Yoga Meditation Sound organizes spiritual retreats to connect with self and live a purposeful and passionate life using yoga, meditation, and sound healing.

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7 Days Enriching Yoga Retreat Ubud, Bali

Available from March till January
    from US$1,200
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    Instructors (1)

    Alexis Hannagan

    Reviews (3)

    Nyncke Bouma Boyer

    from France, January 2018

    "Prima yoga prachtige studio, hotel matig, alexis niet gezie"


    Loeke Richter

    from Netherlands, January 2018

    "Ubud Yoga Centre"

    Het nieuwe yoga centrum in Ubud, is werkelijk prachtig. Architectuur is schitterend,

    ruimtes zijn mooi. Veel keuzes in yoga vormen, hele goede instructeurs.

    Testimonials (1)

    Isette Timmermans Netherlands

    Yoga Meditation Sound website

    The Kundalini retreat at Ubud Yoga Centre was my first Kundalini lesson and I found the teacher Alexis a wonderful heart centered woman. The environment was exiting. She prepared the days very professionally. There was room for laughter, enjoyment and fun. The start was with Sadhana. Because it was my first time I wasn’t prepared for this. But I tried to do my best. After the Sadhana there was interesting, practical and deep learnings to understand how to live with more radiance. After this we did the exercises and Alexis was explaining for which organ the exercise related to. At the end we had a wonderful meditation with live music. It helped me to relax, release making me feel lighter and more youthful. Even thought Kundalini yoga can be very intense method, Alexis presented it in such a way that i felt held, relaxed, deeply connected within.

    The transformative effect has been deeply felt even after departing Ubud, and now back in the Netherlands, I continue to do Kundalini yoga, it has become a part of my life. What I really love is the combination of exercises with breathing and singing mantra’s because of the speed at which it clears my entire being and makes me more positive, energetic and happy while fitter. I am so grateful I met Alexis, my new appreciation of mantras has allowed me to feel deeply inside my body for the first time, the vibrations have reduced a lot of stress, disharmony and rigidity. Alexis gave me such a precious experience of Kundalini Yoga, an experience that has now allowed me to release certain blocks in my life and live with more feminine grace, inner peace and self love.