Yoga Retreats with Julie & Jeremi

San Francisco, California, United States

Yoga Retreats with Julie & Jeremi offer high quality yoga retreats cultivating connection with self, nature, and community.

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  • Brima J. United States

    Yoga with Jeremi website

    Jeremis presence, both as a human spirit and yoga teacher, is an extraordinary blend of gentleness, humor, challenge, and realness! His emphasis on "showing up" to the yoga mat in whatever way feels natural for his students, is something I've particularly appreciated in all of his classes. His approach to teaching feels accessible, as much as he himself is approachable. He brings to each of his classes his own humanness and vulnerability. He creates space for falling, celebrating mistakes, and welcoming growth that comes out of embracing imperfections!

  • Joy R. United States

    Yoga with Jeremi website

    Jeremi is a truly caring and gifted yoga instructor. His classes are sincere, his movement is organic, and he attentively creates a playful and spacious atmosphere. His students feel safe, challenged, and really cared for. Jeremi lives his yoga, and walks through this world as a teacher with an open heart, making himself available to his students in the best way, as a kind, experienced guide, and a wise friend. He's one not to miss!

  • Grey M. United States

    Yoga with Jeremi website

    Jeremi immediately struck as me as a truly grounded, real, and deep individual, who's rich, and very interesting, geographical background is equally as rich as the deep, internal spiritual terrain he has walked. Jeremi became my yoga mentor, and really allowed me to lay down my own yoga roots and grow from there as my own teacher. He supported, challenged, and inspired me on and off the mat. And that's the thing about Jeremi, on and off the mat he is an incredible teacher with the ability to uplift his students spirits with his true words, kinetic spirit, and completely rocking asana practice. This man almost flies! Take one of Jeremi's classes and you might end up flying too!

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