Yoga Light-House in Sri Lanka provides individual guidance in self-development, improvement of body and mind conditions through Yoga and Ayurveda.

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Nikolas Shower


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Sasja Simonsen

from Sri Lanka, January 2020

"Best stay ever"

All. I loved the homey experience, the amazing treaents, great yoga, location, the family, the food. Loved it all

Sarah Quineau

from Sri Lanka, February 2020

Amazing yoga retreat and Ayurveda treatment. I definitely recommend this place if your are looking for a quiet and non touristic experience. You will be part of the family because there is only two guests at the same time! Thanks to Nikolas and Jeewa for the stay :)

Elvira Nurmukhametova

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"No frills, simplistic and very yoga focused retreat"

I was looking for very specific things in my next retreat and Nicholas' and Jeewa's place had them all. As I am teacher trained myself, pure physical exercise wasn't an option for me, which a lot of the retreats have got to offer. I was very lucky with Nicholas as his approach was very well-balanced and provided for all around yoga experience, including daily pranayama practice, meditation, strong asanas and general advice on how to be a good yogi outside the mat.

As an Ayurvedic student Jeewa was able to give very useful advice on the foods to avoid/include in our diets, kriyas to start the day with for better health and how we could tweak our lifestyles to ensure we maintain good balance in lives.

Both Jeewa and Nicholas as well as the volunteer Patrizia have shared their invaluable knowledge with us which I am sure we will all apply in real lives now that we are back home in Europe.

We were only a few minutes away from the gorgeous Indian Ocean, the beach was very quiet and safe, a perfect place to spend afternoons before the evening practice. It's a homy place, simplistic rooms with the basic things you need. It's a place with beautiful people, great attitude and positive spirit - exactly what yoga should be about.

I am very grateful to have experience all that.

Laura Ihatsu

from Malaysia, January 2019

"Pure yoga bliss :)"

I really enjoyed this retreat. The place itself was absolutely beautiful, next to a really quiet beach. With a combination of healthy ayrvedic food, yoga twice a day and swimming and walking on a beach I quickly felt a positive change in how i felt physically and mentally.

Ayrvedic consultation was really interesting and i was amazed how accurately Jeewa could read about my health according to the pulse. Got many beneficial advices from her and the treatments were amazing.

I’ve done yoga for many years already but I felt like I still learnt a lot from Nicolas. He gave us really practical tools from traditional yoga to take back to our everyday life. My knowledge and experience about meditation also got way clearer trough this retreat. We also got to learn kundalini yoga from Patricia which added a nice layer on the program.

Food was amazing and every day something different. Gives you a nice glimpse of traditional sri lankan food but in healthy nourishing way.

Accommodation was cosy and comfortable and the housekeeper came every single day so it was also really clean.

Adams Peak journey was probably the most challenging hike I’ve ever done but absolutely worth it! Leaves you feeling empowered and camera full of gorgeous pictures.

Highly recommending this retreat for everyone seeking for healthy holiday experience and deepening their knowledge on how to live holistically healthy lifestyle.

Thank you Yoga Light House for this experience <3

Anne Stewart

from Australia, December 2018

"Six day Chillour"

The asana preparation for meditation was excellent.

Eloise Menard

from France, February 2019

"Highly recommended!!!"

It really felt like a family time being there, really homey and serious work at the same time we really improved our yoga and meditation skills and knowledge.

And got a great first glimpse on Ayurvedic medicine;)

The food was amazing (thank you Samantha!!!) and the place clean and perfect for us!