Yoga Mittra

Manhattan Beach, United States

Yoga Mittra is a community of friends dedicated to living yoga. Created by Genevieve Pujalet and Shelley Williams, they offer yoga love to community, teacher training, workshops, and retreats.

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  • Angie C.

    Yoga Mittra website

    Have you ever been under the skillful care of any kind of practitioner that makes you believe with unwavering confidence that you are on the path to growth and healing? It is with this very confidence that I allowed myself to have a new and liberating experience with yoga. The Yoga Mittra facilitators shined a liberating light on any ideas I may have had about what service yoga was providing for me. I came to strengthen my practice, but stayed only to complete a much more spiritual journey and transformation which continues to unravel my limited ideas of what I thought I knew about all things yogic. The creative and nurturing allure of Shelly and Suzy allowed me to break away from daunting patterns and helped ease me into a life long commitment towards self-care and service to others. Thank you girls. I’m a better person because of my time learning from and with you.

  • Courtney Hermann

    Yoga Mittra website

    I had been practicing yoga for about 4 years off and on before deciding to the Yoga Mittra teacher training. I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be but I knew right away that I was in the right place. Suzy and Shelley are the perfect combo of bringing love, knowledge, humor, and experience to each and every class and lecture. Now almost 7 months out of training, I teach 4 - 8 classes a week, I get to sub at the Yoga Studio I call home, Yoga Loft, and I could not be happier with the education I received. Thank you Yoga Mittra!

  • Chris E.

    Yoga Mittra website

    I was thrilled to partake in teacher training with Shelley, Suzy, and Gen. They have been the foundation of yoga in the Southbay for years. As a physician, I was appreciative of their insight into anatomy and keen knowledge of instructing asanas safely. Plus they are a lot of fun!

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