Yoga Masha offers Dynamic and Hatha yoga holidays in beautiful Sintra, Portugal, and Transylvania, Romania.

Testimonials (5)

Erol Ireland

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This was my first weekend of yoga and it was an amazing experience. Masha has worked her magic on me and I am looking forward to take up yoga once I get back home. Thank you very much!

Ciara Ireland

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Thank you for giving my holiday the perfect start! The yoga sessions with Masha were just what I needed. They made me feel grounded and centered, plus I really appreciated the small group, as at home I never get to be in such few numbers. Such a lovely experience

Kirsten Germany

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I have not had such good yoga instruction in a long while. Masha’s classes were just what I needed!

Karen Germany

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Masha Kovacs’s yoga teaching is very good. Not only are the yoga classes great, but she has an excellent use of language as well as pronunciation. As a German speaker I was worried I would maybe not understand everything in a yoga class taught in English, however I was very impressed with Masha’s wording and very clear pronunciation. I understood everything and am looking forward to join Masha on one of her yoga retreats in the future.

Irene Switzerland

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As a person who enjoys pilates, boxing and climbing and surfing, I met Masha on a one week holiday in Portugal. Her classes were just amazing and I would definitely go to Yoga more often back home if I was able to found a teacher as good as she is. Big thumbs up!