Yoga Retreat Spain

Yoga Retreat Spain is run by Alexander and Serieke offering yoga retreats at a beautiful place in the middle of nature.

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David Goddard

from Great Britain, March 2018

"Serenity in the Sierra "

The yoga practices, the theory sessions, the camaraderie, the setting, the schedule, the noble silence, the informality

Julia Port

from Denmark, March 2018

"Amazing atmosphere, location and instructors "

Everything was really good: food, yoga, theoryclass, the other people at the retreat, meditation, and especially the locations was breathtaking <3

Minou Fuglesang

from Tanzania, January 2018

The group atmosphere

Frida Lundberg

from Sweden, January 2018

The location of this retreat is breathtaking. Serieke and Alexander are genuinely friendly people, who´s warmth permeates the whole retreat.


from Denmark, December 2017

And Sirieke was a great yoga teacher.

Andrius Chamanskas

from Lithuania, November 2017

Had an awesome time in this yoga retreat! Both Alexander and Serieke were super friendly and helpful. Passionate about what they are doing and willing to share that knowledge with others. Nice, isolated location, surrounded by mountains - perfect if you want to run away from the "civilized" world. Good mixture of yoga practices - more physically intensive one in the morning and a relaxing one in the evening. Also had interesting theory sessions. Would highly suggest to communicate to Alexander what would you like to learn about, because he is easy to adjust to your wishes.

Great overall experience! : )

Diana Lazare

from Sweden, November 2017

"A wonderful week to remember"

I enjoyed every bit of what the week offered. The yoga was a great mix of energetic and relaxing. The theory sessions were very inspiring and eye opening and got me eager to learn more. The environment was just fantastic with the green big mountains and fresh air surrounding you, and the house roosters were a nice touch. My most favourite part was the evening meditation on the balkony above the stars! And the silence in the evening and morning was so relaxing.

Thank you Serieke and Alex for giving the way you give. Keep doing that and the world will be a better place.

Valentina Fani

from France, August 2017

"A pleasant surprise"

During all the stay, Serieke and Alexander kindly and truly cared about different participants' needs. I personally appreciate the openness to different types of yoga practice and to discussions concerning personal or shared questions.

Antonia Vossen

from United States, March 2018

"hidden pearl"

Heerlijke week gehad bij Serieke en Alexander. Veel geleerd, ook van de theoriesessies met Alexander. De locatie voelt als een klooster, afgezonderd van de bewoonde wereld, complete rust, ook vanwege de lange 'noble silence' in huis.

Sympathieke groep en goeie sfeer.! Bedankt allemaal!

Natascha Bosscher

from Netherlands, February 2018

"Boven verwachting! "

Een geweldige week gehad; fijne mensen, lekker eten, fantastische uitzicht, leuke lessen en inspirerende theorie lessen (Alexander weet bijzonder veel en kan het eeg goed overbrengen!)

Helene Rey

from France, January 2018


Les cours de yoga, la douceur de Serieke, le contact avec les autres participants, le site.


from United States, December 2017

Er waren veel fijne zaken: het weer, de omgeving: prachtige natuur, de hartelijkheid van Alexander en Serieke, de workshops waren boeiend, het eten was erg lekker, het huisje was prachtig en de medehuisgenoten heel aangenaam.

Alexandra Hormaier

from Germany, November 2017

"Perfekte Woche, transfomierendes Erlebnis"

Alexander hat uns mit seinem vielfältigen Wissen in den Workshops/Theorie viele spannende Themen nahegebracht.

Katrien Van Olmen

from Greece, November 2017

"getest en goedgekeurd!!!! yoga op een mooie plek "

mooie omgeving

goede yoga

fijne mensen


from Switzerland, October 2017

"Expectations for my first yogaretreat were more than met!"

The environement of the house is just great! Even if we had a lot of programm it did not feel to be too much.


from United States, October 2017

"De stilte omarmen"

Serieke en Alexander brengen een sfeer die je laat zijn in het moment. Waardoor Ik de stilte kon omarmen. De yoga lessen waren fijn en helder. Beide hebben een prettig rustige stem om naar te luisteren. Het tijdschema verliep heel organisch naar beleven van de groep. De workshops waren heel informatief prettig. We leerden ook veel over het ervaren van je dromen en hoe deze lucide te maken. Daarnaast is de plek een rustig mooie omgeving midden in het parkNieve

Chiara Grassilli

from Spanish State, August 2017

"Wonderful experience!"

The setting is beautiful, in the middle of nature and with a nice swimming pool when it's too hot. I also liked the combination of different styles of yoga (hata and yin yoga) and meditation.


from Germany, August 2017

Offenheit, Flexibilität und trotzdem klare Struktur

José Bentvelsen

from Netherlands, June 2017

"I will never forget!!"

Yoga and the group.

The filosofische talkings.


Elise Gozin

from Belgium, May 2017

"Thos retreat was a kickstart to my own practices"

The passion, care and knowledge of Alexander and Serieke touched me.

The yang yoga in the morning, the yin in the evening and the meditation, together with the theory discussions, really made an impact on me, my practice and my personal journey. Combine that with the stunning surroundings made this retreat absolutely worthwile!

Francisco Varvaró

from Spanish State, April 2017

"Maravillosa experiencia!"

El trato de los anfitriones fue maravilloso! La

Localización mágica!

Y el yoga y meditación de gran fuerza!!!

Elvi Navalmoral

from Spanish State, April 2017

"Gran semana de yoga y meditación "

La ubicación del sitio lo hace único y especial. Tiempo para pensar leer, 2 practicas diarias de yoga y alimentación muy saludable. El ambiente del grupo, inmejorable.

Testimonials 5

Maurus Thurneysen Switzerland

The location is beatiful, situated in a serene landscape. The hosts Serieke and Alexander were competent and created a warm atmosphere. This place is highly recommendable.

Cynthia Sweden

Yoga Retreat Spain website

This retreat was balm for my soul and besides that, I learned a lot about myself. Yoga Retreat Spain provides a place for inspiration, creativity and self-reflection that means and will mean a lot for everybody attending this retreat since there is not much time and space left for these things in all-day life anymore. With them I had the long desired - and so far missed - time to explore my state of mind, my intentions for life and to collect myself again. What they do for people with that retreat is something incredibly meaningful and I really aspire to share these experiences I had here with many people by also being a yoga teacher one day. You live my dream! :)

Jennifer United Kingdom

Yoga Retreat Spain website

This is the third time I have been on this yoga and meditation week. I have felt the time immensely relaxing and peaceful as well as giving me space to think. The workshops were very informative and interesting. I especially enjoyed the noble silence periods as it gave me time to reflect. I feel I will do the retreat again in the future as it has a real benefit on me and how I look at my life.

Vanessa France

Yoga Retreat Spain website

This retreat was wonderful. I really loved the yoga classes and the meditation with your gentle advices. These few days have gone too fast. Thanks for your kindness and wisdom. I don't have enough words in english to say how great this retreat was.

Jamy England

Yoga Retreat Spain website

What a week! The yoga lessons were an absolutely delightful experience, every day. I am truly inspired to continue with my practice. The theory classes were so interesting, on a down to earth, fundamental level; impossible not to understand the logic behind the ideas and practices.

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