Yoga on High

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Yoga on High is a premier yoga center offering a broad range of classes including yoga, meditation, and breath classes for new students or experienced yogis.

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  • Marina Hassan

    Yoga on High Facebook page

    Yoga on High is one of those studios where you feel the power from the moment you walk in through those doors. The energy is unmistakable. I feel like my highest, most lifted self when I practice in this space. Lara, Michele, Jasmine & Michael are 3 of the biggest reasons why I started coming to this studio when I was a college student.

    Through Yoga on High, I found my truest passion, Ayurvedic Medicine. It is crazy to think that if I never gave this studio a shot, I would have never found my true path in life.

    I will vouch for this studio and the community it facilitates any day of the week

  • Nakia Angelique

    Yoga on High Facebook page

    I made the drive up from Dayton for a couple of classes. The Reiki and Contemplation was perfect timing and I can't joyfully recommend the Ayurvedic Goddess classes enough! The instruction was wonderful, the community was wonderful and I am excited to drive up for more. Thank you!

  • Barbara C Wills

    Yoga on High Facebook page

    Attending a Reiki Share is stepping into a world of peace and love. Thank you so much Julia and all for making this possible.

  • Brittny Manos

    Yoga on High Facebook fanpage

    A truly special place to be a part of a vast colorful community - there is certainly something for everyone here.

  • Lauren Bill

    Yoga on High Facebook page

    Variety of teachers and I love them all. They each have strengths and bring these to their classes. Even as a yoga teacher I learn so much from the teachers there. Love this studio. Highly recommend!

  • Jacquie Moku

    Yoga on High Facebook page

    The best yoga studio with plenty of classes and the most loving, caring instructors I have ever practiced with. I love yoga on high and our yoga community. You have to try this studio and if you're interested in becoming an instructor they have the best teacher training institute. Check out the little yoga store if you are in need of books, jewelry, oils, clothes, scarves etc. This place is the yoga space!

  • Sarah C. United States

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    There is a wide variety of classes for whatever style of yoga suits you the best.

  • Rarin J. United States

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    Staffs are very friendly. They offer a wide variety of yoga classes such as Astanga, Hot flow, meditation, etc. All yoga instructors are knowledgeable. I am very pleased with overall yoga experience at yoga on high.

  • Jess G. United States

    Yoga on High Yelp

    Yoga has become more of a workout for me - it's a hobby, a necessity, and something that really helps me strike that balance in my work-life balance. I tried Yoga on High for the first time in January and I can say with confidence that I have found what others might call their home.

  • Angela Z. United States

    Yelp website

    I recommend Yoga on High to anyone I meet who has an interest in taking yoga classes.

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