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Yoga Retreat Portugal

Yoga Retreat Portugal, holistic yoga centre, offers retreats when it best suits you.

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Kathleen O Regan

from Great Britain, September 2017

"Fab 3 day yoga retreat in Portugal"

Really enjoyed my 3 days at this yoga retreat. Tony very flexible as to what days I could book.

The yoga sessions were great! Tony was able to spend alot of time correcting and ensuring we were doing the postures correctly!

Tony was very accommodating and worked hard at ensuring we had a pleasant few days at the retreat.

I would recommend this retreat and may go back myself in the future!

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Marianne Germany


For me Ashtanga is quite challenging, but Tony, the teacher, did a great job. We were a group of 2 resp. 3 students and he gave very good attention to our different levels and also interests. To my opinion Tony is a great yoga teacher and he seems to really love what he does. He did not get tired of making corrections at our postures, which were absolutely necessary and also important, as I trust nobody wants to practice or continue practicing the wrong way, which can eventually even do harm to our body. I very much liked the small size of the group, too.

The location is absolutely nice. Very quiet and in the countryside, no neighbours and a beautiful view ... I really liked that! The rooms are nice as well, and I only shared the bathroom with one other student, that was perfect. Pick up and return to the train station in Santa Comba Dao worked perfectly.

Considering the food, I felt very spoilt. I loved everything and miss it already very much. Although I only eat vegan at home myself, I do have to improve my cooking and baking skills. ;-)

I also enjoyed the fact that the classes were not "esoteric", which is normal according to my information for Ashtanga, but not for all yoga retreats. (I am saying this although I also practice Kundalini Yoga at home, which I feel is quite spiritual and I do like that, as well.)

There was also WiFi available, which worked perfectly with my Fairphone. - Maybe it would have been even more relaxing without internet, but of course that's up to myself.

I can truly recommend this place!

Chantal Netherland

Yoga Retreat Portugal

The retreat was lovely, a very nice place and a warm and kind welcome by Tony. Good lodging and delicious food. Also the environment is beautiful and interesting, Tony has been an excellent and friendly guide on trips.

Daina United Kingdom

Yoga Retreat Portugal

I was lucky to get to Tony's retreat at the end of April when there was an abundance of various bright coloured fowers, wild lavender in bloom, grass high and lavish. If you are looking for a relaxed place literally away from everything - this is it. If you consider it a luxury being close to the nature, having your cup of tea or meditative time on the majestic rock, in the night watching stars, listening to the cicadas, to a distant dog bark in the nearby village and watching car headlights silently crawling up the tracks across the valley, if your ears are longing for the bird singing as the only sound in early hours, if your eyes are ready to soak up stunning views - this is your place. If you value homemade bread, organic freshly prepared vegetarian food and relaxed, informal or meaningful conversations at the big wooden table in the kitchen full of sunlight - Tony is your host. If you find it exciting driving a roaring dusty 4x4 beast up the track to the picturesque village - this is your adventure. If you are ready to follow intense Ashtanga system in the morning, to realize your development points and work on them in personally tailored evening class with lots of attention - this is your practice. The massive rock wall and wooden floor in the studio keep your feet grounded and breathing in present. Rooms and bathrooms are clean and have all the necessities. It is your choice to go for a wander around, get absorbed in reading or to give a hand in jobs to do. We did canoeing down the wide beautiful river Mondjego, horse riding in horse whisperers farm - all seemed to be easily arranganed. Tony is a great teacher and host. I found my experience rejuvenating, refreshing, as developing as creative and inspiring, proper energy boost for the subtle and for gross. Thank you Tony, looking forward to go back again one day.

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