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16 Days Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in South India

  • Maitreyi - The Vedic Village, Ishwaramalai, Panapallam Road, Aliyar, Pollachi 642101, India

Ayurveda and Yoga Retreats India

Yoga Retreat Ananda proudly presents a program, specifically tailored to those who wish to spend their holidays in wondrous, unforgettable location of Tamil Nadu, a southern Indian state. This remarkable location offers a unique opportunity of total relaxation, full recovery, ultimate purification of the mind and rejuvenation of the body, the discovery of balance and harmony.


  • Ayurvedic classes
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • 12 sessions of Ayurvedic massage and other treatments
  • Anti-aging Ayurvedic procedure program and individual support of Ayurveda doctor
  • Excursions to cultural and spiritual landmarks of India
  • 15 nights accommodation in a double room
  • 3 organic meals per day
  • Guides support
  • 15 days with instruction
  • English
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Accommodation is assumed in traditional South Indian cottages, surrounded by beautiful vegetation and their wonderful fragrances, and framed by mountain peaks. It is one of the most beautiful moments of your stay in the Vedic Village, built along the principles and rules of Vastu! You will live in cottages planned in the traditional style of the ancient Vedic India, from people- and environmental-friendly materials. All the building materials are natural and very pleasant to the touch.

Every home is divided into two rooms, while each can accommodate 2 people. The rooms are quite spacious with comfortable seating. The decoration of the houses is kept simple and sufficient for comfort and convenience. Cottages include private bath and hot water shower.

The program is prepared in such a way, that not only would you enjoy your stay here, but also find great benefits for your body. This program is designed in the perfect manner, so as to allow you to achieve full rejuvenation and relaxation of your body, mind and soul:

Ayurvedic massage and other treatments, individual support by a professional

Training and practice in the arts of Ananda yoga, meditation and Ayurveda

Indian music and dancing

Numerous excursions into the cultural and spiritual landmarks of India

Tea, coconuts, juice, sun and just fun


A remarkable Ayurveda center has recently been built on the village campus, where everyone can take a course of rejuvenation and purification. The program includes 12 sessions of Ayurvedic massage and other treatments.

If required, anyone can receive individual consultation and medicinal treatment from the professional Ayurveda doctor. The Maitreyi has a team of highly friendly, Satvic Ayurvedic massage therapists trained in professional schools. Tipping the staff is not accepted, so you will never feel an excess, or a lack of, attention on that basis. Everyone is equally welcoming and always positive. If, however, you wish to thank the Maitreyi staff as a whole, you can leave your tip, or a reward, at the end of the program at the reception. All employees will be awarded an equal bonus, as a team. This strict rule allows for maintenance of a special atmosphere that is very rare to find anywhere else in India, where most of all services are exclusively tip-based.

For the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of awareness and acceptance of the Ayurvedic procedures, a series of lectures are prepared, providing basic knowledge and principles of healthy life, or Ayurveda. The lectures will be held by Dr. Kavita Vyas, author of books on Ayurveda, which have a lot of practice. The yoga lessons will be held together with Ayurveda seminars, with an aim of integrating the principles of Ayurveda into the daily practice of yoga, and balancing the three doshas in the body.

Ananda Yoga

Yoga is one of the key approaches in Ayurveda for the healthy life. Asana practice stimulates and enhances the process of purification and rejuvenation, creating harmonious flow of vital energy into the body. Yoga and Ayurveda classes will be integrated, allowing you to better practice your doshas balance.

Ananda Yoga adds new meaning to the classical Hatha yoga: not only does it mean working with physiological processes, but also achieving the psychological, emotional and spiritual level, using positive affirmations and healing exercises, with invigorating energy to help raise the level of consciousness.


Meditation reaches the deepest level, bringing much desired peace and joy for your souls. There are three basic ingredients in Ayurvedic formula of a healthy life: diet, yoga and meditation. If you are a beginner, you will learn to practice basic arts of Kriya yoga, as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda: how to focus and concentrate the mind and enter the state of an expanded consciousness. If you are already meditating, you can join daily morning and/or evening group meditations.

Parallel to teaching, healing and relaxation, Yoga Retreat Ananda organizes several trips to visit ancient Indian temples in Southern India. Among them, a thrilling elephant ride through the jungle to the beautiful National Park of South India, and to the mountaintop of the ridge near the town of Valparai.

The South India is famous for its manufacturing of cotton saris. You will have an opportunity to visit the farm where the organic cotton is being grown and produced, as well as purchasing the luxurious, freshly made, saris. The program also includes a visit to the Royal Palace (which is more than 800 years old) of the acting Raja (King) of the region. Indian classical dance and music will embellish your presence in this prime location.

This wonderful place is called a Vedic Village Maitreyi. It was fairly recently built, however according to all the rules and canons of the Vedic India. Everything from the project itself, and its location, every little detail was planned and created in accordance with Vastu - the ancient architectural science - the roots and sources of which lie with the Indian Vedas - the Indian culture and religions most ancient writings.

As you travel here, you find yourself in a something of natural fairy tale, surrounded by the sounds of the vast imaginable variety of birds and animals. The village is located on the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, at the foot of the mountain range. The 25 hectare-large territory of the campus allows you total seclusion, without exposure to outside presence. You can enjoy the delight of silence, surrounded by nearly untouched nature; you can meditate in practically any corner that you would possibly want. Such a pristine natural landscape it virtually impossible to find anywhere nowadays.

Maitreyi isn't situated on the ocean coastline, just how a true Ayurvedic clinic should be. This provides a particular peacefulness and exclusivity to the location. Any Ayurvedic procedures exclude sunbathing, and especially swimming in the sea. One of the most famous and expensive Ayurvedic resorts in the world, the "Ananda, is situated at the same altitude as the Maitreyi.

  • Massage
  • Shopping
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • Lake nearby
  • Local market
  • Tour assistance

Dietary pattern is kept in the satvic style, without excesses in fat-laden and saturated food. Everything is kept simple and useful for a healthy lifestyle. Every morning, you can delight on the fruits of the season, freshly collected from the organic garden, drink fresh juice, enjoy the Indian dosha (pancakes, made from a wide variety of flour). And, of course, the loved-by-everyone chapatis will always accompany you.

There is a whole coconut and mango wood farm on the Maitreyi campus, counting 250 mango trees. You will be able to enjoy unlimited coconut juice every day and even try an unripe coconut - a very healthy and delicious meal! Unfortunately, the mango season starts in April and ends in June. This time of the year is not very beneficial in terms of climate to mango, so perhaps you will receive a mango dried fruit instead.

Field trips from Maitreyi Village include a visit to the National Park of South India, the Valparai mountaintops, cotton farms, the Palace of Raj and elephant rides through the jungle.

The program includes 12 sessions of Ayurvedic massage and other treatments.

  • 3 organic meals per day
  • 14 day anti-aging Ayurvedic procedure program and individual support of Ayurveda doctor
  • 15 nights accommodation in a double room
  • Ayurvedic classes
  • Excursions
  • Guides support
  • Meditation classes
  • Yoga classes
  • Additional Ayurvedic meals
  • Airplane ticket
  • Donations to temples and holy places, staff tipping
  • Personal expenses such as laundry, internet, and so forth
  • Visa fee
  • Everything not specifically indicated in the list of "what's in the package"

Verified reviews

  • Review by Tamara from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "I initially booked the retreat for the recommended 9 nights. When I first arrived, I was a little daunted by the what I can only call the austerity of the program; by this, I mean largely the seriousness and dedication with which Slava pursues a strong spiritual approach and the role of meditation in the program."


    "But something was definitely right, because I ended up extending my stay for another week and have really benefited in ways that are hard to describe.I suppose that I am an averagely lazy and not quite focused enough individual. In some mysterious way I have seemed to grasp that I really need to help myself . To give an example, I am or rather was a proud and dedicated smoker who loved cigarettes. I did not start the retreat with the intention of stopping, somehow it happened and it has stuck so far and I believe that it will continue, because for the first time in years of smoking I am saying to myself: I don't want to smoke."


    "I had all the usual benefits of the yoga and the detox diet: lost weight, rediscovered the fact that my body still responds fairly quickly to movement and stretching, and so on. But, it was the more subtle changes that made this a unique and worthwhile experience.", edited

  • Review by Rica from France
    9 out of 10

    "I had a great stay at Ananda Yoga Retreat in Arad! I very much enjoyed the daily energizing and yoga as well as meditation sessions and learned a lot about energy, spirituality, and nutrition. The place itself has a special energy. It was calm and quiet and allowed me to fully relax. Slava and Mila made me feel very welcome. They even offered an additional yoga class on Saturday, which had not been programmed. I had not come to Arad in order to follow the detox program but ended up doing it in line with Slava's recommendation. Whether it was the yoga, the detox, the relaxation, the energy, or Slava's and Mila's kindness, or all of these factors together, I felt very well during and after my stay. I am grateful for this experience. Namaste Ananda!", edited

  • Review by Annie from Canada
    10 out of 10

    "I spent a week at Slava's retreat in Arad, Israel, near the dead sea. I learned new meditation techniques, a safe way to practice yoga, and the benefits of eating a raw, organic diet. The retreat is quiet and clean, with a garden and a fish pond. Slava even put out a hammock for me to lounge in during my free time. The house, as well as the balcony of my private room, had a fantastic view of the desert. The air in Arad is clean and pure, and spending time at the Dead Sea was definitely a unique and purifying experience. Now that I'm back home, I'm still putting Slava's teaching into practice. I started eating more organic food, careful now of what's going into my body. Meditation is still a challenge since I'm so impatient, but I'll keep trying with Slava's techniques.", edited

  • Review by Ronja from Switzerland
    10 out of 10

    "Das Yoga-Retreat mit Slava am toten Meer war einfach wunderbar. Die Unterkunft ist sehr ruhig, sauber, harmonisch und gemtlich, mit schner Aussicht auf die Wste. Das Essen war wunderbar lecker und sehr gesund, morgens frisch-gepresster Orangensaft und frisches Obst, abends leckere Salate.Ich habe viel gelernt was ich auch zu Hause anwenden kann und mich gut entspannt. Die Yoga und Yogananda-bungen waren erweckend und energiebringend. Das Programm hat mir sehr geholfen und ich habe wohl meine gesndesten Ferien in Ananda Israel verbracht.Ich hatte ein schnes Zimmer mit bequemem Bett und einen Balkon mit schner Aussicht auf die Wste. Man kann gut und bequem Ausflge nach Jerusalem und Bethlehem, Masada, En Gedi machen, auch Reisen mit den ffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln und dem Bus geht gut. Leider hat es 3 Tage whrend meines Retreats geregnet, was sehr selten vorkommt in Arad, aber ich konnte meine Zeit trotzdem sehr geniessen und danach war das Wetter schn, ich konnte sogar im Januar im toten Meer baden, ein tolles Erlebnis. Ich kann es nur wrmstens an alle die an Yoga und gesundem Leben interessiert sind weiterempfehlen!", edited

  • Review by Joanna from London
    9 out of 10

    "Beds very comfy and thoughtfully provided extra blanket and very good oil radiator. Delicious food! Amazing nutrition advices and beautiful conversations.Incredible location with spectacular views and amazing energy. Thank you so much!I am also yoga teacher and professional trainer, my preference is for more instruction in meditation + asana practice, but each person has their own style." website, edited

  • Review by Anastasija from Latvia
    10 out of 10

    "Heartfelt gratitude to you, Slava, for such a unique opportunity to relax and at the same time to work with my body and my soul. It was a pleasant stay and a fruitful work for me. Your program clears my mind and body from all superfluous and unnecessary thoughts and actions, that in the end it seems that this time was the most beautiful and the happiest time in my life for many years.You are very sensitive, insightful, bright, and kind person. I am very glad that life gave me this trip to Israel to Ananda-school. Thanks for the healthiest holiday of my life. Good luck to all your endeavors. And long life :) Thank you for the warm and spiritual atmosphere. It is great here at Ananda! "

    "And it's so gooood that the Dead Sea is near!", edited

  • Review by Diana from Latvia
    10 out of 10

    "This program is suitable to all, but especially to people who are interested in yoga and healthy eating.", edited


  • Review by Nata from Thailand
    10 out of 10

    "Peace, health, and home.I stayed in Ananda Israel for two weeks. The program was catered to my very personal needs, although still with detox, raw, and veggie diet, which was amazing, delicious, and exactly what I needed. When I went out I was given loads of fruits, so I wouldn't be hungry. I guess, it might be a little hard though, if you're not used to raw and unsalted. It pays off at the end with better health and cleaner body! Slava and Mila are very attentive to any details and always care with pure unconditional love about everyone in the retreat. They also have deep knowledge about spirituality, yoga, healthy diet, and much more. You will never get bored, even if you don't ask questions, like me :)The room where I stayed was very spacious with a big nice bed. I could open a window and a balcony door, so during the night I wasn't hot. Night breeze is comfortably refreshing. Plus a big bonus - everyday stunning sunrise right out there. The house is big and clean. Enough space for everyone to not to feel intimidated. Energy in the house is fantastic. It's like you get into a different reality. It was even hard for me sometimes to get out. There's also a nice outside area, where you can chill with a book on a couch or in a hammock. WiFi was very important for me during the stay. Ananda has reliable, fast speed connection.The area in Arad, where the house is located is very quiet. In the evening there's an alley where you can have a nice romantic stroll. If you need anything to buy, downtown Arad is just 30 mins walk but really, while being there you don't need anything. Journey to the Dead Sea takes about 30 minutes by minivans and a bit longer by bus. I had a gift from Slava - a tour to Jerusalem, because of my two weeks stay. I loved it a lot! If your stay is shorter I would definitely recommend you to purchase this tour, if you've never been there! This retreat is unique! Thank you so much Slava and Mila for making Ananda my second home!"

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Sandra from Canada
    10 out of 10

    "I was looking for a spiritual meditation retreat. They say ask and you shall receive. When I came upon Ananda Retreat in Israel, I just had that feeling that this is where I would go. I had been wanting to do something like this for years, literally years. Well, of course my intuition was bang on.When I arrived at the Ananda Yoga retreat, I at first was a bit skeptical. But I know that God has a plan for all of us.The surroundings the Judaen desert, the inside, minimalistic, but comfortable and welcoming. I was looking for a retreat, not a 5-star hotel, and a retreat is exactly what I got. I completely deepened my yoga practice, my meditation practice. I deepened my connection to God and cleansed my physical and spiritual body. Would I do it a heart beat. This was well worth the money and well worth my time. Thank You Slava for a wonderful experience."

    Yoga Retreat Ananda, edited

  • Review by Marek from United States
    10 out of 10

    "Place of great meditation and resonance."

    "I would recommend Ananda Israel to anyone who wants to get exposed to the yogic lifestyle. Advanced yogis and yoginis may find this place as a deeply spiritual and peaceful location to avoid hotel crowds while staying in Israel close to the Dead Sea. My family and I stayed there for eight days, experiencing good energy flow, and friendly hospitality. Slava helped us to prearrange several inspiring trips throughout Israel."

    "I personally enjoyed daily yoga practice with him, his flow, and open-minded attitude. It could be described as a set of simple yoga techniques that gets the practitioner engaged beyond the physical yoga aspects bridging over to a nonphysical spiritual realm. Generally speaking, the yoga activities in Ananda are based on Swami Kriyanandas long time ago established teachings. It was my first time to stay in a place that is part of this global yoga community. They are strongly oriented to only one lineage of masters, teachers, and gurus. This means that no other branches of yoga masters are teachers are included in the knowledge exposure beyond Swami Krianandas establishments. This opportunity helped me to understand how those teachings are interpreted among different cultures and nationalities. Slava and Mila cooked for us a vegan organic food, catered as per my dietary wheat free request, including Slava's home made irresistible hot sauce which I found so good that I ended up bringing home an entire jar of it."

    "Overall, staying at Ananda Israel was a pleasant memorable experience."

    Yoga Retreat Ananda, edited

  • Review by Dr. Micha Toronto Canada
    10 out of 10

    "Totally unexpected but it's unbelievable. My martial arts is totally different and much improved. I can't explain exactly, whether it's balance, breath, fluidity of movement - it just feels amazing and great. And I have continued pretty much doing everything we were doing every day except for modifying the diet slowly of course as I described. So God willing I'm planning on continuing because it just plainly works, the energization, yoga poses, meditation, chakra balancing, and whole natural fresh foods. I am also a health practitioner and religiously observant as well. Sometimes even health professionals need a major tune up, detox, and stress reduction. I did the program with strictly Kosher fruits and vegetables that I purchased locally, which I prepared myself, and the program was great for my body, mind, and soul. Slava has become a good friend along with a positive influence in my life. He is one of those few whom I have met who actually practice what they teach. He lives this stuff and always strives for improvement and to reach a higher place while giving over what he already knows. He is patient, professional, ever helpful, gives good directions and answers questions to the best of his ability, and if he does not know, he will tell you so. Two thumbs up from me, and I highly suggest this simple yet powerful program for anyone wishing to get back on track with their health and well being. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home, and for helping me along in my journey. Thank you so much my friend, and keep up the good work."

    Yoga Retreat Ananda, edited

  • Review by Gayvel Aviv from Israel
    10 out of 10

    "Very interesting system - unusual. Hopefully that will cure the back to the end. Already very relieved"

    Yoga Retreat Ananda website, edited

  • Review by Inna Gruenko from Russia
    10 out of 10

    "Thanks for everything. Now I'm even in the room when the swing, do your stretching and parishes catch after each approach as the power rises. And the body itself asks exercises to do."

    Yoga Retreat Ananda website, edited

  • Review by Dean from Israel
    10 out of 10

    "Loved it. Thank you. I will come again and again."

    Yoga Retreat Ananda website, edited