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Yoga Loveliness

Experience the magic of Kundalini Yoga - energising and uplifting classes and workshops for all ages, levels and abilities.

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Lizzy UK

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As working all day is not stressful enough, I also have to focus on university. Since a few months, I try to join the yoga class offered during our lunch break once a week. It is so relaxing and just gives a fresh start to whatever problem I was dealing with! I love those 40 minutes of letting go and focusing on your body. Julia always gives several variation on the exercises for if you are injured or not flexible enough, which also gives a lot of confidence, because you can still continue on your own pace. So happy I got to try yoga and enjoy it so much during my placement!

a traveller UK

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Torquay is well ahead of the curve on this new trend. Fantastic class run by the extremely flexible and supremely patient Julia. Good fun, tailored for a male group of very mixed abilities. Everyone seems to enjoy it, I know I do. Wholeheartedly recommend!

Tallulah UK

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When I go into Julia's class feeling stressed or upset I leave relaxed and whatever I'm worried about seems resolvable, or just not so important. It's perfect as she tells you the benefits of each exercise for the body, mind and soul. Variations of each exercise are also demonstrated and there is no judgement or pressure - you work at your own pace to challenge yourself but there's no huge expectation put on you. Also, Julia's voice is incredibly soothing and reassuring. Marldon village hall on a Monday evening is often quite cramped but still worth it. I prefer the quieter Thursday class though. You should bring a bottle of water as it's pretty thirsty work, as well as a blanket and pillow for relaxation. Yoga mats are provided, but if you want to go regularly then bringing your own is recommended for hygiene. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to bring a little bit of calm into their lives. I find it's just the right ratio of physical exercise to meditation. I feel incredibly grateful for Julia's work.

Ben UK

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Having wanted to start Yoga for some time this was the perfect start. Relaxed and easy. Well pitched and easy going. Recommended.

Chloe UK

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Have been attending Yoga for Blokes for the last 3 months and have been impressed with Julia. After a stressful day at work there's nothing better than an hour of yoga to take your mind to another place. Highly recommended!

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