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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Yoga Mind is based in Sydney, Australia. Owners Glenn and Margaret Ceresoli have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 30 years.

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  • Mark and Paula Cave Australia

    Yoga Mind website

    My wife Paula and I completed Glenn's eight-week teacher training in Byron Bay Sept-Oct 2010. The experience has transformed both my practice and the way I approach teaching. I have personally known Glenn & Margaret since we all started Yoga as teenagers and can say that they have always displayed the highest integrity in both the way they live and teach.During the eight weeks Glenn demonstrated his in depth knowledge and ability to break things down and make sense of what seemed difficult if not impossible, his methods and descriptions are clear and simple, but carry a wealth of understanding that can only come from many years of committed practice. Glenn also helped me to see that Yoga is more than just doing the poses, it was heartening to find someone in this day and age that teaches Yoga as a process of inquiry and self understanding, for this I will be ever grateful.As a teacher now I have many new tools at my disposal which is great, but more than that I now see my self as being involved in that process, following the example of both Glenn and Margaret I am now there for the student, not for myself (at least not as much). This one change has transformed my teaching more than anything else did in the past twenty years.We are both grateful to have been a part of Byron Teacher training 2010, and loving the experience of Yoga practice and teaching now more than ever. Glenn's teacher training is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone that wants to transform themselves and commit to Yoga teaching and practice from true understanding.

  • Jill Midgley New Zealand

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    It was great to come back to my little piece of paradise, and practicing again at home is awesome. I guess it is now that I appreciate how much I have progressed in my practice in the two months with you. I have so much more opening and intelligent movement in my body, and more knowledge of the techniques to continue progressing with that opening. I am missing those GC adjustments and encouraging words though!My classes are going really well, I have so much more confidence with what I am teaching because of my deeper understanding of the techniques and the ability to look at people and see what's not happening and works out ways to get them there, I'm loving it and so are they. So thanks GC for all your dedication to yoga over all these years and your awesome ability and desire to share it, I respect that very much and am very grateful.Thanks again Glenn, my two months with you and all the other's on the course has helped me to be a more confident and content being.

  • Ilias

    Yoga Mind website

    Whilst attending a weekend intensive with Glenn in Adelaide, January 2010, something happened under his guidance during asana practice that shattered my limiting beliefs. I thought to myself: This is just one weekend, imagine the quality of work that can be done during two months with him. The seed was therefore sewn.During the early stages of the course, my nervous system began to calm with careful instruction from Glenn, creating a state of observation and peace that could be maintained during the most intense asana!This course is intense and there were times that I questioned myself! There is some comfort though knowing that I was in the hands of masters truly dedicated to the yogic path. Glenn and Margaret complement one another to bring harmony into the course structure.For me, many layers (Karmic and others) have been shed, some with sweat, others with tears and also feelings of illness which I now have understood to be the body's response to purging itself of blockages, toxins and stored emotions from past experiences. I now feel a sense of lightness when breathing, walking, cycling etc. and with it a level of satisfaction in just being present.Now after the completion of the two-month Byron Bay intensive, I have a smile ear to ear knowing that I have been bestowed with the tools to inspire me to get on the mat at any time. I've realized that redirecting my priorities to self-practice gives juice (Prana) that flows into all the other aspects of life. It then enables one to give more fully into the present in order to serve the greater community.

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