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Merav is a yoga instructor, yoga therapist and psychotherapist based in New York City offering Resonate yoga classes, and also workshops and retreats all over the world.

  • New York City, United States
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Merav Ben-Horin

Merav Ben-Horin is a yoga instructor, yoga therapist and psychotherapist based in NYC. She was a dancer for over 10 years and began practicing yoga in 2004 in tandem with her studies in psychology. Born out of her interest in human behavior and movement, Merav recognizes yoga as a tool for personal growth as well as a proven way to develop focus and mind/body awareness. She completed her B.A in psychology at Hunter College and received her graduate degree from NYU. She is currently in postgraduate psychoanalytic training and sees patients at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies.

Yotam Silberstein

Yotam Silberstein began playing guitar at age 10. He was soon invited to perform with many of the nation’s top jazz musicians. By the age of 21, he has won the coveted “Israeli Jazz Player of The Year” title. As artistically gifted as he is technically proficient, he's featured on a wide variety of critically acclaimed releases including “Resonance” and “Brasil” on the Jazz Legacy Productions label and Monty Alexander’s Grammy-nominated. In addition, he has toured as a leader in major clubs in Europe, Japan, and Singapore while winning the Sundance Time Warner award for film music.


  • Review by a traveler

    "Merav's class is a work of art. From the top and throughout she creates/holds a space that is open and light, building the flow gracefully to very strong intensity, then unwinding and releasing through a generous arc of closing postures. Her timing in all this is impeccable. Part of what makes the class work so well, and makes it unique every time, is her sensitive reading of the group, its energy-state and collective vibe. She's highly attuned to the students individually as well and generous with adjustments, but never disconnects from the moment-to-moment of the room. Her music choices are gorgeous and conducive to depth and focus, not going for the cheap adrenalin kick or mind-distraction I sometimes experience with other class 'playlists'. All the above adds up in a way that you work deeper, yet with greater ease. And walk out on a cushion of air."

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