comply with every request.

One 30 minutes massage session is included in the price of this yoga teacher training.

  • 27 nights accommodation
  • All meals a day consisting of pure vegetarian satvic yogic food
  • Emphasis on proper alignment, accurate breathing, and concentration
  • Knowledge of mudras and bandhas, which links the prop flow
  • One free massage
  • Philosophical backing with each asana
  • Training tuition
  • Yoga Alliance certification
  • Airfare
  • Extra massages or Ayurvedic therapies

Arrival by airplane

Please book flights to Dehradun's Jolly Grant Airport (DED). Rishikesh is in close proximity to Dehradun's Jolly Grant Airport (DED) which is a small, quiet, and recently renovated airport, 15 kilometers away from the venue.

Arrival by bus

From Delhi, this city is about 230 kilometers away and is well connected with buses. A bus journey may take about five to seven hours, depending on the traffic, and costs you about 330 to 730 INR.

Arrival by taxi

From Delhi, taxis can also be arranged at a price of approximately 100 USD.

For information about the booking conditions, please send Yoga Sadhna India an inquiry.
  • Review by Jenn from Las Vegas, USA
    10 out of 10

    "I recommend Yog Sadhna India as a good place to improve one's yoga skills and learn about yoga philosophy. The food they served during my retreat was one of the highlights of my trip to India! Sadhna and Kapil made me feel welcome and at home throughout my week with them." website, edited

  • Review by Ivan from Slovakia

    "My experience was amazing at yoga Sadhna India. They are amazing teachers. Master or Guru Kapil and Sadhna, taught us a lot. Asanas, they taught us, philosophy meditation, in a correct direction. I love it and I will be coming back for next 100 hours. I really recommend this place. Namaste."

    Yoga Sadhna India Website, edited

  • Review by Katherine from Dubai, UAE

    "My experience at Yoga Sadhna India was wonderful. Me and my husband attended this course, and the experience was wonderful. The knowledge we got here, we didnt get anywhere else. We want to start our journey of yoga from here. It was a great time to understand true meaning of Yoga. It opened the mind to what is real. We understand that yoga is not to stand on your head but to get it in to our head. Food was great. Thanks for the chef. We are fortunate to have the real knowledge here. We are very thankful to Sadhna and Acharya Kapil for a great experience. We have moved around a lot and around a lot of teachers because we ourselves are teachers. It was important for us to have a good teaching leadership and experience and knowledge. We are thankful for our this journey into yoga."

    Yoga Sadhna India Website, edited

  • Review by Jeff from Australia

    "We were very comfortable with what we got in terms of knowledge, stay and the money we spent. We appreciate the knowledge and experience of teachers at Yoga Sadhna India, and that was important to us. Especially, they brought the knowledge to our level, as we have just scratched the surface of this knowledge. We really thank them."

    Yoga Sadhna India Website, edited

  • Review by Vartika Sharma

    "Yoga teacher training at Yoga Sadhna India in Rishikesh was very special for me. I learnt a lot about yoga here. The masters of Yoga Sadhna India were expert and knowledgeable. The food was good and the accommodation was comfortable. I definitely recommend Yoga Sadhna India to those who are looking to becoming a yoga teacher. I came with my pain in the knee and now it disappeared, which makes me very thankful and thrilled."

    Yoga Sadhna India website, edited

  • Review by Kay Carter from London, UK

    "Yoga Sadhna India school changed my life. It taught me a lot about yoga. I could feel a great change in me after taking a teacher training at Yoga Sadhna India. I would highly recommend it. I hope to revisit them soon."

    Yoga Sadhna India website, edited

  • Review by Claire from US
    9 out of 10

    "My experience at Yog Sadhna India in Rishikesh was everything I had hoped for in a retreat. I was looking for a program that offered both yoga and meditation together. YSI offers a combination of yoga poses, meditation, pranayama breathing, chanting, and learning about yogic philosophy and history. I found this range of activities very educational and fulfilling. Also, I was looking for somewhere that was not a bare bones ashram but also not a cushy spa. YSI's retreat falls nicely in-between. My highest praise goes to the personal attention given by Sadhna and Kapil. They have made the curriculum flexible so that they can tailor it to the students in attendance. They were also very helpful with excursions and sightseeing in and around Rishikesh, as well as with any logistical arrangements I needed. We were well-fed with vegetarian meals, and the six day retreat passed all too quickly. In short, I would highly recommend Yog Sadhna India to anyone looking for a balanced retreat experience, knowledgeable instructors, and a personal touch. Namaste." website, edited

  • Review by Juliana from US

    "My four weeks teacher training at Rishikesh with Yog Sadhna India passed by so quickly. With the team of teachers who taught us vigorously, everything was kept at a great pace. The program was intense. The knowledge was given in an organized fashion. What I liked specifically is that they not only taught us about yoga; they taught us how to be good yoga teachers. I learned details and interesting facts of yogic life. My learning curve went through a steep curve. The food was delicious, and the rooms were comfortable. I highly recommend this school to everybody, but be ready to work hard."

    Yog Sadhna India website, edited

  • Review by Irmgart from Germany

    "Yog Sadhna India school changed my views and impacted my life deeply. The quality of yoga education was tough and challenging. By the 8th day, I could feel the difference in my way of approaching poses, my knowledge, and the insight into it. Master Kapil was very patient and knowledgeable. My appreciation and thanks to him. I highly recommend training at Yog Sadhna India. Thank You!"

    Yog Sadhna India website, edited

  • Review by Yoko from Japan

    "If you are looking for traditional yoga education, I must recommend Yog Sadhna India.They provide you comprehensive quality education of yoga, with reasoning and good explanation. I felt blissful after having yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Its a great school for those who want a yoga career."

    Yog Sadhna India website, edited

  • Review by Hanne from Norway

    "If you still cant decide which yoga school is best for you in Rishikesh, then I would definitely recommend Yog Sadhna India, which provides authentic education of yoga and trains you as a professional teacher. My experience there was very satisfying. I am very happy that I chose them. The anatomy subject by Yogini Sadhna made all the difference in my insight to approaching poses, and it still does now when Im teaching my students. Thank you Yog Sadhna India, the food was delicious and the accommodation very comfortable. I give them 5 out of 5."

    Yog Sadhna India website, edited

  • Review by Gabby from USA

    "A life transformation program at Yoga Sadhna India in Rishikesh I received and nurtured was true to its meaning. I really thanks them for their education and practice. The teachers were great. Yoga Sadhna India not only give you a teacher traing certificate but also make you a yoga teacher. A + to them."

    Yoga Sadhna India website, edited

New Delhi, Rishikesh, India

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