4 Days Short Break Energetic Yoga Retreat Spain

  • Yoga Retreats Malaga, Benalmadena Pueblo, Malaga, Spain


Malaga Yoga Retreat Spain

  • 4 days with instruction
  • Yoga Retreats Malaga invites you to an ideal short break yoga retreat in Benalmadena Pueblo, a typical beautiful Andalucian historical village in Spain. The village is on walking distance and is famous for its white houses and narrow streets and amazing views and of course the perfect climate. Enjoy these relaxing days to reload your battery. Give yourself this boost of energy and strength with different forms of yoga, meditation, and pranayama. This ideal, peaceful place is an oasis of green and has stunning views towards mountains and the sea. Every day, you will eat different healthy and delicious vegetarian meals prepared by experienced chef.


    • Twice daily yoga sessions
    • Daily meditation and pranayama classes
    • Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa yoga practices
    • Evening meditation in the Benalmadena Buddhist Stupa
    • 3 vegetarian meals a day with filtered water, herbal teas, and juices
    • Free transfer from and to Malaga Airport
    • Yoga library and yoga mats
    • 3 nights accommodation

    Skill level

    • Beginner

    • Intermediate

    Group sizes

    The maximum participants in the group is 8.


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: Dutch, German, Spanish, English
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    You can choose one of the different rooms around the swimming pool and the gardens. All of them are equipped with high quality furniture, and plenty of space for your comfort and peace.

    The Surya room

    The Surya room is a double bedroom, very spacious, and bright. It has a big glass door facing the swimming pool and en suite bad-room, with a superb 2 person bath. It can be booked as a single room. Surya means Sun, and here you will wake up enjoying the morning sunrise light. It is inside the Namaste House.

    The Prana room

    The Prana room is located next to the Surya room. This big room with amazing views is perfectly situated in front of a beautiful terrace with big garden and swimming pool. It has a full glass front which you can open so you are direct connected with nature. This room has a two persons bed and if necessary a one person bed. This room is ideal for a couple or friends who wants to share a room. If you want to have lots of space and privacy you can book this as a single room. The ensuite bathroom is beautiful and has all that you need to feel really comfortable. Prana means breath.

    The Mudra room

    The mudra room is located at the back from the Namaste house. This room is cosy and has everything you need to feel comfortable, two separate beds and a big bathroom. It is private and quiet and on the side of the beautiful exotic garden and a small walk to the pool and Yoga area. Ideal room to share with a friend or a new friend at the retreat. This room can also be rent as a private single room. Mudra means gesture.

    Shanti room

    Shanti means peace. Shanti room is a beautiful, delightful, and big apartment room with two persons bed, nice bathroom with bath and a romantic decor. It has a big living room, dining room and terrace. This is a place to feel at home. It is located above the Asana room. You can book it as a private room or shared with partner/friend. Asana room is a super fresh double bed room, with a very modern en suite bathroom. Outside there are many beautiful bambus trees. It has a living room with chimenee and an extra glass door to its own private terrace. Asana means posture. This room can be book as a single room, or with a partner.

    Ashtanga yoga

    Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic, structured, and intelligent approach to the practice of yoga, and is comprised of both practical and philosophical components. The practical portion has been traditionally taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in two ways; Mysore style and led class. In the Mysore class, new students are instructed individually, and taught small amounts of a sequence of poses that increase each day according to the capacity of the student.

    When practiced in a consistent manner, this method of yoga will strengthen, purify and align the body, steady the nervous system through even breathing, and give equilibrium to the mind. The led class is the more typical style yoga class that is offered in the West, where the teacher instructs the group together, leading the class through the 48 postures of the primary series.

    Hatha yoga

    This is a more restorative, softer form of yoga, Hatha yoga refers to the practice of bringing balance to the two main energies in the body-the energy of the moon and the energy of the sun. Ha means sun and tha means moon, this is a translation from the Indian Sanskrit and refers to the balance of day / night, male / female, yin / yang. Hatha yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation. It asks us to bring our attention to the breath, which helps us to still the fluctuations of the mind and be more present in the unfolding of each moment.

    Vinyasa yoga

    This is a series of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. Vinyasa movements are smoothly flowing and almost dance-like, which explains why it is sometimes referred as Vinyasa flow or just flow. The harmony between breath and movement will give you strength, grace and freedom.

    Yin Yoga

    A yin yoga class will help you to relax while you stretch the connective tissue and the joints. During a yin yoga class, you'll hold poses for much longer than you would in another yoga class (3 - 10 minutes at a time).


    Day 1

    13:00 Pick up at the airport

    14:00 Arrival

    14:30 Light Fresh Vegetarian lunch

    15:30 Leisure time

    17:00 Evening Yoga class

    19:00 Vegetarian dinner

    Day 2 and 3

    07:30 Wake up and light breakfast coffee and tea in the Main House. Get the new energy from the sunrise and the fantastic views from the sea

    08:45 Meet in the main terrace overlooking the garden and the ocean. Have a light meditation session before having Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga class

    09:00 Begin yoga (asana) practice. This 75-minute practice will learn the sun salutations, all of the standing poses from the 1st serie of Ashtanga yoga and some siting asanas then finish with a long relaxation to renew your energy

    10:15 Walk to breakfast together and enjoy the delicious buffet of all fresh fruits and smoothies, with Greek yogurt, and different breads also gluten free.Time to chat with new retreat friends and prepare for any of the extra activities for the day

    14:00 Meet altogether in the garden to enjoy the vegetarian buffet lunch

    15:00 Time for a siesta or a massage, or to lay under the sun, or going to the village of Benalmadena Pueblo or for a walk on the beach.

    17:00 Yoga class based in Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga. The class will be held on the grass overlooking the sky and relaxing with many different techniques to stretch and to heal any pain you could have on your muscles

    Just before dinner : Two afternoons you can deepen your yoga experience by joining dharma talking sessions or chanting sessions led by Miguidet and end in restorative poses and the yogic sleep know as yoga nidra

    19:00 Meet to enjoy the vegetarian buffet dinner

    Day 4

    08:45 Sitting guided meditation (optional)

    09:00 Morning yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa

    11:00 Vegetarian Brunch

    12:00 Transport to the airport

    • Miguidet Hernandez

      Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Ashtanga Yoga)

      Miguidet, is best known for her sense of humor, generosity, and positivism. She is a devoted yoga student, yoga teacher, and lover of her family. Miguidet is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher RYS from the Yoga Institute Houston, USA, and completed a teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in the Parthman Niketan, Risikesh, India, where she also studied Indian Philosophy in the Punab Paschim Institute. She has studied Ashtanga yoga with Sharath Jois and Saraswati in Mysore India, and with other Ashtanga-certified and authorized teachers: Eddie Stern, David Swenson, Manju Jois, Max Czenszak.

    • Erik Vestering

      Erik started with yoga five years ago, before playing soccer, doing fitness and martial arts. He learned that yoga is for everyone and that Yoga is an inner practice that you can do all your life, and what gives you benefits in and outside the mat. His first teacher was his wife Miguidet, who had the patience and love to teach him the basic steps of yoga. In the Netherlands, Erik taught Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga and meditation. In addition to his yoga practice, he got the highest certifications of Ayurveda massage therapy and Ayurveda cooking at the ADHN institute Gokulam in India.

    • Nico Attianese

      With a background in music and administration, Nico’s approach to yoga is one that honors the need self-actualization and union with your body. Nico has studied yoga since 2012 and has began teaching this year. He draws much inspiration from teachers such as Pattabhi Jois, and Sharath. Nico’s classes are fun, focused, and very naturally flowing; lightheartedly and fun. He is also a seasoned and passionate musician having played for many Art Of Living events. So you can expect to also hear and play music after your yoga classes.

    The yoga retreat center in Benalmadena has a green amazing landscaped garden of 10000 meters, hidden in the beautiful center of Benalmadena Pueblo. Here, you can find optimum rest and quietness to escape your normal busy life. A magnificent view you will have towards the mountains on the back and sea view up front.

    The garden gives you a lot of spaces to chill and relax, the garden is oases of exotic plants, palm trees, pine-trees, orange trees, cactus, and so on. In the middle, there is a beautiful swimming pool with sun beds. On the ranch, you can encounter with one of our animal friends, the two peacocks, the chickens, or the Argentinean little horses.

    The beauty of this place is that you are in a beautiful oasis of green, and at the same time nest in the middle of the village of Benalmadena Pueblo. The beach is around 5 kilometers away and easy to reach by car / taxi. Malaga city / airport is half an hour away by car / taxi.

    Benalmadena Pueblo is a Touristic Village of Interest nominated by the European Union. This is because of the traditional Andalusian life style, white houses, balconies, beaches, and great views it posses. The town has a lot of nice terraces and streets.


    • Benalmadena beach, 5 kilometers - 10 minutes
    • Malaga - 30 minutes
    • Massage
    • Swimming pool
    • Garden
    • Special menu request

    Yoga Retreats Malaga offers you the best fresh, mostly organic, vegetarian food to maximize your energy and well-being. Enjoy the extra taste and nutrition of local seasonal produce with a lot of variety in products. Most of vegetables and fruits come from the local farmers from the area of Malaga and even from Malaga Yoga Retreats' own garden, you will love it.

    A personal chef will prepare your daily delicious meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is designed to provide you all the proteins and vitamins to clean your body without eliminating the essential nutrients required. All meals and drinks are included, and between the meals there is plenty of filtered water, herbal teas, and fresh fruits. Let Yoga Retreats Malaga know at the time of booking if you have any special dietary requirements.

    Many of our recipes contain chia seeds, goji berries, almonds, blueberries, spirulina, wheatgrass,rice protein, raw cocoa, quinoa, coconut oil, Agave, sesame seeds, and many others. At the end of the Yoga Retreat, when you are back home, you will get all the recipes with your favorite dishes, as a courtesy from Yoga Retreats Malaga, so you can practice at home some of the delicious meals.


    • No alcohol is served during the retreat to keep the body and mind pure.

    The following meals are included:

    • Breakfast
    • Brunch
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Snacks
    • Drinks

    The following dietary requirements are served and/or catered for:

    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
    • Whole food
    • Yogic
    (If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation)

    Explore the clear blue waters by boat trips

    Flamenco classes, Classical Guitar lessons, Spanish lessons, Tai-chi sessions

    Go on excursions

    Have fun hiking, dancing and swimming

    Take massage or a reflexology sessions

    Visit the Andalusian village walking distance 5 minutes

    Visit a variety of tourist spots in Benalmadena

    Walking to the beach, Enjoy the sunshine and the beach

    Ayurveda massage

    The Ayurveda massage is a very therapeutic massage and gives you completely rest in the mind and detoxifies your body completely. This strong massage will be given with long strokes, movements with warm oil including fresh herbs.

    Foot massage

    Foot massage is based on the tenets of foot reflexology and involves applying pressure on key points in the foot to get benefits. The legs will be massaged too. This massage is with oil.

    Relaxation massage

    The Relaxation massage is a massage (Swedish) to help you relax. The massage therapist will move at a slower pace and use lighter pressure. In this massage you might even fall asleep! It is also a good massage for someone who is getting a massage for the first time.

    Sport massage

    • Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy is an invigorating form of treatment that is essential for general muscle and connective tissue maintenance.


    • Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet, hands and ears. Reflexology is generally relaxing and may be an effective way to alleviate stress.

    Facial massage

    • Facial massage is a fine and relaxing experience.that makes you feel fresh, stress- free, and rejuvenated.helping your skin to look pure and clean.
    • Other treatments available are manicure and pedicure.
    • 2 times yoga a day
    • 3 vegetarian meals a day
    • Daily meditation session
    • Daily pranayama session
    • Evening meditation in the Benalmadena Buddhist Stupa
    • Excellent rooms with bathroom and linen
    • Filtered water, herbal tea, and juices
    • Pick up at the airport and return
    • The use of swimming pool
    • Airfares
    • Travel insurance

    Arrival by airplane

    Arrive at Malaga Airport where you will be picked up by Yoga Retreats Malaga.

    To book tickets, you can check skyscanner. Some of the air companies are: Vueling, Ryan air, and Transavia.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Yoga Retreats Malaga an inquiry.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • Review by Ai from Germany

      "I had a great time with Migui, Erik and the other participants at Yoga Retreats Malaga. They are such warm, kind, generous and fun people to be with and I was really well treated throughout my stay. I especially enjoyed the challenging yoga practise with Migui, who pushed me with just the right power and I found that I can actually deepen the asana much more than I could have imagined. I have also enjoyed very much the deliciously vegetarian meals made by Erik. He cooks amazingly and everything tasted so delicious and fresh. I could feel he loves cooking and I am sure his special ingredient is love. The place was fantastic: spacious garden with lots of plants and flowers, big swimming pool overlooking the ocean, spacious and clean room, easy access to the centre of the town and so on. I will never forget the feeling of doing yoga in the garden looking up at a such blue sky! It was a very hands on retreat and I highly recommend to those who are considering participating!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Saskia J√ľnger from Dormund, Germany

      "This yoga retreat was a most wonderful experience from the very beginning when I booked the retreat until the end of the stay - and even beyond! My questions before coming to Andalusia were answered in a kind and attentive way and I felt very welcome. Upon arrival, we were picked up at the airport and then taken to a little paradise at the cost – the surroundings are simply beautiful, with a great view to the sea - an awesome place to practice yoga. Miguidet and Erik are really lovely and amazing persons - they were caring, friendly, open, professional but never distanced. We were a group of six very pleasant people and there was a great atmosphere with inspiring encounters. The meditation and yoga practice was done in a careful and supportive way and Miguidet took gentle account of our different needs and limits when practicing the asanas. It was a perfect mixture of spiritual and down-to-earth attitude. I learned a lot and felt very empowered and encouraged to carry this experience forward when coming back home. Erik prepared the most delicious vegetarian food with lots of creativity, variety, and dedication – each meal a pure treat for the eyes, the body, and the soul! After the retreat, Migui and Erik even sent us recipes and information on yoga practice to take the experience to our everyday life which is most appreciated. Thank you!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Rachelle from Australia

      "A last minute decision to join this retreat, has been the best thing I've done all year! Thank you to Miguidet and Erik, beautiful instruction. Great to meet you and hopefully one day in the future."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Stephanie from The Netherlands

      "Miguidet's method of teaching was really impressive, she payed very close attention to everyone, and for me, as a beginner, I learned so much from her. Her patience and knowledge gave me everything I was looking for in a yoga class. Also, the retreat is much more than just a yoga venue, as I booked a private room and I got like a whole apartment with living room, king-size bed and a huge bathroom. It was just Amazing! The surroundings are perfect, it is a big green oases of peace and rest, with views that are breathtaking, you have to see it yourself, it was so beautiful and stunning. Also, there was a direct way to go into the village of Benalmadena, which is a typical Spanish small town with a lot to see and explore. One day we went to the beach and it is so close by and so beautiful, it was fantastic!Erik gave the morning meditation, very peaceful, which was a great way start the day. This was followed by the Yoga class from Miguidet, full of energy! what passionate people and so enthusiastic.The meals at the retreat where super tasty, all kind of dishes, all kind of quinoas, salads, soups and organic vegetables,seeds and fruits. We got every morning a big breakfast and every day different juices, with all kind of proteins, spirulina, hemp, wheat-grass and on top, a complete explanation about the health benefits and the way you prepare the juices and meals.When i went back home I got all the recipes from the meals and juices, lucky me :) now I make them myself.A big thanks to Erik & Miguidet for this unique experience, and I would highly recommend Yoga retreats malaga, it was Excellent, I see you next year!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Amanda from UK

      "The food was incredibly delightful! All dishes were vegetarian, and they have an amazing chef that will make you not want to ever leave.In the morning, we received a guided meditation by Erik, whom is very knowledgeable and has great wisdom. Moreover, he gives Ayurveda massages, which he learned in India! He really knows about the body and gives heavenly massages.Migui gave the Yoga lessons, she is so patient and kind and with so much knowledge, I came with pain in my hips and i left feeling rejuvenated. The accommodation was really good, i had a big private room with bath and shower, all kind of soaps and creams and even a hairdryer.The hosts really think about every little detail, which for me makes this the best Yoga retreat i ever been! a big 10+ for this Yoga retreat in Malaga-Benalmadena, and a big thanks for Erik and Migui an amazing couple with a real heart form the Yoga."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Jodie from Oxford, England

      "Migui and Erik are the perfect hosts for a retreat. They really care about your experience and think of everything so you can just turn up and relax. The yoga is excellent incorporating a variety of yoga styles. The meditation sessions were also excellent with a different kind each day. The food was delicious and has given me lots of ideas to try at home. The venue is beautiful, right next to the town which you can walk around it's pretty streets and it's a short trip to the beach. I feel totally rejuvenated after my time there."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Aryan from UK

      "This retreat is really great and the hosts really know what they are doing. Great knowledge, great food, great yoga, and a great location. I cannot wait to go back and do another retreat. Thank you for the wonderful times!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Jose and Julie from USA

      "If you are looking for a great place to spend a few days and forget all your problems - you have found it. Yoga Retreats Malaga in the town of Benalmadena offers superior yoga classes taught by Miguidet a true expert in yoga who has traveled to India many times to gain her knowledge from famous Yoga masters. She is patient, personable and with as much energy as a hurricane. The food is also very good, vegetarian based with plenty or tasty recipes for the hard to please and all surrounded by a spectacular scenery of this beautiful locale. If you plan a vacation this year go here. You will not regret it, in fact it will be hard for you to leave you will want to stay another day and another day and another day."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Kim and Diane from London, UK

      "What a perfect location! It is a paradise between the mountains and the sea, we had our room in one of the typical Andalucian style houses in the middle of the huge garden full of exotic plants and trees, great views, delicious food and superb Yoga lessons."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Paula from Lisbon, Portugal

      "I feel totally refreshed and strong after my trip with Yoga Retreats Malaga, the meditation in the morning in the full nature and the Yoga was the retreat i was looking for. The food was vegetarian, organic, and delicious; I even learned who to make it myself. I got two massages and they were great too, I wish I could stay longer."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Thomas from Germany

      "Me and my girlfriend Marissa have done a lot of yoga in different places around the world, so we know quiet a lot...we thought, until we met Miguidet, we learned so much from her and her husband.We loved the weekend they organized and the food was amazing. Your excellent way of teaching the yoga and guiding us in the meditation classes were perfect! We still use the tools you gave us to improve our practice. We can not wait to see you again."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Gitta from Netherlands

      "As a beginner in the yoga, I was really enjoying the lessons of Erik. He is kind and makes you feel at ease immediately. He knows exactly about the movements and poses and what it does with your body and mind. I could directly feel that he has a great knowledge about yoga, later he taught me a lot about Ayurveda, what he studied in India, so I am really greatful to know such an inspiring person."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Germaine from Netherlands

      "Thank you for introducing me to the Ashtanga and Mysore practice and your beautiful guidance along the way. forever gratefully holding you in my heart and wishing you all the best and all that your heart and soul desires, love, grace, and gratitude!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Carrol from Netherlands

      "I got so many perfect advises from Migui and Erik! They were very careful cause I had an injury , but with their tips I am confident that I will grow into practice."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited

    • Review by Natalie from London, UK

      "Thanks for the yoga lessons, both myself and Jo really enjoyed it."

      BookYogaRetreats.com, edited


    • Review by Wendy Sturrock from United Kingdom

      "I loved the Malaga yoga retreat! Though it was my first time in a retreat, Erik and Migui are really easy going and made me feel completely comfortable at all times. The yoga sessions were quite challenging and we were encouraged to develop and strengthen our skills. The breathing and meditation exercises were wonderful, especially when accompanied by live Spanish guitar from Nico. The food is excellent and the location is perfect- close to the village and overlooking the Mediterranean. I recommend this retreat with all my heart."

      Organizer, edited

    • Review by Meike Dreyer from Germany

      "I stayed only for 3 nights at Yoga Retreats Malaga, and ! had a great break away from my busy life. The place is very nice and homely. The yoga and meditation experience was really good . The life classic guitar from Nico was a highlight."

      "The vegetarian food was simply delicious!"

      "I really loved the retreat. Highly recommended!"

      Organizer, edited

    • Review by Aoife Ni Ghrada from United Kingdom

      "Thanks Erik, Migui and Nico for a wonderful retreat last week. A beautiful setting and atmosphere, delicious food, a nourishing yoga program and wonderful company!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Priscilla Smir from Netherlands

      "The Yoga Retreat of Erik and Migui was a great experience! I enjoyed the great variety of yoga positions and the good energy of the teachers. There was good explanation and personal attention for the advanced and less advanced students. The food was such a surprise: great variety and taste, taking everybody´s diet into account. The location is beautiful and quiet and offers both the possibility to be on your own as well as to enjoy with the other students. When I got back home, too many people to ignore it told me I looked relaxed and radiant. Thanks again for the great days! I’m looking forward to coming back."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Hannah Loughlin from Manchester , UK

      "It's amazing! Wholesome food and challenging yoga but also peace and relaxation and very close to the village for evening strolls. Highly recommended!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Carly from Ireland

      "A sincere thank you to you both for a wonderful retreat in Spain. It was really a wonderful experience, you are both wonderful teachers and the food was AMAZING! I really still feel the benefits, I came back to Ireland with a glow!"

      "The weather here is wonderful at the moment so I actually did some yoga in my own garden! I plan to keep yoga as part of my lifestyle and to learn how to make some of those recipes."

      "Thanks again for making my holiday special and know that it has made a difference."

      "Sending you both love and good wishes from a sunny Ireland!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Ai from Japan

      "Dear Migui, Erik and Nico,"

      "Thank you very much for such a wonderful time with you at the retreat. I had amazing time with such beautiful people, challenging and fun yoga, delicious foods and fabulous environment. It was a coincidence to find you among other retreats, but I am very happy that I went for you guys."

      "I would love to be your ambassador and ready to spread your reputation ;) Once again, thanks so much for your warm and yet very professional retreat!"

      "I hope and sure to meet you guys again sometime soon!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Hanneke Bolt from Netherlands

      "This short retreat of four days of yoga was a super super holiday! Erik and Migui treated us like family. Such wonderful people and such a nice environment. We stayed at a very nice compound. We woke up with the sun in our room and the sun on the table filled with the best breakfast anyone can get, prepared by our chef Erik. He really inspired us to eat healthier food. It all looked so colorful. In the morning we received excellent teachings in Ashtanga yoga practiced by Migui. Feeling full of energy for the rest of the day. During the whole stay we received loads of warmth from both Erik and Migui, and from the fire place of course. Then there were also the very joyful flamenco lessons from Asami. She is such an amazing dancer and a good teacher! Only watching her showing us what to do was a great great pleasure. The combination of Flamenco and yoga is very stimulating."

      "Thank you so much for this experience, it will keep me warm inside remembering these days."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga website, edited

    • Review by Jeannette from Switzerland

      "A fantastic week I had in a calm and beautiful surrounding. My room was really clean and amazing with everything I need, beach towels, shampoo, soaps and even a hairdryer. We were a nice group of 6 persons and the atmosphere was great even in the evenings. Erik put on the chimney and we were sitting around just chatting and enjoying the energy of the fire. He made also the delicious meals and shared some of the recipes with us, so i can make his amazing dishes myself. The yoga classes are challenging and rewarding. I loved the way Migui teaches her lessons, she is such a nice person and very friendly. Erik and Migui thanks so much for everything! Definitely coming back!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Katy from Canada

      "I heard from a friend who came to Yoga Retreats Malaga last year, that I had to try this retreat because it is so different from the other retreats she had been to. So I decided to go, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this place, with views towards the sea and mountains and a suburb exotic garden with pool, a real paradise! I been to many retreats the past 6 years but this rocks in all ways. "


      "They picked me up at the airport together with some other participants, so that was perfect! The yoga classes in the morning by Miguidet were amazing! She is such an inspirational and lovable teacher with a lot of knowledge. Our group were in many different levels, but for me as beginner was perfect, and also I could see other participants doing more challenging poses this made feel like I want to try more. Erik gave the morning meditation and that was great to start the day with, he also is an amazing chef and prepared nutritious and healthy vegetarian meals for us and because i cannot eat certain nuts, also he made for me always an extra dish, so I am really grateful for that."


      "Miguidet and Erik want you to give everything and more to make you feel happy and at home at their retreat. I can only say thank you so much to Erik and Migui for this great yoga experience i had a wonderful time and hope to come back soon."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Asami Ikeda

      "Beautiful place, Nice food, Amazing teachers, Migui & Eric! They are good at explaining how to YOGA! I feel lucky to know them. After I had yoga with them, My body got so much more lighter, and noticed that sleep better. Thank you! The foods are delicious and healthy! The Villa, it has fantastic view, sea. You hear birds, and smell of green. Its like magic. Definitely recommend YOGA RETRATS MALAGA!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga Facebook, edited

    • Review by Jane from UK

      "What a fantastic yoga holiday in Spain I had! We went to Yoga Retreats Malaga at the end of November, and the weather was wonderful! The sun was shining every day, and it gave us the chance to practice yoga in the garden. Resting on the grass and looking at the blue sky was a very nice experience. Migui's guidance during the yoga session is still in my memories, and I try to continue with all the instructions now at home. I hope to be back next year, and enjoy the delicious meals from Erik, and the warming atmosphere."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Kelly from US

      "Laura, I want to thank Yoga Retreats Malaga for their wonderful yoga holiday. I arrived tired and with jet lag from the US, after the welcoming meal, I was already feeling better. The food was heavenly, really tasty and all vegetarian. Migui and Erik are skillful, experienced yoga teachers and they give absolutely a lot of attention to everybody. I enjoyed it so much, my room was big with its own bathroom, and beautiful view to the garden and the swimming pool. If you are looking for a superb retreat, relax, and with awesome people i will highly recommend Yoga Retreats Malaga."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Hellen Stack from UK

      "I think the location of Malaga Yoga Retreats is lovely, it is very peaceful and really tranquil. There is a nice pool. Lots of space just to relax and chill. The yoga practice was really great, lots of individual attentions and adjustments if needed. I really enjoyed the meditation. We did something different most days, and I liked the evening practice as well. The food was fantastic, very varied, nutritious, lots of it, lots of choice. So yeah, it has been a really wonderful time and I have really enjoyed and I feel so much better just after a few days, so thank you very much Erik and Migui."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Xiaoling Ang from Washington DC, USA

      "I had a wonderful time at Yoga Retreats Malaga while deepening my practice. In addition to a focused Ashtanga practice that was personalized based on Migui's observations of each student and hands on corrections, we were also exposed to techniques such as Tibetan and yin yoga and multiple forms of meditation. Thank you to Migui, Erik, and Nico for making me a part of their yoga family and for a very relaxing and enlightening retreat."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Ian from Jersey

      "The location is very nice and very peaceful; it is an oasis in the middle of Benalmadena. I was very surprised with my room since I had a suite room and not just a room! The food was delicious, vegan and superb. The meditation was lovely, and the yoga was challenging and great.Without a shadow of a doubt, I will recommend Yoga Retreats Malaga to anyone!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Desiree from Stockholm

      "I was very impressed when I came here, and I saw the big gardens. My room was big with a modern en suite bathroom. The food was delicious. The yoga was really good, the afternoon sessions were very relaxing and the meditation was a good combination to start the day.I will absolutely recommend this retreat!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Katarina from Sweden

      "I think the location is beautiful, is in the middle of this Andalusian village, and here you have a green oasis with a lots of trees and plants. The accommodation was really nice, the bathroom was very big. The food was delicious, I am not a vegan or vegetarian, but still it was very tasty, and it was always enough of fruits and nuts in between meals. The meditation was what I need it to understand and get connection with myself. The yoga was very good since I am a not experienced yogi, so it was really good for me to take it slow and in the evenings yoga to better understand different stretches, in the morning was more energetic but still slow enough for me to understand.I hope to be back any time."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Lesley Briscoe from UK

      "Just come back from an awesome retreat. The location is delightful and the food delicious! The yoga was hard but invigorating and I felt very safe with Migui who is obviously a very experienced teacher. It's changed my perception of yoga and it will encourage me to practice every day. Thank you Migui and Erik!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Christinie Franklin from UK

      "I spent 5 brilliant days at Yoga Retreats Malaga in September 2015. I was a virtual beginner to yoga, only having had lessons for 4 months so I was a bit nervous as to whether I'd be able to take part properly. I needn't have worried because the personal lessons with a small group enabled me to achieve more than I would have imagined and I was introduced to different types of yoga. Migui encouraged me all the way and by the end of the week I felt I had really achieved my best and now I'm keen to go on and improve further. However, the yoga wasn't the only thing that made it such a good retreat - the food was gorgeous, Erik cooked us interesting, organic vegetarian meals - each meal was an absolute treat. As hosts I couldn't fault Erik and Migui. They operate a personal service in all ways and nothing is too much trouble. It is clear they want the guests to be happy and get the most out of their stay. To top it all off the venue is idyllic with views over Benalmadena and the mountains in the background. It has a lovely big garden full of interesting trees, animals (look out for the peacock strutting past your window) and a swimming pool! and surprisingly it is within the village of Benalmadena Pueblo, the old village, which is very pretty with cobbled streets and white houses. Thank you Yoga Retreats Malaga for a wonderful break."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Charlotte from UK

      "The location is very beautiful, fantastic view of the sea and the town. It was my first experienced with only eating vegetarian food, and was really delicious, really healthy, The yoga was great , it was really good, fantastic teacher, taught us a lot, specially how to combine the breathing with the movement. It was also my very first experience with meditation and was good and very calming. In general a very lovely yoga holiday and I will highly recommend it. Truly fantastic retreat in a beautiful location with excellent healthy food. And there's even a swimming pool!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Paula from Scotland

      "Hi guys. So I've been back from my amazing break with you for a week now and I can say you've set me on a new path. I've found an ashtanga yoga class and teacher in Dumfries and had my first practice tonight. I am so grateful for the excellent tuition I received when I was with you last week. My new teacher was impressed with my form and said that I had a great starting point to go on become strong. The food, the teaching on meditation and your openness about how to use yoga in day to day life is brilliant. Thank you for amazing hospitality. I'll be back for sure next year with some friends. I am grateful to have been there with you both."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Natasja from Denmark

      "I found it really relaxing, and also, a good way to come to practice yoga in a very intimate and grounded space. I felt very safe here and I had a lot of joy from Erik and Migui. It was a great experience for me to be here, and to practice Ashtanga yoga, to do the meditation in the mornings, and also the relaxation in the afternoon. The food was amazing, so I absolutely recommend coming here and being part of Yoga Retreats Malaga."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Annemijn from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

      "I had a great time at Yoga Retreats Malaga. The yoga was excellent. Good guided exercises, the food was also very nice, and the location is amazing, with a big swimming pool. I came here to try to relax from my busy job and it worked. Thank you so much Erik and Migui! I will be back for sure."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Gitta te Velde from the Netherlands

      "Relaxation, meditation, yoga and delicious vegetarian meals, I got it all at Yoga Retreats Malaga, be sure not to miss it!At the end of July 2015, I participated in one of the retreats. I received professional attention from Miguidet during the yoga classes, and I felt the effects in every part of my body after every lesson. It was an intense and incredible experience! I even learned how to stand on my head at the end of the retreat, which is something I never imagine I would do.In the morning, we got meditation sessions from Erik. It was very helpful to became relaxed in my mind and I could find the connection with my inner self. Also, the vegetarian meals made by Erik were very tasty, and he even sent me all the recipes by mail so I can make them at home.I highly recommend this retreat, because the accommodation was amazing, they have a big garden and a swimming pool, which is perfect for relaxation. The combination of meditation, yoga and the vegetarian meals, in a wonderful location, makes me really want to come back soon. Migui and Erik really took care of me. I feel happy to have come to this retreat, it was fantastic! Thank you so much Migui and Erik."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Gavina from France

      "Yoga retreats Malaga is an unforgettable experience for me. The location , the yoga classes ,the meditation and the excellent food (all vegetarian dishes, varied at each meal) made my happiness for six days. I quickly relaxed by the warm hospitality of our hosts, Erik and Migui , their professionalism, their ability to listen and humor ! They are beautiful people who really love their work. Their words (spoken during yoga or meditation sessions) still resonate with me. Many thanks to Erik and Migui for these courses and their constant attention that allowed me to recharge my batteries in an idyllic setting."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Julie from Switzerland

      "I came to Malaga Yoga Retreats to relax, improve my yoga and enjoy the week. But what I've found was way more than that! It's such a nice place! I had a huge bedroom opened straight to a terrace, just beside the beautiful big garden where a swimming pool is. But that's not all! You will meet the peacock, his wife and their children, some little pony , a duck and the cat. This atmosphere was exactly what I needed to relax. And for the yoga, Migui is a perfect teacher! You will do your classes on the lawn (which is quite interesting for the balance...) twice a day, and an amazing vegetarian meal prepared by Erik will be waiting for you. I will come back, for sure!!!" Thank you for everything, it was an amazing week, really!!!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Isabela from Linuza, Ireland

      " For me, this was a last minute thing and I ended up booking with Yoga Retreats Malaga without really knowing anything as to what to expect. I've always like yoga a lot and I wanted to combine it with my holidays so a retreat seemed like the best idea. Once I arrived, I was surprised about how beautiful everything was. I had my own bathroom and it was very clean, it even had aloe body lotion!In the morning, we start with the meditation, which made me feel totally renew afterwards, perfect to start the day. The yoga was very good, we had an experienced teacher who really knew a lot, Migui, she was very patient with everybody, and I learned a lot from her. Also, the yoga was done in a garden overlooking the mountains and the coast, which was also a perfect place to have a relaxing time.During my free time, I went to the beach, and to the Paloma Park, it was really nice but my favorite extra activity was just been around in this nice village Benalmadena Pueblo, full of life and specially in the evenings.Also, I want to say thank you to Erik who made the vegetarian meals and how! He is very dedicated and he explains exactly what we eat, and how he combines different vegetables with the right spices. He was taking care about us all the time offering us all kind of delicious fruits, as snacks.Next time I come back and I will take some friends with me, because this is a retreat that I want to share with everyone!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Elizabeth from Canada

      " A random online search for a four day yoga retreat led me to the "yoga retreats Malaga" website. This retreat fully delivered on my main objectives to find more balance and forget about work and other stresses. The small number of the retreat participants meant lots of individual attention, an added bonus. Erik and Migui the retreat leaders are wonderful people who go the extra mile, offering airport pick-up and drop-off, adapting the guided meditations, two daily yoga classes and delicious vegetarian meals to the participants abilities, interests/requests. The retreat in Benalmedina is on a gorgeous property located in beautiful Benalmedina. It is a unique small oasis. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and there is full access to the wonderful gardens on the property. I am already dreaming about my next visit!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Lauraine from UK

      "I'm home safe back to reality but in a good way. Thank you from my heart to the both of you. I found what i was looking for - me! I will continue on my yoga meditation path and I'm going to alter my spare room into a room where I will find peace. I have ordered my wallpaper of trees, I am not as lucky to have such beautiful surroundings so I will make my own. I feel different. I am not going to look backwards, just forward now, life's for living. I wanted to give you both back something for all you have given me. The hand of light is symbolic to me, without light we wouldn't grow. Thank you for your teachings of yoga Migui, your patience and dedication, I am grateful. I have had the experience of being at peace with myself. I have had the best time and I will return to stay in the retreat. My love sent to you both. Continued success on your teachings. Thank you!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Madeleine from Bristol

      "The six days were too short for me, I made a lot of friends I progressed in my yoga practice enormous,and learned a lot about yoga philosophy from Migui and Erik.This yoga holiday was the best I ever did with people who really love what they do, that makes a big difference with some other retreats were I have been!The food was organic and fresh made every day, a detox without getting hungry, really good balanced . The walking meditation through the mountains with sea views was brilliant!I hope to come back in September and take some friends with me, because this experience was amazing!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Jenny from Dublin

      "A big 10+ for this retreat, what a nice time, great weather, every day yoga and meditation and the best vegetarian food ever!"

      "High level teachers and a chef i wanted to take home, the food was super delicious, on top i got the recipes and this retreat changed my eating habits completely a big hug from me for Erik, Migui, and Laila for this wonderful vacation!"

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Richard from Scotland

      "I just came back from the retreat and the experience was really amazing, the food was fantastic and the location was wonderful. Also it was perfect for a solo traveler like me and really helped me unwind from the daily stresses of work/life. Hope to return in the near future as it was truly one of the best retreats I've ever been to."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

    • Review by Ashley from UK

      "A wonderful place to stay and practice Yoga. Great to enjoy beautiful scenes while having a relaxing Yoga experience. Ms. Miguidet was a very patient teacher; and the vegetarian dishes were very delicious! The room was neat and clean; enjoyed the swimming pool and sunshine so much! Everyday was a refreshment. Going to miss it."

      Yoga Retreats Malaga, edited

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